[To give credit properly, the song quoted within the story is written by Alison Krauss. It's one of my favorite songs. This story could be put in Romance, Erotic Couplings, or even Loving Wives. There is no cheating, but the wives are loving. As always, your votes and comments are encouraged.]

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We were so lucky. In 1999 we were ready to buy a house. We went looking and found a great three bedroom place near the ocean. Most of the homes in the area had no yard, well almost no yard. The one we found had a back yard big enough for twenty people to be there for a backyard BBQ. We know that because right after we moved in we had a BBQ and invited twenty people.

The house was well built and had both the qualities my wife and I wanted in a house. It had lots of windows for light and a warm feeling when you came inside. The day before the BBQ we went to our neighbors and invited them. The neighbors to the north of us were an older couple who had already raised their kids and were now enjoying their empty nest. They volunteered to bring a salad. The couple to the south of our new home were our age and a lot like us. He was a technician for Xerox and she was an elementary school teacher. My wife was a middle school teacher and I worked for Kodak as a technician. We hit it off immediately. For the next few years we did a million things together. We went on weekenders, vacations, trips to amusement parks, tried fishing, bicycling, boating, and hiking.

I fell for hiking. Our first hike was to a waterfall in the mountains near Los Angeles. By the time we got back I was in love with hiking. My wife, Mary, decided hiking was too dirty, too sweaty and not for her. She went three more times. Bob and Janet went on all four of those hikes with us and on the drive home from the fourth hike Bob said, "I've had enough. I don't care to ever go on another hike."

Mary added, "I agree! It's too much like work."

Janet said, "But I love it! No TV, no radio, and no phone. It's quiet and so peaceful."

"I don't want to go any more and I don't want you hiking alone. Pete, you want to go hiking?" Bob asked.

"It's almost like an all day long meditation for me. A day hiking and I'm refreshed. I want to go, and go often."

Mary said, "Then the two of you go hiking. Bob and I will go to the movies."

It was settled, just that easily. One weekend a month Janet and I would take off and hike all day on Saturday. We would meet at my truck while it was still dark and drive to a trail head. We would be on the trail when the sun came up and back at the truck by dark. We got into a routine. We always had the same things for lunch and even wore the same basic outfits for our hikes.

I wore khaki cargo shorts and a button front cotton shirt. Janet wore wide leg cargo shorts, a jog bra and a light cotton over shirt. We both wore good hiking boots we bought on sale at REI.

In the Los Angeles winter we were glad to get back in the truck at dark and turn on the heater. As the weather started heating up, in spring, we started talking about staying out overnight and hiking back on Sunday.

Neither of us mentioned the idea to our spouses. Spring became summer and the four of us had dinners, went to concerts, parties and events together often. One Sunday afternoon the four of us were having a restful afternoon together when Mary said, "There is a film festival I'd like to attend."

I asked, "When?"

"Next weekend."

"Saturday or Sunday? Saturday is our hike."

"It's both days, down in San Diego."


Bob said, "This could still work. Mary and I will go to the film festival and you two can go for your hike. Ok?"

"You'll stay down in San Diego together?" Janet asked. When she added the word together it became a whole new conversation.

"We can get two rooms." Mary said.

Janet looked at both of them for a long time, then said, "Why pay for two rooms? You'll only use one anyway."

Bob turned to face Janet so fast I thought he'd hurt himself. "What?" His voice was higher than normal and loud.

Janet said, "I know you've fancied Mary for years. I'm not a hundred percent sure you've had her, but I'm Ok with the two of you being lovers. And, before you ask or accuse, Pete and I haven't even seen each other naked, much less become lovers."

Mary said, "I just said I wanted to go to a film festival."

I said, "And, sit in a dark theatre holding hands with Bob, eating popcorn together without a thought about more?" I held my voice neutral.

"No," She said, "Sometimes we do that and I think about how I wish you were there."

Bob nodded. I said, "What would the harm be if one weekend a month Bob was married to Mary and I was married to Janet?"

"And the rest of the month?" Mary asked.

"The rest of the time you're married to me and Janet's married to Bob. For the one weekend we get to go to movies, film festivals, car shows or whatever together with the spouse that loves that stuff while the other couple goes hiking, camping or whatever... with privileges."

