tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNellie's Christmas Fantasy

Nellie's Christmas Fantasy


Nellie stood in front of the full length mirror looking slowly up and down her body. Every detail of her body had been carefully formed and kept over the years. From her strawberry blonde hair to her full, firm breasts, she worked at keeping herself in top form. Smiling at what she saw, she ran her hands over her fully nude body, lingering on her breasts and pussy. For her age her body was superb! She knew she could compare to girls half her age and put them to shame; all the attention and stares she got proved it. She remembered many thru the years who wanted to bed her down, and though they never had a chance...yet they still chased after her. There had been some "outside" sex in her marriage, just regular "run-of-the-mill" sex, nothing exotic and earth shaking. She figured all her "meetings" were unknown to her husband...or so she hoped. A few times he had guessed as much, but hadn't pushed the issue when she blew-up at his mentioning the possibility of her cheating.

Each of these times she had been very careful and in complete control of the entire situation. But her past conquests weren't what held her attention today. Slipping into a black thong and a sheer black bra, she chose a black dress almost too tight and revealing for where she was going. Church, after all, was supposed to be conservative and decent...not alluring and sexy. Although, she thought, no one would see what she didn't have on under the skin tight dress, she'd know and feel the excitement and sexual energy because of it. And today, with her head spinning with confusion, she needed the sexual energy. If she proceeded with what she thought of as a dangerous and daring turn in her life, she'd need all the help she could muster. She had two options. One; dangerous and daring, yet exciting and fulfilling a long hidden fantasy world...or...Two; status quo. She still wasn't totally sure.

The church was decorated for Christmas, and Nellie was playing the piano, surrounded by poinsettias. The red flowers contrasted nicely with her black sexy dress. Anyone on the platform had a bird's eye view of the congregation, and Nellie made good use of her position to watch for his arrival. He came in late. She glanced briefly at the young man, but was careful not to seem overly interested. This was his third Sunday. Scott was relatively new to the town and church, but was not to be overlooked anywhere he went. Not too tall, but with an athletic build and something about his eyes. Something different, intriguing, stimulating; something sensual and quietly commanding. She had been instantly intrigued. She was always in control; her marriage, the church, her family...she had never been out of control. She didn't follow - she led. Maybe that was one of the problems with her marriage, she silently mused as the service went on, her husband was passive. Passive about life, their marriage, the church...about everything.

Her husband had started preaching, and she now was seated towards the front like always, but she wasn't listening. She was thinking and wrestling with a decision. Three Sundays ago, Scott had entered her world very quietly and mysteriously...and now she must decide if he should stay or leave. She thought back...a mere two weeks back.

The first time she saw him in church had been instantly intriguing. It was something about him that caused her interest; she couldn't place a finger on just what it was. They immediately became friends, of a sort, but not anything that seemed out of the ordinary for a preacher's wife. The second Sunday it started. Nellie had finished with the music portion of the night service, and upon leaving the platform had went to the Ladies Restroom. Coming out of the stall she stopped, gasping at the sight of Scott standing and watching her. Mustering a small giggle, she said, "Wrong room buddy...yours is on the left!".

"No..." he softly but firmly replied, "I'm in the right room."

Puzzled, Nellie also softly said, "No, seriously, this is the ladies room..."

Stepping forward towards Nellie he stopped a foot apart. The "in-control" aspect of Nellie's nature wouldn't let her back up, and she stood defiantly. Though now becoming a bit irritated, she was intrigued yet again with this young man.

"I know who you are," he began quietly, "I've read your posts online."

For a moment she stood motionless and quiet, then said "I really need to get back to the service...". Then as if on second thought she asked, "Posts...what posts?"

"The many posts that you, under a very different name, wrote. Online you write as "Queen of Sheba"." At the mention of the name Nellie's eyes grew wide and she froze. "I know you...better than anyone here knows you...better than your own husband knows you. You want to be controlled...you NEED to be controlled. You have this secret overwhelming desire to be "out of control" and entirely submissive. You call yourself a "Queen" but really want to become a slave...a sex slave. You want to feel what it's like to be controlled and submissive. That, according to your posts and stories, is something you've never felt, never done."

"You're just plain crazy!" she laughed. Then with a slight smile she added, "Wrong room, wrong girl...just plain wrong!"

