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Neighbor's Wife


My name is Frank Hawkins and I approve this message

I sat on my front deck watching my new neighbors move in. I was not close enough to see every detail but he looked like a runt and she looked hot. She had long brunette hair and a sexy walk. She was wearing a tight T so I could see the outline of her tits. This one I had to get to know.

I had lived alone for about a year ever since my wife Kathy moved out and went back to live with her parents. The stupid cunt walked out on me just because I slapped her around a little bit. I was doing it for her own good. I was just teaching her to show me a little respect. A mans house is his castle and she seemed to have a hard time learning that. In my opinion a wife should be good in bed and good in the kitchen and leave the rest to the husband.

Talking about bed, I admit Kathy was a good fuck and I missed that. I had fucked a few cheap bar pickups but they did not satisfy me the way she did. However I feel if I hold out a little longer, she will come crawling back to me.

One day I came out with a beer in my hand to see my new neighbor struggling with a big box on his front lawn, trying to get it in the house.

"Do you need a hand little man?"

"Why yes, thank you."

"My name is Frank Hawkins and I live next door. Here give me the box and I'll carry it in for you."

I carried the box into the living room while he held the door open for me. My first impression was right. He is a runt, about 5' 5" tall, wears glasses and is going prematurely bald. He spoke in a high pitched voice, "Thank you very much. I was having a difficult time. My name is Bill, although everybody calls me Billie. Would you like a beer?"


"Amanda, would you bring us each a beer please?"

She came in carrying 2 beer. She had been unpacking and she was wearing tight faded shorts and the top 2 buttons on her blouse had come undone. She was not wearing a bra. I could see a lot of tit when she sat the beer before me.

"OH my; you are a cutie," I said. "Come sit beside me and tell me all about yourself." Amanda was blushing and hesitant but she did it.

"So, are you married Mr. Hawkins?" she asked.

"Not any more. My wife left me about a year ago. I don't miss her but I miss her home cooking,"

"Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow?" Billie asked. "Amanda is a great cook and we would be happy to have you join us, wouldn't we Amanda?"

"Sure," she said without much enthusiasm.

I went home feeling good, looking forward to tomorrow. When she was sitting beside me, every time she leaned forward to take a sip of her tea, I could see her tits. When she saw were I was looking, she buttoned her blouse giving me a dirty look.

I was sitting close beside her with my leg touching hers. The first time I put my hand on her thigh she said quit it and pushed my hand away. The 2nd time I did it she said stop it, but she was saying it in a low voice. The 3rd time when she tried to push my hand away saying don't do that, I squeezed her leg with my hand and she couldn't do it. Once she removed her hand I started rubbing my hand up and down her leg gradually getting closer to her pussy and was almost there when Amanda got up saying, "I have to start dinner," and walked into the kitchen.

The next evening over dinner we got to know each other better. Billie was some kind of computer geek that worked for Hi-Tech Computers. Amanda worked part time as a sales girl in a department store. I told them I worked in construction now but I used to be a biker.

Billie seemed quite interested the in stories I told them about my biker days. At one point I said to Amanda, "We used to capture pretty little innocents like you and make them suck and fuck us. After we tired of them we would turn them out on the streets to make money for us."

"You are disgusting," Amanda said.

"You say that but I can see your nipples poking through your blouse. You are turned on and you did not wear a bra because you knew I was coming for dinner. Now I want you to give me a kiss or I am going to slap around your husband."

"If I give you a kiss will you go home and not bother us anymore?"

"Maybe, let's see how well you kiss,"

I grabbed Billie's wife and kissed her hard forcing my tongue into her mouth, and then pushed her down on her knees in front of me. "You kiss good; let's see how well you suck."

Billie said, "Stop doing that to her. I think it's time you went home."

I punched him saying," Don't annoy me boy. I'll go home after your wife has sucked me off; now get with it bitch."

Billie could see her, with a frighten look on her face, do as I asked and started sucking me off. She was not putting in enough effort so I said, "If you don't want your husband beat up you had better try your best to get me off in your mouth."

