tagMind ControlNeighbourhood Psychologist Ch. 01

Neighbourhood Psychologist Ch. 01


Chapter 01. The Party

The room was already quite full of people milling around, talking, getting drinks or snacks when Rob and Addie arrived. They were met at the door by their hosts Jack and Rebecca. Jack gave Addie a peck on the cheek and Rebecca smooched Rob enthusiastically. Jack and Rebecca's neighbourhood parties were renowned for being a good time. Jack, a psychologist, was a noted "bon vivant".

Looking around, Rob saw some of their neighbours, Sandra, Lucie and Susanne talking in a group with Bruce. Bruce's wife Lonie was in a corner involved in an emotional discussion with Jim a new neighbour in the area. Lonie was virtually nose to nose with Jim while Jim clutched her upper arm, his face only inches from hers. Jim's mouth moved to Lonie's ear as he appeared to whisper something to her. Her eyes went a little glassy and her body relaxed as her mouth pursed coyly and she licked her lips. Jim released her arm and trailed his fingertips across the contours of her taut breasts as she inclined against him suggestively. The sexual magnetism that sparked between them was palpable.

Rob couldn't believe that his two neighbours would be so blatant in their necking, especially with Bruce being in the same room. As Rob watched entranced, Jim's hand re-appeared from behind Lonie and she reached back and pulled her skirt down and smoothed it over her ass. As she turned, Rob saw that her dress was unzipped to the small of her back and a bra strap dangled out. They moved apart reluctantly, Lonie apparently quite unaware of her wanton state of undress, and poured themselves glasses of the blue punch that Jack was famous for and slipped out of the room together.

Rob's observations were cut short when Jack spoke.

"Great to see you both." Said Jack.

"Here's a punch to get you humped ... oops ... jumped ... well whatever the saying is anyway. I'm not an expert on these old sayings and I've had too much to drink already to remember them." He chuckled, as he hugged Addie rather tightly and brushed his hand raffishly over her rump.

Sandra came over and gave them both a hug.

"Rob, " she said excitedly, "the girls and I want you to come over and talk to us. We have a question that only a man like you can answer. Addie will be fine with Jack. He loves a new audience for his cock-and-bull stories and he'll soon have charmed out of her panties."

Rob looked a little thrown by her turn of phrase.

"Oh, don't look so shocked silly, it's JUST a saying." She laughed as she dragged Rob away leaving Addie alone with Rob.

Jack stared into Addie's startling blue eyes.

"You look great today Addie. How's the punch?"

"It's very good. I've never had blue punch before. It has kind of a sweet flavour with just a hint of a tangy aftertaste. What's in it?

Rob continued to stare into her eyes and took her hand.

"Oh, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and lots of alcohol to hold it all together. The blue is really just colouring. Take a sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. That way you will absorb it's essence."

Addie took a sip and felt it burn a little in her throat as she finally swallowed. A warm afterglow spread across her chest. Some of the liquid dribbled down her chin and Jack quite shamelessly leaned over and licked it off. Addie reddened modestly while Jack noted the involuntary stiffening of her nipples that visibly pushed out against the taut bodice of her dress.

"Do you notice how it warms you up right here?" He said placing his fingers brazenly against her breast bone between the plunging decolletage of her dress.

His eyes held her transfixed as she gazed at him, skewered by his look.

"Y...yes." She said as she sought to draw away from his embrace, but found it upsetting to break eye contact.

Jack held her hand and drew her back toward him and spoke slowly in an increasingly authoritative tone of voice.

"Now, take another sip Addie and then tell me how you feel."

She heedlessly took a gulp.

"It feels warm HERE." Addie said as her free hand fluttered toward her neck.

"Here?" Jack said, as he gripped her hand and guided it across the top of her breasts.

"Yes." She whispered breathlessly as his eyes bored into hers. She felt as though he was looking right inside her mind and could read there, all her secret desires and fantasies. The thought that he might know what she and Rob had been doing just before coming over made her blush. She even wondered if he could smell her recent arousal.

"Look at my eyes Addie. LOOK. That's right, look very carefully. Very good. If you look closely you can see my pupils. Can you see them?"

