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Neighbourly Welcome


There I stood; just outside of my new home, admiring it and feeling oh so good about myself in actually having a home to myself. For all of my life; I've lived with my parents, except for when I was in college for two years. I had always waited for the day that I would have a home to call my own and here it is, and in a lovely neighbourhood too.

Ever since I started moving my stuff into my house; I had noticed the neighbours looking at me as I carried load after load of my things into my house to unpack. Most stared; some were biting their lip a little and some were even giving me flirtatious smiles and waves. I didn't exactly know how to react to their odd behaviours but I did give the occasional wave every now and again to a passing neighbour.

As; I had just finished packing all my things inside, I went back to the truck to shut the back when as I was doing just that, one of the neighbours came up from their yard.

"Excuse me." A nice womanly voice said from behind me.

I shut the truck's large back door and looked to her; she was what most men my age would call a MILF: a 'Mum I'd Like to fuck'. She stood 5 feet tall; had long red hair going down her back, green eyes, a light tan, I guess an F-cup rack, nice round ass and a great body for someone I was guessing maybe 35 years old. She was smiling up at me but also had a hungry look in her eyes as she also looked me up and down.

"Hi." I said.

"Hi; I'm Monique, I'm your neighbour next door. I just came over to welcome you to the neighbourhood." Monique said as I jumped down from the truck's back end. Now that we we're closer, I could see Monique a little better and she was beautiful for 35... although I was guessing her age. But she did look the age of a professor I had the hots for back in college, nothing happened with me and her unfortunately but I still think about her every now and again.

"Hi; I'm Sam Bow, just moved in... obviously." I said, a little awkwardly but still trying to be charming.

"Well; um... I'm sorry but I was supposed to bring out a plate of cookies for you but I left them in my house. Did you want to come get them?" Monique asked, a light blush coming over her cheeks.

"Yeah; sure, I love cookies." I said.

"Good, I made this batch just for you. I hope you like them." She said as she led me to her house just next to mine.

When I entered Monique's home; it was very nice, far better than my place would ever look. It had beautiful artworks of naked women, her décor showed a similar theme as the art which was centred around the female body, fur rugs next to the fire place and a lovely couch that you could just sink into.

"Well come one in, have a seat." Monique said as she went into the kitchen.

I walked into the lounge room and took a seat on what seemed to be the softest couch I had ever sat on. Wow; it was like sitting on a marshmallow, I just seemed to get deeper and deeper.

"Nice place." I said as I admired her artworks, I recognised on specific work on her wall. It was a replica of Nymph's Pond. It was part of a story of a Greek hero being seduced by a group of nymph's in a pond that look him away and he was never seen again. My guess was that they look him to another world and had an orgy until he died. Or maybe they just drowned him while fucking in the pond.

"Thank you; I decorated it myself, I have a great love for art." Monique said as she came in and sat down next to me and handed me the plate of cookies. They were chocolate cookies with choc-chip mixed in; they were my favourite type of cookie, like my mum used to make. But how did she have known? Probably just a coincidence.

"Take one." Monique said.

I took one and bit into it while I looked at Monique and her beauty; I was going to love having her as a neighbour. She was the perfect piece of MILF eye candy to look at whenever she went by with those hips and that rack.

"Wow." I said, tasting the chocolaty goodness.

"You like them?" Monique asked.

"Definitely, these are awesome, better than my mum's. But don't tell her that." I said, jokingly. As I tasted more of the cookie, I came upon a different flavour, it was subtle but noticeable. I didn't care much, it was nice.

"It's so nice to have someone new to the neighbourhood. The last family that lived there was so nice, especially the three young men that were there. I used to have them come over and do jobs for me." Monique said. I thought about how lucky those guys were; working for Monique, having her in your presence and getting a closer look at her body. I bet those guys would have worked for free, as long as they got to see more of her.

"Thanks, it seems nice here and I've already made a friend." I said, before finishing the cookie and going for another.

"You must really like my cookies." Monique said as I stuffed my face with another, a big grin coming over her face as I ate it.

"Yeah, these are great." I said, finishing the second, and then I went for another.

