tagLoving WivesNeighbors Son & My Drunk Wife Maria

Neighbors Son & My Drunk Wife Maria


With the events from the previous weekend still in our minds we decided to just take it easy this weekend and hangout in our yard by the pool, barbequing and chilling over a few drinks. It was to be just me and her trying to come up with a new plan for her to exercise more cock!

Bye the way, if you don't know what I'm talking about maybe you should read our first story 'Football and my Drunk Wife Maria', and maybe take a peek at our bio as well, there's a great picture of Maria there so you'll know what the guys have been enjoying!

Anyway back to us being in our yard chilling. It was a beautiful day, the temperature outside was in the high nineties with no clouds and no humidity. Maria was wearing a string bikini with a tiny top that was straining to contain her big tits and almost revealing her nipples. The bottom was just a g-string. I kept telling her to just go topless to avoid tan lines but she wouldn't because she was afraid that the neighbours wives would start talking about her. Strangely, she didn't seem at all bothered about the husbands getting an eyeful!

After a while, Maria told me she was getting a bit hungry so I walked over to the BBQ to fire it up. As I was doing this I heard my neighbors son saying 'Hello' over the fence. I looked over the fence to say 'Hi' and found him and his friend also having a BBQ and a few cold beers. I told them it was a perfect day for cold ones and a BBQ and they both agreed. They asked me if I wanted to shoot some hoops with them but I declined because it was way to hot for that! I told them if they wanted to use our pool to cool off after playing they were more then welcome. With thanks they said that they might have to take me up on my offer. I looked over towards Maria and she gave me a weird look, which I returned with a big smile and a wink. In the past I have seen the neighbors son peeping through his window or from behind the fence sneaking peeks at Maria when she's tanning in the yard. I think he was stroking when I saw him at his window watching her, but I'm not sure. I put a couple steaks on for us, we ate them in the yard and continued to drink ice cold Coronas (I even had the limes in the bottle!).

As we were eating I asked her if she felt like doing some teasing and playing with them if they came to use the pool.

"Absolutely!" she said with a big grin,"I'm getting wet just thinking about it!"


The neighbors son is called Jack, I would guess he's in his late teens. He has a good build being a jock that plays a lot of sports. Maria thinks that he's very cute. I started to tell her about the times that I saw him peeking at her, but she just laughed and said there's been way more than two times, she said there were at least twenty times when I was at work that she knew he was watching her! She surprised me by telling me about one time that she knew he was watching her while she was tanning her back with her top undone so that he could see the side bulge of her big tits (he thought she was sleeping but she had her sunglasses on and was staring right back at him!). She said that she pretended to wake up by stretching her arms out and turned over without fastening her top and sat on the lounger topless, rubbing lotion all over her tits. She continued slowly and erotically until she heard his mother calling him inside to eat lunch.

She lay there knowing that nobody could see her unless they were upstairs looking out. Eventually, she saw Jack appear at the window. She continued rubbing the lotion on her tits and nipples hoping that he was jerking himself off looking at her. She's pretty sure that he was! After a few minutes she got up still topless and walked into the house to cool off before any other neighbors spotted her. She told me that she got herself off in the shower thinking about him jerking off to her!

'Are they gonna come use our pool Hon?' she asked.

'Well, I've invited them and they seemed keen!'

'Great, do you think I should go put the even smaller bikini on?'

It's of those Brazilian bikinis that are like dental floss, its a light yellow color that becomes transparent when wet.

'Yeah, go put it on!'

She ran in the house and when she came out a few minutes later she looked amazing. She was carrying a bottle of tequila and a couple of shot glasses. Placing them on the table, she said, 'O.K. Hon, lets party!'

We did a shot each and decided to go in the pool because it was getting even hotter out and we needed to cool off. The water was very cold so when she dived in not only did her top fall off her tits, her nipples became rock hard. She let out such a loud scream from the shock of the cold water that Jack and his friend looked over the fence and asked if everything was O.K. The look on there faces was priceless because she didn't notice that her tits were exposed and she was walking up the steps of the pool to get herself a towel. She suddenly noticed them staring at her nugget nipples and quickly wrapped the towel around herself. Once they had recovered, they asked me if they could come and take a dip in the pool, offering to bring their cooler with beers.

