tagIllustratedNeighbours' Treat

Neighbours' Treat


It was mid morning when I heard the sound of the letter box clatter.

On the door mat I found a manila envelope addressed to the lady of the house.

There was no stamp so it had obviously been hand delivered, curious

I opened it and reached inside pulling out a single plain sheet of artist paper.

Turning it over I was shocked to see a pencil sketch of myself relaxing in the lounge and nude the waist up.

It was signed, for the lady exhibitionist.

There was an accompanying note which read,

"This is how we will remember you, thanks for the show xxx."

It was quite good but where the hell had it come from?

Unsure of whether I should be feeling flattered or disturbed I opened the door to see two of the students renting the house opposite hurriedly crossing the road, one of them glanced over his shoulder, nudging his mate who looked back with a cheesy grin on his face...mystery solved.

While walking around the house in just panties and bra a few weeks ago I had spied someone watching me from the house across the way, peering out from under the bedroom blinds. I had found it kind of cute and teased them further, always leaving the blinds partially open and sometimes giving them a treat by walking around naked.

This would be an ideal opportunity to let on that I knew they were looking.

Dressing conservatively I put on a pair of pastel blue cotton panties cut high on my hips and a matching bra, a knee length cotton skirt and a simple blouse, leaving just a few buttons undone giving a hint of cleavage.

Picking up the picture and envelope I walked across the road, opting to knock on the door to the side of the house rather than the front door which faced the road.

There were boxes piled up in the yard, labelled and stacked in order so it looked as if my admirers would be moving on soon.

There was a commotion of raised voices before the door opened a crack and a rather cautious looking face appeared.

"Can I help you?" He asked, looking sharply back over his shoulder as something was said in the background eliciting a fit of giggles from one or more parties.

To his surprise I pushed the door open and stepped in brandishing the envelope.

"Don't you think there is something we need to talk about?" I said with feigned anger.

Met with silence I looked around, surprised at how clean and tidy the place was considering they were students and an all male house.

Two chaps were seated at a small table looking rather sheepish; the guy who had answered the door walked over and joined them dropping down in a chair.

They looked to be late teens or early twenties and were casting nervous glances back and forth knowing that they had been caught out, no doubt wondering what trouble they were in.

Unable to keep up the 'annoyed' act I placed the picture on the table and said,

"Who did this?"

They looked back and forth then two of them pointed to the other.

"He did," then by way of explanation, "he's an art student."

Walking round behind him I lightly placed my hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "It is really good and I am flattered, but tell me..."

"How do you know what I looked like naked?"

He reached out and fiddled with the picture.

"I saw you once in your house," he looked over at the others, "after he told me you walk around in your bra and stuff."

The other guy started to protest, "Hey it was him not me," he said pointing to the blond one, "his room is opposite your bedroom not mine."

"So you have all had a good look then?" I asked.

They started to protest but I held up my hand.

"Did I say that I minded?"

They looked at one another dumb struck.

"I saw you weeks ago and I think it's cute that you get off on watching me, come on do you really think that I 'accidentally' leave my blinds half open."

They looked at one another the tension gone as they realised that they weren't in any trouble, they all looked at one another, burst out laughing and said in unison.

"Yes, we did."

They introduced themselves as Tony and Pete who were studying media and Dave who was the artist. Pointing at the picture I said,

"Are there any more like that or did you just do one sketch?"

Before he could answer Tony fetched a folder from a draw and passed it over.

"I hope you don't get mad." He said.

Inside there were not only sketches but several photos of me in various states of undress, obviously taken through the bedroom and lounge windows, partially obscured by the blinds, but of me all the same.

I looked over at Dave and raised my eyebrow.

"Please explain yourself." I said.

"The first time I did a sketch you were sitting in a chair, I think you might have been asleep, so I had time to finish it. Because it turned out Ok I wanted to do another but every time I was lucky enough to spot you it was when you were moving around, I never had chance to get anything down, the only way that I could do a sketch was to work from a picture." he arranged the pictures so that they matched up.

