I'm in my mid forties with a noticeable beer gut and a thinning hair line. My wife is a couple years younger than I am and has gained a few pounds in our 22 years of marriage and two children. She still looks pretty good though and I have very few complaints. Our sex life is all right with a usual weekend fuck. Jan is very conservative in bed and has only touched my prick with her hand a few times and has never given me head. She was a virgin when we married, and I had just a couple of not very good experiences when I was single.

A couple of years ago we moved into a new neighborhood and got to know the couple across the street pretty well. They were a young couple that had been married recently. Jill is in her last year of medical school and Kurt has a construction crew that takes him out of town quite a bit. They had a baby about three months ago and we have taken care of the little one a few times to allow them to go out on the town. Jill is a short, good looking blond in contrast to Jan who is 5'8" with dark hair. Kurt is about 6'2" and 180 pounds.

I recently started a business from my home and run into Jill on a regular basis, so when she asked me in for coffee when we met at the mailbox I accepted.

"Do you guys have a video camera?" Jill asked as she poured us coffee.

"Yes we do. We hardly ever use it since the kids are grown. Would you like to use it to get some video of Amber?"

"I would like to borrow it, but not necessarily to video Amber."

"That's fine, I'll get it for you as soon as I finish my coffee. What are you going to use it for?"

"That's kind of embarrassing. I thought I would make a video of myself and send it along with Kurt when he goes out of town next week. Our private life has been a little slow since we had Amber. I think he thinks I'm fat now and doesn't have the same desire for me as he did before."

"Don't try to predict what he's thinking. You may have gained a few pounds but I doubt he thinks you're not desirable unless you are giving him that impression. Do you still wear sexy lingerie and try to make yourself appear that you want to be sexy?"

"No, I guess I don't think I look sexy any more."

"Well, you do. So make Kurt know that you still think you are sexy. Making that video will let him know that. I'll go get the camera."

As I crossed the street to get the video camera there was a twitching n my crotch as I thought about Jill performing in front of the camera. Somehow I wanted to see that film. I returned with the camera and Jill was just putting Amber down for her nap as I came into the house.

"Would you keep an eye on Jill while I jump in the shower?"

"Sure, and I'll set up the camera for you while you shower."

A few minutes later I could hear Jill blowing her hair dry as I finished setting up the camera on its tripod. She then came out of their bedroom wearing a heavy terry cloth robe.

"Where do you want the camera set?"

"I suppose in the bedroom," Jill responded as she turned a bright red.

I set up the camera and ran a cord to the top of the headboard with a microphone attached.

"What's the mike for?"

"Don't you want to talk dirty to him and tell him how much you want him?"

"I was just going to do a little strip tease for him and tell him to hurry home."

"If you really want to get to him you should play with yourself and really let him know what you have in store for him when he gets home. Maybe you need a director to help you out," I joked.

"Well, you could run the camera and tell me what to do. But I'm not sure I could do this in front of you, and Jan probably wouldn't appreciate it."

"Jan would never find out and you get to see naked people all the time in your profession so why shouldn't I get a peek now and then. I promise I won't touch so no harm will be done."

"I suppose it would be nice to have someone here in case Amber wakes up, but I don't know."

"Let's try it and if you feel too uncomfortable I'll go in the living room and wait in case Amber wakes up."

"I'll get into some lingerie," she said as she went to her drawer and picked out a sheer black nightgown.

When the bathroom door opened I had the camera on her. She still had her robe on over the lingerie. The camera followed her to her bed where she paused before turning her back. She slowly undid the robe and slipped it off her shoulders. I caught my first glimpse of her ass as the robe hit the floor. She looked over her shoulder and blushed as she saw me working the camera. You could tell she had put on a few pounds during her pregnancy as her ass was quite plump. She slowly turned around with an arm held up over her boobs and a hand covering her crotch.

"I miss you Kurt and can't wait for you to get home this weekend. Don't let the other guys see this tape or I'll kill you. Maybe I won't kill you, but you won't know what sex feels like anymore. On the other hand, if you keep this to yourself, maybe there will be more of them to send along in the future. I hope you don't mind, but Stan from across the street is helping me with this. Don't worry, he is being totally professional about it and promised not to tell anyone, especially not his wife."

Jill sat on the bed and arranged the pillows so she could lean back against them and still be in a sitting position. She crossed her legs which prevented me from getting a look at her crotch. She put a hand over each of her tits and looked back at the camera.

"I miss the great sex we used to have. I am so horny right now there is no way I can wait until you get home, but I will be ready for a good night of lovemaking when you get here." She was now squeezing her tits without even realizing it as she was really getting hot. "It's OK if you jack off while you watch this but save some for me. Once is not going to be enough. I'm sure I can talk Stan into watching Amber Friday night while we go out. Or should I say while you go in. Now sit back and enjoy the show because I'm done talking."

