tagLoving WivesNeighbors and Friends

Neighbors and Friends


To understand this story you need to know something about the characters.

Tom Newman --Tom is a pilot for an international airline. He once flew overseas but now is content to take the commuter hops. "That way I am home with my lovely wife most evenings," he has often said.

Tom is not the glamorous type but pretty handsome in many ways. He is rather short in stature but tall in personality. He keeps fit by working out in the gym and riding his bicycle every chance he gets. He is a non-drinker and a quick wit. He is generally the life of the party type. He is a "hunk" in his uniform. His premature balding makes him seem older especially with the graying around the edge. Nonetheless he is "Terrific in bed," Ginny testifies.

Ginny Newman is quite a beauty. She was a hostess on the same airline and modeled for a fashion magazine before she married Tom. Now she is quite content to spend most of her time singing with a small local band. Her long blonde (Truly) hair emphasizes her beautiful blue eyes and dimpled cheeks. Her smile radiates her self-assured manner. Her breasts are not large but very firm with large nipples that test the fabric of her blouses. Her jutting rear end and long tapering legs make her the object of most anyone's affection. She is quite smart and dresses the part. She turns heads wherever she goes.

Frank Johnson-- Frank is just that, frank. He sometimes is too frank for his own good. He, however, is a very handsome man with muscles to match. He is about two hundred pounds of pure muscle with no fat to be seen. His jet black hair and bushy eyebrows give him the ere of "Muscle Man." He is quiet and reserved until he gets upset and then, look out! According to his wife and his associates who have seen him in the shower, he is hung like a stud horse.

Of course, Frank enjoys the connotation.

Peggy Johnson is small and cute. She is quite well built but short. She has breasts that are "Almost" too large for her stature. She enjoys "showing them off", but still dresses quite conservatively. Her waist is small and her hips flare dramatically, enhancing her short stature. She has exquisitely proportioned legs and is a stunner in shorts. She enjoys teasing the men with her sexual innuendoes. She has been the butt of jokes about Franks cock doubling her size during sex. She grins and laughs blatantly at the jokes. "He makes me feel twice as good as you short guys can," she quips.

Tom and Ginny Newman live next door to Frank and Peggy Johnson. They have become close friends. They spend quite a good deal of time visiting and "Neighboring" back and forth.

It was just such a time on this particular Saturday morning that they became even more "Neighborly."

Tom and Ginny had been up late, watching a movie on Friday night, therefore was going to "sleep in."

The radio alarm began its musical awakening.

Ginny rolled from the bed and pulled on a robe and slippers.

She plodded out to get the paper and returned just as the alarm buzzer sounded on the radio.

She quickly shut off the alarm and let the radio play it's music.

Tom blinked awake. He smiled at his wife as she divested herself of her clothing and crawled in beside him.

Tom always slept in the nude. He felt her hands groping for his cock.


They kissed passionately. Tom's hands began exploring her tits and on down to her pussy.

Soft music filled the room as they began the exciting foreplay. Soon they were in a sixty-nine position, sucking and tonguing each other ardently.

"Fuck me!" Ginny's muffled voice said.

Tom quickly obliged her. He began to fill her hot pussy with his throbbing cock. He was driving his cock into her when he thought he heard a noise in the hall. To his surprise, he saw Frank standing in the doorway.

"Oh shit!" he thought. He remembered he had asked Frank to help him move the pool table that morning.

Ginny was shouting for Tom to make her cum.

Tom was about to explode and could not stop. He grunted his explosion. He glanced at the door and Frank was grinning widely.

"It is too late now to stop," Tom thought. He continued to fuck his lovely wife while Frank stood in the door and watched.

Ginny trembled her orgasm, shouting and yelling! It reverberated in the room.

"God that was good!" she said as she rolled out from under Tom.

Tom looked at the door and Frank was gone.

Ginny hurried into the bathroom while Tom quickly dressed.

Frank was standing beside the pool table when Tom entered the family room.

Frank was grinning broadly. "You two sure do know how to fuck!" he said softly.

Tom laughed. "You should learn to knock."

"I practically knocked the door down," Frank said in defense. "You could not have heard a bomb go off with your ears between Ginny's legs," he quipped.

Tom began to laugh. "You saw the whole thing?" he asked.

Frank laughed. "I almost joined you!" he replied blatantly.

Just then, Ginny came into the room. "Oh! Hi Frank!" she exclaimed, casually tying her robe together, but not until Frank gotten a good look at her.

