tagIncest/TabooNephew's Fiance Opens Up Pt. 01

Nephew's Fiance Opens Up Pt. 01


I'm Ravi, aged 54 and a married Indian men living in the south of Malaysia. As much as I am happy in my marriage, it doesn't stop me from straying outside my marriage for fun with other women and having secret affairs and relationships to satisfy my ever increasing lust. I travel quite a lot and make it a point to taste some good girls each time I go on the trips.

As such, few months back, I was invited to Singapore by my 2 nephews who live there for a private event which required my attendance alone. Naveen, the son of my elder brother and Yogi, the son of my wife's elder sister, works and live together in the same apartment in Singapore. Both are in early 30s and have been close to me since their younger days. I am more often a friend than an uncle to both of them that I know who they date etc.

Yogi was dating a local Indian girl and wanted to get married to her as they wanted to settle down and apply for joint loan to purchase properties etc. But this was objected heavily by his family, including my wife who had other plans for him. However, Yogi was adamant and decided to go against his family and legally register his marriage with his girlfriend, Sharm. And I was invited to attend and witness the marriage registration on behalf of Yogi while Naveen acts as witness for Sharm who also faced similar resistance from her family.

I arrived in Singapore 2 days before the wedding registration and headed straight to the apartment my nephews were staying at. Naveen received me that morning and showed me my room to stay while I'm there. It was a 3 bedroom apartment, Naveen occupies one and Yogi occupies one. The other is a guestroom and Sharm apparently uses it whenever she stays back there. I thought my boys or the girl must still be practising their orthodox beliefs that she sleeps in a separate room from her boyfriend. Naveen had to leave for work and asked me to settle in and rest and that Sharm is out and Yogi is out of town and will only return the end of the next day. I told him that I might go out to meet my friends and will return before dinner. After Naveen left, I freshened up and took a tour of the house. Everything seems to be in place but I always get into a naughty mood whenever I'm home alone, especially at other people's place. It's some kind of crazy feeling I believe.

Inside Yogi's room, I saw that a lot of Sharm's things are already there in place, including her clothes etc. I assumed that she has already started her moving in. But my eyes quickly caught her undergarments inside the wardrobe, which includes sexy toned colours of panties, G-strings, thongs, babydoll skimpy gowns and bras. I was so tempted to touch them, and touched it and checked them out and felt aroused. Coming to think of it, Sharm, who is 29, is quite a chick and has good body and greatly shaped tits. I use to secretly admire her beauty and sexiness but stops short of that because the whole idea of checking out a nephew's girlfriend makes me guilty at times.

Before I went any further, I decided to put them back in place and left the room in guilt and got ready to go out. I was out for about an hour, walking aimlessly at a mall nearby and thinking about what I just did at home and had a mixed feeling of guiltiness and turned on. I text Naveen to reconfirm the time he and Sharm will be back and he said both will be back in the evening. I told him I will return in the evening too. But half an hour later, I headed back home, determined to release my lust on Sharm.

When I got home, it was around 1pm and I went to take my shower as I was sweating and felt uncomfortable. Nearby the common bathroom was the laundry area, and took a peek at the laundry basket there. Saw a pile of clothes, my nephew's clothes of course and within that, a pair of sexy pink strapless bra and G-string. I got turned on immediately as I picked up the bra and G-string, and smelled it. It had great smell and I became euphoric!

I took it with me, placed it in my room bed and quickly took my shower. After shower, I went into my room, put on new underwear and took her bra and panty to Yogi's room. I closed the door and laid down on the comfortable bed and started sniffing the sexy clothes that had Sharm's smell and the G-string had a taste of her cum I thought. My cock was getting hard and I was deep into my sniffing and licking business until I received a message from Naveen asking of my whereabouts. I told him I'm out meeting a friend and he said was just checking on me. He told me he will be back by 6pm, and I said that's no issues as I might be back around that time also. I didn't suspect anything and thought my nephew must be genuinely checking on me. I took out few other lingerie and rolled on them while rubbing my cock on her lingerie.

