Mutually ending a long-term relationship had been very difficult for Jess. Even though the break-up was relatively painless, it still was a hard thing to do because she and her boyfriend had been together for approximately twelve years.

Inherently a private person, it was easy for Jess to be professional at work and share her personal life with only the few coworkers that she considered close friends. However, the recent separation was a unique situation so she just couldn't shake her melancholy mood.

Her days consisted of going to work, quietly doing her job and then going home to an empty house and her month-long routine probably would have continued if her boss hadn't summoned her to his office one day. In the two years that she had been with Walters Incorporated, she had never heard her English employer speak to her in anything but his warm and friendly accented voice. So, to hear him request her immediate presence in a crisp and grave tone caused Jess to quietly panic. Had her mood affected her job? Was she about to get fired?

Fearing the worst, she entered his office and received quite a shock. Her boss, Pierce Walters, informed her that he was moving back to England and really valued her work so he wanted to take his favourite assistant with him. If she wasn't still speechless from his revelation then she would have quipped that she was his only assistant.

She had grown close to Pierce over the years and although Jess was 32 years old and he was in his late 40s, they had a father/daughter type of relationship. He was also quite astute so even though she had never mentioned the break-up, she wasn't surprised when he told her that the change of scenery would do her good and that this would help her to finally put the past behind her.

Pierce gave her a week to decide and although Jess' family were devastated at the possibility of having her move so far away, she felt that she made the right decision. She would be moving to England.

- - - - - - - - - -

Upon arriving in England, the whole new culture scared and intimidated her but Jess also felt exhilarated. It helped tremendously that her new coworkers were warm, inviting and willing to help Jess get settled.

She was given an already furnished apartment that contained so many personal items that Jess wondered if she'd be getting a roommate. However, it turned out that the previous tenant was an ex-employee of Walters Incorporated. Apparently, a handsome German businessman had offered the woman a job at double her salary and had promised to replace all the items that she was leaving behind since he was in a rush to get back home. Then he had promptly whisked her away.

It wasn't her coworkers that gave her this little tidbit of information. Nope. In fact, the employees were rather tight-lipped about the whole affair. So, how did Jess find out? Just by some overzealous neighbours in her apartment complex. Perhaps it was because most of the tenants had lived in the building for a long time or they were nosy but when Jess had moved in, far too many people were curious about her. Her accent, or lack of one, intrigued them and they wanted to know all about her but Jess had no intention of telling virtual strangers her life story. Therefore, whenever she was questioned, her typically standard response always was, "I just moved here for a job."

About a week after she moved in, Jess met the neighbour that lived to her right. She was approaching her door, encumbered with bags of groceries, and he had just exited his apartment and was locking his door. She surreptitiously checked him out and felt her stomach plummet… damn but the man was quite attractive. He was tall, lean, dark-haired and handsome and just the sight of him gave her the eerie feeling that if she gave him the chance, he'd turn her life upside down with very little effort. What an odd sensation to have but also pointless since Jess was here to heal. She had never really lived alone so she needed to prove to herself that she could make it on her own.

She quickly averted her face when he unexpectedly turned and his cocky grin plainly told her that he knew that she had been checking him out. Lowering her head to hide her blush, Jess fumbled with her keys and tried to open the door while holding the groceries but as a bag dropped, she heard the sickening crunch of eggs breaking. She glanced down at the bag in dismay and then her gaze flew upward when she heard her neighbour laughing.

Normally Jess was quite easy-going but her confidence had plummeted over the last few months and so his laughter seemed to be mocking her, which just made her feel defensive and angry. Glaring up at him, she met his dark gaze and froze. Some sort of emotion stirred inside her and she didn't like it one little bit. So without saying a word, Jess turned away, shoved open the door, placed one of the bags just inside then bent to pick up the other bag that had dropped. As she straightened, she glanced over and noticed that he was staring avidly at her ass. With an 'if looks could kill' glare, she entered her apartment but just before her door slammed shut, Jess heard a very sexy and very male English voice say, "Welcome to the neighbourhood."

