Neighbors Ch. 01


"Nggggggggg," was all I could say while my hips began a fucking back and forth motion all of their own accord.

With out missing a beat, she switched over to my other tit and repeated the same treatment driving me to new heights of ecstasy and horniness. But now she placed her hands up under my T-shirt and slowly began to raise it up. Soon, to my regret, she had to stop sucking on my titties long enough get my shirt up over my chest.

I helped her by pulling my shirt the rest of the way off while she resumed sucking on my now naked nipples. And if I thought that her sucking my titties through my shirt was sexy, now that she was sucking on my naked tits and teasing my nipples this way and that with her tongue, I was just fucking blown away.

She slid her ass off of the edge of her bed to kneel before me and I felt her place her sloppy wet steaming cunt against the top of my foot, but before my freaked out, sex-drenched mind could fully comprehend that, she did something that really sent me to the moon. She kissed the camel-toe in my shorts!

"Oh, yes," she said, "Looking at the way you pulled your cute little shorts up so tight that your cute little slit has been winking at me all day has made me so hot. So fucking hot! You have no idea how badly I've been wanting to do this." Then she grabbed both of my ass cheeks firmly and mashed her mouth right on to my pussy and began licking and sucking me off right through my sopping wet shorts.

And if that didn't fucking turn my brain to mush, she began fucking her hot cunt up and down along the top of my foot and against my ankle. Rubbing her horny wetness all over me.

I could feel myself almost ready to cum, but before I could let myself go, she stopped and pulled my shorts down my legs and off of my feet.

Now I stood completely naked before the older, larger woman, trembling in my intense excitement and arousal. Still kneeling down below me she blew on my steaming pussy as if to put out the fire, but it only stoked me all the higher. She kissed my engorged pussy lips real gently sending new waves of shivers all throughout my body. Then she stuck her tongue deep inside my cunt and swished it around as if trying to soak up all of the nectar.

"Nggggggggod!" I moaned again. But before I could cum, she once again pulled away.

She stood up to her full height, smiled at me, and drew me into a sweet embrace. She kissed me deeply again and the taste of my own pussy juices all over her mouth and tongue really put me into la-la land. Soon it was my tongue that was invading her mouth as I tried to lap up all of my own cunt syrup. My naked throbbing nipples I rubbed side-to-side against her hard-ons poking out through the material of her blouse. We had our hands on each other's asses squeezing, playing, fondling.

She pulled away from our kiss just long enough to whisper hotly into my ear, "now I want you to see how fucking hot and wet you've made me." And with that she took one of my hands and stuck it up under her skimpy latex skirt. "Yes," she said, "that's a good girl, play with my pussy and see how fucking hot and wet you've made me. Ummmm, fuck yes!"

We resumed face-fucking each other while I played with her pussy with one hand and her ass with the other while she did the same with me.

Then she pulled my hand out from under her skirt and held it up between our faces. "You've tasted yourself," she said. "Now it's time for you to see what another woman tastes like." She placed my own hand against my lips.

I needed no other encouragement as I began to greedily lick up all of her cunt juices. The tangy smell and taste of her sexiness and her horniness fried my brain more than ever. I felt totally intoxicated, and higher than I'd ever flown in my entire life.

"Now, that's a really good little girl," she said with one of her hands still playing with my twat. "Lick up all of mommy's cunt juice."

"Y-y-y-yes, mommy!" For some reason my calling her mommy made my horniness fly ever higher.

After I had sucked and licked most of her nectar off of my hand, she stopped playing with me long enough to say "now don't you think it's about time that you helped mommy get undressed?"

"Yes, mommy!" The idea of mother-daughter role playing with this gorgeous sexy woman was just too freaking much for my now totally sex-crazed mind.

"You can start with my blouse then," she said as she turned around backing into me. She pulled both of my hands around to the front and slid them under the lapels of her blouse and on to the ample mounds of her tits. "Be a good little girl now and play with mommy's tits and keep them busy while I undo the buttons."