His body suddenly and roughly rammed hers up against the wall, with his hands pinning her wrists to her sides. His strength was overpowering; he was stronger than he looked. Her first instincts were to fight back and scream something at him, but his mouth covered hers, crushing her lips and kissing her hard. She wanted to scream...or did she? Something inside her instantly was aroused and set on fire. She was speechless, and all her fight was held in check for the moment.

"This is what you've been writing about." he said as he released her hands, but kept his body against hers. Beginning to softly squeeze her breasts he added, "I'm what you've been fantasizing about. Now you have a decision to make. I can make all of your fantasies come true...your wildest erotic dreams...your most taboo desires. I can do it, if you really want it. If you REALLY want it to be real, and not just in your head. " Her clinched fists remained motionless at her sides. "I'll send you my rules, and if you accept, I'll stay. If you decline, I'll leave. Your choice, but if you accept, you will agree to do EVERYTHING I say without question."

Nellie's head was spinning. He KNEW who she was online! NOBODY knew that side of her life; her secret, sensual, fantasy alter ego had been discovered! The in control, near perfect, preacher's wife was for the first time ever, thrown off balance and unsure of what to do! She could feel his warm breath in her ear and feel his hard erection growing against her body. She was angry, yet excited; completely lost, yet seemingly where she always wanted to be. All of her emotions bombarded her at the same moment.

"Keep your phone on." he whispered, and left.

Service was almost over, as Nellie came back to her senses. It would be today. She had lived wishing secretly for another life...but knowing she'd never get it. Now...now she was being offered two lives. A real world and an erotic dream world. Scott's rules were simple and direct. "Do whatever he commanded, whenever, however, and with whomever." His text message was sent only once, and gave her a week to reply.

Service was nearing the end. Nellie wondered if she actually could let someone "control" her like he was saying, and if he would, or could, actually bring her imaginary "sex world" to life. She hesitated, then took out her phone and sent one text. "No pain, only safe sex, and my marriage stays intact." Moments later came the reply. "Done".

Later, leaving the building Scott shook Nellie's hand as she whispered, "I'm yours.". Her eyes lingering on his back as he left, she softly whispered, "I think...I'm still really not sure."

Her husband leaned over and asked, "...what's that?"

Flashing a quick smile to cover, she winked, "I said I hope he pays his tithes for sure!"

That night during church Nellie noticed Scott in his usual place. Shortly after he arrived, while she was still on the platform, she got a message. She frowned. This was not the place. Glancing down she scanned the message, "After service meet me - make excuse."

Over and hour later church was over, everyone was leaving, and she still couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to go through with this or not. She sighed, took out her phone and sent her reply to Scott, "Can't come." She closed her eyes and shook her head. Status Quo seemed to be her life. No dreams, no erotic taboo fantasies...nothing.

Sipping a glass of wine, Nellie stared into the fireplace. She sat alone, wearing only her black thong, her bra having been tossed aside on the couch. A blanket loosely covered her shoulders, falling open down the front to reveal her perfect full breasts. She glanced down at her nipples. Sexy hard dark nubs protruding out, from the chill in the room. How many eyes would love to voyeur her at this moment, she thought. Did her husband object to her sitting half nude in the middle of the night...probably. He certainly objected to her wine, but then again, she frowned, he objected to a lot she did. The only thing not passive about his behavior, were his occasional weak objections; and yet, they too were passive. Church was over, her husband was in bed (he never stayed up - even for her), and now she sat alone. Wrapped in her thoughts and her blanket, she sipped on her wine, pondering her life. The wine was taking the desired effect and her thoughts flowed a bit more uninhibited now. The "formal, decent, upstanding" side of her relaxed, giving way to her wilder, sensual, daring side. Her hand slowly made its way down inside the blanket touching her pussy lips. Her finger slowly circled her clitoris and she closed her eyes. Bring her finger up, she dipped it into her wine then slowly started inserting it between her little hot pussy lips. Her eyes closed and her head fell back against the couch. Whispering quietly to the dancing flames she said, "...should've told him "can't cum"...not "can't come"...", with a half smile appearing on her face as she continued enjoying herself.

"You could cum..."

