tagGay MaleNeighbors Ch. 02

Neighbors Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - Jeremy's Close Shave

Jason soon settled down to be a regular member of my household. He was a great kid and I had very little trouble with him, and just being around his hunky body and sweet smile got me horny. I made love to him at least twice a day, sometimes waking him up in the middle of the night to suck his dick or slide mine up his tight bubble butt.

When I got home from work, I often found him cleaning my pool or starting our dinner. I put weights in my family room and would watch him lift weights naked while I worked. Then I would draw a bath and scrub him clean all over, paying special attention to his ass and massaging his prostate with my finger.

I also loved shaving all the hair off his chest, armpits and ass, leaving just a little above his big, thick cock and some fuzz on his balls. Once he was baby smooth, I would explore him from head to toe with my hands and mouth, lavishing attention on his rock-hard butt with my tongue.

Despite what I had told his father (my friend Jack), I found that I did enjoy showing off his body to other people from time to time, and he seemed to like it.

Once, for instance, I brought a friend home from work and found Jason swimming in the pool. I called him out to introduce him, and without a word of warning to either of them, slipped his trunks off.

My friend complemented his beautiful body and I invited him to feel Jason's smooth muscles. He continued to caress Jason's body as we talked and got him quite erect. I encouraged him to feel Jason's hard dick and butt, which he did.

Jason seemed only slightly embarrassed but did not mind too much, because he hung around naked for the rest of the evening as we discussed work. My friend Tom continued to touch him as he came and went, and Jason stayed half-hard all night.

When Tom left, I bent Jason over the chair, ate his ass out and then fucked him silly. I was determined to get him naked in front of HIS friends, but that's another story.

Often we ate next door with his father Jack and younger brother, Jeremy. Jeremy was 18 and a senior in high school. I was not sure how much he knew about my relationship with Jason, but he did not seem too bothered by it. Jeremy, I assumed, was living under the same conditions as Jason had during his high school days: the shaved body, the daily exams by the coach, etc. I had never seen him without clothes on, however.

One day, Jason and I were at his father's house having dinner on the deck when Jeremy got home from soccer practice. He had a friend, Shawn, with him, and they were both sweaty and smelly. Shawn was handsome but seemed to have an air of jockboy arrogance to him. They were ready to go clambering upstairs but Jeremy's father called them onto the terrace.

"Why didn't you shower after practice?" he demanded.

The look in Jeremy's eyes told me he had an idea what was coming. "I dunno, dad, everyone was going for a soda so we figured we'd shower here."

"What have I told you about walking around sweaty in this heat for 45 minutes? You are supposed to shower and put clean clothes on as soon as you are done working out. You are going to break out in pimples or jock itch or worse if you don't take better care of yourself, not to mention the way you smell."

The boys exchanged glances. "I'm sorry, dad." Jeremy stammered. "We'll go shower right now."

"Not so fast. I want to have a look at you. He pulled Jeremy's shirt over his head. Jeremy's body was leaner and more defined than Jason's, with every muscle standing out in relief. Also, unlike Jason, he had a fuzz of hair on his chest, thickening as it reached his waist. More peeked from under his arms. I was surprised, since his father, and now I, kept Jason so smooth. I was about to find out why. He was also damp with sweat and he smelled stronger.

"See you're soaking wet and you smell terrible. The skin on your back is all irritated, too." To my surprise, and Jason's amusement, he hauled Jeremy's shorts down. Jeremy was good competition for Jason in the dick department, with a fat thick sausage in a nest of brown hair.

"DAD" Jeremy turned beet red, but his dad ignored him and rooted around in his crotch hair. "You're lucky you don't have crabs! Now both of you go upstairs and get clean and then come back here."

The boys hurried upstairs, Shawn no doubt giving Jeremy a healthy serving of abuse and soon I heard the shower running. Jack left the table and then I heard him go upstairs and then use the phone. Jason smirked and kept his mouth shut, glad for once not to be the naked center of attention.

Jack returned and the shower stopped. There was silence for a few minutes, and then the boys appeared, both in towels and red-faced. Shawn was even hairier than Jeremy and had a hunky build like Jason.

"What happened to our clothes?" Jeremy demanded. He and I at the same time noticed that Jack had brought his bathroom kit back to the table with him.

