tagErotic CouplingsNelly Pt. 01

Nelly Pt. 01


He had instructed her to meet him at a coffee shop downtown. She walked in and ordered a pastry, never having been much of one for coffee or tea. It was nice enough in cold weather, but fucked if she was going to drink coffee on a day like this. She stepped outside the café and sat at a rickety metal table, setting her food on a crinkled paper bag as she did so, hungry, but also too nervous to eat. Instead she picked away pieces from her food, throwing one to a curious pigeon that had landed nearby. She crossed her pale legs absentmindedly, chewing on the ends of her braid.

"Excuse me miss."

Her head whipped around, braid slapping at her neck with the force, eyes wide and heart racing.

Wait, no. That's not him.

"Excuse me miss, could I have a dollar, or some spare change?"

A homeless man with a heavy beard and ragged clothes had approached her. She smiled in sympathy and shrugged apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I don't carry cash."

He staggered on down the road, barely stopping at a street corner.

She breathed.

He said he was coming, why wasn't he here? He was so precise with the time too, 2:18, and she, wanting to make the best impression and start the day by following orders to the letter, had arrived exactly at 2:18. So where was he?

Time dragged by.

She picked away her entire pastry and fed it to the bird. She was starting to think the bird kept her company out of pity, she decided with a half-hearted chuckle. She went back into the café and bought a muffin and brought it back outside. The pigeon cooed softly and jumped up to her table. She broke off a piece and tossed it over to her meal partner. What a strange day already.

The clock rounded four. She was frustrated and antsy and her imagination was starting to get the best of her. The things he said he would do to her, his orders for her preparation...

Her legs closed tighter as she remembered her dress was thin and could blow up in the light afternoon breeze, revealing that she was-as ordered-wearing nothing underneath.

It didn't help that she had no idea who she was looking for. An American, lean but muscular, 175 centimeters tall. But she had no idea what he looked or sounded like. He was mostly a mystery.

"Excuse me miss."

She turned again, jaw clenched. She was angry at having been stood up, and this man had the gall to come again and ask-

A man stood in front of her, hair a bit mussed but otherwise well kept, hand wrapped carefully around a coffee mug, a backpack slung over one shoulder. She noticed details separately. His eyes laughed, sparkling over some unknown joke. His forearms flexed and pushed against his skin as he removed his backpack, tendons straining in his hand. His shirt fit him, but was slightly too small. His smile was mischievous and crooked, and his stance exuded confidence and power.

She caught her breath and met his gaze timidly.

"And what am I going to call you?"

She swallowed. There was no introduction, no formality, no playing around. They both knew the purpose of their meeting.


"Nelly," he smiled even more broadly. "Such a fine name for a fine young lady such as yourself. If I'm being honest," he continued "I've been watching you since you got here. I was wondering whether you would leave, but you followed my orders instead. Good girl."

She glowed with pride, but immediately covered it. Why so proud over a small statement from a stranger? She didn't even know she could trust him yet. Before she could think further, he pulled something from his backpack. A bracelet. He deftly worked it around her wrist and clicked it shut tight. The metal pushed against her skin, noticeable but not uncomfortable. When she pulled at it, it wouldn't budge. Nelly looked up and he answered her question before her mouth even opened.

"This means you're mine until I'm done with you. It won't come off until you've satisfied me enough. At that point, I'll give you the key and you can decide whether you'd rather be free or a slave. Fair enough?"

Nelly's mind raced, but she couldn't grasp the concept fully, it was a lot to process. Instead her mind covered for her, offering up an instinctual response.

"Yes Master."

He nodded appreciatively.

"Come on little lady, we've got things to do."

As they walked down the street, he grabbed Nelly by the wrist and pulled her into an alley. Her hands jumped to her skirt, expecting a quick fuck, but instead he knelt down in front of her, grabbing another item from his bag. As he searched, Nelly mused that she would either learn to love or hate that bag. Her nipples hardened, pushing against her bra. He straightened up, his face above hers. From behind his back he revealed a pair of spandex, and pushed it at her. Nelly was confused for a moment, but her knees weakened when she looked inside them and found a thick vibrator carefully sewn into the spandex. She looked up at him, lips slightly parted, eyes already in a haze of lust.

"Put them on," he rumbled, his voice low but full of laughter. "I know you're wet enough, I can smell you from here."

Nelly blushed a bright red but followed his order, slipping on the spandex slowly, the thick fake cock stretching her wide. She finished putting them on, the spandex tight around her perfect ass, holding the vibrator deep inside her. She loved how stuffed she felt, her pussy clenching and twitching around the intruding member. He reached back into his bag and pulled out an elegant white remote, and before she could say a word, he hit the button.

Her entire body felt like it was vibrating, the fake cock inside her hummed and buzzed away. Her knees gave way and her pussy twitched uncontrollably. She wanted to scream but found she had no air, her vision fogging with pleasure. After a few seconds she was ready to cum, but right as she was about to, the buzzing stopped. She lay in the alley, her heaving chest and firm breasts straining against her bra. Her entire body felt electrified and constricted. She wanted to be out of her clothes, but she had to wear them with the spandex. It was maddening.

Nelly looked up, dazed, at the man standing above her, an evil smile spreading across his features.

"Oh are we going to have fun today."

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