"Yes, mommy." The feel of the naked flesh of her tits on my hands was beyond description. I couldn't get enough as I fondled her like crazy. And then teased her very erect nipples, oh my Gawd!

As I played with her tits to my hearts content and she s-l-o-w-l-y undid the rest of her buttons she arched her back forcing her latex covered ass against my naked horny cunt. Then she began swaying her hips back and forth causing her latex coated butt cheeks to rub side-to-side against my clit. And my own hips went into action without any direct command from my fried mind. I could not help but begin to fuck my slobbering pussy against her latex covered ass.

She undid the last button. "Now help mommy out of her blouse." She began to turn away from me as I reluctantly lifted my hands off of her breasts to remove her blouse. She turned to face me as I threw her blouse on the floor next to my own clothing. She stood no more than a few inches from me with her tits about level with my eyes. I could hardly believe how beautiful they looked, so large and firm and well-shaped as if fashioned by some master sculpture artist. And her nipples, so erect and swollen, standing straight out like a pair of little boys' cocks. She smiled at me real funny like and grasping my head between her hands she mashed my face into her bosom, the silky smooth flesh of her mounds caressing my cheeks.

While I nuzzled my face deep into her cleavage my hands, immediately and instinctively fondled the outsides and undersides of her tits.

"Ummmm," she moaned. "Mommy wants her little sweety to suck her tits for her, please suck mommy's tits." She guided one of her engorged erections towards my mouth and then rubbed it side-to-side along my lips.

I could not help then but to suck the sexy appendage into my mouth as she commanded.

"Yesssss! Such a good little girl, that's it. Suck mommy off real good. Ummmmm, Fuck yesssss!"

As I sucked and fondled her tits, she slid her hands down my back until they were playing with my butt cheeks again, then one of her hands slid around the front to diddle my pussy.

As much as I loved devouring her knockers I longed to experience and taste other delights as well, so I began to kiss and lick my way down her stomach.

Soon I was kneeling before her, my hands running up and down the backs of her thighs, then up her skirt to play with her ass. Grabbing her ass cheeks firmly in my hands I scooted myself forward a bit so I could rub my cunt against her foot and ankle like she had done me while mashing my face into her crotch.

With my nose plastered against her latex mini, I deeply inhaled the kinky odor while playing with her butt. The rubbery smell of her kinky skirt mixed with the musky, peanut butter and fish odor of her slobbering cunt drugged my sex-fried brain out to ever higher levels of horniness.

I had to taste more.

My tongue slithered out from betwixt my lips and snaked its way up under her hemline until I was licking her slit, tasting her hot, wet sex. And I humped my own cunt all the harder against her foot and ankle.

"Ummmm, you're so-o-o good to mommy!"

Horny for more intimate action I peeled her latex mini down off her ass, and rolled it down her legs, then buried my face in her now completely naked crotch. With my nose pressed against her clit, and my hands squeezing her ass and forcing her cunt harder into my face, I fucked her slit with my eager young tongue until I had her moaning.

"NgggggGod, oh fuck, yes!" She moaned, her hips thrusting back and forth as she tried to fuck her cunt harder into my licking face.

Just before cumming, though, she grabbed me under the armpits and lifted me back up. "Such a good little girl you are. You almost made mommy cum. Now mommy wants to taste her cunt juice in her little girl's mouth." And she plastered her mouth against mine and licked my oral cavity inside out.

"Lie down on the bed, now," she said. "Mommy wants to do something real nice for her little girl." She made me lie down on my back, my butt near the edge of the bed. "Okay now, extend your legs upward."

I did as she commanded and she clasped my feet together, caressing. She rubbed her erect nipples back and forth against the underside of my knees and calves while fondling my feet. She kissed and licked my arches then worked her way down my legs until she was kissing and licking the backs of my knees while rubbing her hard-on nipples against my ass.

