He had not noticed that there was a sliver of sunlight each late afternoon in his patio. There was a tall stone wall around it and had assumed no one could see him. He loved masturbating on the recliner out there in late afternoons and did so at least twice a week.

He was twenty-two years old and had just started his first job, he was a teacher. His home was ample for him and his job was just five miles away although not in his schools attendance zone.

An older teacher had advised him to seek a home away from kids likely to come to his home trick or treating. She had suggested her complex, he was now her neighbor.

She was in her early thirties, married and divorced in less than a year before she was twenty.

She dated at times but most of those dates had been with women.

It had been several years since she had fucked a man.

She was not unfriendly however she was very reserved. She thought of her neighbor as a fine kid and liked him.

He was even more reserved than she was.

It started innocently enough. She was watering her potted plants when she heard him grunt. She was worried he had hurt himself and looked through the small sliver of a crack on the wall between their patios.

She knew it was there because her previous neighbors had been a young couple and they had chiseled it out so she could watch them fuck.

She had done that often.

What she saw that afternoon was the young man ejaculating. She was fascinated by the amount of cum being ejected by his cock. When he was done he did not glance in her direction.

She smiled as she realized he did not know he could be seen.

Her previous neighbors always looked at the wall and at times walked up to it to see if she was playing with herself but she had already had her orgasm by then so they never saw anything other than a naked woman.

She did seduce the wife and the women secretly fucked at times for the two years they were neighbors.

That day she tried to dismiss the picture in her head of her new neighbor's erupting volcano but ended up masturbating to that mental image twice.

She resumed her habit of looking to the other patio when she was out in her own and was treated to the masturbation show often.

It did not take him long to ejaculate so she ended up doing what the previous neighbors had hope she would do and masturbated on her own lounger.

He remained oblivious he had an audience until one afternoon that sliver of sunlight hit his eyes as he began to masturbate. He was about to move the recliner when the light disappeared so he stayed and masturbated. Soon after he was done the light returned and he thought a passing cloud had been his benefactor. He did not check the wall.

Two days later it happened again and after the sliver of light returned it occurred to him that a cloud being in the same place at the same time and at the same angle was very unlikely. He checked the wall and found the crack. He looked through and saw her masturbating on her recliner.

His cock recovered quickly and he resumed masturbating.

As her orgasm hit she thought she heard a grunt. She managed to keep from looking towards the wall even though her body shuddered at the prospect he had watched her.

Five minutes later she had calmed and smiled, he though she was sexy enough to masturbate a second time for her. She liked that.

She masturbated again.

That episode became the norm for both but now she would give him time to recover and delayed her masturbation by caressing her tits first. She could hear him sigh.

They extended the game into most of Saturdays and each remained naked on their own patio those days.

On some Saturday mornings she would notice that the sliver of light was in her patio and she waited until it was suddenly obscured before masturbating. She could hear his grunts

They usually got home from work at the same time. They nodded and sometimes said hello but usually rushed in to play their game.

He knew she watched him masturbate.

She knew he watched her masturbate.

Both loved their game.

They were soon relaxed around each other and at ease with the knowledge that the other had often watched their self-sex pleasure and began to have short conversations by their cars before hurrying to their patios.

A few months later on one afternoon she asked him to help her get a new lounger and a small table into her patio. He did but made no comment other than blush and get an erection. She noticed both.

As soon as the items were placed to her liking she grinned and said, "This one is for you if you decide you would like company while you take in the sun."

He was stunned, paralyzed. The fact that she was already taking her clothes off did not help him any. She was soon naked on her recliner caressing her tits. Like a zombie he undressed and sat on the other recliner.

She had the recliners facing each other on either side of the low table. She had placed two hand towels on it. He needed one soon, he erupted less than thirty seconds after he started to masturbate.

"Get us each a beer from the fridge please," she said.

He jumped up and did that and when he settled back down his cock had already stopped deflating well before it had become flaccid. They drank their beer and drank in each other's nude body with their eyes then watched each other masturbate. Both were too excited for it to last long but they reached their climax at nearly the same time. They finished their beers in silence as they smiled at each other.

"I need a shower," she said as she stood. "We can do this about once a week don't you think?"

He was still incapable of speech so he just nodded yes vigorously as he put on his pants.

"Thank you, it was fun," she said to him as he left her home.

Again he just nodded vigorously.

They tried the sliver view the next day but each realized that would never work again. She sealed the sliver but told him she would before he panicked.