I said, 'Sure come hangout for awhile'.

'Hey, thanks man, we'll be around in a few minutes, well just get our swim shorts on!'


I got out of the pool and grabbed another beer before sitting down on the lounger next to Maria.

'That was a great idea, loosing your top like that so they could get an eyeful of your tits.'

She just laughed and said she really didn't know. She removed the towel and adjusted the top of her bikini to cover her tits,( the top barely extends over her nipples so with the slightest move you could see her areolas.) I told her that I would follow her lead in playing with them, whatever she wanted to do I was all for it. She just gave me an impish smile.

After about ten minutes they came walking into the yard carrying their cooler that was stuffed with Coronas. As they sat down with us I asked them if they wanted to do a shot of tequila, to which they readily agreed. Jack introduced us to his friend Billy, and as we chatted I noticed them constantly glancing at Marias bikini top. It dried up so wasn't see through anymore but they kept looking anyway hoping for one of her nipples to slip loose from under the thin material. We chatted for a little while doing a few more shots until all of us were really sweating from the heat and alcohol. Maria then suggested that we play pool volleyball. They seemed really keen on that idea so Maria asked them to set up the net while she went to the bathroom. The remaining three of us went in the pool and started setting up the net waiting for Maria to come out so we could start the match. Finally she came out but chose not to dive into the pool this time, instead she just walked in taking the safe way so her top didn't fly off again which disappointed us all! Maria asked what the teams were going to be so I told Jack to choose whoever he wanted as a partner, the kid wasn't stupid, he chose Maria! We also had the floating raft with slots for our drinks bobbing around near us.

Maria started acting a little tipsy and giggling like a little girl. They served first and when I hit it back Maria dived for the ball and missed, submersing herself in the water, getting her top soaked and knocking the top to the right exposing one of her nipples( which was what I was planning when I hit it far to her left). She acted like she didn't notice it happened and left it like that, I saw Billy readjusting his dick in his shorts, he must have been as hard as a rock by now! They won the first game and Maria gave Jack a high five and a hugged him rubbing her bare nipple on his chest, she was acting really happy because she won the game. He had a real shocked and amazed look on his face when she did that. She just looked down and laughed, sayings 'Oops' when she noticed her nipples was out and fixed her top up again. It didn't really matter though, because her nipples were still clearly visible with the top being wet anyway. We played a few more games then Maria said she wanted to tan while the sun was still out. Both of them just stopped and watched her ass wiggle in her g-string as she climbed the pool steps and sauntered over to the lounge chair. I climbed out and joined Maria, noticing that the bottom of her bikini also was see through and you could clearly see her pussy lips, it was obvious that it was clean shaven! I think they also noticed, when they approached us, both of them moved their chairs to where they would have a clear view until the sun dried the bikini again. I could tell Jack wasn't too comfortable and was shifting in his seat trying not to show that his cock was making a tent in his shorts. Maria had her sunglasses on so they couldn't tell where her eyes were looking but I knew she was staring at the bulge in his shorts.

It was time for her to put on a little show so she grabbed the suntan lotion and started applying it on her legs and moving up her body real slowly. As she did so, their eyes were glued to her. When she moved up to her chest, they looked away so as not make it obvious, but when they noticed I wasn't paying attention to them they stared again and boy did she rub the lotion on slowly when she got to her breasts! She was even sliding her hands under the top of her bikini while lifting it with her free hand, exposing some nipple. When I stole a glance at her I could see that not only were her hard nipples pushing her top out an inch, but I also noticed the moisture building in the bottom of her bikini, she was getting very aroused teasing them!

The more Maria drank the more daring she was getting. When the boys realised that, they kept asking us to do another shot, or if we wanted another beer. We rarely refused, but I think they were getting more drunk than we were even though Maria was acting way more drunk than all of us.(she's good at that) Then she turned over laying on her front and asked me to put lotion on her back. I of course, refused, I knew she would ask one of them to do it if I said no. She did! She asked them if one of them would mind putting lotion on her back and they both said yes immediately! That was pretty funny, I thought they were gonna fight each other for the job! Billy grabbed the bottle first and sat on the edge of her lounge chair. He asked her where she wanted him to put it.

