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Neighbourhood Watch

byBig Gunz©

Graham Sawyer had been infatuated with Karen Shaw for as long as he could remember. Ever since he was a young man, he had secretly fantasized about the beautiful neighbour down the street. Whenever she came by to visit his mother he would sneak as many subtle glances as he could manage in her direction, taking mental snapshots of the images of her and storing them in his mind to revisit later when he was alone and could put them to good use as he pleasured himself. He was not entirely sure why he was so smitten with this older woman, but what was completely clear was the fact that he absolutely could not stop fantasizing about her.

He had known her from when he was quite young, ever since he and his family had moved onto the street when he was still in grade school. Though he could not exactly recall the first time he saw her, for as far back as he could recollect he had always felt an extremely strong sexual attraction to her. If truth be told she was most likely the first female he was ever attracted to in that way. It would not have been hard for anyone to understand what drew him to her; she was after all, a very beautiful woman, by anyone's standards.

Karen Shaw was probably already in her late thirties when Graham first laid his young eyes upon her. To him, she was quite different than any of the other women his mother's age that he had ever met. There was a certain air about her, more youthful and stylish than other mom's he knew, and she most definitely seemed to place a higher importance on her appearance than most women her age. And of course, she was absolutely gorgeous, at least in his eyes.

To begin with, her body was in fantastic shape for a mother of two. Well toned and curved in all the right places, she obviously took care of herself, probably hitting the gym at lest three times a week. Though her breasts were not huge by any means, to a boy his age, their shape and fullness were far superior to anything he had seen from any of the girls he went to school with, and were more than big enough for him to daydream about. Her hair was blonde and permed, a combination of loose wavy curls on top and tighter curls that fell down well past her shoulders, much longer and more stylish than most of the other women her age in the neighbourhood. And her face was a vision of pure beauty, youthful looking yet experienced, wholesome yet mysterious.

As the years passed by and Graham grew up, his fantasies of Karen remained a constant. Once he became sexually active, his visions of her only became more vibrant and intense, as he imagined the things he would like to do with her as he became more knowledgeable in the art of pleasuring a woman. Oftentimes he would picture her when he had sex, envisioning his long time neighbour as the one giving him a blow-job or writhing in ecstasy beneath him. He even found himself more frequently attracted to women who shared similar features with her, usually opting to pursue curly haired girls, preferably blondes if at all possible.

His hidden desires were closely guarded though. Never once had he told anyone of his secret lust for his mother's friend and he certainly never acted on it, save for the frequent use of her image as fodder for the stroke film that played in his head whenever he jerked off. He hungered for this woman in silence, resigned to keep her as a youthful crush and an unattainable fantasy.

In time, Graham's private coveting of Karen seemed to fade away. He went away to college and rarely, if ever got a chance to see the women who had starred in his teenage fantasies, though if by chance he did catch sight of her, perhaps driving by her house as he visited his parents, he could always feel the familiar twitch in his pants, an almost involuntary reminder of lust long forgotten. It was on one visit to his parents in particular that those faded memories of his youthful infatuation with her came back to him in a most unexpected manner.

He had not seen her in years at this point and in all honesty he could not remember the last time he had envisioned her image as he got off, whether through self gratification or with a woman. A college man now, he was, in his opinion at least, quite sexually experienced and exceptionally skilled at pleasing a woman. He had become something of ladies man, usually keeping several ladies on the go at once and often quite open to try new things sexually with his lovers, whether it was inviting a second woman into his bed for a threesome, or dabbling in light bondage or S&M if that was what she was into.

It was a random fall weekend when Graham came to visit his folks. He had been back to classes for a few weeks and had decided that he needed a few days away from the campus to relax. On the Saturday night he enjoyed a nice dinner with his parents and his younger brother, then excused himself from some further family bonding over a viewing of a DVD, and decided to take a walk in the brisk autumn air to work off some of his mother's pot roast. He grabbed his jacket and headed out, walking down the driveway, turning right at the end and making his way down the street.