Nellie jumped and spun at the sound of another voice in the dimly lit room! Staring wildly into the shadows, she fiercely called out, "Who...who's there!?!"

Out of the shadows stepped a dark figure, moving slowly towards the flickering light. He stopped to take in her beauty. Wearing only her black thong and holding her glass of wine, she was erotic and stunning, he thought. Her full breasts and hard nipples gleamed in the firelight, above a perfectly flat stomach. She was more perfect than he imagined. Seeing her topless for the first time caused him to nod his head and smile approvingly.

Nellie let out a small gasp, her anger and fear momentarily lost, "Scott...!?!". Grabbing her blanket to cover herself, the wide eyed beauty moved a step closer to the shadowy intruder.

"Ssshhh...you'll wake the dead." the shadowy figure replied.

The surprise of it being someone she knew now over, Nellie's anger returned. "What the...! What are you doing in my house!?!" she stammered, glaring angrily at Scott. A sound and movement coming down the stairs caused her to spin around!

"Honey, is that you?" called a sleepy voice.

"Oh...yeah...just messing around down here." she quickly reassured her sleepy husband. Quickly she ran to meet him halfway up the stairs. "You know, couldn't sleep. Go on back to bed...I'll be up in a bit." Nellie tried to sound calm, though she was anything but calm. Slowly, mumbling something, her husband shuffled back up the stairs to their room. Having made sure he was back in bed, she nearly flew back down the stairs. Scanning the room she finally saw movement in the darkness that turned again into a form.

"Are you out of your mind? Breaking into my house..." she almost yelled, but reined herself in just in time.

He cut her off with a low command, "Be quiet...now come over here."

Eyes wide and mouth open, she stared. "Do what...?" she demanded.

"Perhaps you forgot our agreement."

Nellie's eyes narrowed into slits, her anger slowly being overcome by her rising sexual interest. Standing very still, she took a sip of her wine. Starring deep into his eyes all anger slowly gave way to erotic curiosity. Very slowly one of her feet slid in his direction. A moment, then the other foot, until she was within reach of this mysterious man. Reaching out he took her glass and drank it's contents, then setting it down, he reached out to pull Nellie towards him. She resisted, not wholeheartedly, but gently held back.

"You stood me up tonight." he whispered, "one time I'll understand and forgive. YOU asked for this fantasy, not once, but many times - online and in person. YOUR online blogs and stories, and YOUR body language every time we were together. I fully expected some hesitation on your part, but that time is over. You said that you were mine." He stopped, looking deep into her searching eyes, "Now is your last chance. I'm not demanding now, just awaiting your final answer. If it is YES this time...then I will be demanding. More so than you've ever known, but also you'll feel and experience sex like you never have before. You'll become more erotic, your orgasms more explosive, and you'll discover things about yourself you never knew before. But...you MUST give me complete control. In return I'll give you your WILDEST fantasies, even more than you've dreamed about."

The few moments of their silence seemed like an hour, with the crackling of the fire the only sound in the room. Finally, sighing heavily, she breathed a very small "ok". He understood. It was done.

Drawing her close, without resistance this time, he kissed her lightly. "Drop the blanket" he softly commanded. A moment passed, then the blanket dropped around her feet. Once more he looked over her body. "You're so beautiful...erotic and sensual." Lightly pinching a nipple he caressed both breasts. He softly kissed her lips, face, and neck, then again to her open waiting lips; this time hard and long. His tongue probing and intertwining with her own searching tongue. Once again she felt him growing big and hard against her own body. Sexual excitement surged throughout her body, overcoming all resistance and hesitation. She reached out for his body. Immediately he broke off the kiss and spun her around against the wall. Pushing her hard into the wall he pinned her arms above her head.

"When we're together, you will never touch, speak, move, or even think without asking my permission." He paused then said, " Keep your arms up..." Reaching into his pocket he pulled something out and continued, "...I have something that I was going to give you at our meeting tonight. You see, not only will I give you your wildest fantasies and dreams, but if you do as I say...I'll do even more." He then, with her arms still aloft, began fastening a necklace around her neck. Finishing, he stepped back a quietly added, " You may lower your arms and see what I gave you."