Her eyes were now totally fixed on his. She wasn't sure why but she was totally fascinated by his pupils.

"Yes." She answered blankly.

"What colour are my eyes?"

Her eyes narrowed.


"Are you sure? Are you sure they're not green, look closely, look very closely?"

She stared at his eyes and said.

"Yes, you're right they ARE green ... funny I thought they were brown. But now I see they are green."

"Keep looking at my beautiful blue eyes Addie and remember this. When you submit yourself to my guidance and trust what I tell you, you will find yourself becoming increasingly spontaneous, more relaxed, uninhibited, desirable and most of all, relished. F...e...e...l how, each time you receive my instructions, deep inside your mind you feel a warm glow that extends from your tummy to your breasts, from your tits to your legs and arms and eventually to your hands and feet. Feel how the focus of this glow slowly slides down your belly until it pulsates between your thighs, the focal point of true sensuality. Can you feel it?"

"Yes." She answered and realized that his use of the word tits had provoked a sympathetic response in her nipples and worse, her pussy.

Addie's free hand pressed firmly just above her pudendum and her body quivered involuntarily.

"Remember," he coached, "remember when I came over and we talked in your house and you took me upstairs because your bedroom is a special place where friendship and trust is employed. Just like when we met for lunch every day last week and you found that you loved it when I complimented you on your sexy clothes and when you finally admitted that you liked how I squeezed your bum when we hugged when we met and later when we parted. How you told me on Thursday that you were not earing a bra and you had done that because you liked it when I told you that you have beautiful bouncy tits. And in your bedroom yesterday, at last, unveiling them to me as a last token of your trust. How eager you were to sit on my lap as I caressed them. Caressed them as you begged me to play with your tits and finger your nipples until they were stiff and hard. I loved their sweet taste when you smeared them with your wine and offered them to me."

"Right now I can imagine that you are appreciating how your pussy throbs for love. The love you experience when it is penetrated repeatedly, being stretched wide to accept a man's welcome invader. The love you feel when you are physically and sexually excited and you realise that you are beginning to dribble your excitement. Feel how this passion caresses your clitoris, making you hot, making you happy and loving, unconstrained by ungenerous convention and ready to be spontaneously loved for your beauty, intelligence and sexual enticements. When you say 'yes' to my directions, you convey your need to be held and enjoyed by this spontaneous lover. You will experience an uncontrollable urgency to feel your body pulled against this lover, so you can feel your tits pressing into him (just as you have done every day for the last week), knowing how he loves the feel of them yielding against him and knowing he wants to care for you, guide you and charm you."

As he said this he pulled her close, smelling her perfume as her tits flattened against his chest and he pulled her head onto his shoulder.

"Say 'yes' Addie and feel the passionionate warmth of his chest against your sensitive tits. Feel it. F..e...e...l, enjoy and be enjoyed. Imagine the excitement of impulsively surrendering to a lover's arms. Say yes, Addie."

"Yes." She spoke softly.

"And how do you feel?" He said running a finger down her neck from her chin to the cleft of her breasts."

"Happy, I feel happy."

"Again, yes..s..s..s."

"Yes." She said more boldly.

"Yes, just as you felt when you finally unfastened the buttons on your blouse, unsnapped your bra, gave it to me and asked me to smell your perfume, you are beginning to accept that what you are feeling is more than happiness but the exhilarating anticipation of acquiescing completely to your seducer and this adds to your happiness doesn't it? It's the feeling you have when you are lying in bed completely naked, the bedclothes caressing you and feeling just a little bit naughty, you touch yourself with your fingers to increase your arousal, to turn you on, to excite and stimulate you. Say 'yes' again Addie. Feel the thrill of being naked and sexy."

"Yes." She whispered as her body again, quivered involuntarily.

"Now imagine that secret thrill of revealing your naked body while the stranger, the one you have imagined loving you but were reticent to gamble on, the beholder who looks at you, gorges his eyes with your sexy body for the very first time, feels your glorious tits as you allow him to reach under your skirt and play with your pussy, his fingers just a flimsy strip of fabric away from penetration. You know him. You've seen him at a party perhaps. You have seen and are a little afraid of his ardor but you want to tease him. At first you only allowed him to see glimpses of your back and sexy ass. But take a moment and imagine just where he was looking and what he really wants to see and how you couldn't resist parting your legs just a little, oh yes I saw you, so he can see the shadow of your moistening secret."