Billie could tell by the look on my face that she was now doing a good job. She had never sucked him like that. I was holding her head and face fucking her and she seemed to be able to take my cock down her throat with little difficulty. She has done this before I thought.

A few minutes later Billie could tell by her throat action that she was swallowing my cum. "That's a good little bitch. You are a natural cocksucker. I love the way you swirl your tongue around my cock. I can tell you have had lots of practice."

Amanda got up saying, "Now will you go home and leave us alone?"

I said, "You did such a good suck job I want to see how well you fuck." Then I said to Billie, "I want to fuck your wife. Co-operate with me and everything will be OK. If you give me any trouble, like calling the police, I'll have some of my biker friends take a baseball bat and break your arms and legs. I'll have an iron clad alibi so no one can pin anything on me.

"Amanda, I want you to show up at my place tomorrow wearing a mini dress and nothing else, to cook my dinner. Billie you had better encourage her to do it or you are going to be in a world of pain. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," he replied in a low voice.

"Say it loud and clear and call me Mr. Hawkins." He mumbled something close enough so I let him away with it while I went home. Things were starting to work out well. It seamed once Amanda realized she had no choice she could perform very well, and it would appear I can dominate Billie with the threat of physical violence.

The next afternoon she showed up dressed the way I wanted. "You are a very beautiful girl Amanda. She blushed at my complement. I want to make love to you, not just fuck you."

"You told me I only had to make your dinner. I am not having sex with you,"

"You bitch," I said as I slapped her. I forced her down on the floor and I had easy access to her cunt because she had no underwear on. I was horny so I slammed into her."

"Stop it, you are hurting me."

I continued fucking her hard and I could feel her pussy moisten and later her hips were bucking against me, involuntary I'm sure. "Now get up and make my dinner, I didn't bring you over here just to have sex."

She asked me what I would like for dinner; hey, this bitch is learning. After dinner she asked if she could go home now. "Have you ever been ass fucked?" I asked.

"No and I am not starting now."

I slapped her again. "You must be a slow learner, you don't say no to me. Now don't worry, I am going to lube you up good with my gel stick. I took it easy this time with her. She was tight even though I had lubricated her well, At first she was saying take it out, but later just settled down and let me do it. She did not have an orgasm like when I fucked her, but I think she was getting a little thrill by the time I blew my load in her ass.

"That was really good, I enjoyed fucking you, so I want you over here every day this week to make my dinner."

The next two nights I fucked her after dinner both nights. She pretended to be reluctant but she could not hide her orgasms. I enjoyed her dinners but I liked fucking her better. The following evening I invited my 2 friends, Tony and Al for dinner. I wanted to show off Amanda and the control I had over her. She cooked a good dinner and she did a lot of blushing as we all told her how sexy she was.

After dinner we watched a porno DVD that Al brought. Amanda acted as hostess bringing us beer and snacks. The porno was making us guys horny. "Amanda I want you to show my friends what a good wife you would be, by coming over here and sucking me off."

"Don't make me do that Frank; I'll do that for you when your friends leave."

"Are you trying to embarrass me in front of my friends, especially after all the nice things we said about you?"

"No Frank, I just don't want to do it with your friends watching."

"Are you trying to make me mad? Get over here and start sucking before I lose my temper."

Amanda could see I was getting mad so she came over to the sofa, dropped to her knees and sucked me off, "Now show my friends you are sorry for your bad behavior and go suck them off also."

Amanda complained a lot and even threatened me that she was going to tell the police, but when I fucked her she always had a great orgasm. In the throws of passion she would say things like, do that again, or, cum in me now. She had plenty of opportunity to go to the police, but she wanted to play the reluctance game. It was like her orgasms were greater if she was forced to do it.

The following weekend I was having 3 of my buddies over for a poker game. I had Amanda arrive early to make some snacks for us. I told her to wear that same mini dress she wore before because she looked soo hot and I wanted to show her off. During the poker game she was the perfect hostess, bringing a beer as soon as one of us drained their last one. When the game was over she served us snacks.

