tagMind ControlNeighbours Ch. 04

Neighbours Ch. 04


Neighbours Part 4

4.01 Dianne:
4.02 A Pleasant Sunday Visit:
4.03 The meeting of two Hermaphrodites:
4.04 Jenny and Dianne:
4.05 Dianne's Hair Removal, First Orgasm:
4.06 Dianne's first Deep Throating:
4.07 Dianne and Jenny, First Mating:
4.08 Jenny and Dianne, Second Mating:

4.01 Dianne:

Dianne's mother had been on a prescription testosterone supplement for over a year and as a result she was diagnosed at birth with a congenital condition known as 'True Hermaphroditism'. Her vagina, penis and testicles were normal but her parents agreed to have genital surgery done to remove the testicles to make her feel and look more like a female. As it turned out, Dianne's growing up and maturing process was a nightmare, especially during puberty. It got to a point where the parents had to 'home school' Dianne with special tutors.

Now, at 36, Dianne's world is in her apartment. She leaves it only for her job and the purchasing of groceries, personal items and clothes. Weekends and holidays drive her further into her reclusiveness. She has friends, including Mary, that are concerned about her but haven't been able to break through the barriers that she has constructed around herself.

She mentioned to her physiatrist that she had thoughts of severing her penis to rid herself of her 'male' attribute. She had never masturbated because the sight of her erection scared her and she would force herself to ride out the feelings of arousal until they subsided. The 'morning erections' were the worst and she used cold showers to help quell the hardness between her legs. Her physiatrist prescribed Librium to reduce her anxiety, which also had the side effect of reducing her arousal levels.

It was 7:30am on a Saturday morning and Dianne went to the 24 hour grocery store. Early morning shopping was best for her because the checkout lines were minimal. Mary and Sara were in the same store getting some last minute items they needed for an engagement party and by chance, they met in one of the isles. After some resistance, Mary and Dianne began talking. Mary kept the conversation low key until she saw a swelling of emotion on Dianne's face, which she had seen so many times before.

Mary finally said,

"I know we have had this conversation before, but this time I want you to really consider what I am about to ask you. Please .. please come to our house, use it as a safe get away from your apartment. No one will know you are with us and you can talk, vent your anguish and also have a shoulder to lean and cry on. John is very concerned about you .. we both are."

After a few moments, Dianne looked at Mary and slowly nodded. When John heard about the meeting, he voiced concern about Dianne but didn't think she would carry through on Mary's offer.

4.02 A Pleasant Sunday Visit:

Both Mary and John were pleasantly surprised when Dianne called them and asked if she could come over to visit with them. Mary knew that Dianne's decision to leave the secure confines of her apartment had to be a difficult one. Dianne arrived and was met with genuine hugs of affection from Mary and John and was given a cook's tour of the house except for the basement. Soon they were sitting on the front porch enjoying a perfect summer day and each other's company.

Mary and John were guarded in what they talked about, not wanting to jeopardize the decision that Dianne had taken by coming to their house. It was Dianne that finally and hesitantly began talking about herself. John felt Dianne would be more open if he wasn't there and went back into the house.

Mary soon learned how difficult Dianne's life had been. She learned of Dianne's visits to her physiatrist and the anguish of her sexual denial. As Dianne was talking, Mary was thinking about Jenny, a perfect surrogate for Dianne.

Mary took Dianne's hand and said,

"I have a friend, Jenny, who is also a Hermaphrodite. She goes to parties, dates men, women and other Hermaphrodites. She says that she has the best of both worlds and wouldn't give it up for anything."

Dianne had always thought of herself as one of kind and finding out that she was not alone made her feel more comfortable. Mary asked Dianne to think about it and when she thought she was ready a meeting would be arranged with Jenny. Mary also suggested that now might be a good time to stop taking the Librium.

Dianne stayed for lunch and most of the afternoon. By the time she returned to her apartment, her outlook had change somewhat and would try what Mary had had suggested she do. The Librium came first and then two weeks later, a phone call saying she would meet with Jenny. Mary and Jenny had met several times to discuss Dianne's situation and Jenny not only sympathized with Dianne but knew how to get through the remaining barriers that she knew would still be there. Jenny felt that the meeting should be in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and suggested a Saturday morning get together at Starbuck's.