With that she started pinching her nipples through her negligee and moaned. She played with her tits and I zoomed in to get a better view of her nipples. They were rock hard and she flicked them hard with her fingernails. Speaking of hard, so was I. I was wearing a pair of sweats and some running shorts underneath without underwear. I'm sure Jill could have seen my cock sticking out, but she had her eyes closed and couldn't have cared less. She proceeded to move one of her hands down to her crotch and rub her pussy through the night gown. I still hadn't seen her cunt but the aroma of an aroused woman was beginning to fill the room. She was really bucking her hips now as she rubbed hard against her cunt with her fingers. All of a sudden she squeezed her legs together and started moaning with her first orgasm of the day. It took her a couple of minutes to settle down. When she came back to reality she started to blush and told me to turn off the camera for a few minutes.

"I can't believe I just masturbated in front of you."

"You did it for you and Kurt, not me. Although I did enjoy it very much."

"I can see that," Jill said with a smile as she eyed my cock sticking out against my sweat pants.

"Sorry, but it couldn't be helped."

"I'm sure it will have the same effect on Kurt, which is what I wanted."

"Are you ready to film scene two."

"Now that I got my relief, I'm kind of embarrassed to do any more."

"Do you have any toys you could play with?" I asked.

"I have a vibrating dong but it's been so long since I used it that the batteries are probably dead."

"Why don't you check it out."

The batteries were dead so I ran across the street to find some fresh ones. When I returned, I rang the doorbell and Jill shouted from the bedroom to come in. When I entered the bedroom, she was under the covers with them pulled to her chin, but her nightgown was on the floor beside the bed. I put the batteries in the vibrator and handed it to Jill.

"Ready for the next round?"

"Why not, role the tape for scene two."

I moved behind the camera and switched it on.

"Remember this Kurt," she said as she held up the vibrator and turned the bottom to start the vibrations. "It's been awhile, but since you aren't here to take care of me I guess I will have to take care of myself. She scooted back up into a sitting position keeping the sheet over her boobs. She started running the vibrator over her tits and her nipple were hard in a second. Slowly she let the sheet drop to expose her tits to the camera and my eyes for the first time. Her tits were very full and sagged slightly. They were about a 36C with very large nipples that were very erect. She ran the vibrator over her nipples while licking her fingers and making her nipples wet. It was only a minute before the vibrator disappeared under the sheets heading for her crotch. She moaned as the toy found its target under the covers. I crouched down and reached for the sheet and slowly pulled it toward the foot of the bed. Jill was conscious of what I was doing and looked me in the eye as I slowly exposed the rest of the body for the camera and especially for me. When the top of the sheet neared her waste she reached for it and flung it to the side exposing her crotch to me for the first time. The scar from the C-section she had was visible but her hair had grown back. She was a natural blond and I zoomed in on her as she ran the vibrator over her clit and moaned loudly. She was very close to another orgasm. Suddenly she put the tip of the fake cock at the opening of her lips and drove it to the hilt with one quick thrust. That was all it took to set her off into another thrashing come. This time she started pumping the cock into her pussy at a furious pace and was soon coming again. She continued this until she had come a total of at least four times. Slowly she removed the vibrator from her pussy and turned it off. She then brought the toy to her lips and sucked it in slowly tasting her pussy juice.

"Hurry home Kurt it tastes just as good as ever. I love you."

I turned off the camera and moved to the side of the bed.

"Too bad you cleaned up the vibrator. I was hoping I would get a chance to sneak it away from you and have the honor of licking it clean."

"Sorry, but I guess you could have a little taste," she said as she moved her hand to her pussy and inserted her middle finger. She then brought her finger to my mouth where I sucked the sweet taste from her hand.

"You're right, it does taste good."

"I'm glad you approve. Hand me my robe would you."

I handed her the robe and she swung out of bed and put it on.

"Thanks for doing this for us," she said as she gave me a big hug.

"No problem. I enjoyed it very much."

"I can see that. You poor thing," she said with her cute smile and a glance at my boner.

"I'll go home and get your copy made and take care of it in a hurry."

"Since you taped me getting myself off, it's only fair that I get to do the same."

"That wasn't in the deal."

"What's the matter, embarrassed?"

"Yes, as you can see I'm not King Kong."

"As a med student I have seen my share of penises and there aren't as many real big ones as you might think. Now show me how to run this camera and get undressed."

I showed her how to operate the camera and slipped off my clothes with my back to her. My erection had subsided some with my embarrassment and her clapping as I turned to face her didn't help.

"There is some lubricant in the drawer by the bed if you need any."

"Some visual stimulation might help," I said as I grabbed the lube from the drawer.

She surprised me as she loosened the tie on her robe and let it fall open, exposing her crotch and on of her boobs. That brought Johnny back to life in a hurry. I had never jacked off in front of anyone before so it was kind of awkward getting started. Seeing a good looking blond half nude filming me didn't hurt the situation though. I knew it wouldn't take long once I got going. I prolonged it as long as I could but when Jill dropped her robe to the floor and started fingering her pussy, I lost it. I nearly hit my face with the first shot of come, and it was the most powerful orgasm I had had in years. When I finished pumping my cock and looked at Jill, she was in the midst of yet another come. She left the camera running and walked to the side of the bed. She put the hand she had used to finger herself to my mouth and scooped up some of my come with her other hand.

"A taste for a taste," she said as she licked my come from her fingers. "Hurry home honey. We'll have to see if Stan can tape a session with the two of us."

That's another story.

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