Amanda was a great hit with my buddies, one saying, "Where have you been hiding this one Frank, she is gorgeous." She blushed but I could see she was pleased. Another said, "I am a confirmed bachelor but I would give that up in a second if I could get her for my wife." Amanda actually giggled at that.

The 3rd guy Don, said, "With a body like that you should be a whore, so how about a fuck?"

The nerve of that asshole; I said, "Nobody talks to her like that. Get up and get out of my house now. You have one minute to get your ass out of here or I am going to throw you out." I don't think she was used to having someone stand up for her, was that a slight look of admiration she gave me?

Later I said, "Amanda I want you to dance for us. I want them to see how beautiful you are. I want you to slowly take off all your clothes and when you are naked you are going to give each of us a lap dance." I expected I would have to beat her to make her do it, but as soon as I stated the music she started her strip tease. I know when she did the lap dance; the guys were feeling her up a bit, because I didn't say anything about no touching. She did not protest as much as I expected.

When she did Tony's lap dance he said, "You are soo sexy, you should wear an R for a restricted rating."

While she did Al's lap dance he said, "You are fantastic, I want you to be my wife. Please, please marry me."

I said, "I'll get my lap dance later after you guys leave. I knew she hated to do me when my friends were watching and I saw her slight smile of appreciation. After they left I took her to my bedroom. Watching her do those lap dances had me turned on. "Let's go to bed Amanda; you have me so horny I ache for you." She gave a little laugh.

This time I wanted to get her excited before we fucked. She was always more agreeable and less prone to giving me a hard time if she had a good orgasm first. I kissed her a lot, then kissed and sucked on her tits and it was getting to her. At one point she held my head tight to her breasts. When she started to squirm I knew she was ready and I entered her hard and fast. She tries to hide it but she had an orgasm quickly. She was building toward her second orgasm, when the stimulation was too much for me and I blew my load.

This time she stayed overnight. The next morning I handed her a piece of paper. "Give this to Billie." The paper said he could not fuck her unless he had a paper like this one.

I did not see her Sunday, but Monday she was over just to cook my dinner. She told me that Billie was flying out to LA for a job interview which he fully expected to get. If he got the job they would be moving out there soon. That was distressing, this one was to hot to lose.

"Amanda, why not live with me while he is gone? It will give us a chance to know each other better and I won't have any of my buddies around. He really doesn't deserve you, you know. You are such a good fuck," I could see her starting to get angry, "I am just teasing you; you are such good company I miss you when you are not around."

After some hesitation she agreed. Now I went all out to get her to fall in love with me. The first night I took her out to an expensive restaurant, then to a disco for dancing, and last to a quiet bar for a few drinks. That night I didn't fuck her, I made love to her.

The following morning we slept in, then got up, had breakfast, and spent the afternoon at the casino and racetrack. Amanda bet on every race and lost them all but she was having fun. That night we kissed and hugged but no sex. I slept holding her.

The following day was the day Billie returned. He showed up just before noon and was angry to find Amanda there just wearing a bathrobe. "What are you doing over here?

"I have been staying with Frank for the past 3 days. He said I can spend time with you during the day but I sleep with him every night, and he says you can't fuck me anymore. The only sex you can have with me is oral."

Billie said, "Stop this nonsense. You are coming home with me."

"I don't think so," I said. "Amanda is fed up with a wimp like you. She wants a real man, not a wimp like you."

Billie took her hand and tried to take her home. I had to put an end to this now so I punched him in the stomach. He fell to the floor and threw up.

I yelled, "Look at the mess you made on my floor; clean it up." When he just sat there, I hit him and he threw up again."

"You are disgusting," Amanda said as she walked away. "Frank is right, you are not a man, you are a mouse. Leave me alone from now on."

Billie left with a broken heart and a throbbing headache. I took Amanda in my arms and gave her a long slow kiss.


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