"First I would take a picture for reference then I would sketch as much as I could before you moved, finishing it later on."

I took my time looking over the pictures.

They were very good,

"So you what you are telling me is that you weren't perving, you were just being artistic? Well if that's the case how do you explain these two getting a good look?"

Again they looked at one another, unsure of what to say. "Just be honest," I said, moving round the table and placing a picture in front of each of them, "Did you get hard when you were spying on me?"

Tony looked down at the picture, at his mates, then up at me.

I smiled to reassure him, "well?"

He looked at the other two before answering.

"Yes I did, fuck we all did, every morning and evening we waited in Dave 's room to see if you would walk about naked... it was the highlight of our day."

"See these two pictures?" I tapped two of the photos.

"Did you get off on watching me when you took these?"

All three of them said yes.

"Well how do you feel when tell you that I knew you were watching and did a little strip as I took my knickers off just to tease you?"

They looked back and forth.

"That's so hot said Pete, we had no idea. We thought you were just messing about for your Husband."

He looked panicky, "He doesn't know about us does he?"

Their sudden fear made me laugh, "Not yet."

"You won't tell him, will you?" Dave spluttered.

Taking the pictures I looked them over then said to Dave,

"Which one of these got you guys the hottest?"

They all agreed that it was the fully nude picture.

"Well what I am going to do is take this and have it framed for him to hang in his office."

Tony looked shocked.

"And he won't mind?"

"Not a bit, we have a very fun and exciting relationship, we tell each other everything."

Pete spoke up.

"So he won't beat the shit out of us...man that's cool."

Nodding toward the various boxes I said.

"Looks like you're moving on anyway."

"Yea," Pete replied "The people who own the place need it back and it's the end of our lease."

"What will you do for your art projects then?" I asked Dave.

"Don't know, but I am sure we will never get anywhere as interesting as this place."

I smiled as an idea for some fun came to me.

"How would you like to get a few shots for future projects, up close this time?"

Tony licked his lips, "What are you getting at?"

"How about I give you a few poses to work from and at the same time give you a little something to remember me by to make up for all the teasing."

Tony looked at the others, "I'm in." Pete stood up, "Hell me too."

Dave nodded quietly and picked up his pad and camera.

"What are we waiting for?" I said, "Show me to your room."

They lead me upstairs, the bedrooms were fresh and tidy, the bed neatly made.

"There are rules," I said, "No one touches or does anything until I tell them to, Dave you can take pictures for future reference but I don't want my face in any of the shots and I get to delete any I don't like, Ok?"

They agreed so I sat on the bed and unbuttoned my blouse down to the top of my breasts, I rolled over onto my back my eyes half closed, my skirt ridding up my legs, well above my knees.

Drawing one foot up towards my buttocks and raising one knee caused my skirt to slip further down my thigh, but not so far as they could see up it.

"How does this look Dave, sexy but kind of innocent?"

Tony whistled. "Look's pretty good so far." He said.

Reaching down I trailed my fingers over the top of my leg dragging the edge of my skirt further up, fully uncovering the smooth creamy skin of my thighs.
There was a tingle in my belly as they stared at my naked legs.
"Get that shot," Tony said, "I can just see a little bit of her panties."

"If you want to see them, move this out of the way for me." I said flicking my skirt.

Tony reached down with a shaky hand, pinched the edge of my skirt very carefully in his fingers and raised it a little higher, exposing the crotch of my panties.

I was a little wet and wondered if the material was showing a damp spot.

Dave took another two pictures.

Turning over onto my front I stretched out both legs, the material of my skirt bunching up almost up to my waist again partially exposing my panties.
"Take one now Dave, she's got a great ass," Pete said.
"Don't you want to fix my skirt first?" I asked.

Dave was right there this time,
"You're right, we should move it a little bit," slowly he raised the hem of my skirt right up to the small of my back until the whole of my panty covered ass was exposed.

"What do you guys think? Is it nice?" I said.

"Sweet," Tony said, "Id love to see it bare."