She knelt down and still holding my legs together she ran her tongue up and down between the long crack betwixt my thighs from my knees to my cunt. Then and only then did she release my legs, grab my ass and force her face between my upper thighs so she could eat me out.

"Nggggg, y-y-yessssss!" I moaned.

She stopped licking me and looked up at my face. "Yes, what?" She demanded.

"Yesss! Mommy, please don't stop!"

"That's more like it." She nuzzled her nose against my clit and forced her tongue between my pussy lips. Then she did something that completely blew my mind. She swirled her tongue around and around the inside of my cunt striking pleasure zones I never dreamed existed.

"Ngggggod, mommy, yessss!" I moaned.

And the more I called her mommy, and the more I moaned in pleasure, the harder she ate me out. As her nose worked my clit and her tongue sought out my G-spot, and her lips pressed on my pussy lips, she snorted like a wild animal rooting for grub—and the vibrations of her grunts against my twat sent new waves of pleasure throughout my body.

Before I knew it I was thrashing and humping on the bed, trying to fuck my cunt ever harder into her hungry face. And then I screamed, and I shivered, and I came.

She stopped her furious eating of me and began to give me light kisses along my stomach and breasts as she climbed onto the bed. Soon we were laying side-by-side on the bed just lightly caressing each other.

After resting for a bit, she picked up her vibrator, turned it on, and then demonstrated to me how she used it on herself.

It looked like fun the way she was fucking the thing in and out of her gushing wet pussy and I found myself getting horny again. My own juices began to flow again deep inside my cunt.

"Ummmmm," she said, "this feels so-o-o good."

Then she stopped, turned if off, and smiled at me. "Wanna try it?"

"Yes, mommy."

She started by rubbing it up and down along the slit between my cunt lips. And then she turned it on, and oh my gawd!

"Spread your legs and I'll slip it inside of you."

"Yes, mommy." I bent my legs, lifting my knees towards the ceiling, then opened my thighs as she commanded.

After teasing my pussy lips and my clit for a few more moments with the vibrator, she slowly and gently inserted it until she had it a good six inches inside of me. She began fucking it in and out like she had done herself and tilting it up so that it teased my G-spot.

Now I had fucked my self with my fingers many times before, but never had I experienced anything like this. The vibrations of the cock-like instrument went straight to my brain and jangled every cell in my body from the bones in my feet to the bones in my fingers—not to mention the inside of my skull. And all the time while she was fucking me with the vibrator she was sucking one of my tits. So much pleasure coming from so many parts of my body was an overload and I could do nothing but whimper and pray that this moment would never end.

I was ready to cum again when she suddenly turned it off and pulled it out of my pussy.

"Ummmommy, please don't stop."

Smiling at me she sat the vibrator aside and then said, "And now, it's time for the next step in your education. Do you want mommy to make you cum?"

"Yes, yes, please, mommy."

"Then I'll have to teach you how to do sixty-nine. You do everything to me that I do to you and we'll both cum together." She reversed her position on the bed then straddled my face with her knees so that I was staring straight up into her slobbering, hungry pussy.

She lowered her face between my thighs and took one long, slurping lick with fully extended tongue on my slit making me shiver all over.

I reached up and grabbed her ass and pulled my face up to her cunt so I could lick her like she had licked me.

"That's a good girl," she said, "now you lick mommy the same way I lick you." And then she buried her face into my crotch and began eating me out as vigorously as she had done before. And I did the same for her.

As soon as I had proved to her that I was eating her out as eagerly as she was eating me, she lost all restraint and began fucking her cunt hard into my licking, sucking face.

And then we were both thrashing, humping, and moaning, and groaning like animals and snorting and grunting into each other's pussies until all the lights went out in my head and I saw stars spinning and exploding. In the distance I heard her screaming even as her mouth was plastered to my cunt. I felt her body shiver against mine. The earth shook. And then it was over and we were laying together in bed, once again side-by-side holding each other close.

And so went my first introduction to girl-girl sex, and I certainly hoped that it would not be the last.

(To be continued).

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