Nephew Satisfies Uncle's Bi Urges


Mike smoothed the body lotion all over his cock and then he poured some of it in the crack of Paul's ass. Mike then fingered Paul's asshole making sure that it was well lubed for another round of butt fucking. Satisfied that Paul was sufficiently lubricated, Mike eased his cock into the boy's hot ass for the third time in two days. Paul pushed his buns up to meet Mike's penetration and the cock slid in easily. Paul groaned as the thick shaft filled his anal passage again. Mike fucked Paul for what seemed to be hours before he finally came again in Paul's ass and then Mike collapsed on top of Paul. The two of them remained in the same position for several minutes before they separated. Mike rolled off of Paul and lay on his back beside his pretty nephew. As Mike lay in bed he realized that he had never thought of any girls all the while that he fucked Paul.

Over the next several days, Mike and Paul had sex together whenever they were alone and Mike knew that it was safe. That Saturday morning, Paul asked Mike to fuck him missionary style. Paul lay on the bed on his back with his legs splayed. Mike moved between Paul's legs and slipped his rock hard cock into Paul's ass. Paul held his legs apart as Mike buried his cock deep into his nephew. Mike fucked Paul in this position for quite sometime before he was ready to cum. Mike watched as Paul's hard dick bounced off his tummy as Mike pummeled Paul's ass. Mike had the urge to hold onto Paul's cock until he was ready to cum again. Paul squealed with delight when Mike grabbed Paul's cock and began to jerk him. Paul screamed out loud that he was close and Mike jerked him faster. Paul came in buckets and the first shot went past his head and splattered against the headboard.

Mike had become accustomed to jerking off Paul's cock. In fact he started to look forward to it. Mike loved to watch his nephew shoot his cum over his head and onto his body. Mike loved to tease Paul and at times he would squeeze Paul's cock tightly to delay the ejaculation. Mike would finally release his grip on Paul's cock and Paul would shoot past his own head and splatter the headboard or hit the wall. After the first shot soared by Paul's face and hit the wall and headboard, the second and third volleys would hit Paul on the neck, chest and abs. The subsequent second and third shots would coat Paul's chest and abs. Finally the remaining cum would ooze from his cock and puddle around Paul's pubes.

On one occasion after Paul came all over his own body, Mike pulled his big cock out of Paul's ass and sprayed his load on Paul's body. Paul watched as Mike's first discharge reached Paul's neck and then as the second, third and forth sprays covered Paul's body. Paul's and Mike's semen merged into one pool and puddle on Paul's body.

Paul exclaimed, "Oh wow just like in the movie!"

"What movie?" Mike asked as he squeezed the remaining cum from his cock onto Paul's pubes.

Then Paul explained the porno movie that he had seen with his friend to Uncle Mike. Paul told Mike that the guy getting fucked came first and shot his load all over his own body. Then the guy fucking him pulled out of his ass and shot all over the other guy's body. The guy on the bottom was cum drenched and he rubbed the spunk into his skin. Mike made a mental note to check out porn movies someday.

Mike and Paul also played games at times as Mike would try to cum in Paul's ass as many times as he could without pulling out his cock. Mike only made it to three orgasms when keeping his cock buried in Paul's ass, although he did come close to a fourth orgasm one time. Mike enjoyed fucking Paul's beautiful bubble butt and he savored every moment he was buried in him. Mike always took his time fucking Paul as he tried to make each fuck session last as long as possible.

One day Uncle Mike came home and called Paul to his room. He had purchased beige riding pants, black boots and girls panties for Paul to wear. The riding pants were extremely tight and showcased Paul's curvy ass. Mike then took Paul to the hayloft and had him kneel over the bales of hay. Mike pulled Paul's riding pants and panties down to his knees. Then Mike lowered his own pants and underwear and lubricated his cock along with Paul's asshole. Mike then fucked Paul just as he had Amanda with the riding pants down around his knees. Paul felt the bristly hay tickle the head of his cock as he was fucked by his uncle.

Mike shot a huge load into Paul's ass triggering Paul's orgasm. Paul shot a massive load onto to the bale of hay. Between Uncle Mike cumming in his ass and the hay tickling his cock, Paul was able to cum without touching his cock. Mike continued to fuck Paul and he came a second time and then a third time before his cock softened and slipped from his nephew's ass. Paul had also cum again and he left a large pool on cum drying on the bale of hay.

After that night they made several trips to the hayloft and repeated the action. Mike remembered vividly how he loved to fuck Amanda's ass as he fucked his nephew in his ass. Mike kept referring to his nephew by Paula rather than Paul every time they fucked.

Paul had days when he was absolutely drained by the time he fell asleep. On those days it started with Huan and Paul sucking each other's cock in the morning. Then Paul was visited by his Uncle Mike who fucked Paul twice in the ass. Paul then went about his chores after breakfast before hooking up with Dirk and Jake. Paul would be double fucked twice by Dirk and Jake with each of them cumming in Paul's mouth and ass. Paul then would tend to the horses again before dinner and then after dinner he was fucked by his Uncle Mike again.

The day finally arrived that Paul had to leave for home. Mike had Huan prepare a nice meal for Paul that evening and then Mike and Paul had sex for hours. Earlier in the day Dirk and Jake said their farewells by fucking Paul one more time. The morning of his departure Paul received a blowjob from Huan as a going away present. Mike drove Paul to the bus depot and waited with him until Paul boarded the bus.

"I really enjoyed having you here this summer. I hope that you will consider working here again next year," Mike told his nephew.

"You can count on it Uncle Mike. It was the best summer ever," Paul replied.

They hugged and then Paul boarded the bus. He looked around for a good seat and then he spotted a cute guy sitting by himself. Paul asked the young man if he was saving the seat and the young man smiled and replied that he had been saving it for him. Paul smiled and sat down and as he did he purposely let his ass brush against the young man. The young man smiled as their bodies touched and Paul was convinced that the trip home would not be boring.

Mike returned home and that evening after dinner he relaxed with a few drinks in the family room. He got horny thinking about his nephew and the good times he had with him. Mike then went to bed but he had difficulty sleeping and he had a raging hard-on. Mike then decided to visit Huan who still did not know about Mike and his nephew. Mike walked in Huan's room naked sporting a stiff erection. Huan gasped when he saw his employer but his eyes immediately went to the impressive cock bobbing in front of Mike.

"I know that you are going to miss Paul so I thought that I would provide you with some cock to suck now that he is gone," Mike said as he approached Huan's bed.

Huan remained speechless but he sat up and watched as Mike approached him. Huan took Mike's cock in his mouth and reached around to caress Mike's legs and buttocks. Huan proved to be an excellent cock sucker and Mike sighed deeply as his cock was sucked. Mike thought that Huan was actually very cute and that he too had a nice ass. He would eventually fuck Huan but for now Mike was content with having his cock sucked. Mike decided that he would have to think of a good female name for Huan and he would buy some ladies clothes for him as well.

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