"Well, you are not ready to get dressed yet." Jack announced. "Because you are not doing a good job at keeping yourself clean, I think it's time you were shaved like your brother. You apparently haven't learned much from his experience"

"Dad!" Jeremy looked mortified. Shawn seemed quite amused, and Jason just smirked.

Jeremy turned to Shawn. "I'm really sorry about this, I guess you should go home."

"Not so fast. I talked to Shawn's father about this whole thing and he thinks it would be a good idea for him, too!"

The boys looked at each other in shock. Jeremy started to say something and gulped. He knew there was no use.

"Jeremy, you first. Spread the towel over here. Jason, you go get some warm water in a pan and some washclothes." He arranged Jeremy on the table with his legs spread.

When Jason returned with a washcloth, Jack soaked it and handed it to me. "Get him good and wet again, and then spread this on him," he indicated some shaving gel.

We worked as a team. I dutifully soaked my boyfriend's younger brother, starting with his chest, then his armpits. Jack trimmed away Jeremy's pit hair while I shaved his chest baby smooth, then finished off his armpits.

Meanwhile, Jack began trimming the hair away from Jeremy's crotch, holding his penis in his other hand. The penis swelled slightly but I think he was to embarrassed to get erect. Using the experience I gained from Jason's body, I neatly finished his crotch with the razor. Even with me holding it, his big, floppy dick didn't get hard. I guessed maybe he was totally straight, unlike his brother.

I tried to catch his eye but he kept looking away. When we were done, Jack told Jeremy to flip over, invoking a new wave of protests, but soon his hairy bubble butt was exposed to us. Jack pulled his cheeks apart and I shaved the hair out of his ass crack, finishing off behind his balls and around his sweet pink hole. I found cause to use my own hand on the hard boybutt as well, and the combined touch of three hands finally affected him.

"Looks like someone likes having his ass played with!" Jason laughed, pointing at Jeremy's cock which by now had grown rock hard and was almost as big as his, at 7 1/2 inches. Jack pulled him to his feet and we all looked, as Jeremy got even redder, at his impressive dick.

"Okay put this on him," Jack spread some vitamin E ointment on Jeremy's chest and handed me the tube. I dutifully took it back to his ass and began rubbing it in, concentrating on the area around his hole. His dick throbbed even bigger.

"You don't realize how sensitive your ass is," I told him. "Most of your sexual feelings are actually inside your body, not in your dick. In fact, you can have an orgasm by anal stimulation without touching your dick at all!"

Shawn scoffed at that, despite the fact that my attention to Jeremy's asshole was making his dick throb. "I don't believe that, you gotta be doing something to your dick to make yourself cum."

"Okay, tell you what, Mr. Expert." Jack addressed Shawn. We'll make you a bet. If he can't make Jeremy orgasm by just his butt, you can go home without a shave or anything. But if he can, then you have to let us shave you and he'll do it to you, too."

"You're on!" This sexual talk had a big lump in Shawn's towel, and I suspected he would be just as happy either way.

"Don't I get any say in this?" Jeremy moaned as I began playing with his ass again.

"You get a great orgasm out of it," Jason chimed in. "Trust me, he knows what he's doing."

Shawn crowded closer to Jeremy's ass as I squirted more gel and then began teasing his tight pink hole again, eliciting another moan. After a minute, I put a little more pressure on, and got in his ass to the first knuckle.

Jeremy wiggled and yelped beneath me. "It's okay, Tiger, just relax," I rubbed his belly and continued teasing and prodding his asshole gently, gradually sliding my finger in to the hilt. His butt was as smooth and tight as a vice grips. I found the ring of his prostate and began rubbing it gently, causing Jeremy to groan and his dick to flex sharply.

"Did that feel good?" I asked him, and he admitted it felt great.

"What are you doing to him now?" Shawn demanded, his face about three inches from Jeremy's asshole. This anatomy lesson clearly fascinated him in spite of himself, and he seemed turned on by the sights and smells of his buddy's body.

"I am stimulating something called his prostate gland. It's very sensitive and feels really good if you massage it."

"That's bullshit! Why would you have something like that up your ass?"

"I'm not making it up, do you want to feel for yourself?" Shawn thought about it, weighing his curiosity against squeamishness, and then nodded.

From below, Jeremy complained "No way, man! it's bad enough my next door neighbor has his finger up my ass, my best friend has to do it too?"

"Relax, Jay. When I'm done with you, you're going to be asking for it again." I gently eased my finger out of his hole and Shawn put his finger in its place.