"Yes." She said in a sultry voice as a flush rose to her face.

"And now you want let him see more. You turn so that he can see your swollen wetness and your beautiful tits that sway so seductively when you go braless, your nipples so hard that they lust for his touch."


"From now on, when you say yes, you will feel that thrill of anticipated pleasure. The kind you get when you see an attractive man or the glimpse of a naked man and you are the voyeur and he is unaware you are watching him. You have previously shied away from exploring the possibilities. But now you will no longer be held back. Spontaneity is the keyword. When he flirts with you, when you realize he is seducing you, you want to be more receptive to allowing him a glimpse of and perhaps, as you become more flirtatious, to exploring your secrets. As his enticements enlarge, you will become more desperate for his, at first quick touches, followed by exploration of your tits and ultimately your slippery slit. Perhaps if he is successful he will be allowed to flood your womb with his semen and make you cum for him. At times like this you will feel happy that you accepted this gift of infinite possibilities into your pussy which you prefer over capturing them and flushing them away."

Discreetly he led her away from the door, careful to maintain her state of hypnotic detachment until he had steered her into a peaceful area of the room.

"Don't look away from my eyes now but keep focusing on my pupils just like I taught you to do. Now, imagine you are on a warm beach somewhere. Can you sense that? The smell of the vegetation mixed with an even more exciting musky smell that arises from a pussy after passionate sex with a lover. But wait, it is your musky odour, your pussy that dribbles you lover's juices. A gentle breeze relaxes you so teasingly. The night air is cool against your damp bikini. Can you feel that?"

"Uhhhhm." She whispered, a smile playing acros her lips.

"Can you smell your sexually satisfied pussy perfume? The perfume of stolen passion with your lover."


"F...e...e...l..." He whispered back.

Jack stroked his hands over her breasts stimulating her nipples to grow even more under her dress.

"You love how it feels - it's like being caressed by a lover, like feeling his tongue on your earlobe." He stated, as he leaned forward and caught the lobe of her ear between his lips and lightly tongued it.

Her innocent eyes glazed over and a faint smile on her lips. He observed her nipples swelling, stretching the tight bodice of her dress in triumphant response to his visualization.

"I'm glad you did what I told you and left your bra at home. And now the wind plays over your senses like a lover's expert fingers on and inside your pussy."

She seemed caught like a deer in headlights. He pressed her back against the wall positioning a knee between her thighs and pushing them apart as he furtively raised the front of her short dress and stroked his fingers over her panties. His eyes never leaving hers, keeping them trapped in his gaze.

"The feeling is naughty but oh so erotic and longed-for, the most delightful, the most arousing, the most seductive feeling you have ever experienced. Do you like this feeling?"

"I want... want... oh my love."

Jack recognized the changing state of Addie's pussy. A noticeable groove formed as her labia became engorged with blood, swelling and separating. His fingers could now grip and tease the elongated lips through the thin fabric of her panties. He stroked his other hand over the tumescent nubs of her hard nipples. She wriggled deliciously under his influence and before long he could smell the pungent musk of her pussy juices as she began to secrete tangible proof of her sexual arousal.

"I know that you like what I am doing right now Addie and I'm not the first person whose fingers have played with your pussy am I?"

Addie blushed as she murmured.


"So tell me Addie, how many people have you allowed to diddle with your wet pussy."

"A... a... few." She stuttered

"A few would that be more than two, more than five or more than ten."

"Please don't make me tell."

"I want to know Addie. You want to unburden your conscience. Was it a lot more than ten?"

"Yes. But, please, please don't tell." She whispered anxiously.

Jack realized that the answer must have a story behind it. He couldn't believe that Addie was a slut. He would have to investigate this further.

"In a moment when I say 'cum for me', you will have the most intense, the most wonderful, the most beautiful orgasm you have ever experienced. An orgasm like you always strive for but never quite achieve. You can feel it growing and growing, becoming more and more exquisite, spreading out from your breasts to your pussy and into your legs until it affects your whole body."