4.03 The meeting of two Hermaphrodites:

Dianne had been off of Librium now for more than two weeks. She was feeling better about herself but now had to cope with her unwanted desires. Mary and Dianne arrived first and Mary could see the apprehension on Dianne's face. They got a table at the back corner of the store and Mary went to the counter and ordered the coffees that she knew everyone liked.

In a few minutes, Jenny arrived and Dianne couldn't believe what she was seeing. Jenny was a beautiful, full figured woman with absolutely no outward sign that she was a Hermaphrodite. She stood up and Jenny smiled at her and hugged her warmly and affectionately. Dianne's heart was beating rapidly and blush spread across her face. It didn't take long for Jenny to put Dianne at ease and soon the conversation switched to Hermaphrodites.

Jenny talked in a soft, low voice.

"First, there are a lot of support groups in our area and if you will let me, I will introduce you to some of them. Also, you have to get out more and socialize, you will find that most people that you meet just want to have fun.

Now for the sex part. Despite what you think, not every man ... or woman, is turned off when they find out that you are a Hermaphrodite.

Do you know what the best part is?"

Dianne just shook her head.

"Not only do you have a vaginal orgasm, you also ejaculate ... and it is enough to make you faint."

A deep blush spread across Dianne's face and strange ache spread between her thighs. Her penis began to tingle and despite the control she had used all her adult life, she couldn't prevent her penis from stirring.

She whispered to Jenny,

"I have never orgasmed."

Jenny whispered back,

"Why don't you come home with me. If you have second thoughts, at any time, just say 'stop' and no questions will be asked. Perhaps we can meet later when you feel you are ready."

An anxious but nervous Dianne nodded her head. Mary smiled and watched Jenny take Dianne's hand and lead her out of Starbucks. She wondered who would call her tomorrow, Dianne?, Jenny?, hopefully both.

4.04 Jenny and Dianne:

Dianne liked Jenny's two bedroom Condo. It was spacious, well furnished and very comfortable. The master bedroom had zoned lighting and an imbedded sound system. One of the walls was mirrored and the bathroom was large with a separate bath and a walk-in shower.

Jenny drew close to Dianne and said,

"The first step is for you to get used to being nude in front of another person ... which would be me."

She started to unbutton Dianne's blouse and met the first resistance.

Jenny said,

"Ok, we will take this slow, how about undressing down to our bras and panties. We will do it together, one item at a time."

A reluctant Dianne took off her blouse, as did Jenny. The shoes and socks came next and then their skirts. Jenny smiled at Dianne's partially nude body. They both had the same curvaceous, hour glass bodies and she could see the Dianne's large penis through her silky panties. Jenny smiled again when she saw Dianne staring at her 'manhood'.

Jenny took Dianne by the hand and led her back into the living room. Dianne sat on the sectional while Jenny poured two glasses of wine. She added the powder of two packages to Dianne's wine which were odorless and tasteless. The drugs were timed released and designed to have two effects. The first would increase her arousal level and the second would enhance her semen production. Both would quicken her sexual recovery.

They relaxed watching a rerun of Grey's Anatomy. Jenny would wait for Dianne to completely finish her glass of wine. The more relaxed Dianne got the more she talked and laughed with Jenny. As the drugs began to take effect, Dianne felt a wonderful warmth spreading throughout her genitals and her nervousness vaulted when she felt her penis stirring. She reached down and placed her hands over her panties in an attempt to block Jenny's view of her unwanted arousal. A worried Dianne saw Jenny get off the sectional and stand in front of her. She smiled at Dianne as she undid her bra and peeled her panties down her thighs and legs. A low, almost silent gasp escaped Dianne's mouth when she gazed at Jenny's firm breasts, penis and hairless labia. The gasp got louder when Jenny's penis began to stir and she watched in awe as it slowly grew to full erection in front of wide open eyes.

Jenny came closer to Dianne, reached out and took Dianne's right hand that was draped over her panties and, with a little coaxing, urged Dianne to stand up. Jenny knelt down in front of Dianne and molded her hand onto the silky fabric that was covering Dianne's semi-erect penis and began an exquisite massaging action. A shocked Dianne tried to moved her hips away and her hands reached down and grasped Dianne's shoulders. Her rising thickness pushed out through the panties forming a twitching 'tent'.