I got carried away and called my friend's wife, Nisha, whom I'm having an affair with and asked her to have phone sex with me. I told Nisha my dirty feelings for Sharm and what I was doing with her unwashed bra and gstring and her other lingerie. Nisha increased my lust roleplaying as Sharm and entertained my dirty conversation with 'Sharm'. I was almost at the climax when I heard the house door open. I got shocked and cancelled the call with Nisha and quickly jumped out of the bed and grabbed hold of all the clothes and chucked them back in the wardrobe except the unwashed ones. I chucked them inside my underwear to check the situation outside. I was freaking out because worried it might be Sharm who was back.

I went near the room door and slide it open a little to take a peek. I couldn't see anyone outside the door, and looked towards the entrance door, and saw the back of a guy pressing a girl on the back of the closed door and smooching her intensely. I got horrified because the guy appeared to be my nephew Naveen but I couldn't make out who the girl was because he face was blocked by Naveen's head. I thought Naveen must have brought his date or partner home to have sex while the house was empty.

I continued watching it in disbelief, and when Naveen went down to lift the girl's top off and play her tit, that's when I saw to my great shock, the girl was none other than Sharm herself. I couldn't believe what I saw and had mixed feelings. I continued to watch the scene unfolding in front of me, with eagerness to understand what was happening and getting more and more turned on. I suspected that they might move into one of the rooms or play in the living room. My guess was right, they slowly moved and I heard Sharm telling Naveen let's get onto your cousin's bed and get comfortable! The moment I heard that, I moved quickly looking for a hide-out inside the room. My luck was good because the wardrobe was big enough and I could hide inside an almost empty compartment that could take me in comfortably. I shut the sliding door of the wardrobe fully but leaving a little space to allow some air into it. I was getting nervous and scared. They both entered, smooching vigorously as usual. Not much words were spoken as they were busy stripping each other. I heard Naveen saying that we have till about 5pm to play and have to be check with me again around 4pm to see where I was. I remembered my phone wasn't in silent mood and quickly turned into silent mood.

Sharm: "Honey, don't worry about your uncle coming back, not that he can come into a locked room and find us out. If he does come and knock our door here, as usual like you always do, get into your room through your usual escape route! So relax honey, get me laid before I become your cousin's wife!' said Sharm while pointing at the attached bathroom door inside the room.

Naveen: "Oh shit babe, let me go and check if my door is locked in the first place. I don't think it is locked. And I will switch the TV in my room on so my uncle thinks I'm inside the room." Naveen left her and went into the bathroom and came out a few seconds later.

That's when I realised I didn't tour the house properly. Both Naveen and Yogi's room has a shared attached bathroom. I saw Sharm when Naveen left her briefly, she was in a skimpy red bra and a very thin tiny G-string and she looked really hot, with her hands rubbing her clits from outside her G-string panty and squeezing her tit with the other hand. Naveen came back and jumped on her on the bed and they romanced.

Naveen: "Babe, what do you fancy doing now? We got a few hours so let's do something kinky if you want and we can try something else later at night once my uncle is asleep. We got to do something special babe cause after tomorrow; I won't be fucking my cousin's girlfriend anymore." Sharm stopped romancing him and gave him a stare.

Sharm: "Fuck you honey, what you mean by you won't be fucking me anymore after tomorrow? You know how much I love getting fucked by you, more than I enjoy sleeping with Yogi!"

Naveen: "You're a really fucking slut, you know. Real bitch babe, after tomorrow you are no longer Yogi's girlfriend but you will become my cousin's wife. And bitch, I will be fucking with my cousin Yogi's wife after this! You get that bitch?"

Sharm: "Oh honey, you are so naughty, and yes, I can be Yogi's lover or wife, but my body is always yours to eat and my pussy is always there for your cock! I want your cousin to do me at night, but you will do me all the time whenever I want it, wherever I want it."

Naveen: "Yeah bitch, I know you need me to satisfy your uncontrollable lust for cocks at all times and all places. Pity my cousin who doesn't know how to take care of your needs and play along kinky and adventurous stuff with you. I cannot imagine him screwing you inside his car or on top of his table in his office. You are one kinky bitch and only I can satisfy that need of yours!"

I was becoming more and more horny listening to that conversation between the both of them. My cock was rock hard, the bra was on my face, the G-string wrapped around my hard cock and covered by my underwear which was getting wet. I waited patiently and manage to record some of the scene going on outside with my phone.

Sharm: "Honey, you know something, let's do a bit of a roleplay this round like we always do."