"Thank you so much; but, I do think some should make it to your house before they are all gone." Monique said, placing the plate of cookies on a small table in front of us.

"Thank you again, they were awesome. This has to be the best neighbourhood in the world." I said as I looked at Monique, using my peripheral vision to look at her cleavage.

"Oh, thank you. But I do have to warn you." Monique said.

"Warn me, about what?" I asked, curious.

"Well; this is a very slutty neighbourhood and you are the only man on a street full of horny women." Monique said.

Wait, what? Did I just hear her right or was my mind playing tricks on me?

"Did you say 'slutty neighbourhood'?" I asked.

"Yeah; the girls here are always on the look for a nice young man like you to lure into their house and... have their way with." Monique said, partly lifting up her short dress and then letting it fall back, she was clearly teasing me. I didn't know where this was going and I didn't want to make any assumptions.

"I'll keep an eye out." I said as I adjusted my pants. I didn't realise it before but my cock was getting a little hard. I guessed it was because of the conversation we were having.

"Yeah; you should, you don't know how tricky some of these women can be." Monique said while giving me a mischievous smile. Was I missing something here?

"I guess I should be getting back, I didn't lock my door properly." I said as I went to stand but my boner had other ideas and wouldn't exactly let me up.

"Oh; no, stay, please. Your house should be fine, this is a safe neighbourhood. You should stay here with me." Monique said getting up and standing in front of me. For some reason; I did stay and I felt powerless against her, my mind was all a blur now for some reason.

"Stay? Well than, what should we do?" I asked, maybe she would put a movie on or we could talk more.

"Well; I was thinking of putting this..." Monique said as she leaned down and cupped my cock and balls in her hand, the other on my chest, holding me down. And then she finished what she was saying. "...between my tits and milking it."

I was at a loss of words as my mind tried to process this. This was all very sudden and I barely knew this woman but yet I was ready for action.

"Wow, I didn't expect this... is this like... the neighbourhood welcome?" I said, stumbling over my words as she gently caressed my cock through my jeans and got it harder and harder.

"Yeah, you could call it that. It's the best way to welcome a new neighbour don't you think?" Monique said as she unzipped my jeans and knelt down to take my pants off.

"I like it." I said.

I wasn't the type of guy to do this; jump into sexual activity with a woman I had just met but there was just something drawing me to her. It was in overwhelming lust that I couldn't control. My balls were aching for release and my cock begged for attention. A moment later; my cock was out of my pants in front of Monique and she looked down with wide eyes and gave an admiring noise as she saw the length and thickness of it.

"Hmmm... you've got a big one." Monique said as she grabbed it gently and lightly tugged on it, up and down, up and down.

"I can tell I'm going to like this neighbourhood already." I said, leaning back on her couch as she pulled my pants all the way off and threw them to the side.

"Oh trust me. You're going to love this neighbourhood a lot. There are so many slutty girls out there that just want to do anything for you, tug you, squeeze you, suck you and even fuck you, whatever you want." Monique said as she tugged a little faster and harder on my cock.

"Really; are they all so slutty?" I asked, feeling Monique's hand's tugging on my cock like a pro. She must have done this to countless men, countless times to be this good at giving handjobs.

"Oh yeah; some are even sluttier than others, you have no idea what's waiting for you." Monique said as she played with the tip of my cock, making it jump to her sensitive touch.

"Tell me about them." I said, out of curiosity of what I was getting into and to also get my rocks off.

"Well; there's me, I'm the typical MILF next door that will seduce you, tease you and then pleasure you over and over." Monique said as she gave my aching balls a teasing caress.

"Then there's Britney who is your other next door neighbour; she loves giving blowjobs to all the guys of the neighbourhood." Monique said, licking her lips.

"Blowjobs?" I asked.

"Yeah; she likes to get some cock in her slutty little mouth, suck them hard, fast and then drain them dry. Even I'm guilty of being a cock-gobbler on occasion, I just can't help it sometimes. You remember those old neighbours I told you about, the three young men. Well; when they got old enough, I would invite them over to do some of my lawn and then... drain them completely dry. I was so sad to see them leave, but not before I took their cherries. Nothing like fucking 18 year olds, their just so energetic and can go all day long." Monique said; a sly grin spread on her face at the memory of her former neighbours.

