Neighbors Ballteam Party


*Smack* . . .

Of course it was a wrong answer, she had no chance at getting this one right. I guess some might of thought that she quite possibly would of had an idea it was her husbands cock she was swallowing . . . but then again, I imagine that I was the last person in the world that she expected to be sitting in that chair at that moment. I felt sincerely sorry for her at this point as she guessed again "It must be that guy, Jack!" she announced.

*Smack* . . .

"Sorry Jackie dear . . . wrong again!" Tim stated almost gleefully.

After the third wrong answer and third smack on my wife's buttock, even though I was receiving the best blowjob of my life . . . I felt the time had come to for me to put an end to her subjection to Tim's cruel game.

"Tim, please . . . no more!" I pleaded.

As soon as she heard my voice, Jackie reached for the blindfold . . . hastily pulling off of her head. With a completely stunned look upon her face, she somewhat gagged on my cock in her haste to extract it from her mouth. "Br ... Brian, what are you doing here?" she inquired as tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Before I could answer her question, Tim interjected himself into the conversation. "Jackie I took it upon myself to invite your husband down here to show him what a “Hot” little wife he has, in the hopes that he will allow you to attend our team parties on a regular basis. It's better that this all gets out in the open Jackie dear . . . isn't it Brian?".

Caught off guard, I stuttered slightly as I looked down at my distraught wife "I'm . . I'm sorry Jackie, but . . . but don't blame yourself honey. I've obviously been away too much lately and need to spend more time with you baby!".

As I looked at Jackie, still kneeling on the ground . . . yet desperately trying to hide her shame, I turned my anger towards Tim. "Tim, I don't know why you wanted to humiliate us both like this . . . but I think it's time we left and don't expect my wife to attend your parties again" I angrily stated.

I began to rise out of my chair and help my wife up off the ground, but before I could get completely up . . . Tim had grabbed my arm and walked me over to the far side of his patio. In a quiet yet harsh tone he began to explain a few things to me. "Listen Brian, you dumb shithead . . . you really have no choice in whether Jackie attends more of our parties. For starters, besides the pics that we took of your wife in action at the last party . . . I've also had Stevie in the house video taping today's fun." He pointed to the diningroom window to where I could see a fellow with a video camera and a powerful zoom lens.

"Yes Stevie was able to get some quality video of a so-called respectable lady of the community on her knees performing a circle suck of a local group of guys . . . her equally respected husband enthusiastically sitting with his shorts down around his knees watching her. On top of that video of her husband being told of his wife’s infidelities and not doing a thin about it. So with todays recorded action, coupled with the pics showing that same respectable woman getting gang fucked by no less than 9 guys will make for interesting viewing to our local church fearing community!”.

I obviously looked like a deer in the headlights of a car as Tim just continued with his onslaught of info he had against us. “Then also considering it's just you two's word against my whole ball team . . . well I think people would tend to believe us that your precious Jackie is nothing more than a cock loving, cum eating slut Brian!".

His words stung deep and even though I was still very angry . . . I also knew he was right with his assessment of our situation. All of my wife's family lived within the community, if any of this scandalous information ever got leaked out . . . well, it would definitely be our demise.

"Yes Brian" Tim continued in his hush but stern tone "We could quite easily ruin your tranquil little lives . . . what would you tell your families . . . what would this type of disgrace do for your two young daughters?".

I was dumbfounded, we were being virtually blackmailed and there wasn't a whole lot I could do to stop it. I thought of our children and how such info would effect them, it gave me the shudders. I looked over towards my wife who was still on her knees on the patio, with tears in her eyes.

"Now" Tim continued "I'm gonna take your wife aside and tell her that you've agreed to let her come down here anytime I have the team back and be our personal hostess, the agreement will be that none of the guys will ever say anything about this to anyone. You and your wife can continue to have your perfect little life in this town, the perfect suburban lifestyle. Yes, my ball team gets a partygal to liven up our after game beer parties . . . Jackie gets the added sexual relief she obviously needs and you get a hot wife coming home to you . . . everybody gets what they want and everyone is happy, right buddy?".

I slowly shook my head in agreement, confused by what I had just been told yet knowing that I had been beaten and must concede.

"Good boy, Brian" he cheerfully announced as he slapped me on the back and then took Jackie off to the side.

I sat back down in the lawn chair and glanced around at all the grinning ball players. Tim took my precious wife over by the bar, his arm around her bare shoulder as he prepared her a drink. Moments later, my wife reapproached the group and as she looked my way she inquired "Really Brian? You want me to come to Tim's parties al the time?".

I wasn't sure what cock & bull story Tim was telling my wife, but I knew I'd better agree as I obediently shook my head in agreement and mumbled “Yeah honey, sounds as if you have fun at them”.

The chat continued for several minutes afterwards and I continued to see Jackie look in my direction off and on in disbelief. I’d catch her looking at me and I’d give a feeble smile and then look away.

When Tim finally came back over he proudly announced with a smile that Jackie was willing to do her part to help his ball team, "Yes, your wife has decided she better start today in fact . . . you're welcome to stick around Brian, but we're gonna fuck your wife silly . . . you don't have a problem with that do you buddy?".

In a dry broken reply I spoke the words he wanted to hear "N . . No . . . not at all Tim!". I headed towards the backyard gate and paused long enough at my wife to say, "Have a good time honey, I'll see you when you get home". I turned around and took one last glance as I opened the gate . . . Jackie was being led over and being placed on Jeff's erect cock . . . I quickly left, knowing all two well that Tim and his buddies was going to do as he promised . . . fuck my wife silly.


Jackie eventually came home from Tim's several hours later that day, she was tired and sore. Her titties had large red marks on them where the men had been sucking on them and her vagina was swollen from the fucking she had endured. As she sat in the warm bath water recuperating, we had a long chat on our unfortunate situation we found ourselves in.

We agreed that to continue living in our town, she would have to oblige Tim and his baseball buddies for the time being, until we could figure some other course of action. We both had jobs in the town and our kids would be upset if we tried to move. It was near the end of our conversation that Jackie informed me that Tim had instructed her to come to the next weeks party in a real slutty looking outfit. She stated how Tim and his team were going to be playing in a big tournament and he was going to invite a out of town team he knew back to his place between games. He had told my wife to be prepared to look after as many as 16-18 players and that several of the guys off the other team were black fellows. I cringed at the thought of all those men violating my wife sexually, yet for some reason Jackie appeared to have a smile on her face. I guess I'd better get use to my wife being the batgirl for Tim's ball team.

To be continued???

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