The other two agreed,

"It looked awesome when you were over the road but even better up close." Pete Said.

My panties were high cut so easing my hips up off the bed slightly I managed to reach back and take hold of the elastic at the bottom of my butt cheek, pulling it up into the crack of my ass, exposing one buttock and repeating the process the other side so that for all intents and purposes, my ass was completely exposed to them.

Dave once again walked around the bed firing shots off from different angles.

Tony whistled softly, "Man those cheeks look so soft."

Turned on by their attention and aching to be touched I decided to give them a treat.

"Each of you can run your fingers over my ass and feel how soft it is, if you want to."

Tony was first, letting his fingers linger over the soft flesh, his touch warm.

Pete followed, touching so softly it tickled, Dave's touch was firm he circled his fingers over my flesh then made me shudder as he ran a finger along the crack.

Deciding that was enough for now I rolled over onto my back.

My skirt had flopped down again and Tony said,

"I'd give anything to see your panties pulled up like that from the front."

"Whoa that would be too much," Dave said. "Am I right?"

In answer I undid another button on my blouse so now most of my bra and the smooth skin of my cleavage were exposed. "Turn around for a second."

They did as they were told and I quickly re-arranged my panties pulling the material in towards my slit so that my mound was bare but my lips covered up, slipping the waistband down over my hip bones and stopping at the top of my landing strip.

Normally my pussy is waxed completely bald but now and again I leave a little strip as a surprise for Steve.

I told the guys to turn around, as they did I took hold of my skirt and started pulling it up to the tops of my thighs when I got to my panties they let out a gasp of appreciation, tugging it up over my hips and onto my abdomen I was deliciously exposed from the waist down, my cotton panties neatly arranged to show me off but not show everything at once.

There was a moments silence broken only by the ticking of a clock.

"Incredible," Pete said. "That is fucking gorgeous," said Dave.

"Yeah, I know," I replied, making them laugh.

"Unbelievable," Tony said, "Your thighs are really nice I want to touch them so bad."

"Keep wishing mister," I said, making them laugh again.

Dave took several pictures, this time even kneeling down and pointing the camera between my legs, I could feel myself getting wetter, all of the guys were doing their best to hide the bulges developing in their jeans, it was time to move it up a bit.

"Sorry if I'm out of line but I'm dying to know something, do you shave your pussy?" Pete said. "Only we can't really tell from looking through the window."

"Bloody hell," said Dave, "Don't spoil things with your stupid questions."

"Relax guys" I said, "sometimes, sometimes not, I guess I can show you a little bit."

I paused, "if you want?" They all agreed that they would.

Once again instructing them to turn around I eased my panties down uncovering the narrow strip of pubic hair and mound, then carefully arranging the material into a narrow band of cotton around my upper thighs just below my crotch so that my lips were still covered, legs squeezed tight together I lay back.

"Does this answer your question boys?"

They turned around and Tony almost choked. "Oh my god that is so nice."

Dave once again lifted the camera, Pete stood close to the edge of the bed.

"Wow that little strip looks so neat and soft."

Totally in control and feeling very horny I said,

"I will let you stroke it if you like, but only the little strip and just for a minute."

"If your fingers stray anywhere else I go home, agreed?"

Dave put down his camera, again his touch was firm, he ran the tip of his finger along the thin strip to my panties then dragged the nail all the way back. Tony was next and rubbed gently back and forth letting out a little "Wow." Pete's touch was once again almost too soft, tickling slightly, moisture trickled from my pussy and I almost forgot myself allowing my knees to part a little, luckily they couldn't spread far because my panties restricted my movement, quickly I placed my palm over my mound covering myself as I sat up, my skirt dropping back down into my lap, I fumbled about under it repositioned my panties so that I would be 'decent' again.

The guys looked disappointed thinking things were over until I said.

"How about taking some shots of me in my underwear?"

Standing in front of them I said to Dave.

"How would you like to help me out of this skirt for a start?"