As they got out of their cars the following week she said to him,

"We will be in my patio on just Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoon for a while. I have a night class Mondays and Wednesdays. That was why I was not here yesterday. We will leave Fridays open in case either of us has a date. Saturday mornings are dependent on the errands we have to run.

Today is Tuesday. Just come in when you are ready."

He was there as she walked nude out to her lounger. He was wearing gym shorts but took them off before he went outside.

"Go ahead and do you first, we will then do the second together," she told him.

He managed to hold on for two minutes before ejaculating. Some off his sperm landed on her thigh but before he panicked she smiled at him and began to play with her tits.

He resumed masturbating and lasted to her second orgasm.

Both were very pleased. Each needed a towel and he noticed she wiped his cum off her thigh last.

They got up and she walked him to the door naked. He had put on his shorts.

"Thursday," she said.

He nodded with a grin.

The following Thursday she began when he did. He had an orgasm and continued then she had an orgasm and continued. She had two more before he had his second.

One benefit of being together was they could hear the sounds. She moaned softly as her orgasm hit which he loved. She could hear his hand punish is cock.

They could also smell the sex, that aroma was intoxicating for each of them.

Both were exhausted. She had three blobs of cum on her one of which was on her pubic mound.

She knew he was aiming at her but enjoyed it too much to suggest he aim elsewhere.

He noticed she had not toweled off her pubic mound when he left.

He had also noted that a finger rarely penetrated her pussy as she masturbated. He went in search of female masturbations on the Internet and was astonished to learn that a woman's pleasure center was not inside her pussy but just above the entrance. Going in and out of the pussy was apparently a pause in the masturbation and that going side to side above it was the actual pursuit of pleasure.

Neither had a date that Friday night but she decided to join her workmates for happy hour. Their adventures had somehow made her more social.

In fact she suggested he do the same with his workmates.

They played Saturday afternoon and again on Tuesday. He was getting more and more of his cum on her and she seemed to be enjoying it more.

The following Thursday they touched for the first time. A blob of cum had landed on a tit and as he went by to get them beers he licked it off. She had caressed his ass as he did.

They shared a quick kiss at her door before he left.

On Saturday both returned from their errands at eleven-thirty.

"I'll fix us lunch," she said.

They ate in the patio while naked and had their first real conversation.

Each admitted their game was the best part of their lives.

Each admitted they were not looking elsewhere.

She made a point to note that she was eleven years older than he.

"I don't feel the difference," he said.

She blushed.

By the time they finished lunch each had forgotten they were naked but neither could take their eyes of the other's nude body.

He had an erection all through lunch.

They put away the dishes and got a beer then returned to the loungers. Each was hesitant to start; they did not want to separate too soon,

She eventually said, "You can stay until dark. You do not need to leave after we finish the first time."

He grinned and grabbed his cock as she slid her hand between her legs. She had an orgasm almost immediately.

As his cum approached he stood next to her and covered her tits with sperm. She had another orgasm. Both paused and stared at each other until she said, "Kiss me."

He leaned over her and gave her a long soft kiss. A drop of cum had fallen on her neck. He bent down and kissed it then licked it off.

She resumed masturbating and he was now licking then kissing her cum covered tits. She groaned and was soon on her third orgasm. He kissed her lips again then returned to his recliner.

He looked at her with a serious expression before he said, "You do know I'm gay."

"Yes, I know. And you know I am too. But I don't mind admitting I love what we are doing."

"Good, I do too and was hoping I was not disappointing you."

"Not in the least and we may even be able to push things a little further. I loved your kiss by the way, feel free to kiss me anytime."

He smiled and sat on the edge or her recliner and kissed her again. She moved one of his hands to a breast. He began alternating kisses to her lips and her breast as she resumed masturbating. When her orgasm hit he slid his tongue between her lips.

As she recovered he caressed her body from her pubic mound to her tits. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed his touch.

She reached for his cock and found it alert, he moaned when she began to slowly masturbate him. He soon erupted all over her body which made her moan.

He again kissed and licked her clean.

They rested and talked for about an hour as they drank a second beer. They shared their lives story and each noted that the only interesting part of their lives was their choice of preferred sex partners and their game.

They obviously liked each other and enjoyed the other's company. Their last masturbation late that afternoon was leisurely as was their goodbye kiss.

The following Tuesday there was a lot of kissing before they began and after they were done and that also was true for Thursday.

He kissed her tits and she caressed his cock as he left her home.

That next Saturday she took away table between the recliners and they began with their thighs in contact. She reached over and took his cock in her hand. He reached for her pussy but she said, "Later after you cum."

She kept her eyes on his cock as she masturbated him until he kissed her as he began to ejaculate. She aimed his cock at her pussy.