He was a bit too eager, though, to shove it up there and Jeremy howled. "Easy, jackass!"

"Shawn, you gotta do these things gently. Why do you think it took me five minutes to get my finger in?" I pulled his hand away. "Now, to get someone ready for your finger, it helps to relax them a bit. Why don't you try loosening him up a bit with your tongue?"

"No fuckin' way, man! I'm not sticking my tongue where his shit comes out!" He retorted, but I noticed he did not back away from his position near Jeremy's ass, and his finger continued teasing his buddy's pucker.

"Your dick doesn't seem so disgusted," I pointed at the throbbing tent in his towel. "Besides, he's nice and clean I washed him but good."

Shawn looked at each of us in turn, then slapped Jeremy's ass gently and muttered, "the things I do for you!" before he tentatively moved his head towards the upturned butt and began licking the crack above the hole. After a second, he seemed to get into it and moved down to the little pink rosebud.

Jeremy shivered and moaned. "Fuck, yeah!" he gasped. Shawn seemed to forget we were there, grabbing his pal's ass in both hands and probing and teasing his hole with his tongue. Jason and Jack watched this transformation of macho boys into a pair of little man-sex maniacs with amusement.

Jeremy continued to squirm and encourage Shawn, who seemed to determined to get his whole head up his best friend's ass. "Oh, man! Stick it in me, go ahead!" Jeremy suddenly hollered. He glanced sheepishly at us for a second, but then his attention was arrested by Shawn's new attack on his butt.

This time, Shawn got his finger in and found Jeremy's prostate. The reaction was obvious as he began teasing it enthusiastically. His novice touch, however, was still too rough and Jeremy asked that I finish the job. Shawn backed out reluctantly and I slid my finger easily back up his now-relaxed channel.

Shawn stayed right near the action, keeping a hand on Jeremy's ass. I was learning what made Jeremy feel the best, taking some guesses based on Jason's more familiar anatomy. As I probed and teased him, I rubbed his smooth belly and tweaked his little nipples gently.

Shawn knelt nearer Jeremy's front to make sure I wasn't cheating and touching his cock, which stood out in frustration, aching for some relief.

Finally, it was time. I felt Jeremy's ass begin to clamp down hard on my finger. His dick swelled and almost pressed flat against his stomach. He gasped and, with a jolt, began spewing his load, which hit Shawn square in the face, but Shawn was too fascinated to be too repulsed He swore and yelled encouragement to his buddy.

The contractions in Jeremy's ass kept the pad of my finger right against his prostate and I teased it a bit more until they faded and I could ease my finger out. Jeremy collapsed against the table, breathing hard.

Shawn, knowing he had been beat, dropped his towel and proudly displayed his jock body and big hard dick. Jack and I positioned him and began prepping him for the shave. When Jack saw how thick Shawns body hair was, he chose the electric clippers instead of the wet razor to start. Soon we had his chest and armpits trimmed close, and then I began making him baby smooth with the regular razor.

Jack held his friend's son's cock as his removed the forest of fuzz from around his crotch. The dick wiggled and jumped at his touch. "Boy, you are a horny one." Jack commented. I moved around to his ass and began clearing the dark hair on his twin globes, which intensified in his crack. When Jack finished, we pushed Shawn down and spread his legs to get to the main event.

Jeremy, meanwhile, had gone over to where Jason was sprawled on the couch and lay down on top of him, his cheek against his big brother's hunky smooth chest. Jason had one arm around him, rubbing his back. I had never seen my boyfriend be that affectionate with his brother, and it touched me.

"You sure are hairy," I commented to Shawn, "but not for long." I worked my way down to below and around his asshole, which puckered and quivered in anticipation every time I got near it. "That asshole looks ready to get fucked."

"No way, man, no guy is sticking his thing up my ass." Shawn boasted.

"You say that now," Jeremy piped up "But when you see how that feels, you're going to want a cucumber up there."

We all laughed at him, and then I noticed that Jason's middle finger was deep up his little bro's ass, gently teasing his love button again. This was a rare treat for Jason, who was used to being the fuckee, not the fucker. "Man, you can't get enough." Shawn laughed.

By now I had his Shawn's baby smooth and I called Jeremy over. "Okay, butt boy. Go to work."

"What do you want me to do?" he said nervously.

"Just what he did to you, have a taste!"

