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Neighbour Rescues Lonely Wife


I had been lucky in life, a good education and standard of living fortunately enabled me by the age of 29 to have graduated from veterinary school and was working privately, specializing in Equine (race horses). Race-horsing, given the substantial interest from punters and book-makers, leaves owners determined to get the best treatment for an animal that is worth and could earn in prize money, thousands of pounds. As a vet, specializing in such an area is massively rewarding career path to go down, as it allows you flexible hours, and pretty much name the price you expect to be paid. As well as this, I was lucky enough to get on the property ladder very early on in my life, and at this stage owned a four bedroom semi-detached house. I had modified the property to fit all my possible desires, with a home gym installed as well as a games room for a pool table and jacuzzi. The only downside to the property was the neighbours to the attached side.

Ian and Lisa Wright had two teenage girls (aged 15 and 13), were in average jobs and basically lived fairly dull lives. The highlights of which were having friends round at the weekend, playing loud music into the early hours of the morning. Not wishing to become a grouch, I often tried to ignore the noise, although on several occasions in the 2 years they have lived next door I have had to call round and ask them to turn it down.

Not only this but the walls linking the two properties were not so thick, so late at night I would often hear their brief attempts at love making. I say brief, as by the sounds of it Ian would only last a few minutes and would be done. I only knew this much detail as it being summer and during a heat wave, both houses often had the windows open, and this topic amongst other would be argued about late into the evenings.

Both Ian and Lisa must have been mid-to-late thirties. However, this is where their similarities stopped. Ian had clearly let himself go, being in a 9-5 office job, I never saw him go out for exercises, and the ever growing belly supported my claim. Lisa on the other hand, although appearing to have a vastly diminished level of self-confidence (due to Ian) had a potentially wonderful appearance. She was 36, stood 5'5" with long brown hair down to her mid-back and a pretty pale face with big round lips. Underneath her modest style of dress was a fantastic set of 36DD boobs, always crammed in to whatever top she wore in the attempt to conceal them. Having had two girls, her hips were gloriously curved setting the framework for an eye-catching round arse.

I think it was partly this massive mismatch between Ian and Lisa that annoyed me so much.

Walking my dog back up our quiet road, I noticed what appeared like a bailiff and Lisa having a rather heated discussion at her door. The Wrights had clearly not been making their payments, which I found odd considering they both appeared to have had stable jobs, but I couldn't help feel bad for her. It didn't help my conscience that Lisa's desperate-looking eyes met mine as I jogged up to them, gave her a quick wink and pecked her on the cheek.

"What seems to be the problem mate?" I asked the bailiff.

"I'm afraid this is confidential between us and Ms. Wright" he replied rudely.

"Well I'm Mr. Wright so if you would like to resolve this matter I suggest you tell me the problem." I lied confidently, putting my arm around Lisa to act more convincingly like her husband.

"Oh right, well I'm sorry about this Mr. Wright, but the mortgage on your property has not been paid for 3 months so I've documents here to claim £1045." The bailiff explained.

"Oh yes, we've tried contacting you, a few problems aside we've now got the money" I lied again. I explained that I had some cash ready to pay and that if he waited in his van, we would go and fetch it. He did this, and I managed to sneak into my house, retrieve the money I had in my safe and be out again without the stupid guy realising what had happened. Having given me a receipt he was on his way and I invited a much drained looking Lisa in for a drink.

"I think you may prefer something a bit stiffer whilst the coffee brews." I suggested with a smile as I poured her some whiskey. She attempted a weak smile and downed the drink before I had even sat down. Lisa was clearly hot and bothered, and this was evident by the thin shine of sweat that was causing her white dress to stick to her chest. She looked fantastic without even trying and I took this as a reflection of how emotionally drained she must have been and so poured her another class of whiskey to try and ease her worries further. The second whiskey she drank slower, and did seem to relax somewhat.

I only now

She had still not said a word and when I sat down next to her and put her coffee in front of her she finally spoke.

"Thank you so much Matt. I really don't know what to say. I'm so grateful and yet so embarrassed." She exclaimed.

"What's going on? I had no idea you were having these problems" I said surprised.

"Ian was made redundant 4 months ago, he spends most of his time at the job centre looking for jobs or at the bookies wasting the little money we have left. We've missed the last three months rent as you now know; and my income can't sustain all our outgoings" Lisa exclaimed.

"What is it you do if you don't mind me asking?" I asked to which she explained that she was a part time secretary and had lately resorted to cleaning a few houses for some extra money. No wonder she looked so drained and unappreciated, I found myself speaking quite bluntly without remorse.

"Let me just get this straight, that prat has been unemployed for 4 months down at the bookies whilst you have looked after the house, your two girls and worked two jobs?!" I exclaimed.

"I've not really thought about it like much" she said miserably, although this just demonstrated how much of a dick Ian was.

"Look Lisa, I don't want to over-step the mark here but he sounds like a dick who doesn't treat you how you deserve and it's only a matter of time before you realise it!" I said boldly. I continued- "You deserve better, I tell you what, how about you give me a hand once a week tidying my house, as well as taking my calls and filing my veterinary notes the rest of the time, you could be my personal assistant, I'd treat you better then your current jobs do, and I'll certainly pay better." She looked stunned and didn't say anything.

"O.K, think about the offer, talk it over with that arsehole if you want, why don't you go have a shower get freshened up and come back tonight and let me know your answer?" I suggested. I thought I'd gone to far when her face dropped again.

