tagIncest/TabooNephew Satisfies Uncle's Bi Urges

Nephew Satisfies Uncle's Bi Urges


Authors note: This story is also a request where the person requesting the story provided me with the story line. It is fiction and all characters are at least 18 years of age.


Paul was riding the bus on his way to his uncle's place in a wealthy suburb. His uncle Mike owned about 100 acres and had been visionary enough to recognize that the area would be developed over the years. Mike had opened up a horse boarding business in anticipation of the population growth and it had been hugely successful. Paul reluctantly was going to spend the summer working at his uncle Mike's spread. Paul had just completed his freshman year in college where he received more of an education than he ever expected. Paul had always liked boys more than girls and one year in college verified what he knew; that he was gay.

Paul was fortunate to have a gay roommate and the two of them had incredible sex together. His roommate Andrew was much more experienced in gay sex than Paul and he taught Paul everything he knew. Now that the first year was complete, Paul looked forward to hanging out at with gay friends in his home town. However his parents had other ideas for him and decided that he should earn some money over the summer. They had placed a call to his mother's brother uncle Mike and asked if Paul could work at the stables that summer.

Paul was a handsome young man at 19 years of age. He had bleached blonde hair and a slim build except for his curvy ass. His roommate called it a true bubble butt. Paul stood at 5'7" tall and weighed 155 pounds. He was somewhat effeminate and one could even say he was pretty rather than handsome. Paul had an average size cock between 6-7 inches long and just shy of 5 inches around. Paul had all the stamina of a young man and he could seemingly cum 4 -5 times a day and he came in buckets when he ejaculated. His roommate loved to have Paul cum all over him and he loved to cum on Paul as well.

Now as the bus cruised along the highway, Paul day dreamed about his last encounter which happened to be his first threesome. Paul learned met Fred and Stephen at a party and the three of them hit it off. Fred and Stephen were juniors in college and they were lovers as well. However they loved bringing others into their relationship and Paul had been their latest catch. The three of them left the party early and Paul found himself naked in bed with Fred and Stephen. Paul recalled being on all fours as Stephen fucked him and he sucked Fred's cock.

Fred and Stephen had cocks about the size of Paul's so he was able to handle them with ease. As soon as Fred and Stephen had cum in Paul's mouth and ass, they had Paul lay on his back while they sucked on his cock and balls. Fred and Stephen took turns sucking Paul's cock and balls until Paul ejaculated. Then they passed Paul's cock back and forth between them sucking it and draining it of Paul's load. Fred and Stephen were hard again after sucking off Paul and this time Fred fucked Paul missionary style. As Fred fucked Paul, Stephen moved up along side Paul's head and offered his cock to Paul's mouth. Paul immediately swallowed Stephen's cock and sucked him deep into his mouth. Fred played with Paul's cock jerking it as he fucked Paul.

Paul came before the other two this time and he shot a huge cum load into the air. Cum landed on Paul's chest, abs and pubes but not before it hit Stephen in the thigh. Stephen smiled at the young man with a cock in his mouth and watched as the cock continued to spurt its discharge. Stephen came next but not in Paul's mouth. He pulled out just before cumming and ejaculated all over Paul's face, neck and chest. As Stephen was spurting, Fred pulled out of Paul's ass and shot his load all over Paul's chest, abs and pubes. Paul was ready to blow again and Fred jerked him off again. Paul shot another huge load onto his body and he was covered in his own cum.

Paul stayed the night and he eventually got to fuck both Fred and Stephen before he left their place. Paul had great sex with the two of them and he had looked forward to more sessions with them, but the next day he got the news that he was spending the summer with his uncle Mike. Paul then realized that he had gotten a stiff erection while thinking about his last encounter. He had been subconsciously rubbing his cock through his pants and when he looked across the aisle of he saw a man watching him. The man who looked to be in his thirties smiled at Paul with an all knowing gleam in his eye.

The man left his seat and then sat down next to Paul whispering, "There is a rest stop coming up and I can take care of that for you."

Paul just sat quietly as the stranger reached over and rubbed Paul's cock through his pants whispering again, "You have a nice cock. I can't wait to see it and suck it."