Addie's legs began to vibrate rapidly and Jack recognized he had achieved his mastery over her.

"Now Addie 'cum hard for me'."

Jack gripped her pubic mound hard, pushing his middle finger mercilessly against the seam of her pussy as he felt her shake sensually, her labia constricting convulsively as her vulva alternately pushed and retreated from his touch and her legs quivered uncontrollably. Her labia seized and released the tip of the finger where he had pushed the soft fabric of her panties between the soft lips just as it had the previous day when she had sat on his lap her naked tits jiggling as he worked his fingers over her thin panties.

"Cum harder Addie. Feel your excitement take over ... harder ... harder ... harder."

An uncontrollable gush of lubrication soaked her panties as her hips humped mindlessly against his hand and finger. For almost 30 seconds she was in a state of blissful passion, a sexual flush spreading across her bosom. When she had recovered slightly, Jack said.

"You will remember this always, Addie. It is the standard by which you can measure all your orgasms. Even the orgasm I gave you yesterday when you begged me to pull your panties down and fuck you, was only a pre-cursor to this one. But you now know in your heart that only a clandestine lover mated with your fear of being caught can inspire this intensity of orgasm and now that you have experienced it once you will need to relive it again and again. You will plan how to be alone with your lovers so that you can tempt them into giving you this pleasure again. No riskwill be too great to once again achieve this level of excitement. Even now, standing here in plain sight of other guests you want to repeat this experience. Don't you?"

She thrust her hips against him and said.

"Fee....eel me."

Jack squeezed her pussy tenderly and kissed her, which prompted quivers in the legs as she pressed her pussy against his hand and whispered.


"Yes you said that yesterday. Later this evening Addie I will explore you more fully. If you need to go pee this evening you will excuse yourself from wherever you are or whatever you are doing, tell whoever you are with that you are going for a pee and go to the bathroom downstairs. You will not close the door or lock it. You will leave the door open so a person outside can see you, you will take off your panties and sit on the toilet and piddle. If someone comes in you will stand up and make sure they see your pretty pussy before you let your dress drop down. You will not put your panties back on. If the person wants to play with your pussy you will not protest, because that is what a pussy is for. The person, if he is male might want you to suck their cock or, if it is a woman, kiss or lick her slit and tickle her clitoris and you will do it happily. But you will not let a man fuck you, for now, that is just for your lover. Perhaps at some later date you will want to be fucked by other lovers but at present your secret lover wants this wet pussy all for himself. You know who your new lover is don't you?"

Addie glanced up at him and nodded.

"Kiss your lover Addie and make sure you press your tits against him and get your nipples hard Like you have done for him before."

Addie put her arms around Jack and pulled him close as she locked her lips to his while sliding her tits back and forth against his chest. Jack broke the kiss shortly and said.

"That was very good Addie. Now at times tonight we are sure to be alone and when this occurs you will feel irresistibly horny, just as you do now. You will use all your feminine wiles such as; seductively lifting your dress up; or taking my hand and pressing it against your pussy either through or under your skirt while kissing me or pressing your tits against me. You might even want to expose a tit or your panties. Of course there will be a time when you are no longer wearing panties. Anytime we are alone together you will do and want to do whatever I ask, but your most immediate need will be to entice me into fucking you so that you can experience the wonderful orgasm that I just gave you. You will be most turned on and eager where there is a chance you might be caught at these times you will desperately want me to fuck you. You will transmit your intentions with all your cues. Flashing your panties or bra, intimate secret touches or kisses or anything that will turn me on. Your eagerness for my cock inside you will overcome all other thoughts or fears. Remember when I was playing with your tits and pussy yesterday and you gave me total authority as to where, how and what type of sex you will have and, if I allow, with whom, you will have sex. Except for Rob, because he is your husband. Sex, when it is risky in terms of discovery and and when you are at your most fertile will, like gambling, magnify your excitement and obsession. You are a very beautiful woman so you will attract attention from other people including women and they too will sometimes suggest doing sexual things. You will find these erotic invitations or intimate contacts to be unresistably exciting and, as long as it is not dangerous to your body, you will want to experiment with them but you will not let them fuck you unless I allow it."

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