As he walked by the houses he grew up around, he fondly remembered his old neighbours. Some were still living there, while others had moved away. He strolled past each driveway and pictured each resident as her remembered them from his youth, smiling at memories he had not thought of in ages. Then he came upon a house that elicited a different kind of flashback altogether.

He slowed his pace as he approached Karen's driveway. Suddenly a wave of images washed over his brain and he immediately felt his cock jump in his jeans. She still did it for him, that was for sure, or at least the fantasy he had built up years ago did. He shook his head in disbelief and wondered to himself what his old crush was looking like nowadays. Almost as if on cue, he saw a figure flash by in the front window of her house. His groin surged again as he was pretty certain he had spotted blonde curly hair in that brief instant. Now almost at a complete standstill in front of her house, his eyes narrowed as he focused on the window, hoping for a second glance. He was quickly rewarded as the figured re-emerged, this time leaving no doubt that it was her. Basically staring now, he strained his eyes to focus and take in the full image of his long lost dream woman. As he zeroed in on the window, he was taken aback as he realized what she was wearing. From his vantage point, it looked like she was wearing nothing but a black lace bra and panties.

Graham could not believe his luck. What were the odds that on this particular night he would just so happen to be visiting his folks, going for a walk and strolling by her house at the exact time she decided to prance around half naked in front of her living room window? Fate seemed to be on his side this evening to say the least. He quickly surmised that she and her husband must have the house to themselves, and perhaps they were engaging in some kinky shit, at least that's what he figured he would be doing if he were married to a woman like her. As he moved to get a bit closer to the house to improve his view, a second figure suddenly appeared beside her in the window. To his utter shock, the shirtless man who was putting his arms around her did not look familiar at all. As the couple moved away from the window, he felt his cock stiffen in his pants as he wondered to himself if Mr. Shaw knew what the missus was up to when he was not at home.

It only took him a few seconds to decide that further investigation of the situation was needed. He quickly made his way to the side of the house, hopped the fence into the backyard and headed towards the back door. If he recalled correctly from his childhood, Karen always kept a spare key hidden underneath one of the big flower pots on her back patio. He was not entirely sure how he came to know such information, but did not really care once he saw the rusty key beneath the second pot he lifted up. Snatching the key up, he headed straight for the door and pressed his ear against it. He could not hear a thing. Holding his breath, he eased the key into the lock and slowly turned it, trying to be as quiet as possible. The door clicked unlocked and he gingerly turned the knob and slid the door open a bit. Sticking his head partway inside, he scanned back and forth rapidly for any signs of movement. Seeing nothing, he quickly made his way through the door and gently closed it behind him. Moving ever so slowly, he had just begun to make his way through the kitchen when he heard voices from upstairs.

Graham knew right away who the laugh belonged to. No matter how long it had been since he had last seen her, it seemed that every single detail about his old fantasy fuck was forever imprinted on his brain. He moved swiftly towards the stairway and paused at the bottom landing, listening to the sounds from above to try and gauge their exact location. Guessing, and hoping, that the noises were coming from the master bedroom, he tried to remember where exactly it was situated up there, eventually deciding that it was at the end of the hallway, if his memory served him correctly. Slowly he made his way up the stairs and snuck a glance around the corner. His deductions had been correct, the master bedroom was at the end of the hallway, and was indeed the location from which the sounds were originating. Taking a deep breath, he softly tip-toed his way down the hall, stopping mere feet away from the slightly ajar bedroom door. Exhaling slowly, he leaned his head forward and looked into the dimly lit room.

It was a sight he could never have even pictured in his wildest dreams. There before him in all her glory was the woman who had for years been the feature attraction in his sexual fantasies getting fucked by some dude on her matrimonial bed.

"That's it," he heard Karen sigh to her lover, "yeah, suck on my tit."