"Our water has been cut off this week so we can't even take hot showers" she exclaimed.

I couldn't stand this any more, I took her by the arm and guided her, as she followed submissively to the bathroom.

"Here is a towel, the power-shower is awesome, and I shall turn the jacuzzi on so it will be hot when you're out the shower. I'm not listening to any 'Buts' take your time and relax. I'll be downstairs in the gym when you are done." I ordered, and walked out the bathroom.

Lisa must have accepted she had no chance of arguing, and it wasn't long before I heard to power shower turn on. I headed down to my gym-room for a work out. It was only now that I stopped and mulled over the afternoons events. I had lent my neighbours over a grand to stop the bailiffs repossessing their belongings, had offered Lisa a job as my personal assistant, and left her to shower and soak in my Jacuzzi. As my cock twitched it began to dawn on me just how much power I had, over the very sexy lady who at this point was probably naked upstairs. I walked back upstairs to the bathroom, where Lisa must have now been in the Jacuzzi as the shower had gone off. I stripped on the way up, and entered the bathroom with a raging hard-on. Like other things in life, I was also lucky when it comes to man-hood. I boasted a rock hard 8" cock, but more importantly I knew how to use it.

I stood in the doorway naked looking at Lisa. She stared at my pole in fascination, and then looked up into my eyes. I walked over to the side of the Jacuzzi, without saying a word, Lisa just tracked me and as I approached reaching out her hand she slowly began to stroke the length of my cock. My cock that had somehow grown fuller and harder than I'd ever remembered, marvelled in glory as she tentatively caressed it. Then looking up at me, she slowly licked the tip of my head, followed by the head and down the entire shaft before sucking my balls. After about five minutes, seeing such an incredibly sexy woman naked in my Jacuzzi sucking my balls as she begun to now pump my dick was too much. As she sensed my balls tighten up she precisely sucked the head of my cock as I exploded my cum into her mouth and down her throat. She continued to suck for several minutes after I had cum, keeping me rock hard this entire time.

Still neither of us had said a word, as she sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi and spread her legs as I got in. She must have expected me to just fuck her straight away, as this lack of attention was probably what she was used to. I took my time; I took an erect nipple into my mouth as I caressed her huge breasts. Lisa arched her back as I affectionately kissed, sucked and nibbled between each nipple.

Slowly kissing down her stomach, I reached her hairy bush surrounding her pussy. The lack of trimming around her thin slit suggested that Ian probably never went down on Lisa or showed her any great attention in the area, and I was determined to show her what she had been missing.

Gently kissing around her lips I inserted my middle finger up her pussy.

"Mmm..." she let out a long moan as I began to tease her clitoris with my tongue as I further inserted my index finger. She felt a little tight with just two fingers, I couldn't wait to see how she felt around my rock hard cock.

"God that feels so good Matt" she softly moaned as she stroked through my hair with her hands and wrapped me in her legs. I began to increase the pace of my licks and fingering as she rocked her pelvis back and forth. In no time at all Lisa arched her back and desperately pulled my head into her as a massive orgasm rock through her body.

"Mmm oh God!" Lisa moaned. She was just about ready for the good long-awaited fucking that her stunning body deserved.

I kissed back up to her round boobs that were panting rigorously. I began nibbling her ear lobe as I positioned my throbbing cock by her slit, I whispered in her ear "We've only just begun you sexy little minx" as I slowly entered her pussy, inch by inch.

"God you're so big, Mmm I feel so good" she whispered. I firmly continue to enter her slowly until she was jammed full of hard cock. She bit my shoulder as I paused and allowed her to accustom to my size. When she released the pressure and began stroking my hair again I slowly pulled out all the way to the head of my cock, and entered her smoothly again. Slowly-slowly the pace of my strokes increased as did the volume of her moans. "Oh God that feels so good, don't stop, fuck fuck fuck!" she began to shout as the splashes from the Jacuzzi mixed with the sweat of two new lovers pounding each other furiously. I again pinched at her right nipple as I nibbled her left ear-lobe whilst my hard cock penetrated her deepest and never-reached points. This sent her over the edge as she again arched her back allowing another orgasm to pulse through her body. I pulled out of her and swiftly spun her round to face the bathroom mirror, whilst leaning over the edge of the Jacuzzi to enter her doggy style from behind. Looking deep into her eyes through the mirror reflection I began a rhythm of persistently pounding her, holding firmly onto her curvaceous hips to gain greater power as our thighs clashed together. Lisa arched her back and in a now half standing position turned her head to passionately kiss me as I reached round to cup her tits as my cock continue to plough into her pussy. We were insatiable and nearing the end of an hour long obsession to milk each-other of our love-juices. Sensing this I pushed down on her back, my left hand grasping a handful of her hair and my right hand on her hips, caressing her arsehole with my thumb.

"Oh FUCK! Fuck me fuck me! Fuck... yes... mmmm" Lisa screamed as I ruthless pounded her for all I was worth.

"Arhh I'm going to cum!" I exclaimed between short breaths. "Cum deep in me now Matt I'm cumming mmm" she screamed as my thumb entered her anus sending us both over the top. With one final deep thrust I embedded load after load of hot jizz deep in her craving womb as she flooded my cock with her moist cum.

I collapsed on top of Lisa, both of us shattered and utterly drained. It was at least 5 minutes before I got off her and sat in the Jacuzzi lifting her onto my lap as I gently kissed her all over her face. I held her in my arms for the next 20 minutes, neither uttering a word, both just in a heavenly embrace between two new lovers.

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