"On my back, Billy, but untie the string firsts because I don't want a tan line."

His hands were shaking a bit when he reached to untie it, when he finally got it undone she said,

"You forgot the string by my neck, silly."

She reached back and undid it lifting herself off the chair enough that both her tits and nipples were both clearly visible.

She put her arms by her side when he started to apply the lotion, and then moved them above her head. As she did so she lightly grazed the front of his shorts hitting his stiff dick on the way.

He had the weirdest look on his face when she did that! When he had finished with her back she told him that he forgot to do her sides, so he quickly put more lotion on his hands and started to work it on her sides and clearly rubbing the swell of her tits as he reached toward her underarms, he kept going from her waist to right below her arms. As he was going back up she reached toward the table to grab her beer, lifting herself off the chair and exposing her full breasts again.

Billy just rubbed his hand across her nipple, then she lay back down catching his hand between her bare breast and the lounge chair.

"Oh, sorry Billy, I crushed your hand!" she giggled.

Jack was watching this happen and looked so jealous that it wasn't him applying the lotion.

As she lay there, her ass looked like she was naked because you could barely see the g-string that was between her ass cheeks.

The moment was spoiled when we heard Jack's mom calling his name. He had to go so he told Billy to come with him and said they would be right back. When they had walked away Maria told me she was feeling really horny. She laughed at how Billy's hands were trembling when he was putting the lotion on her and how she got his hand stuck between her breast and the lounger.

With excitement in her voice she told me she had a plan. She wanted me to act like I was passing out later, and then to just follow her lead.


Billy and Jack came back after about fifeteen minutes. Jack said that his parents just wanted to say bye because they were going to visit his sister and wouldn't be back until tomorrow.

We had a few more drinks until early evening. Maria winked at me so I could tell that she was ready, so I started acting like I was passing out on the chair, closing my eyes as though I was about to fall asleep. The sun was going down and it was getting darker out. Maria said she wanted to get a robe because it was getting chilly. She tied her bikini top back on clearly acting very drunk while she did so, allowing them more l'accidental' looks at her lovely big tits. Maria got up and looked at me. Slurring her words, she called my name and shook me but I didn't respond. She told them that when I drink like that I usually pass out and never get up, telling them that they would have to give her a hand getting me into the house. She said she would be right back and stumbled her way indoors.

Jack and Billy both tried to wake me up but I played dead. They laughed, saying I was out for the count, then, thinking that I was asleep they started talking about Maria as I lay there listening.

"Dude, is she ever hot, and those big tits! Man, if I were married to that I'd be fucking it twenty times a day!" panted Jack.

"Yeah, but I think she likes me, did you noticed how she trapped my hand under her tit? They are so big and firm, I'd just love to get my dick jammed between them when they're all oiled up!"

Then I noticed the light go on in our downstairs guest room, the curtains were completely open on the sliding doors that entered the bedroom from the backyard. I saw Maria stumbling around in the bedroom, they also noticed this and looked back at me again, shaking me to see if I would get up. I still had my sunglasses on so they couldn't see me peeping at them. Jack grabbed Billy's arm and led him over to the bedroom window watching Maria in the room. She stumbled toward the bathroom and they watched her sitting on the toilet taking a leak. When she left the bathroom her bikini was off and she was looking for her robe in the closet.

Billy and Jack were nudging each other excitedly.

"Wow, she is so hot!" said Jack.

"Sure is dude, and fucking naked too, My dick can't take much more of this!"

I watched them rubbing their dicks as Maria grabbed her thin silky robe off the hanger, then stumbled back acting drunk. Knowing they were watching her, she fell back on the floor, laying there completely naked with her eyes closed for a few minutes.

Billy nudged Jack again.

"Look at her,she's as drunk as he is!"

"Yeah but much hotter then him!"