This was getting better by the second Graham thought to himself. Not only was he going to watch her fuck, he was also going to listen to her dirty talking while doing it hopefully. Though his vantage point through the small opening between the door and the frame was not the best, he could still easily make out the mystery man positioned on top of her missionary style, pumping his hips back and forth. Her unknown lover leaned in and kissed her forcefully, then was pushed away from her as she moaned loudly in appreciation. He sat up and placed his hands on her knees, spreading her legs apart further as he continued to piston his pelvis in and out of her. She reached back and clutched at the bed sheets, her head rolling back and eyes squeezing shut in rapture as she groaned deeply with each stroke of his cock.

Graham could swear he could see the bed actually shifting with each thrust and from the angle of his sightline he could just make out Karen's tits bouncing in time with her lover's rhythm as well. Her breathing quickened and her moans increased as her fuck partner began pulling his dick out on each retraction and plunging it back in with each forward thrust. He did this about five or six times, causing her to cry out in anticipation of each reinsertion of his manhood. Once he began to steadily pump into her again, her right hand immediately shot down to her crotch and she started to rub her clit ferociously in synch with his motions. Their fuck pace was incredible, but they soon slowed, and after a couple of minutes he gradually decreased his thrusting and leaned down for a deep passionate kiss.

"Oh..." she moaned as their lip lock broke, "I'm your little fucking bitch."

With those words, Graham's cock nearly exploded out of his pants. Up until then he had merely been hoping to hear her dirty talking, but now that wishful thinking was clearly becoming a reality. As he watched the two lovers make-out during their break from their intense fuck-fest, he could not help but reach down and unzip his jeans, if only to relive the immense pressure.

"You're such a good little fucking whore aren't you?" This time it was the guy's voice coming out of the bedroom.

"Oh yeah," Karen moaned dutifully in response.

"You want some more, huh?" Her lover asked her.

"Mmm, yeah," she replied, "I wanna fuck you."

Graham's hard cock was now completely out of his pants and his right hand was firmly gripping it as he watched the erotic scene play out in front of him. He watched as the pair rearranged themselves, with her mounting him in a reverse cowgirl position. She was now facing the doorway, allowing the young voyeur the chance to get a look at her full on for the first time since the show began.

Karen was obviously older than the last time he had seen her, but she did not seem to show her age as much as he had thought she might. Maybe it was the setting in which he was seeing her tonight, all sweaty in the throes of adulterous passion, that was skewing his opinion, but he thought she looked as good as ever.

The body was still toned and fit, her breasts still holding form in her now middle-age years. Her golden hair was shorter than before, her large and loose spiral curls damp with sweat and falling messily down to the tops of her shoulders as her head shook from side to side. She was just as beautiful and desirable as he had remembered, even more so now as he watched her enthusiastically fuck someone other than her husband.

His hand gingerly pumping up and down on his now rock hard penis, Graham watched from his spot just outside the bedroom door as she positioned her wet and wanting pussy above her lover's equally erect cock. Slowly, she lowered herself down onto his waiting manhood with deep sigh as he reached up from behind her and took hold of both her heaving breasts with his hands. She quickly began gliding herself up and down, riding his shaft as he massaged her tits in time with her pace.

"Oh yeah," she groaned, reaching down with her right hand and roughly rubbing his bouncing balls as he began to meet her up and down motion with upward thrusts of his hips.

She threw her head back in sheer bliss as she bounced on his dick, pulling her hand away from his balls to stick a couple of her fingers in her mouth, then returning it back in between her legs to start stroking her clit once again. Her tempo increased with each plunge and Graham could now hear the distinct sound of flesh slapping against flesh with each downward drive. The motions of his own hand on his cock were now virtually in complete synch with her movements.

"Oh fuck!" She cried out. "Oh, God! That's it, fill up my whole pussy!" Karen was clearly getting into the dirty talking now. "Fill it with your cock." She moaned. "That's it. Oh God, gimme your big hard cock!"

She clenched her teeth together as her lover reached up and viciously squeezed her nipples as their fuck pace once again quickened in response to her filthy dialogue.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, "I wanna come on your cock." Her hand was back on her clit, intensely flicking her love button as she bounced up and down faster than ever in search of an orgasm. "I wanna come on it."