- - - - - - - - - -

Jess would have been content if she never saw her neighbour again but unfortunately, the reprieve only lasted a week. The landlady was hosting an informal party and really wanted her to attend so that she could meet all of the tenants in the building. Jess wasn't fooled, she was quite aware that her invitation was mainly due to the fact that people wanted to find out more about her but in spite of that knowledge, she didn't want to spend another night alone in her apartment. So she accepted.

After approximately an hour of deflecting far too personal questions, Jess wearily stood against a wall, off to the side, simply surveying the crowd and that's when she felt the skin at her nape suddenly tingle. Perplexed, she glanced curiously around and then felt her mouth go dry when her gaze collided with her neighbour's. Taking a quick sip of white wine, she watched as he slowly approached her. That sexy strut of his was creating havoc with her heartbeat and her reaction to him simply confused her.

"Well, well, well… if it isn't my new neighbour. Fancy meeting you here."

At a loss for words, she just stared up at him and with an amused expression, he held out his hand. "I'm Don."

Blinking, she glanced down at his hand and then slowly placed her small hand against his much larger one. "I'm Jess," she replied, then quickly pulled her hand away.

If possible, he seemed even more amused as he placed his left hand flat against the wall, close to her head, with his arm outstretched. Alarmed at his proximity, she glanced around then sidled slightly away.

Don glanced down at her body, encased in snug jeans and a short top and the curves that were subtly on display intrigued him. Glancing back up into her dark eyes, he murmured, "I bought extra eggs, Jess. How about coming back to my place and grabbing two large ones?"

His innuendo wasn't lost on her and glaring up at him; she moved away from the wall and put a little more distance between them. "Awfully bold aren't you? You don't even know if I'm married or have a boyfriend and you certainly don't know me. I could be a... a... an axe murderer." She wanted to yell at him but worked at keeping her voice low since she didn't want to attract any more attention from the busybody tenants.

"I was just asking if you wanted eggs," he said smoothly. "But while we're on the subject, are you taken?"

"Am I taken? What are you, a throwback from another era? No I'm not taken, nor do I want to be." She normally was in control of her emotions but with a few simple sentences, this man had her practically foaming at the mouth.

Grinning, he reached out to grasp a soft tendril of her hair and idly toyed with it as he murmured, "In case you're wondering, I'm not seeing anyone. Oh and Jess," he tugged on her hair and bent closer. "It won't be long before you're begging me to take you," he whispered.

Her face blanched as he slowly sauntered away. The audacity of the man! What makes him think that every woman he focuses on, just wants to spread her legs for him, she fumed.

- - - - - - - - - -

After that encounter, she was intent on avoiding him but Don always seemed to unexpectedly turn up. She saw him at the grocery store, in the laundry room, outside the building, and at the local pub. Jess saw him so often that she was beginning to believe that he had her place wired and was following her. The idea was quite ridiculous but a testament to how crazy he was making her.

It also didn't help that he plagued her dreams, her very erotic dreams. In fact, it had been after a particularly restless night when she exited her apartment the next morning and smacked right into him. A combination of frayed nerves and lack of sleep made her lash out, "Why the hell do you keep following me! Leave me the fuck alone!"

With an arched eyebrow, he regarded her silently and finally said quietly, "I apologize if I've disturbed you but I haven't been following you, it's just a happy coincidence."

"I don't believe you," she growled and folded her arms across her chest in an angry stance.

Taking in her posture, he eyed her quizzically and then responded, "Are you always this distrustful of people?"

"Yes," was her succinct retort.

"Well I assure you that I haven't been sitting by my door, waiting and listening for you to leave. I have better things to do with my time."

Feeling like a fool, she blushed and conceded, "Okay, I'm overreacting but I'm new to this country and I'm not ready for a relationship and I want people to stop prying into my life and… and I want you to stop coming on to me."

Smiling, Don gently cupped her cheek and lightly stroked his thumb across her bottom lip. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Jess and I do want us to be friends," he said as he gazed into her eyes. Leaning closer, he whispered, "But just so you know, I want more than friendship. I would love the opportunity to cum on you."

With those words he departed, leaving a trembling Jess leaning weakly against her door.

- - - - - - - - - -

The next day dawned beautifully warm and bright and it was a perfect day for procrastinating Jess to finally hold a garage/lawn sale to sell the items that the former tenant had left behind in her apartment.