"Who else is there?" I asked.

"There's Chen; she's a nice little Japanese woman that loves to give massages to the cheating husbands around the neighbourhood. She has the trophy for fucking the most husbands; she just knows how to spread the 'yellow fever'." Monique said, sliding her hands up my shirt and back down, her tits were now grinding into my crotch but she still had her shirt on, I wanted more. I wanted her to titty-fuck me like she said she was going to. My mind couldn't take the teasing anymore; my balls couldn't take it anymore.

"You know; I think I'm going to need a little something before we start." Monique said, taking her hands from my cock and getting a purse she must have brought from the kitchen, I didn't notice it earlier. I wondered what she had in there for me.

A second later, Monique pulled out a bottle of lube. "Look what I've got here, lucky boy." Monique said, putting it aside for a moment so that she could take her shirt off. As I sat there; on her couch, cock in front of her and as hard as ever, I felt like a teenager about to see his first set of tits in his life. I was so excited and when Monique pulled her shirt over her giant mounds; I almost came just from seeing them, they were perfect. They were big and juicy but not too juicy; she had nice sized pink nipples and I really wanted to suck on them. Ha... cookies and milk, more like cookies and milf.

"Wow." I said, dumbstruck at how amazing her boobs were.

"Oh... thank you so much, I don't get a lot of people to appreciate my boobs much anymore. I mean; I do get the occasional college guy over from time to time but they don't say much. Although, I usually have a tit in their mouth as I jerk them off to a nice healthy orgasm, they have a lot of loads to milk out since their bodies are raging with hormones. I hope you don't think of me as a slut; I just can't help but make guys happy." Monique said as she popped the top of the lube bottle and started to lube up her tits, especially her cleavage. She got them so oiled up that I was sure this was going to be a fun slip and slide titty fuck.

After Monique had oiled up her tits; making them all slick and shiny, she grabbed my cock and guided it to her tits as she leaned in and slowly and teasingly enveloped my cock between them. She squished her tits together; trapping my cock and then giving her tits a nice squeeze and making my cock jump as the sensation of being in a wet, hot and tight space.

"Oh... mmm..." I noised. It felt so good to have my cock squeezed between her tits; it had been days since the last time I came and months since I had any sexual contact with another woman. But; if what Monique said was true about this neighbourhood being full of slutty women than that was about to change.

"You like that baby?" Monique said as she squished her tits around so that my cock was completely oiled from the top to bottom.

"Oh yeah." I said.

"Well get ready because this is gonna get messy." Monique said before she started to titty fuck me like I had never been before. She was so good at it that I was almost about to cum from the first pump of her boobs going up and down the length of my cock. Even with her tits being as large as they were, I could still see the tip of my cock just poking through her cleavage.

I grabbed onto Monique's couch with a strong grip as she continued to titty fuck me. I had only had this done once to me when I was in collage with a girl that had a fetish to please her boyfriends and it was great but not as great as Monique's titty fucking.

"All the women in the neighbourhood are going to love you... I can see it already, you're going to be very happy here, so happy that you won't want to leave. You might as well just move in with me. I can be yours and you can be mine. I can even invite some of the other neighbours over to share you around." Monique said as she brought her tits up and down again and again.

"Oh yeah... whatever you say, I'm in..." I said as she was leading me to what had to be the best lead up to an orgasm I had ever had.

For the next few moment's Monique continued to titty fuck me like a true slut; she even stuck out her tongue and licked the tip when she could. It gave me a shock to my senses whenever her soft wet tongue flicked across my knob. Every time she did it though; she giggled at my reaction: my eyes widening a little, my cock jumping in her cleavage and the little noises I would let out.

"Hmmm... your cock's aiming right at my face. I'm a little nervous." Monique said.

"Why." I asked but I was only half listening as I fought through the sensation overload by Monique's titty fucking, I wanted this to last forever.

"Well; those cookies that you ate were filled with a powerful aphrodisiac." Monique explained, a large grin was now spread across her face now and it was mischievous and a little sly.