Before she had released his cock he quickly reached for her treasure and began to masturbate her but she needed to stop him and give him lessons, he was apparently new at pleasing women and was too eager and too heavy handed.

Soon he became skilled enough to bring her to two orgasms and was obviously very proud he could do so. She masturbated him to another orgasm and he licked and kissed her cum covered pussy.

She kept the recliners abutting for their Tuesday/Thursday sessions and again masturbated each other. There was a lot of kissing both days.

She again fixed lunch for them that next Saturday morning and after they put the dishes away she masturbated him slowly and intermittently as they drank their beer. He caressed her pussy. She had decided to see if she could extend the time before his first cum and was very successful, he lasted over fifteen minutes before he erupted over her tits and face.

He decided to return the favor and caressed her pussy as he kissed and licked all the cum off her body. It was twenty minutes before she had her first orgasm and thirty seconds before she had her second.

After that second orgasm she grabbed his still slumbering cock as he inserted a finger then a second into her pussy. She moaned.

A clap of thunder and rain interrupted their kiss and they ran into the house just as a deluge began. It was just past three in the afternoon and neither wanted to separate just yet so she led him to her shower and got them clean then got them in her bed and they took a nap.

Less than an hour later he woke up with his cock in her mouth.

"I never have seen the attraction of sucking cock but just learned it's OK, nearly pleasant. I would never like my mouth full of cum but I can do this for you every once in a while.... if you eat my pussy."

He smiled and moved her over him for a sixty-nine. It took each a bit of time to get in sync but when they did both enjoyed what they were doing and what was being done to them.

She had an orgasm and he learned first hand he was fine with the taste of pussy fluids.

He warned her that he was about to cum but she kept on sucking his dick until he was empty.

She slid around and kissed him with her mouth full of cum. He eagerly cleaned her mouth with his tongue but the kiss slowly became soft and gentle.

His still mostly stiff cock had slid into her pussy when she turned to kiss him. He suspected it had not been an accident. He was right.

Several minutes and many kisses later they noticed his cock had ceased its retreat and was quickly growing into her pussy. Their kisses intensified as she adjusted her position to get more of his cock in her. Three minutes later she began the fuck.

Both had already been sexually satiated so it was a leisurely fuck. The kiss returned to sweet and gentle.

"Are you OK with this?" she asked.

"Yes, very much so. Are you?"

"I love it."

After several minutes of kissing she increased the pace and the passion of the fuck until she was overcome by an orgasm. She gave him a voracious kiss and twenty seconds later intensified the fuck further and had another orgasm as he filled her pussy with cum.

She remained draped over his body for a while then she said, "Well, we are fuck buddies now."

A longish silence later he said, "I love you."


"I love you. Have been in love with you since before I came to your home. I will not pester you about it but I feel you need to know.

I would prefer wife to fuck buddy but whatever you give me will be fine."

He kissed her and she felt his love in the kiss.

Tears began to fall when she realized he had just asked her to marry him.

She sat up and looked at him. She realized marriage would never work. The age difference and the fact both were gay would quickly put an end to it.

But his cock was still in her and she realized that at that moment she was as happy as she had ever been. She had never felt more of a woman than she did right then.

"Well, I guess living together for a while wouldn't hurt. Your place is bigger than mine and has a second bedroom. I could move in there."

"Now would be a good time to do that," he said.

That day they learned that they loved sharing a shower and sharing a bed. They also learned they were the perfect ages for sex partners. They had moved her into his home completely and her stuff had fit seamlessly with his few things. His second bedroom had been empty. They thought they were too exhausted to fuck that night yet they managed to enjoy one more fuck before going to sleep.

Their Saturdays and summers began with a fuck before getting out of bed, then another on the kitchen table after breakfast before going out to do their errands.

They would then go out to the patio and play their game before returning to bed for a session of sixty nine which was followed by another fuck.

After dinner they would do homework then go watch TV for a while. They would lay on the sofa with her on top and enjoy his cock grow into her pussy as they watched TV. Once his cock was hard she would fuck him during commercials for the rest of the evening through the news. She would enjoy an occasional orgasm but he saved his for bed.

In bed he would fuck her to Mars and to several orgasms until he filled her up with cum. She would have one more orgasm as he ate his cum from her pussy.

She had given the new arrangement three months survival time. Three years later she gave it another four years.

They never did marry but lived together the rest of their lives.

She ate the occasional pussy and he sucked the rare cock but they were simply a loving couple. They soon found themselves with close friends that never questioned their relationship.

Then they met some aliens and their town moved.

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