Nephew Chris becomes Niece Chrissie


"Chrissie and I will ride in the back together if that is okay," Kim announced.

"Fine with me," Carl replied.

"Have fun!" teased Jake.

Chrissie got in the back seat with Kim and Kim immediately took off his panties and told Chrissie to do the same. Chrissie stripped off his panties as he was told and his cock was erect by the time the panties cleared his ankles. Kim turned toward Chrissie and kissed him deeply. Kim reached for Chrissie's cock and stroked it as they kissed. In return Chrissie took hold of Kim's cock and stroked it. The two of them kissed like teenagers and stroked each other's cock all the way back to Uncle Jake's house. They were both extremely turned on and ready to blow their loads by the time they arrived at the house.

Chrissie was anxious to get his cock into Kim's ass but he would have to wait because his uncle and Carl called the shots. As soon as they were in the house Uncle Jake took Kim's ass in the family room. Kim was on the floor on all fours as Jake greased up the ladyboy's asshole. Jake dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles and eased his cock into Kim's asshole. Jake slid in easily as Kim was well stretched from all the fucking she had received from Carl.

Chrissie was placed on the sofa and had his head face down on the cushions as Carl played with his ass. Carl took his time with Chrissie fingering his asshole and putting plenty of lubricant in it. Carl then dropped his pants and underwear and Chrissie saw the biggest cock he had ever seen in his life. Carl had to be at least 10" long and 6" around. Chrissie tensed as he feared for his ass. How could he ever take a cock like that in his ass?

Despite Carl's physical presence and muscular body he was very gentle with Chrissie. He slowly pressed his cock into Chrissie's ass and let the head of his cock push through the sphincter. Carl then held his cock still and let Chrissie adjust to the thickness. Chrissie's asshole began to relax and Carl fed Chrissie more of his cock. For what seemed to take an hour, Carl fed his big cock to Chrissie a little at a time often adding more lube along the way. Then Chrissie felt Carl's pubic hair touch his ass cheeks and he knew that Carl was all the way in.

Carl began a slow steady fucking motion and Chrissie felt his ass relax and accommodate the large cock. Carl then picked up the pace and soon his muscular body was drilling Chrissie's ass with powerful thrusts. Chrissie felt Carl's muscular thighs slap against his ass cheeks as Carl's cock filled Chrissie's asshole. Chrissie had never been fucked like that before and he grunted each time Carl's cock thrust forward and hit bottom. Chrissie's own cock was rock hard and he was tempted to jerk himself off but he wanted to save himself for Kim.

Chrissie looked over for the first time at his Uncle and Kim on the floor. Uncle Jake was drilling Kim's ass and he was close to cumming. His uncle stiffened and Chrissie knew that Kim's ass was being filled with Uncle Jake's cum. Kim rotated his ass and squeezed his ass cheeks together driving Uncle Jake over the edge. Jake then collapsed over Kim's body as he ejaculated the remaining drops of cum into Kim's ass.

Chrissie had gotten caught up in the moment watching Kim but he was brought back to reality when Carl really picked up the pace and began pounding Chrissie's ass with quick powerful thrusts. Carl then stiffened as he plunged his cock balls deep into Chrissie's ass and unleashed a torrent of cum into Chrissie's rectum. Chrissie felt stream after stream of warm cum fill his ass as Carl seemed to have an endless supply of it. Finally Carl gave a couple of hard quick thrusts and emptied his balls in Chrissie's ass.

After that the four of them went up to the bedroom and stripped off all their clothes. Chrissie was still anxious to get into Kim's ass but once again he would have to wait. Kim and Chrissie were placed in a 69 position on their sides so that they could suck each other's cock. Carl got behind Chrissie to fuck his ass again and Uncle Jake got behind Kim to do the same. It took Jake and Carl longer to cum this time and Chrissie and Kim both came in each other's mouth as they were being fucked. Eventually Jake and Carl came again and filled Kim's and Chrissie's asses with cum for a second time.