"You don't think you'll get jealous?" Bob asked.

"Why would I? It's one weekend out of four. Let's say let's say we always pick a three day weekend. You still get to be married to Janet twenty-seven days a month and I get three. I get to be married to Mary twenty-seven nights a month to your three. Why would any of us be jealous?"

"What if I'm a better lover than you?" Bob asked.

"Then three nights a month you can be the king of your kingdom and my wife your adoring subject. Look, if you're such a stud then maybe eventually she'll want to leave me for you anyway. At least this way no one is cheating. We won't be hiding or lying. Are you worried that maybe I'm a better lover than you?"

"No! Well, maybe." Bob said. "I think all men worry about that. Maybe that's why men have traditionally been interested in having a virgin bride."

"You can both be sure neither of us is a virgin." Janet said.

We all laughed. Mary went inside and brought our dessert back with her. As she dished it out she asked, "So, shall I go on line and make a reservation in San Diego?"

Bob looked at me. I nodded. He said, "One room, one bed for Friday night and Saturday night."

Janet was sitting close to me and under the table she put her hand on my leg and squeezed. Mary went back inside and Bob followed. Through the window I saw Mary sit at the computer and Bob hovered over her shoulder.

Very softly Janet said, "I've wanted to sleep under the stars with you for a long time."

"I've thought about sharing a sleeping bag with you more than once as well."

"How come you never made a move on me?"

"Lots of reasons. One, if you didn't want it like I did I'd lose a hiking buddy. Two, we're both married and to our best friends. Three, I didn't want to cheat. Four, I didn't want to lie."

"I started thinking you weren't turned on by me."

"I tried to hide the hard on I hike with. I bought bigger pants so it wouldn't show so easily."


"I'm sure hard right now. Your hand touched my leg and I sprang into action."

Janet looked into the house and saw our spouses focused on the screen. Her hand slipped into the leg of my shorts and found evidence that I spoke the truth. "Oh, my. Now the question is can I wait until Friday night to taste this treat?"

"Yes! And I don't want to wait either."

Mary and Bob came back out and announced they had booked their room. Janet and I made an appointment for the Wednesday evening to go shopping for sleeping bags. Our hikes had never included sleeping before. At nine, Bob and Janet went home.

Mary took me inside and after we cleaned up from dinner she guided us to the bedroom. She started undressing and asked, "Are you sure about this?"

"Sure. I like you undressed."

"That's not the this I was referring to."

"You mean am I sure it's Ok for you to shag Bob? Yes. I won't be jealous. If you'd leave me for his bigger dick or his ability as a lover then you're more shallow than I ever believed. Maybe we can create a four way marriage where all four of us are really happy together. Maybe this is what neighborly is supposed to mean."

"Shall we just go to bed?"

"I want to love you. I want you to squirm under me and dig your fingernails into me as you cum. I love you and love showing you. Would you rather wait and save yourself for Bob?"

She came to me, helped me finish undressing and then dropped to her knees and swallowed my hard cock. One stroke down into her throat and she pulled me out as she said, "Please Sir, may I have it all?"

First, she got my all down her throat. Then she got my all in her pussy. Man above, otherwise known as the missionary prayer of gratitude. Then she got on her knees and I barked from behind her. She was kneeling on the bed as I stood behind the bed pistoning into her holding on to her hips.

She grunted and urged me on until I filled her from behind. She turned around and sucked our juices off my cock. I turned her around again and dove into her wetness and got all our combined juices I could lick or suck from her. In the process she came two more times.

As we lay together in bed falling to sleep she said, "It isn't fair."


"I always cum more than you do. Even when we were younger. You'd cum three times in a night and I'd get six!"

"I always feel like it isn't fair. I get to cum inside you and taste you cumming often. It makes me feel so powerful to be able to give you multiple orgasms. It isn't fair. You only get to give me one and I'm done for three or four hours."

"It's all in the perspective."

"Don't tell the kids at school about the perspective."

"Don't worry. At school none of us have sex. We don't think about it, talk about it or pray about it."