The stranger introduced himself as Huan. Paul was scared at first but then he relaxed and let Huan fondle him through his clothes. The bus then slowed and pulled into a depot as the driver announced that there would be a 20 minute break to use the facilities and get a snack. Huan told Paul to follow him and led Paul down behind the building to a secluded area. Huan seemed to know his way around the bus depot. Once they had reached the desired area, Huan unfastened Paul's belt and pants and pushed them along with the underwear down to Paul's knees. Paul's erect cock sprung to attention and bobbed in front of Huan's face.

Paul didn't move a muscle but just closed his eyes as Huan's lips kissed the engorged cock. Paul's body tensed as Huan's lips moved up and down the shaft and then Paul gasped as Huan's mouth engulfed Paul's cock. Huan was a very good cocksucker and in no time he had Paul ready to blow his load. Paul tried to prolong his orgasm as long as he could. Huan sat on his haunches and drew Paul in toward him. Huan caressed the back of Paul's legs and cheeks of his ass as Huan's warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on Paul's cock. Huan massaged the head of Paul's cock against the roof of his mouth. He circled Paul's cock with his tongue and Paul felt the light scraping of Huan's teeth. Paul's dick felt harder and longer than it ever felt in his life and he knew he was going to shoot at any moment.

Huan took Paul's cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged Paul's bloated balls. Huan then put it back in his mouth and took it out again then he gently blew on it as his fingers continually massaged Paul's balls. Huan tickled the cock head with his tongue and teased Paul's pee slit. Huan had Paul close to cumming a few times. Huan seemed to know when Paul was getting close, and he would do things making him last longer, torturing Paul in the process.

Huan looked up at Paul and smiled as he stroked the slick cock. Then he asked, "Ready to cum Paul"?

"God yes, please let me cum!" Paul gasped.

Huan then took Paul's cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked Paul hard. Huan reached under Paul's balls and rubbed the hardness between his balls and anus. Paul felt his cock thicken and he knew he was going to cum. There was no stopping Paul this time. Huan grabbed Paul's ass cheeks with both hands as Paul exploded in his mouth. Paul fired round after round of cum into his mouth and Huan sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. Rope after rope of semen shot into Huan's mouth as Paul seemed to have an endless supply. Finally the barrage subsided and Paul stopped cumming in Huan's mouth. Huan sucked on the thick firm cock until he had drained every drop from Paul's dick. Paul felt weak from the intense orgasm so he placed his hands on Huan's shoulders to steady himself. Paul watched as Huan stood up and took out his own cock. Huan's 6" boner jumped out and Huan quickly grabbed it in his hand. Huan stroked his own cock as he spoke.

"I need to get off I am so hot!" Huan said in an excited tone.

Paul watched Huan jerk off as Huan's hand flew rapidly over his hard cock in search of his own release. He then turned slightly just before he came and Paul watched as Huan ejaculated. Huan shot his load and the first couple of blasts must have traveled five feet before landing on the ground. Huan seemed to cum for at least 30 seconds as stream after stream shot out of his dick. Just then Paul heard the PA system announce that his bus was leaving in five minutes. Paul quickly pulled up his pants and straightened his clothes. Then he hurried back to the bus and took his seat. A few minutes later the bus pulled out without Huan as he never returned to the bus. Paul just sat quietly for the remainder of the trip until he reached his destination.


Mike Power was an entrepreneur. He had the vision to purchase the land over 10 years ago and build a horse boarding and riding facility. His property backed up to the state park that had miles of horse riding trails and it was the perfect arrangement. As home developers purchased additional land and built custom homes, the area became attractive to the well-to-do. Mike now had over a 100 horses on the property, 50 in stalls and the rest in the pasture. Mike's clientele were made up mostly of bored housewives and spoiled teenage girls. Some of the husbands rode but the majority of them paid for the boarding, lessons and horse shows. Many of the girls were excellent riders and there were plenty of ribbons displayed around the stalls.

Mike was a good looking man at the age of 36 years. He stood at 6'1" and weighed 190 pounds and he was in excellent shape. Mike had been married once but it was short lived once he caught his wife cheating on him. His wife Rita was just an oversexed woman who could not get enough cock. One day Mike came home early from work and found Rita in bed with not one but four guys. She was straddling one guy with his cock in her pussy while a second guy fucked her in the ass. Rita had the other two cocks in her hands and she alternated sucking them as she was double fucked. Mike spied on her until the four guys came and flooded her body with semen and then he announced his presence. The four guys scrambled to gather up their clothes and then rushed out of the house. Mike divorced Rita and he was never serious about another woman since then.