Frank and Tom wrestled the pool table into position while Ginny watched.

"Why don't we have Peggy come over? Peggy and I can take a dip in the swimming pool while you two men play pool. I have some steaks we can put on the barbeque," Ginny suggested.

Frank nodded his agreement.

"I will go over and check with Peggy", Ginny suggested, while the men leveled the pool table.

Frank was frank. "I hope you are not mad," he said when Ginny left the room. "I just couldn't keep from watching. That was quite a special sight. I could not have been so surprised at how Ginny was so sexy and passionate. She sure enjoys being fucked, unlike my wife," he added.

Tom chuckled. "Maybe Peggy just needs a smaller cock than you have to offer," Tom suggested. "Since you saw Ginny naked, how about returning the favor?"

Frank gasped at the suggestion. He slowly began to smile. "Peggy and I talked about our fantasies just last night," Frank admitted. "You were not mentioned by name but she did give me the impression that she would like to see if you really are a great fuck like Ginny told her you are."

Tom began to laugh. "You can now tell her for sure, but I should demonstrate," Tom said, getting quite serious. "I believe I should be able to show her for herself, after all you saw Ginny and it would only be right if I could see Peggy."

Frank pondered the idea. He slowly began to grin. "Maybe, if it would fulfill her fantasy," he admitted.

"There is no time like the present," Tom said emphatically.

Ginny was grinning widely when Peggy opened the door. "Guess what just happened just now?" Ginny said with a giggle.

Peggy shook her head.

"Frank saw Tom and I having sex!" she blurted. "Frank and Tom don't know I saw Frank watching but it really turned me on."

Peggy gasped. "When? How?" Peggy stammered.

"We didn't hear him come in and he found us in the bed room. God, it was exciting," Ginny gushed.

"What did you do?" Peggy asked.

"We sure didn't stop! I was so excited I came for the first time in quite a while." Ginny explained.

"I hope that you are not angry with Frank. I am sure he would not do that on purpose," Peggy said quickly.

"I think you are right, but it sure was erotic," Ginny confessed.

"You are baaad," Peggy said grinning.

Ginny laughed aloud. "But to have a stud watch was so exciting. I never dreamed how something like that would set me off."

Peggy began to laugh. "I would have been mortified," she said.

"You might be surprised how you would react," Ginny cautioned.

Peggy looked thoughtful. "I guess I would not be too uncomfortable if Tom was the one that saw me," she said thoughtfully.

Ginny grinned. "I guess we have the same motivation when it comes to our husbands. I could even allow someone else to make love with him if it helped both of our sex lives," she said softly.

"What!" Peggy said loudly.

"I think that sex with someone other than our husbands might be good for our sex lives. Spice it up, so to speak," Ginny admitted.

Peggy pondered the thought for a few moments. "You wouldn't mind if, say, Tom and I were to have sex?"

Ginny grinned. "Only if I am offered the same exchange," she said truthfully.

Peggy smiled. "Frank and I were just talking about that kind of thing last night," Peggy revealed. "Not with Tom or you particularly but in essence the same idea."

Ginny looked surprised. "What are friends and neighbors for if not to help each other in any way we can," she said adamantly.

"Are you sure?" Peggy asked bluntly.

Ginny flushed slightly. "Yes!" she answered all to quickly.

"I guess I am willing if the rest is willing," Peggy said softly.

"Shall we find out? Test the water, so to speak," Ginny gushed.

"Now?" Peggy asked, her eyes dancing at the thought.

"No time like the present," Ginny said hugging Peggy to her.

Frank and Tom were playing pool when the women entered.

"You took quite a while," Tom said to the women. "What are you up to?"

"We were just discussing the fact of Frank walking in on you two this morning," Peggy said, trying to hold a straight face.

Frank gasped.

Tom smiled.

"I wasn't sure that you saw him," Tom said to Ginny.

Why did you think I came so hard?" Ginny asked with a grin.

"I just thought it was my manly persuasion," Tom joked, "when it actually was Frank you were thinking about."

"Not exactly," Ginny confessed. "But he did have something to do with it!"

Frank looked at Peggy. "Did you tell Ginny about our little talk last night?"

Peggy smiled. "She weaseled it out of me!"

"And?" Frank asked.

"We both agree that it might be fun, if everyone agrees!" Peggy acknowledged.

Frank and Tom looked at each other.

"We were just talking about it before you came in. We agree wholeheartedly," they said in unison.

Everyone smiled. "What are we waiting for?" Frank said frankly.

