tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNeighbor's Shower Hole

Neighbor's Shower Hole


The apartment complex used to house middle of the road losers. But now, it had been 'cleaned up' and sold to college students. Some losers remained on lease. One of them being me. It took me awhile to accept this. But hey, I love college girls.

I had seen her in passing. My new neighbor. She was about five feet four and weighed about one twenty soaking wet. She was a sexy little girl with big bedroom eyes and brunette hair. She was the type of girl who could have any man she wanted.

It starts on a normal night. I had a few friends over.

Jim, my best friend, was over and a few drinks ahead of me. "What's that fucking sound, Barry?"

Barry, that's me. Horrible name. "Oh, that's the neighbor's shower. Walls are thin as shit here."

"That ain't normal thin. That's like we're in the damn shower. Let's investigate."

"After you, Scooby Doo."

We walked, beers in hand, into my bedroom where the noise was the loudest.

"Fuck, Bar. That's loud. How do you manage?"

"Well, to be honest, I ain't had a neighbor in awhile. And she's hot. So I put up with it."

"Hot? Like how hot?"

I looked him dead in the eye. "Hot, Jim-bo."

He got this look on his face that screamed creepy. "Dude, let's find out if there's a crack anywhere."

He taps on the wall leading to my neighbor's apartment as if he knew what the fuck he was doing. He noticed a weird painting that was glued to my wall from the previous leaser. "This is one gay ass painting, Bar."

"You want it? You can have it." I tore the painting off and was shocked to see something unexpected: a hole with hot steam rising from it.

"Get the fuck out. A peephole!" Jim, intuitively lowered his voice.

I, on the other hand, intuitively lowered my eye to the hole, ignoring the obvious repercussions. I nearly vomited. :"OH SHIT, IT'S HER MOM! GROSS!"

A good drinking story in hand, we went back to the living room and continued drinking for about another hour. I stupidly let Jim drive home.

I went to bed drunk and horny and tried to get a hard on thinking about watching my hot neighbor showering. It didn't get me anywhere. Fuck it, I thought. Not worth the jail time.

An hour or so later, I heard a distinctive clicking noise of a light switch.

Still drunk, I walked over to the glaring hole of light. In the distance, I could see my neighbor stagger into the bathroom. She immediately began to undress.

She had on some club clothes.

Black lacy top with a black camisole. White and tight polyester shorts that left little to the imagination, transparent. She lifted off her top and immediately uncapped her black brassiere, revealing her pink nipple B cups. She turned away from me and bent over as she slowly pulled down her shorts. A pair of burgundy see-through and lacy panties on underneath. They soon were gone.

Standing in front of me was a naked drunk college girl.

I couldn't resist. I pulled out my average sized cock and began to stroke it, breathing heavily and drunkenly.

She hopped into the shower and starting to lather herself up, rubbing the soap inside her tight little ass.

I was a man possessed. I stood up and began to feverishly jerk.

I stuck my cock in through the hole as she turned around. Her smooth lightly tan leg rubbed against the head of my cock and sent shivers up my side.

She didn't react. I guess she thought it was the soap dish that our apartments came with.

Still, not wishing to take any chances, I pulled out my cock.

A second later, the light went out. Damnit, I thought, did that drunk tease leave the shower on?

I kneeled down and peered into the hole. In the light's place was the unmistakable off-pink color of a young college girl's mouth. I didn't even think as I stood back up and put my cock slowly back into the neighbor's mouth.

Her mouth was smooth, warm, and wet. She did this thing with her tongue where she flattened her tongue as she went back up the shaft. She went down all the way and licked the balls with the whole shaft down her throat, never gagging. She sped up and put her soft little hands on my shaft, stroking it hard.

Suddenly, she stopped.

I couldn't believe it. Why the teasing?

My answer was given in the effect of a very very tight pussy wrapping itself around my cock in the doggystyle position. She rode my cock with the same feverish attitude she sucked cock, bouncing back and forth on the shaft.

I couldn't handle it.

I banged on the wall twice hard.


I screamed out loud, "I'm cumming. Pull out. Pull out.!!!!"

No stopping. She rode it.

I filled her pussy with many months worth of pent up cum.

She kneeled back down again and licked the soft tip of my satisfied cock.

The next night, I had Jim back over.

After a few Bocks, I couldn't help but tell him what she had done. It didn't matter. He didn't believe me and made it very clear.

Having had drunk so much the night before, we ran out of brews. I went on a beer run as Jim had already had too many to drive.

I came back a few minutes later and heard the neighbor's shower going again. I smiled as I closed the door.

"Hey, Jim, you hear that?"

He called from inside my bedroom. "In...here...Barry..."

I stormed in excitedly and saw Jim with his cock in the hole.

"Fuck me, Barry, this bitch can suck a cock."

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