He reached out and unzipped my skirt, pulled it over my hips and let it drop to my feet.

"Who wants to help me out of this blouse?"

Pete stepped forward before Tony could make a move, slowly popping the buttons, the back of his hand 'accidentally' brushing my breasts.

He pushed the material off my shoulders, tugging the sleeves down my arms until he held it in his hands, to his credit he folded both items of clothing and carefully placed them on a bedside cabinet.

I stood before them in only my panties and a bra.

Holding onto the end of the bed I slowly bent from the waist and gave them an eyeful of my buttocks, the material of my panties stretched taught as I tugged on the thin cotton, once again causing them to ride up disappearing between my cheeks as I gently swayed my hips.

With my legs wide apart I then bent further, reaching down and pulling my panties tight at the front so that the shape of my pussy lips would be outlined against the damp material at my crotch.

As I flopped down and settled back on the bed the guys were in awe, speechless and by the swelling in their jeans, very hard.

"Would you like to see a little bit more?" I asked...stupid question.

Of course they all agreed.

My heart was pounding; walking in front of open blinds to tease them was one thing but I was now planning to strip naked with the guy's just inches away from my pussy.

"Move down to the foot of the bed for me" they did as I asked.

Taking a deep breath to calm my racing pulse I said.

"You have been great so far so I guess I could show you just a little peak of pussy."

There was utter silence as I spread my legs apart, keeping them flat on the bed, running my fingers down over my belly and rubbing the palm of my hand against my mound I hooked a finger into the leg of my panties and eased them over just a bit so that one side my pussy peeked out.

"Look at that, it's so smooth," said Pete,

"What are you waiting for Dave, take a picture."

I felt the mattress sink slightly as Dave steadied himself at the end of the bed.

"Are you wet?" asked Tony.

"What does it look like?" I said, pulling the flimsy material away from my damp lips and over to one side so that all of my pussy was now exposed to them.

"Yeah," Tony agreed. "It's wet alright."

I reached down between my legs and very briefly spread my outer lips before pulling my knickers back over covering myself up.

"Holy shit look at those lips," Pete said "Did you see how pink it was?"

Getting off the bed I motioned to Tony to come to me, pointing at the other two in turn I said, "He took off my skirt and he took off my blouse so it seems like you missed out." Leaning in close I breathed in his ear, "I want you to strip me naked."

Hesitating at first Tony stood behind me and unclasped my bra, slipping it down my arms and releasing my breasts, there was an appreciative whistle from the guys.

Placing the bra with my other clothes he paused for a second then knelt in front of me hooking his index fingers in the waistband of my panties, pulled them away from my belly then over my hips and started sliding them down.

The wet crotch stuck to my pussy lips, briefly tugging on them as Tony eased the material away from me, his face was just inches from my vagina, he breathed in deep taking in the musky aroma and his warm breath tickled my dampness as he exhaled.

Taking his time he slipped my panties down, past my knees and to my ankles where I stepped out of them.

He stood holding the damp material like a trophy.

Naked before them, I kneaded my breasts pinching the erect nipples.

Parting my legs I slid my hands down my body and between my legs placing one foot on the bed to open myself up, again using two fingers to spread my outer lips apart.

Slipping my heels off, I crawled onto the mattress.

"Come here," I said and they gathered round.

Looking down at the bulges rising from their crotches I said,

"You all look like you're about to cum in your pants, it seems we all need a bit of relief but I'm not touching you and you're not touching me, what I would like to do though is a bit of mutual masturbation."

Tony spoke up, "How do you mean exactly?"

I smiled at him,

"It's simple, I put on a bit of a show and you get to watch as I stroke my pussy, then you show me how excited it got you."
Dave gave his cock a quick little squeeze through his jeans as he tried to adjust it to a more comfortable position, flushing a bit when he realised I had seen him.

"Go ahead, you can do whatever you've got to do, but I don't think it's fair for me to lie here with everything on display while you stay fully clothed, I would really like to see those hard cocks."

They looked at one another, perhaps a bit shy about undressing.

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