Jeremy wrinkled his nose. "He doesn't wash as good as I do!"

"Aw common, asshole!" Shawn piped up. "I did it to you!"

"He's clean now, I washed him. Go for it."

Knowing he had no choice, Jeremy gingerly approached his buddy's ass. He licked the smooth crack a few times, then shrugged and dove into the hole. Shawn nearly fell off the table, but Jeremy held on and got his tongue way up Shawn's ass. Shawn regaled us with every curse word he knew.

After a few minutes of this treatment, I decided Shawn was ready. "Aw no, don't stop, it feels so fuckin' awesome!" he complained.

"That's nothing, just wait to find out what's next." I showed Jeremy how to position his finger, and then he eased it up Shawn's ass.

"AAARGH" Shawn groaned as Jeremy got his bearings and set up an enthusiastic rhythm of probing and teasing. When he found Shawn's prostate, we got the longest "FUUUUUUUUUUCK" I have heard to date. Jason chuckled, recalling the chorus of noises he made the first time my dick found its home in his ass.

I left the two of them at it, scrubbed up and then jumped on the big chaise with Jason and pulled him against me, watching the boys. Jack smiled, it made him happy to see how loving I was with his older son, since he had set us up.

Shawn groaned and shot his load quickly under Jeremy's surprising rookie talent. He quickly got up and looked around for his clothes, apparently embarrassed by what went on now that his horniness faded. I knew he would be back though.

Jeremy and Shawn conferred at the door, no doubt swearing to secrecy. Shawn said goodbye to us and took off, no doubt to be inspected by his father when he got home.

Jack, meanwhile, went up behind Jason and unfastened his cutoffs. At Jack's request, I performed Jason's semi-weekly shave while he and Jeremy watched, and he inspected each region of his son's body to make sure I was doing a good job. Jeremy watched in new-found fascination as his cocky older brother submitted to this treatment. I invited Jeremy, as well, to feel his big bro's body. He had apparently never seen Jason on the bone and the boys laughed and teased as Jeremy felt Jason up and teased his butthole.

"Dude, your dick is bigger than mine!" Jeremy complained as he fondled Jason's big sausage. Jack laughed at how competitive the brothers were.

When he was done getting shaved, I went to work on getting Jason off, Jeremy watching in fascination as I stroked and kissed his body all over. My touch with him was a lot more gentle and loving and it took a while, especially since I had brought him to orgasm three times already that day. But I knew his body really well and before long I had him purring and moaning and he came up with one more load for me.

While I was cleaning Jason up, I tried to get Jeremy to taste Jason's spunk but he was too squeamish. I figured that could wait for another day.

The brothers went upstairs to shower again, and Jack thanked me for helping get Jeremy started on the same road as Jason. "I was afraid he was not going to be as into it as Jason, but I think he just might."

"Well you may find that different things work with Jeremy. Jason seems to get off on having a lot of people seeing and touching his body, because he's proud of it. Jeremy, on the other hand, may do better with one person teaching him."

"Well a little public exposure does a lot to keep both of their egos in check. I plan to ask the coach to make sure he's clean after practice, and I know from experience that it will not stop there"

"What do you mean?"

"Well he helped me with Jason last year too. I had no idea how to broach the subject of cleanliness 'down there' with them, and the coach called us in and showed me that Jason was getting rashes around his crotch and on his ass, from doing just what Jeremy did today. We shaved him then and there and he's been smooth ever since.

"Then Jason got prostatitis and the coach helped me with that too. You have to give them a prostate massage like you did today, every day for two weeks. He had me put my finger up Jason to feel what was happening, but after that I had him do the daily treatments because I didn't think it would be a good idea for Jason and I to start having that much contact."

"But you shaved him, before he met me."

"No, I told you I took him to a barber friend of mine. I know they are my sons but they are both so damn handsome I try to avoid a lot of contact so I don't do something I'd regret. I don't think family should be sexual partners, even for all guys."

"Does it bother you that they were touching each other today?"

"Well I think it would if I thought it would continue. It's normal that they satisfy some curiosity about each other, but I know Jason gets all the sex he needs from you!"

"And then some! I tire him out."

"That's one reason why I waited until Jason was living somewhere else before I got Jeremy interested. I think if they were both horny without any release, they'd turn to each other. Now I know I've got one son in good hands while I figure out what to do with the other"

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