"No .. please .. I'm not ready .. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Dianne closed her eyes when she felt Jenny's fingers grasp the elastic band of panties, pulling it outward and then downward. She sighed as the confining fabric released her erection and it throbbed in the air in front of Jenny's smiling face. Jenny stood up and wrapped her arms around Dianne and whispered in her ear,

"That's the first step, it gets easier now."

Jenny's hands drifted down to the clasp on Dianne's bra and Jenny felt Dianne tremble as she undid it. The bra fell to the floor and Jenny stepped back and looked at Dianne's nakedness, saying softly,

"Open your eyes Dianne, you have a beautiful body."

The two aroused Hermaphrodites gazed at each other's nakedness and Dianne was filled with mixed emotions. Part of her wanted to run back to her apartment and the other part wanted Jenny hold her and touch her. Jenny drew closer and Dianne closed her eyes again and parted her lips, knowing Jenny was going to kiss her. Their lips met and Dianne felt Jenny's warm, moist tongue glide across her lips and then slowly slip into her mouth. A new and exciting emotion filled Dianne's mind when their tongues met and she sighed into Jenny's mouth. Dianne broke the kiss with a loud gasp when Jenny moved closer and their erections pressed each other. The sensations that bolted across her loins were totally unexpected and she pulled Jenny in closer to her body and her panting breath bathed Jenny's neck and shoulder.

4.05 Dianne's Hair Removal, First Orgasm:

Jenny led Dianne into the bedroom and then into the bathroom. A confused Dianne looked at Jenny.

"The first thing we are going to-do is get rid of that thick patch of hair between your thighs. It hiding the wonderful folds of your labia."

Jenny smiled at Dianne,

"I want to see what I am feasting on."

A deep flush swept across Dianne's face.

They put on shower caps and Jenny got the waters nice and warm. She then turned off the shower and both stepped into the enclosure. Jenny had Dianne stand with her arms raised outward from her body and legs spread wide apart. Her now softened penis laid over the folds of her hair covered labia. Jenny picked up the bottle of depilatory that was sitting on a corner ledge and began applying the liquid depilatory to Dianne's arms, genitals, thighs and legs. Dianne wasn't prepared for the delicious 'popping' sensations that the depilatory gave her as Jenny's exploring hands mixed the slick liquid into her bodily hair.


Jenny finished up with a liberal portion between the cheeks of Dianne's buttocks and then turned the water on to the removable shower head to wash the remnants of Dianne's hair from her body. Dianne couldn't suppress a moan as the pulsing waters massaged her nuded labia and inner thighs. Her penis tingled and Jenny used the shower head to bring it to full erection. Dianne gasped and her hips thrust her 'manhood' into the pulsing flow of water.

"Ohhhhhhh!! Jennyyyyy!!"

Jenny now turned on the main shower and when Dianne was nice and wet, she picked up a bottle of liquid soft-soap and had Dianne, step back from the flowing waters and began to liberally apply the liquid silkiness to her body. Dianne sighed as Jenny's hands kneaded and massaged her firm breasts and her slippery fingers swirled around the stiff nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!! Yesssssssssss!!"

Jenny acquired more of the sensuous liquid and knelt down in front of Dianne's spread legs and applied the silky soap to Jenny's swollen folds and straining hardness. Dianne's moans got louder and her hips bucked and jerked as the slick right hand glided up and down her virgin erection. Jenny smiled and intensified her actions. The arousing fingers of her left hand slipped between the folds and teased the clasping entrance to Dianne's womanhood. Two expert fingers twisted their way inward and found the sensitive tissues of Dianne's 'G' spot. Jenny had pushed Dianne beyond her normal 'stopping' point. Her mind was being saturated with ecstatic sensations and pressures that she had never felt before. Her hands tightened onto Jenny's shoulders as her body was catapulted over her orgasmic edge for the very first time. There was an abrupt silence and Dianne froze as her vagina spasmed and her liquid joy surged up her engorged 'manhood' and teasingly played with the ultra-sensitive gland of her erection. Suddenly a shrill wail echoed around the bathroom as Dianne's dual orgasm was unleashed. Jenny felt Dianne's vaginal muscles grip her stroking fingers and then saw Dianne's long string of semen jettison forcefully from the head of her jerking penis.


Dianne's first orgasms sent her body into sensory overload and slumped down in front Jenny, who held her in her arms. Dianne slowly recovered and wrapped her arms around Jenny as waves of aftershocks rippled throughout her body. When Dianne came down from her orgasmic high, a flood of mixed emotions filled her mind. She liked what Jenny had done to her but felt embarrassed and a little ashamed.