They both laughed, then Jack said,

"Lets go in and help her, at least I will be able to grab a handful of her tits like you did!"

Jack pulled on the sliding door and it opened. I heard Jack asking her if she was O.K.

He gave a furtive look at me over his shoulder and then reached down and began rubbing her tits. He bent over and was about to kiss one of her nipples when she opened her eyes. In a very drunk voice she asked what happened. They told her that they had seen her fall over and came into see if she was O.K.

Maria started to try and stand up, suddenly gasping as though she had only just noticed that she was naked. She made a play of trying to cover herself with her hands as she staggered around. Eventually she pulled her robe on and came out into the yard. Looking down at me she called over to them that I was still out cold and that they should help get me inside. As they walked back into the yard, I noticed that her robe was tied so loosely that it was opening and closing showing off her great body as she moved around. They came over to me and Maria told them to carry me into the room. They pretended to try and get me up, but without much effort they gave up, saying I was way too heavy. They apologized to Maria saying that they were too drunk, well, they were drunk but they could have tried a bit harder! Maria came over next and tried to pull me up, giving me a little smirk knowing that I was looking right at her even though I had my sunglasses on. She tried to pull me up but fell back as though she had slipped. Falling back onto the chair, her robe opened again completely. Her eyes fluttered as though she was about to feint and she asked for help. Jack and Billy both rushed to help her up, catching a little feel of her tits as they did so. When they got her back onto her feet, she made no attempt to close her robe and Jack asked her where she wanted to go.

"Take me to the bedroom," she slurred, "I need to get some sleep, God I'm so drunk!"

Jack was leading her back through the sliding doors when he whispered to Billy to go next door and get his camera from his room.

"Hey, good idea man!" said Billy and he ran off.

Jack got her into the room and I saw him holding her up and kissing her neck while she pretended to zone in and out. Billy came back a few minutes later. He fumbled with the camera for a few seconds before he started shooting pictures. She was standing there with her robe open as Jacks hands wandered freely over her body.

Jack looked down at Maria,

"Hey Maria, what do you want me to do, were in your room now?"

Maria gave a slurred thank you.

"You are such a nice kids, let Maria give you a kiss on the cheek.".

When she went to kiss his cheek he turned to put his mouth over hers, sticking his tongue deep into her mouth. She pushed him off sharply,

"My husband will kill you, you dirty little boy!"

Jack grabbed her and kissed her again, she pushed him off once more, this time falling back onto the bed. In a flash Jack was on top of her and started mauling her tits and squeezing her nipples while trying to kiss her, asking if she liked her nipples pulled.

Meanwhile, Billy was still snapping away at the action with one hand and rubbing his dick with the other. Maria let out a loud moan when he pulled and squeezed her nipples roughly, he was trying to kiss her but she was pushing him off. Jack then slipped a few fingers into her wet pussy and started finger fucking her.

This time she moaned again.

"Oh my God! ...Stop, you can't do this. Oh my God!"

"Shut up! You know you're loving it!" snapped Jack.

"You've been teasing us since we got here, you know you want some nice stiff cock.

Billy moved in with the camera taking close ups of Jack's finger going in and out of her pussy, meanwhile,Jack stopped, got up and starting taking his shorts off. Maria was trying to get up again.

"No boys, you know you shouldn't be doing this."

"Keep her there Billy." Jack instructed.

Billy quickly pushed her onto her back again, and holding her down with one hand he started to help himself to her wobbling tits.

Having discarded his shorts, Jack came back, pushed her legs apart apart and buried his face, kissing and licking wildly at her wet pussy.

Maria was still wriggling, hollering and pretending to fight them off.

"Hey Billy, shut her up, she's screaming too loud man."

Billy tried to kiss her to cover her mouth, but she kept moving it away from his, still yelling for them to get off.

Jack got up and began rubbing his swollen dick around her moist velvety pussy lips. In one quick motion he was in and fucking her with long hard strokes.

"There you go lady, you want me to get off, well, that's just what I'm gonna do, right up inside you, you're gonna love this!"

Jack started to fuck her real good now, bouncing around the bed as he put all his weight behind each thrust.

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