Naveen: "Sure babe, who do you want me to be this time? Don't ask me to wear Yogi's clothes and underwear and act like him again, I'm bored being him so many times."

Sharm: "Hehehehe honey, Yogi is boring, but you and I are extreme. I'm sure you will want more dirty right. I have someone in mind. It's someone you always had in your mind too. In fact, it's the person we are looking forward to in few hours' time!"

I was getting more and more shocked listening to the conversation. Are they talking about me? What roleplay? How?

Naveen: "Fucking bitch you are babe, you want me to be my Uncle Ravi? Hehehehe yeah that sounds real extreme. I never thought you would fancy him and ask for a roleplay with him."

Sharm: "Oh honey, don't be a dickhead, it's just a role play thinking of him, not doing the real him. Besides I do find him hot and macho but don't dare to have anything with him. And am sure he has some clothes there in his room which you can wear and be him, make it look real. That's how we can make this roleplay hot."

Naveen: "Yeah babe, you're right. You know I've always been close to him and very much wished I can have sex with him one day since the time I saw him naked, making out with his friend's wife some time ago. I've told you about it before right?"

Sharm: "Yes honey, I know your uncle drives the bisexual guy in you crazy at times, and yes you told me and also showed me the video recording you secretly made of him fucking that woman after you fucked her! That's when I actually started admiring Uncle Ravi because he was damn good at sex, just like you! You both are the perfect match for a scandalous daddy-son pair!"

Naveen: "Oh yes I did..damn that was hot really..hiding and watching him make out with that slut like a hungry dog. I wished she had told him I was there watching it, hehehehe wonder what his reactions might be!"

Sharm: "Hehehehe I can imagine what you would have done. Knowing you, you would have pushed her aside and get on your uncle and do him right?"

Naveen: "Yes of course babe, if you are my slutty pussy, he is my dream cock man!"

Sharm: "Honey, come on, don't wank the time left, go get yourself turned into Uncle Ravi and come and get me. I will put on my favourite white babydoll gown and the white thong panty waiting for you."

Naveen: "Right away babe, have fun with Uncle Ravi yeah! Be right back!"

My mouth opened in shock and I couldn't digest all that I heard both the horny creatures spoke about me! I was getting worried because he saw me with Nisha, and had recorded it. Bitch Nisha, she framed me up! And here I have my nephew and soon-to-be-wife of another nephew, fucking together, and both lusting after ME! Too much to digest!

Sharm got up after Naveen left the room and came towards the wardrobe and opened the compartment that had her clothes. She was asking herself why her undergarments are in a mess, and took out what she was looking for. I saw her taking off the red bra and G-string panty and she looked fucking hot, standing there naked. Nice tit and shaven pink pussy. Man I wished I could jump out and poke my hard cock in straight!

She put on her white skanky looking thong and then the sexy short babydoll nightgown and she looked absolutely stunning! She lay on the bed waiting as though she was asleep with her legs spread open and moaning Naveen's name. I was getting impatient and recorded her fully. Naveen came in slowly, closed the door and locked it. He was as though sneaking into the room quietly. I saw him wearing the same t-shirt and jeans I wore when I went out earlier. I didn't know how to react but just decided to watch the fun in front of me with a new sense of excitement. I decided to deal with the thought of my nephew lusting after me later as he was now up to something by being me.

He slowly went near the bed, and started sniffing her toes and up her leg and thighs. His hand began to rub her legs. He slowly got on her bed and lay next to her. His face went to the thong and he started sniffing the thong and licking the clit area. Sharm was getting turned on and she was moaning Naveen's name. Naveen started licking harder and she moaned louder without opening her eyes and pressing her hands on Naveen's head.

Sharm: "Oh babe Naveen, you're turning me wild. I'm so fucking horny for your cock. I want you in me babe! Plssss...!"

Naveen didn't utter a word but started grabbing her tit and squeezing it while his tongue continues to lick her clit. At one point Naveen stopped and Sharm slowly opened her eyes, and she pretended to get shocked to see Naveen there. That's when the whole thing got into me of what exactly there were trying to do.

Sharm: "Oh fucking shit, noooo...Uncle Ravi..it's you!! What are you doing here? I'm sorry but I didn't expect you here..like this on my bed! Im embarrassed. Shit what is happening..???"