At six the alarm went off and the sound of the Righteous Brothers singing, "I Had the Time of My Life" got us up. We had showered together every morning we had lived together except for the mornings when I was already gone hiking. We saved water and had fun. We dressed for work and I noticed Mary wore her full cut panties under her skirt. On days she wasn't going to school she wore thongs or bikini panties. She also wore lacy bras on non-school days. To school she wore industrial grade white bras. I suspected they were made by the Army Corps of Engineers. I wore Khakis and a long sleeved shirt, like every work day.

Monday night we didn't see or hear from Bob and Janet. Tuesday night was the same. I started to get worried that they were about to change the plan. Wednesday morning I was driving to work when my phone rang. I hit the button and I was on speakerphone in my car.

"Are you in your car?" Janet's voice asked.

"No. I'm in my truck."

"Are you alone?"

"Yes. Mary is in her Toyota headed for school."

"I need to ask you a question."


"Do you want me to shave my pussy?" My cock jumped and started to fill.

"My cock just started to harden. I think that means yes!"

"Or, would you like me to bring some shaving stuff and you can shave me?"

"You'd let me do that?"

"Of course. You're my husband. My other husband doesn't want to shave me, just likes the result."

"I didn't know you had a bald puss."

"I usually don't until swimsuit season. It's about that season, so I thought I'd ask."

"Bring the razor. I'll be very careful and you'll be very smooth."

"Does Mary shave?"

"Trims during the summer, but never bald in the years I've known her."

"I'll pack a couple extra new razors for Bob. That is if she likes being eaten as much as I do."

"I can't make a comparison but she likes it."

"I don't want him coming home with hair between his teeth." We both laughed.

I pulled into the parking structure at work and lost the signal for the phone. I sat in the truck for a few minutes so my hard on would subside. Her words echoed in my head, "Do you want me to shave my pussy?"

Work was uneventful At lunch I spoke to some of the guys who went camping fairly often. They let me know what size and kind of sleeping bags to get. When I got home Janet was waiting for me and we went shopping for sleeping bags. The selection was huge. Hanging from a rack near the ceiling were twenty or more bags of different ratings, different lengths, mummy bags, square bags and more. A healthy young woman about twenty came to help us. I started to verbally fumble trying to tell her what we wanted and Janet interrupted.

"We want something we can zip together with enough room inside for us to mate."

The young woman pulled down two bags, showed us how to zip them together and then she spread them on the floor. She had us get inside, fully clothed, and we found there was plenty of room for us and our intended activities. As we got out she said, "These are the bags my boy friend and I have. We like them, and they are washable."

We looked around and she gave us more hints about things we might want along. We bought a ground cloth and a rain fly. On the way home Janet asked me to stop and park in a market parking lot. I parked near the doors to the market.

She smiled at me and said, "I don't want to go into the market. It was a safe place to park while we kiss." I moved my truck back around the market near the loading dock. She climbed into my lap and kissed me. Nonverbal communications are wonderful when they are as clear and focused as those communications were there in my truck that evening.

I wondered if my communications to Janet were as clear as hers were to me. When she moved away from me and sat back in the shotgun seat she said, "I'm dripping." I made that mean she got my communications. The truck started and I slowly drove home.

Two blocks from home she asked, "Why didn't you touch my breasts?"

"When I hold your breasts I will not stop until we are fully and officially lovers. I want us to have time and room for that. The market parking lot and the cab of this truck are not the place. I want your breasts in my hands and in my mouth. I want all of you naked beside me, on me and under me. Kissing you was wonderful but stopping was torture."

"Wonder what Mary and Bob did while we were gone?"

"We'll know soon." I parked the truck in our driveway.

"How will we know?"

"If they did it Bob's not horney and neither is Mary. If they didn't, all four of us are hot to go!"

"Men! You're so simple. Mary and I are not that easy to read."

"Bull. If Bob walks up to you and puts a finger in you he'll know you are hot and that we didn't. The same is true of Mary."

She smiled and said, "I hope he doesn't put his finger right in me. I'll cum the second he does."

"Scream! I'll know it's all my fault."

"Right!" We got out of the truck. Bob met Janet at the door with a kiss. As I went in our front door Mary was coming forward from the back of the house. She was still in school clothes. She came directly to me and gave me a kiss. It could have started a forest fire. I helped her into the bedroom and told her to stand still.

She stopped and as I kissed her I started undressing her. When I unbelted her skirt it fell to the floor and she was standing there in a purple thong... on a school night. I didn't say anything. The thong wasn't for me. It was for Bob. I wondered if he'd seen it.

I unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. Purple lace and plenty of skin. Not her school industrial bra. I smiled again and reached behind her. The hooks were off by one. Mary had never done such a thing on herself. Bob needs more practice.

She helped me out of my clothes and seconds later she impaled herself on my shaft and rode me hard. She wanted the release that hadn't happened next door. We didn't change positions or talk. We rutted. When she finally came she flooded us both and nearly passed out. As my own pressure built I thought I heard a noise from next door. The noise I thought I heard triggered my nuts to shoot a huge load into Mary! I bellowed and held on to her tightly.

We calmed down and Mary said, "It's only Wednesday. Will we still be alive on Friday?"

"Does us all a favor, Ok? Don't kill Bob. Two or three good shags over the weekend should be enough and still have him come home alive."

"You and I have done it every night! So have they."

"Practice my dear, practice. Friday night he's all yours. Does he want you shaved?"

"I don't know."

"Want me to shave you, as a gift to him?"

"Oh my God! You'd love that!"

"Ok. Tomorrow after school I'll shave you, smooth as a baby."

"And then you'll fuck me silly!"

"Mmmmm, sounds like fun to me."

We pulled the covers up, shut off the lights and went to sleep. In the morning Mary dressed for school. Full cut panties and industrial bra under chaste outer coverings. I smiled. Bob was walking to his car as I drove by. I rolled down a window and shouted, "Good Morning Bob! It's Thursday!"

He smiled and waved.

Just before I got to work my phone rang. It was Janet. "I heard you cum inside Mary last night."

"I hoped you would."

"Bob asked if I was going to shave for you. I told him you wanted to do it for me. God, he was an animal after that!"

"Mary is letting me shave her for Bob tonight."

"Put a hickey next to her pussy. When he sees it he'll go nuts and fuck her silly."

"And you know this because?"

"I shouldn't tell." I stayed quiet.

She finally spoke, "The first time he and I did it he found a hickey from my old relationship right next to my pussy."

"Maybe he'd enjoy giving you one tonight?"

"No! They hurt!"

"Right! I forgot."

I parked and went to work. Three of the computers would be down the next day for IBM to upgrade them. The boss offered two of us a free day off. I took it. At lunch I called Janet.

"My boss just gave me a free day off tomorrow. Could you get off too?"

"I'll ask and call you back in a few minutes."

Sometimes the school had special programs or testing or something. I could hope.

Ten minutes later my phone rang. She said, "I'll be ready to go twenty minutes after Bob leaves for work."

"Pack tonight. We can load the truck tonight. Bob and Mary will load their car for their trip too. Then we can get an early start."

"I'm soaking through my clothes."

"Get one of those Kotex from the ladies room. That should help."

"What will help is to get out on the trail with you!"

"See you this evening." We hung up and went back to work.

At home I washed the truck, loaded my stuff and the sleeping bags in the truck behind the seats. I believed there was still room for Janet's gear.

Mary came home and changed clothes. The floor length skirt was gone and cut off Levis shorts were in place of the skirt. The industrial bra was gone and a flimsy cotton cami took it's place. Her nips were hard and pointed directly at the weekend. She carried her suitcase over next door and Bob put it in the trunk of his car. Janet carried her pack to my truck and it fit nicely behind my seat. She was wearing a pair of running shorts and a jog bra. Both were teal.

We were married to the hottest women in the neighborhood. The hottest and the best looking. At seven-thirty a pizza delivery delivered an extra large pizza and we sat down to eat.

"All packed?" Bob asked.

"Almost." I said, "I need to get a couple things tomorrow but we're pretty ready."

Mary said, "After school I need to stop at a market and get some road snacks. Then I think we're ready."

"Do me a favor Mary," Janet asked, "Don't go braless on the road tomorrow. I want the two of you back Sunday night."

"Do me the same favor. Pete drools whenever you go braless."

Bob said, "I think I want to go to bed early tonight. Need to be well rested, you know." We all smiled at the statement and the message beneath it. All four of us were at the edge of an adventure that we knew was going to change our lives. Each of us believed the changes would be for the better, would increase our loves and our enjoyment of life. There were some fears as well, but we discounted them.

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