Nellie slowly let her hands slide down to her breasts, and lifted the necklace up to see it. She gasped, her eyes went wide and she stared. A heart shaped diamond necklace! "It must be at least two and a half carats!" she barely spoke.

"Three to be exact."

"Why..." she started to ask.

Putting a finger to her full lips, he reminded her, "No questions, remember? You only do as I say, never question, never hesitate, only obey." He caressed her breasts and softly added, "You are mine...and the necklace is yours. It's that simple."

His next kiss left her breathless, her head already dizzy from the night's turn of events. As he took her hand, she followed without any resistance to the couch. "Sit." He said. She willingly obeyed looking up to him for further instructions. He knelt between her legs and pulled her thong slowly down to her ankles, then off entirely. Nellie fought the urge to resist as she felt her thong being removed. She had never let anyone control her like this, and it took everything she had to remain still and calm. She focused on her fantasy world; erotic, sensual, and ... Her thoughts were interrupted by the touch of his tongue on her inner thighs!

Scott had seen a few unusual erotic beauties in his time, a step above the rest, and Nellie certainly fit in with the top ones. He gently held her legs apart as he started kissing and licking her inner thighs, moving slowly upwards. The smell of her perfume on her soft "landing strip" was mixed with a faint scent of wine. He smiled, remembering seeing her hand slip down "south" in the glow of the dim firelight. His tongue circled her clit, as he kissed and nibbled on her pussy lips. He began to probe and explore her warm, wet, pussy with his darting tongue.

Nellie had, many times, been "gone down on"...but never in her living room with the chance of being discovered by her husband! The thought of it sent an erotic excitement rushing thru her body as never before! She closed her eyes and softly moaned, as his tongue started flicking faster in and out of her pussy. His hands expertly caressed her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples, pushing her further and faster than she'd ever had a man do. Bringing her to the edge was quicker than either of them expected, and both could feel her orgasm building. Sensing her body had all it could take, and was about to explode, he slowed - then stopped.

"You don't waste any time, do you baby?"

"Never this quick..." she breathed heavily.

"It's only the beginning." he said and then taking her by the hand led her towards the stairs.

When Nellie realized his intentions, she hesitated ever so slightly. Her hesitancy caused him to pause, turn to her and whisper, "Remember, there will be uncertainty and fear along the way, but to unlock your erotic dreamworld you must trust me. Then, gently leading her, he started up the stairs towards her bedroom. Each step she climbed heightened her excitement, and at the same time lowered her resistance to being controlled.

The two shadowy figures entered the bedroom, stopped briefly to listen, then crossed silently to the darkest part of the room, and waited. The heavy breathing coming from the bed continued uninterrupted. Nellie held her breath, never actually having done anything this daring...except in the stories she wrote. It was electrifying! He could wake up at any moment and catch them...and that very thing drove her excitement higher! He pushed her up against the wall and slowly slid down to his knees, where he once again focused all his attention on her hot, tight, pussy. This time instead of closing her eyes, she stared thru the semi-darkness at the sleeping form on the bed. The fear of getting caught, mixed with the feeling starting to build once again deep inside of her, created an electricity like she'd never felt! Her whole body was on fire!

Scott trusted his naked sex kitten standing above him to keep the lookout. Pushing his tongue in as far as he could, he licked and sucked, while caressing both breasts. Flicking his tongue across her clitoris, he felt her body convulse, and then go rigid. He knew the level of eroticism that coursed thru her veins at the moment was at an all time high, and began screwing her with his tongue faster and harder. Her breathing became fast and shallow; her nipples, hard and on fire under his expert fingers. All seemed to stop, and nothing else mattered as she felt her orgasm building to it's peak! Her eyes now shut...her sleeping husband all but forgotten...she became lost in another world. Suddenly, her nails dug deep into Scott's back as the explosions rocked her body! She came hard, doing everything she could to keep quite! The explosion deep inside of her body was like nothing she'd ever had! Her naked body seemed on fire and tense, she felt more alive than every before. Wave after wave rocked her body, as Scott pushed deeper, faster, and harder! Slowly he touched the side of his face, and he slowed to look up at her. Her legs started to tremble, weak and exhausted. Without any smile or words, only her eyes showed what she was feeling. Exhilarating, erotic, and far beyond anything she's experienced...she wanted more.

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