Ginny giggled softly when Frank took her hand and led her down the hall toward the bedroom.

Peggy and Tom were surprised how quickly their spouses agreed. Peggy blushed when she admitted she was a little nervous. "I have never been with anyone but Frank."

Tom smiled. "You are about to get a first class education in the art of fucking."

Peggy laughed out loud. "I sure hope so!" she said as she followed him into the spare bedroom.

Ginny was naked before they hit the door.

Frank laughed when she gasped when his cock came out of his pants.

"My god!" Ginny shouted. "That is a monster. Be gentle."

Ginny lay down on the bed, spreading her legs wide.

Frank moved between them and pressed the head of his cock against her hot pussy lips.

Ginny grunted softly when the head of his cock popped into her hot cunt.

"Oh my god!" she shouted when he began to fuck back and forth, easing his cock into her inch by inch.

Her shouts echoed in the room. "Oh yes! I am so full of your cock," she said when his balls began to slap her ass globes.

She nearly passed out in delight when his cock head struck her deeper than she had ever been fucked.

Her orgasm was swift and she trembled under his thrusts.

Frank grunted his release. He smiled when she gasped at the hot liquid deep inside her.

His cock slowly deflated.

Ginny smiled and then groaned as his softening cock slipped out of her.

They lay gasping for a short time.

"Let's see how our spouses are getting along," Frank said with a grin.

Peggy and Tom had undressed slowly. Both were anxious but somewhat reluctant.

Peggy smiled when she noticed Tom's small cock.

"It may be small but I know how to use every inch to satisfaction," Tom said, reading her mind.

"OK! Show me," Peggy said huskily.

Tom wasted no time in spreading her legs and pushing his cock into her cunt. He began to fuck her in earnest.

She blinked her eyes. "God that feels good!" she said without thinking. "Oh YESSS!" She crooned.

They fucked and fucked and fucked.

Peggy gasped when she had her third orgasm.

Tom spewed his orgasm into her bouncing cunt.

He laughed when she kissed him.

"You are right. Size is not the only thing. That was the best fuck of my life. Frank is so big. He really is almost too big to be comfortable!" she said softly.

Tom grinned. "OK! Would you like to fuck again?"

"Yesss!" Peggy hissed as Tom began to fuck her again.

They where in the midst of a tremendous orgasm together when they heard the door open.

"Are you two ever going to stop?" Ginny said from the door.

"I hope not!" Peggy responded loudly.

Ginny laughed. "I guess that tells me that you enjoy fucking my husband!" she said, as she watched Tom's cock disappear into her friend's pussy.

Frank frowned.

"Come on big boy, let's get back to your enormous cock. I guess these two are enjoying the exchange so we might as well get on with some serious fucking." Ginny said gruffly.

Frank watched his wife being fucked for a few moments and followed Ginny back into the bedroom.

His cock was still soft.

Ginny smiled at his problem. She took his deflated cock in her mouth and began to suck it, her cheeks caving in, her tongue rasping the head of his cock.

She nodded sensuously when she felt his monster come to life.

His cock became so large; she could barely keep it in her mouth. "Fug me guut!" she said around his cock.

"I wunt it in my pushy."

Frank withdrew his cock from her sucking mouth. He turned her on her knees and mounted her from behind.

Ginny screamed he delight as his cock filled her even deeper then before.

She gasped when he began to fuck her doggy style. "Oh my God!" She stifled another scream.

She heard her husband and Peggy cheer. "Go baby, go!" They had stopped fucking long enough to check on their spouses.

Frank began to laugh. "Cum baby cum!" he said in jest.

Ginny took a deep breath and spewed her orgasm around the invading monster. She collapsed under him, his cock still buried in her.

Peggy smiled. "She enjoys it doesn't she?" she asked of no one in particular.

Tom frowned. "I hope she don't get too attached to his cock," he admitted.

Peggy laughed. "You always have me!" she said emphatically. "I think this switch is very good for all of us!"

Ginny nodded as best she could. Frank nodded his agreement as he continued to move in and out of her hot pussy.

Tom hesitated for a few moments. "This might be a perfect arrangement. Anytime anyone needs a little fuck, we can call on the neighbors to help out!"

Ginny grunted her agreement.

Frank just kept on fucking Ginny.

Peggy kissed Tom. "Now about those steaks, I need some nourishment.

Ginny waved at her husband as he and Peggy hurried out to start the grill.

"Call us when they are ready!" Ginny said, while Frank continued to fuck her.

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