In fear of blowing a load all over the wall, Graham had to force his hand to stop fondling his throbbing cock as he watched in total sexual awe as she furiously rubbed herself while impaling her hungry snatch onto this man's rigid dick. She tossed her head from side to side, her face hidden in a sea of wet blonde curls as she lost herself completely to her pursuit of sexual release. Her moans gave way to primal grunts, then to animalistic cries as she squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation of her imminent explosion. Finally her body shook violently and her breath became short and rapid as her long awaited orgasm washed over her body.

Watching Karen fuck her way to explosion almost made the young man in the hallway come without even a stroke of his hand on his aching penis, but he managed to control himself through her climax. Graham watched as the mystery man repositioned his now recovering partner onto her knees and placed himself in behind her.

Much to her delight, the man hastily leaned down and stuck his face directly in her ass. From the shriek of joy the immediately followed that action, it was easy to surmise that his tongue was now pleasuring her, in which hole was uncertain to a mere viewer.

"Oh yeah," she groaned, "stick your tongue in my fucking asshole." Answering the question at hand as quickly as Graham had pondered it.

Unable to stop himself any further, the hallway spectator's hand was now back stroking his cock, his arousal at her enjoyment of this anal pleasure too much for him to pay no heed to. His fist pumped furiously on his hard manhood as he watched her lover pull his face away from her ass and replace it with his dick.

"Yeah, you like that?" He asked after a couple of thrusts, leading Graham to believe, and hope, that he was indeed balls deep in her asshole. Unable to form the words for an answer, Karen simply moaned uncontrollably and threw her head from side to side in a wild act of total rapture.

Unfortunately, much to Graham's dismay, he soon realized that he was not watching this dream woman of his being sodomized, but he was happy enough when he saw her fuck buddy bring his left hand up to her ass and slowly ease a finger into her tight little asshole. The slow groan of agreement and sight of her hands reaching back to pull her ass cheeks apart indicated her exhilaration with the action as well. He continued to fuck her cunt with his cock while pleasuring her asshole with his finger for several minutes as she moaned in delight with each stroke.

The couple's pace seemingly quickened with each thrust, both clearly wanting their own orgasm to arrive as soon as possible. Outside the bedroom door, the third member of their trio was also desperately looking for his own release. Graham was easily matching the pair's fucking rhythm with his hand gliding over his pulsating penis.

"More, more, more," she droned methodically, in an almost sexual trance-like state.

"Yeah, come on that fucking cock," her lover told her, slamming into her as hard as he could now with each motion of his hips.

Almost completely unable to form words at this point, Karen resorted to angrily grunting with each pump of her lover's cock, and began meeting his pace by rocking back in time with each pump of his groin. The sound of their flesh slapping together and her gut wrenching cries made their lovemaking seem almost violent and animalistic as she finally found her second orgasm and collapsed down onto the bed in sweaty satisfaction.

Still pumping away looking for his own satisfaction, Graham could feel his own imminent explosion coming soon, and figured that the lucky bastard in the bedroom had to be close himself. He did not have to wait long for confirmation of that guess.

"Come here and suck that fucking come outta my dick." The man ordered his exhausted lover as he pulled out of her dripping pussy. Obediently she quickly turned to face him as he lay down on the bed.

She immediately reached out and grabbed hold of his penis with both hands and began to glide her hands up and down his wet shaft. Karen's mouth quickly followed suit, engulfing his cock between her lips and quickly working in tandem with her busy hands.

"Oh fuck yeah," he groaned as he watched her work, "suck all that come outta my dick."

She sucked and stroked his cock relentlessly, knowing his orgasm would hit any second. From the hallway Graham continued to replicate the speed and motion of her actions with that of his own hand on his dick. He desperately wanted to blow his load at the same time she got this other guy off. Luckily for him, he did not have to wait long. Within seconds of her unyielding attack on his manhood, Karen's lover let out a gut-wrenching growl as he reached down and grabbed a handful of her messy blonde curls. He pulled her head back from his twitching cock just as it began to erupt - shooting streams of his pearly white come onto her face and into her waiting mouth.

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