Jenny sensed the conflict and said,

"You just found out how good your body can make you feel. This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come."

Dianne smiled, yes, she did enjoy it, especially when someone else was doing it for her. Jenny picked up two soft, plush towels. Soon they were drying each other off and Dianne's hands couldn't resist the temptation to lift and caress Jenny's flaccid penis. Her breath quickened as it grew within her hand and her own penis quickly stirred and grew erect.

Jenny said,

"Come with me, I want to do something special for you."

4.06 Dianne's first Deep Throating:

Jenny led Dianne into the bedroom and toward the large mirrored wall. She positioned Dianne so she could see her aroused self in the mirror and snuggled up close behind her. Jenny's erection pushed tantalizingly against the cheeks lower back and her stiff nipples pushed into the soft skin of Dianne's back. Jenny put her hands on Dianne's shoulders and started a slow, soothing, massaging action, at the same time, she started to plant small butterfly-like kisses along Dianne's neck and shoulders. Dianne closed her eyes and leaned back against Jenny, sighing softly as the kisses and gentle hands adorned her body.

Jenny's hands slowly worked their way around in front of Dianne toward her breasts. Her hands cupped and lifted both breasts in a gentle massaging and kneading action. Soon, her fingers slipped onto the nipples with a delicious caressing and fondling action. Dianne's stiffening nipples quickly became erect and she excitedly pushed them into Jenny's loving hands.

Both of Jenny's hands started a massaging action down Dianne's body toward the apex of her thighs. Dianne's erection jerked in anticipation of Jenny's touch but Jenny's wrists just brushed against the throbbing hardness as they slowly slid further downward. Her hands gently formed around Dianne's labia with a wonderful kneading action. Dianne instinctively hunched down a little and spread her thighs apart to give Jenny's hand more maneuvering room. Her dazed eyes looked at the mirror and saw herself moving and twisting wherever the exploring hands moved. She saw the thick gland at the head of her straining erection begin to glisten with its oozing preseminal fluids.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!"

In a few seconds. Jenny's fingers slipped between the flaring folds, pushing them further apart. The exploring finger tips began teasing and caressing the oozing opening to her womanhood. Dianne gasped loudly and hips jerked her sex onto Jenny's hands and fingers. Her erection throbbed and jumped in the air. Jenny then started backup up toward Dianne's breast area. She found the erect bullet-like nipples eagerly waiting for the return of her hands. Again, her fingers deliciously swirled around and caressed Dianne's excited nipples.

Dianne's flared folds swelled and started clenching and the pick furrow glistened with its wetness. Precum was now drooling down her throbbing member making it glisten in the light. Her body twitched excitedly wherever Jenny's hands moved and she moaned as her arousal soared. Her hips jerked her swollen sex forward, desperately looking for Jenny's hands.

Jenny repeated the massaging process over and over again. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching Dianne's raging erection. Jenny's kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped teasingly over and onto the engorged nipples. Jenny smiled when Dianne leaned back against her and pushed her aroused sex outward toward her exploring hands.

"Ohh! Jenny! .. Please ..."

Jenny stopped and moved in front of Dianne and knelt down in front of her. Dianne's hardness jerked rapidly knowing that Jenny's eyes were now fixed on her highly excited 'manhood'. She reached out and rested her hands on the surface of Dianne's thighs, watching her straining erection twitch and jerk. Her hands worked their way further inward with exquisite squeezes and massages and formed themselves over Dianne's swelling labia. Dianne's body squirmed at the delicious contact and she held her breath as the hands trekked upward and wrapped themselves around her engorged and slick hardness. Dianne's hips arched outward and she gasped at the ecstatic contact.


Jenny's expert hands glided up and down the thick tube of flesh with gentle squeezing actions and smiled when she saw the drooling precum oozing freely from the puckering opening of the thick gland. Dianne's intense arousal now caused her hips to shift and grind into the manipulating palms and fingers. Jenny's left hand massaged its way downward toward Dianne's flared folds. Her fingers again slipped between the folds and began teasing the clasping inner lips. Jenny's right hand let go of Dianne's jerking organ and grasped Dianne's bucking hips. Dianne's glistening erection throbbed in front of her face. Jenny slowly nudged two fingers inward past Dianne's excited inner lips with an ecstatic twisting and turning action.

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