Jess had been chatting with a lovely elderly woman when she noticed Don approaching her. Inwardly groaning, she somehow managed to continue the conversation even though all her attention was focused on him. Damn, he looks so handsome this morning, she thought.

As the woman left with her purchase, Jess turned to her neighbour. He was holding a Barbie doll and idly flicking his thumb over the doll's breasts as his gaze perused Jess' body, taking in her halter-top and cut off shorts that accentuated her curves. Feeling slightly aroused, she practically shivered when he mumbled in his ever sexy accent, "How much is this?" He held up the doll in his right hand, smiling slightly.

Not believing for one second that he wanted the doll, Jess grinned. "That's not for sale," she said, staring pointedly at a little girl that was looking up at Don with a vexed expression, her fists planted on her hips.

"That's MY doll, go find your own!" she said angrily, snatching it out of his hand and storming away.

Nonplussed, he turned back to Jess with an amused expression. "In that case, how much do you cost?" he leered playfully, arching his eyebrow when she burst out laughing.

"Sorry fella but I'm not for sale either."

"Pity," Don murmured, as his gaze raked over her figure once again. "I'll take myself off then."

Before she knew what was happening, he surprised Jess by lifting her hand to his lips and gently bestowing a kiss upon it. Then he walked away. A little shaken, her gaze followed him so that when he suddenly turned, Don caught her staring at him. Grinning, he gave her a little salute and then turned the corner, disappearing from view.

- - - - - - - - - -

Amazingly, Jess made a nice profit and sold most of the items but she figured that it had more to do with the neighbours wanting to talk to her rather than there being any interest in the merchandise.

Instead of spending another Saturday night alone, Jess decided that she'd head to the local pub to unwind and relax a bit. She was sitting at the bar, enjoying her pint of beer and watching TV when someone sat next to her. Glancing over, Jess groaned out loud. "Okay, fess up. You ARE following me around, aren't you?"

Without him needing to ask, the bartender automatically placed a beer in front of Don. He took a long swig and then replied, "Nope, I come here quite often so who is following whom, hmm?"

Chuckling, she didn't say anything. She felt content and figured that it was from the effect of the beer. Whatever the reason, Jess was quite happy that Don was sitting next to her.

Breaking the comfortable silence, Don asked, "I've been trying to place your accent for months now, where are you from?"

"I'm from Canada. My company transferred me here."

"Canada? Hmm, I didn't realize that they let you notorious troublemakers leave the country."

"Of course they do. How else would we lie in wait in strategic locations until we received the go-ahead to cause world chaos?"

They both grinned at the inane banter, staring at each other and that's when she noticed the glint in Don's eyes slowly change from laughter to awareness. His gaze almost felt like a caress as it leisurely roamed over her short burgundy summer dress, taking in the fullness of her breasts and the firmness of her thighs. A soft smile touched Don's mouth when he slid his gaze upwards again and noticed her hard nipples pressing against the material of her dress.

Feeling flustered, Jess quickly turned away and downed the rest of her beer.

"Can I buy you another drink?" Don asked in amusement.

Tired of acting like a frightened virgin whenever he was in her vicinity, she glanced at him and replied, "Sure. I'll have an Orgasm." She grinned in victory and pounded on his back when he choked on a sip of his beer.

"What?" he croaked.

Smiling, Jess reached out to idly slide her finger along Don's arm. "I want an Orgasm," she purred.

Getting himself back under control Don grinned, "Little one, that's a given when you're in my company."

Arching her eyebrow, Jess murmured, "Good cause I'm thirsty."

"So?" he replied.

"So, I'd like my Orgasm please." When he stared at her in confusion, Jess started chuckling, the teasing light in her eyes plainly visible now. "Don, an Orgasm is a drink."

"Oh right," he murmured. "Stuart," he motioned to the bartender, "The lady would like an Orgasm."

"Can't you take care of the lass by yourself?" he ribbed Don good-naturedly.

"Just get the drink," Don grumbled.

Less than a minute later, Stuart returned with a glass that contained a creamy concoction. Curious, Don asked, "What's in it?"