Jake and Carl then left the two ladyboys alone in bed and went downstairs to have a couple of drinks and get caught up on times past. Chrissie looked at Kim's beautiful body and his cock responded to it. Kim smiled at Chrissie and stroked his cock.

"Would you like to fuck me now?" Kim asked.

"Oh my God yes!" exclaimed Chrissie.

Kim moved to all fours and ran his hands over his shapely ass offering it to Chrissie. Chrissie pushed his erect cock into Kim's asshole and not surprisingly it slid in easily. Chrissie was happy that he had cum twice already as he would last longer in Kim's beautiful ass. Chrissie slowly fucked Kim as he relished every second that Kim was impaled on his cock. Chrissie removed his cock from Kim's asshole and let it slide up and down between Kim's ass cheeks then he put it back in. Chrissie did this several times as there was something very erotic about watching his cock slide between Kim's beautiful buttocks.

"Do you want to cum in me or on me?" Kim asked.

"I don't know, maybe on you," Chrissie answered as he had never done that before.

"Cum on me and then put it back in so I can milk your cock dry," Kim told him.

Chrissie fucked Kim with a few more strokes and then he felt his orgasm building in his testicles. Chrissie fucked Kim as long as he could before he finally pulled out of Kim's ass and placed his cock between Kim's buttocks. Chrissie watched as his cock throbbed, pulsed and spewed cum onto Kim's body. Then Chrissie eased his cock back into Kim's ass and Kim used his talented anal muscles to drain Chrissie's cock of every drop of cum. Chrissie pulled out and flopped on the bed along side of Kim.

Kim turned Chrissie on his side and then slid up close to him. Chrissie felt Kim's erection touch his buttocks and then Kim eased his cock into Chrissie's ass. Chrissie felt Kim's firm tits press into his back as Kim fucked him. Kim reached around Chrissie and fondled his tits and cock. Chrissie was so turned on that his cock hardened again in Kim's hand. Kim fucked Chrissie slowly and continued to play with Chrissie's tits and cock. Chrissie felt Kim's body tighten up briefly just before Kim came in Chrissie's ass. The sensation of warm cum filling his ass again caused Chrissie to cum again. Kim jerked Chrissie's cock as the cum oozed out and coated Kim's hand. Kim jerked Chrissie's cock until it softened in his hand and then Kim licked Chrissie's cum off his fingers. The two of them then slept in each other's arms like two lovers for the rest of the night.

For the rest of the time they were together Uncle Jake fucked Kim all the time and Carl fucked Chrissie all the time. Chrissie had adjusted to Carl's big cock and actually liked being fucked by him. At night Kim and Chrissie were left to their own and they fucked and sucked each other until they were absolutely drained. In the mornings Kim and Chrissie showered together. They soaped each other's bodies, played with each other's tits and cocks and fingered each other's asshole. They rimmed each other in the shower and then fucked each other before they dried off and got dressed.

Kim and Carl left after a week. When they left they promised to get together again soon and offered to have Jake and Chrissie visit them. That night Uncle Jake fucked Chrissie before they retired for the evening and at that very moment Chris knew he was hooked on being the ladyboy Chrissie. He hoped in time that he would get to meet some more ladyboys as pretty as Kim. Chrissie was already thinking about visiting Kim and Carl in San Francisco and he hoped it would be soon.

Several weeks later Jake came home with some sad news. Carl had been in an automobile accident and was killed. A drunk driver had run a red light and smashed into Carl. The drunk driver was killed too. Jake and Chrissie attended Carl's funeral and then Jake stunned Kim and shocked Chrissie when he asked Kim to come and live with them. Chrissie couldn't believe his ears. Kim was thrilled with the offer and accepted immediately. Kim had to stay behind and settle Carl's estate but once that was done he would travel to Colorado to live with Chrissie and Jake.

Chrissie was filled with mixed emotions as he was sad about Carl but then he couldn't wait until Kim arrived. Chrissie knew that Jake would be fucking both he and Kim but he was thrilled knowing that he and Kim could have sex with each other. For Chrissie life didn't get any better and he was now grateful for being discovered by his father having gay sex.

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