Mike had his share of pussy over the years and recently he had more than he could handle or even wanted. Many of the wives and single girls, who boarded horses at the stables, came on to Mike. He had fucked some of them and there were others who just spelled trouble. Mike was very selective about whom he bedded and he was also very discreet about his exploits. Recently he was banging a single 22 year old blonde that came from a very wealthy family.

Mike was sitting in his car at the bus station awaiting the arrival of his nephew Paul. Mike didn't really need any extra help around the stables but he agreed to give Paul a summer job because of his sister's request. Mike recalled that Paul was not that masculine and he wondered how he would hold up doing physically demanding jobs. Mike had always viewed Paul as a little bit of a wimp. Just then the bus pulled into the station interrupting Mike's thoughts.

Mike got out of his car and watched as people got off the bus. Then he spotted Paul and called out to him. Paul forced a smile and walked toward his uncle. Paul was not looking forward to the physical labor and he would much rather be home fucking his brains out. Paul's discomfort was obvious to Mike and Mike smiled thinking that Paul would become a lot more uncomfortable before the summer was over.

"Hi, Uncle Mike," Paul said greeting his uncle.

"How was your trip?" Mike asked extending his hand.

"Pretty boring," Paul answered taking his uncle's hand.

Paul cringed from the firm handshake as Mike had a grip like a vice. "Throw your bags in the back and we'll get going," Mike told him.

Paul put his bags on the back seat and then sat in the front with his uncle. Mike drove away from the bus depot and headed out to the stables. They made small talk on the way out and Mike explained to Paul what he would be doing. Primarily Paul would be responsible for feeding, haying and watering the horses twice a day. He would also sweep up after each session to keep the stables clean. Mike told Paul that he would work with two of the permanent hands, Jake and Dirk. During the ride to the stables, Paul appeared to be disinterested in the conversation but he was actually thinking about the great blow job he got back at the bus depot. Paul knew that sex would be put on hold while at his uncle's place and that he would have to resort to masturbation.

Mike made it very clear however, that he was doing Paul's mother a favor and if Paul did not hold up his end, Mike would ship Paul's ass back home. At that moment that was exactly what Paul had in mind.


When they arrived at the spread Mike introduced his nephew to the two hired hands, Jake and Dirk. Paul noticed that both men were strapping individuals. They were both over six feet tall and they easily weighed over 200 pounds. They were both very fit and very muscular with hard calloused hands. Paul found them both to be a little intimidating. Jake and Dirk carried themselves like a couple of studs as they seemed proud of their physiques. Paul learned that they were both married with families and that they took their jobs very serious. They would be responsible for Paul's training and oversight.

Uncle Mike then introduced Paul to Huan a young oriental man who did the cooking and cleaning at the house. Huan was a pleasant young man who seemed a little effeminate and Paul wondered if he might be gay. Huan stayed at the house and had his own room at the far end from the other bedrooms. Paul was shown to his room and his uncle told him to unpack, wash up and get ready for dinner. Over dinner Uncle Mike laid out the rules of the house. Meals were always served at the same time and work always began at 6:00 AM rain or shine. The horses had to be fed and watered and the stables had to be cleaned. Mike explained that the boarders were very fussy about their horses and the appearance of the stables. After dinner Mike showed Paul around the property and then it was time to retire for the evening. Paul's new venture would begin in the morning.

The first week had been gruesome for Paul and his body ached all over. His uncle had been on his case several times about his sloppy work and at this point Paul hoped that he would be sent home. Paul did not like getting up at 5:00 AM, eating breakfast and beginning his chores by 6:00 AM. There were several mornings when Huan came to Paul's room to get him up.

"Mr. Mike be plenty upset if you not get up," Huan would whisper as he gently shook Paul.

Paul reluctantly rolled out of bed and into the shower. He took a quick rinse off, dressed and went to breakfast. After breakfast he met up with Dirk and Jake and he began his chores. Paul was ready to quit and ask his uncle to send him home. Paul hated working around the stables and he missed his sexual encounters. That day things would change for Paul.