"Amaretto, Vodka, and Rich Cream. Want to try some?" Jess replied.

Grimacing, Don said, "Ugh no, sounds horrendous, especially the cream part."

Shrugging, Jess quickly downed her drink, which left her with a pleasant buzz. "Mmm, delicious."

Feeling quite emboldened, Jess found herself giving into the urge that had been plaguing her for months by suddenly leaning over and grasping Don's face between her palms. Swiftly, she pulled his head forward and kissed him, sliding her tongue against his and drinking in his taste. If anything, one taste of him only made her hungrier and so she wisely forced herself to break the kiss. Jess met Don's surprised, excited eyes and blurted out before she could stop herself, "Did you like the taste of my Orgasm?"

"Oh yes," he replied in merriment, "It was quite delicious."

Rubbing her thumb across his lips, she mumbled, "That's good but I must say that it tasted even better on you."

They held each other's smouldering gaze for a long moment and then blinking, Jess turned to face the bar again. Because she couldn't believe her behaviour, especially since she'd been holding him at arm's length for months, Jess found herself ordering another drink… this time a Cherry Whisky.

Mulling over the unexpected reaction to the brief kiss they shared, Jess had just finished her fourth drink when she realized that she was either incredibly tipsy or just on a tilt-a-whirl ride. Not being much of a drinker, she really couldn't hold her liquor and it certainly didn't help that she had been mixing beverages all night.

No sooner had she stood up than Jess fell against Don. Giggling, she said to him, "I'm going home," in what she thought was a whisper.

Sighing, Don shared an amused glance with Stuart, downed the rest of his beer then stood up, taking a hold of Jess' arm. There's no way that he'd let her leave alone in this condition. "Come on Poppet, let's get you home."

"I thought you'd never ask," she said with a giggle and leaned heavily against Don as he escorted her outside.

When they reached her apartment, he took her key and ushered Jess inside. Seating her on the couch, he turned in the direction of the kitchen with the intention of making her some strong coffee. However, he had taken no more than a couple of steps when Jess suddenly appeared at his side.

"Where ya going, tiger?" she slurred. "I wanna ficky-fick."

Bemused, Don stared down at her, pointedly ignoring the feel of her breasts against his arm. Gently pushing her away, he began to lead her back to the couch. "You are in no condition for ficky-ficking so sit down like a good girl and wait for your coffee."

Frowning, she pulled away from him and pouted. "I don't wanna be a good girl. I wanna be… be bad." Grabbing the hem of her dress, she clumsily pulled it up and over her head, leaving her clad in only a red satin bra and matching panties.

Don groaned softly as he stared at her curvaceous body then made a move towards her; he had to cover her up! But in spite of her drunkenness, Jess deftly evaded him.

Kicking off her shoes, she accidentally hit him in the shin and giggled when he yelped in pain, glancing down at the offending shoe. While he was momentarily distracted, Jess removed her bra, mumbling, "I've wanted you for so long, ya know. I've had so many hot dreams about you."

Quickly he glanced up and whatever he had been about to say was forgotten. Don gaped as he stared hungrily at her bare breasts, her oh so tempting bare breasts. They were large yet firm and just begged a man to touch them, squeeze them, and taste them. As he stood frozen, unable to look away, Jess bent and quickly removed her panties.

He now officially had the hardon from hell. Emitting a strangled gasp, Don stared at the naked vision before him. Her loins were hairless except for a thin line of hair down her mound and it just made him want to suck on her smooth nether lips. He wanted to clamp his mouth on her wet pussy as she bucked and writhed in ecstasy and he wanted to grab those gorgeous tits as he rode her hard.

He abruptly snapped out of his erotic musings when Jess approached him, sliding her arms around his waist. "You're so tall," she giggled. "I barely reach your shoulders."

Having trouble focusing on one thought for long in her drunken state, Jess rubbed against him, purring, "I wanna fuck you. Lemme see your cock." Not expecting her next move, she pushed against him so that he landed on the couch with her straddling his lap.

"I'm tiny and flexible so you can fuck me any way you want and… and I wanna feel your cock in my mouth… lemme suck it." She said right before she tried to kiss him. However, he averted his face, which caused Jess to smack her nose against his ear.

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