Naveen: "Relax babe, relax. Chill, u liked what I did? I just came back and was checking who was around and saw you sleeping. You look real hot and I heard you calling someone's name so I came near and heard you moaning my nephew's name."

Sharm: "Oh I'm so sorry, I was missing my boyfriend and was dreaming of him. I didn't realise that I didn't lock my door when I slept. I'm so sorry but you shouldn't have come in and wake me up like this. It's inappropriate Uncle Ravi!"

Naveen: "I know but you looked too hot for me not to touch you! And really you were missing your boyfriend? I didn't hear you call my nephew Yogi but heard you calling her cousin brother Naveen! Is there something you are not telling me?"

Sharm: "Shit I'm so sorry; I must have been having a bad dream. I don't know what I said or who I called. Uncle, please don't make this into an issue. I'm going to get married to Yogi in 2 days' time."

Naveen: "Relax babe, I know what you would have wanted. You must be a real slut to lust after the other guy when you have your lover with you. I know young girls like you love scandals like this. Is Yogi a squibb in sex that you are imagining Naveen even in your dreams?"

Sharm: "Pls don't ask me anything. I'm really embarrassed with myself. I'm not sure what you want out of me but you're making me nervous and scared shit!"

Naveen: "Come on don't worry babe, don't be embarrassed, this is all normal. I know my boys well, Yogi is a nerd and I know he is probably dull in sex. And Naveen, he is the total opposite. He surely is like me, sleeps around with every women he finds hot and sexy, especially those who belong to others!"

Naveen: "Hey babe, am sure you are horny right now, why don't you let me take care of you while the other guys are away? You need some experienced man to teach you don't you? Don't you think your future husband's uncle is experienced enough to prep you to sleep with him as his wife?"

Sharm: "I don't know Uncle Ravi but yes I am actually very horny right now because Naveen promised to sleep with me today but he didn't turn up. And you have turned up suddenly, and the way you seduced me and played my clit was the same like how Naveen would do. That's why I thought it was him"

Naveen: "Yeah I thought so, but you will never know if my nephew is the same like me unless you try me!"

With that, both Naveen (roleplaying my character) and Sharm started kissing each other vigorously and rubbing their bodies. Sharm enjoyed the sweaty man smell of my t-shirt and kept sniffing it. They both went on a 69 position. Naveen slided her thong aside and started licking her clit like a hungry dog. Sharm sniffed my jeans that Naveen was wearing and opened the button and licked the underwear Naveen was wearing. It was the underwear I wore earlier in the day, and I know there were a lot of pre-cum stains on that underwear. Sharm licked it from outside and I saw the huge bulge of Naveen inside my underwear. She kept saying the taste of the underwear is so good. Naveen told her that it's the pre-cum shot since morning. She then took Naveen's cock from the side and sucked it. She kept saying that Uncle's Ravi's cock is so tasty.

I was shaking my cock wrapped with the panty and couldn't stand watching it. I cummed once but got hard again and kept shaking slowly.

Naveen was topless and the jeans were to down to his knees. Naveen has taken the gown off Sharm but she was still in her thong. Sharm begged calling my name and asked to be fucked.

Sharm: "Ravi my man, I want your cock in my pussy! Come on uncle; show me that you are a better man cock than your nephews. Fuck my pussy uncle! NOW!"

Naveen: "Yeah bitch, you want this uncle's cock? Here take it bitch! Take both your husband and partner's daddy cock inside you. Come bitch, let me bang you!"

Without a condom, with his cock taken out sideways from my already wet underwear he was wearing, Naveen rammed into Sharm's pussy in my name and they both had a real good time roleplaying as me. It went on for an hour plus and I was cumming a few times until I got very tired and watched them while recording them. Sharm's bra and G-string panty and my own underwear was wet with my cum shots.

After a few rounds, they both got tired and wanted to take a break to clean up as it was close to the time I was supposed to come back. Naveen took his phone to call me but I couldn't answer of course. I just texted him and said I'm on my way and will be back in 30 minutes. They quickly started cleaning up, with Sharm going into the shower. Naveen took off my clothes and wanted to go and put them back in my room. But he decided only to return the t-shirt and jeans and keep the underwear. He left the underwear on the bed after sniffing it, and returned the others before coming back into the room and putting the underwear back on and entered the bathroom.

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