"After the horses are fed and watered, we are going to clean out the stalls today," Jake announced.

Paul had never cleaned stalls before but he would learn that day. Paul worked side by side with Jake and Dirk as they cleaned the horse stalls. They filled the cart full with the horse excrement and Dirk hauled it out to the fields. The three of them worked tirelessly and cleaned all the stalls. Dirk and Jake then helped Paul with the afternoon feeding and watering of the horses. When they were done they headed to the out bunk house to shower and wash the stench from their bodies.

Paul had never been to the bunk house as it was only used by Jake and Dirk. Dirk invited Paul to shower with them so he could clean up before going back to the house. Paul thought it was a good idea and agreed. The bunk house was small with one room, two bunks and a bathroom. Jake and Dirk hardly ever used the bunks but they were there just in case they were needed.

Paul watched as the two muscular men stripped off their clothes and stood naked in front of him. His eyes went right to their cocks and he felt his loins stir when he saw the generous meat hanging between their legs. Dirk and Jake smiled at each other when they saw Paul checking them out.

"You better take off your clothes if you are going to shower," Jake said and laughed.

Paul stripped off his clothes and walked into the shower when he saw the firm hard bodies of Dirk and Jake he felt another surge in his loins. Paul was a little embarrassed as his cock hardened slightly into a semi-erect state. Paul stepped under the water and turned his back to Jake and Dirk. The next thing he felt a set of hands on his back and he froze.

Jake said, "Here I'll wash your back for you," then he ran his soapy hands over Paul's shoulders and back.

Paul was then doomed as his cock sprung into a fully erect state. Paul stood rigid as the hands passed over his shoulders and worked their way down his back. When Jake touched him just above his buttocks, Paul trembled and moaned slightly. Then Jake cupped Paul's ass and then moved his hands around Paul's body. Paul could feel Jake's erect cock pressing into his ass as Jake reached around and cupped Paul's balls with one hand and Paul's cock with the other.

"Would you like me to fuck you Paul?" Jake had asked.

Paul just nodded in the affirmative and Jake pushed him over slightly. Jake ran his soapy fingers in and out of Paul's asshole and then Jake placed his soapy cock at the entrance. Jake pushed while holding on the Paul's hips and the cock slid in easily. Paul loved the feeling of a warm cock sliding in and out of his ass. By then Dirk had joined them and he offered his cock up for Paul's mouth. Paul eagerly swallowed Dirk's cock and then the two macho men fucked his ass and his face until they came. Dirk filled Paul's mouth with his cum at the same time Jake had cum in Paul's ass.

Dirk and Jake then took Paul into the bunk room where they had him get on one of the bunks on all fours. This time Dirk fucked Paul's ass and Paul sucked Jake's cock until they both came again. Paul later found himself on his back. Jake then pushed Paul's legs up and slipped his cock back into Paul's ass. Jake fucked Paul with Paul's legs resting on Jake's shoulders. Paul turned his head to one side at Dirk's urging and took Dirk's cock back in his mouth. Jake surprised Paul when he reached over and grabbed Paul's throbbing erect cock. Jake jerked Paul off as he fucked him and Paul shot two loads all over his own body before Dirk and Jake came again.

The three of them headed back into the shower to clean up and this time they did just that. After the shower they all dressed and left the bunk house. Dirk and Jake promised that they would fuck Paul some more as long as he kept quiet about it. Paul promised to keep it their secret. Paul was thrilled that he had been fucked so thoroughly by the two well endowed men. They had the biggest cocks that Paul had ever had but they weren't too big. Paul guessed them to be about 8" in length and 5+" around. Paul felt good and he was now determined to stay on at the stables.


Paul's work ethic improved dramatically and his uncle was pleased to see the change in him. Mike did not have a clue why Paul had a change in attitude but he was glad to see it. Paul clearly pulled his weight around the property and he fit in very well with Dirk and Jake. Of course Mike had no idea how well that Dirk and Jake fit into Paul. Jake, Dirk and Paul made several more visits to the bunkhouse where Paul got to suck their cocks and have them fuck his ass. Sometimes when they were out in the fields and the guys got horny they would fuck Paul and have him suck their cocks.

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