"Aphrodisiac?" I asked, it sounded familiar but I couldn't remember what it was.

"Yeah; a sex drug, it's what made you hard and very compliant for me to titty fuck you. It should also give you the best orgasm you have ever had and there will be a lot of cum. But don't worry; I'm going to milk out ever last drop for you." Monique said.

"You drugged me?" I asked; a little shocked that she would do such a thing but she did say that the slutty neighbours like her did things to get their men in their homes, sometimes drastic things. Maybe dosing me with an aphrodisiac was her type of way.

"Don't get angry... I just wanted to give you an even better orgasm. All the other people that have had it thanked me afterwards. They all said that it was the best orgasms they had ever had." Monique said before giving my cock's head a little attention with her tongue again, flicking the tip back and forth, and a little lick up the underside of the knob. My cock throbbed a little and Monique grinned.

"How many?" I asked, curious of how many people she had been with.

"How many people?"


"Well; there have been a lot over the years. There have been neighbour's like yourself, husbands from around the neighbourhood, delivery men and all other sorts. And all of them left happy with smiles on their faces." Monique said, her story now bringing me to the final moment of her glorious titty fucking. I could feel my balls churn and ready themselves, my breath was getting heavy and quick, my cock more sensitive and I was losing the will to hold on anymore.

Monique could see me trying to hold on so she went faster and harder. That made me let out a moan and made my eyes role back in my head as the sensations had become too much for me.

"Hmmm... you still got some unpacking to do?" Monique asked.

"Yeah." I said, fighting through the pleasure.

"Well... I think you've got some unloading to do right now, don't you? I want you to unload all over me." Monique said as she was now going to force the sperm from my cock with an assault of pleasure.

"Oh god, Monique, I'm..." I tried saying but couldn't complete it all.

"Gonna cum... good, cum for me and don't stop until your good and empty." Monique said.

I held on for as long as I could but my body betrayed me and surrendered to the pleasure and gave her what she wanted, my load. "OH... GAWWWWWWD..." I screamed out as Monique had finally forced me to orgasm for her and cum all over her massive tits.

My cock became a fountain of cum, shooting it in all direction and reaching such a distance that I assumed it was because of Monique's cookies. My cum went high in the air; splattering on her face, all over her boobs, hands, it was everywhere and I wasn't stopping yet. I seemed to be holding in a lot and now Monique was milking it all out of me. It must have lasted a good 20 seconds before I started to calm down from the torrent of cum shooting from my cock. I looked down to Monique to see her completely glazed over with cum on her face, tits and hands but she had a big smile on her face. I must have come half a litre of cum for her from the look of her. I was amazed at the sight then I could feel something else, a sort of empty feeling in my balls.

"Are you almost finished?" Monique asked as she watched the final shots of cum spurt from my cock and into her cleavage which had collected most of my sperm. The tip of my cock was just able to be seen from the collection of cum.

"You did say... you were going... to help me unload." I said as I felt the last spurt of cum milked from my cock. I was still panting a little from the orgasm and I thought that I was even going to faint near the end, or even die. And if I did die; wow would that be a way to go, in between the tits of my sexy milf neighbour... or at least one of my sexy neighbours.

"That's true." Monique said as she slowly brought her tits off of my cock, her tits collecting as much of my sperm as they could. In the end; my cock was free with a wet plop as it left the underside of her cleavage. A light dribble of cum came afterwards and made its way down her stomach.

"You stay here and relax and I'll be back to clean you up." Monique said as she stood and went to the bathroom to clean her tits up. I did as she said and laid back and relaxed from the cum-high and thought of how good this neighbourhood was going to be. This was my first day here and it was already looking great.

Shortly after that; Monique came back and cleaned me up, gave me a drink and then walked me back to my house with my plate of cookies. She did tell me that they were dosed with a powerful aphrodisiac and that I should only eat one if I was going to get another visit from her or another of the neighbours.

"Thank you again, Monique, I had a lovely time. I hope next time I can repay the favour." I said, as I opened my door.

"You mean; you're going to invite me into your home, drug me with cookies and then have your way with me?" Monique joked, a cheeky grin coming on her face.

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