tagSci-Fi & FantasyNephilim & the Cat Woman Ch. 02

Nephilim & the Cat Woman Ch. 02


“Okay, Ozzy... so why were you trying to shoot me?” Kitty asked later, when we sitting close to her fire, after she had explained we were in her cave, where she had lived her entire life. Kitty pointed to the rifle and my bag that she obviously brought along with me her home.

I was afraid of that question, and I thought about telling her a lie, that I was just a hunter, and thought she’d make me rich if I bagged her. But what the hell, the truth was gonna get out sooner or later. “I’m a demon hunter for the Catholic Church.” I told her. “ I wasn’t going to kill you, it’s loaded with tranquilizers.”

“Demon hunter?” she asked, wrinkling her cute little nose up. “But your a Nephilim!” she exclaimed.

I nodded, then cocked my head sideways. “How do you know that?”

“I can smell it, can’t you?” she said. “All things have their own smell, taste, sound, and look. Everything’s different. I can smell it cause your blood has brimstone in it, and I can hear that your heart beats slower than a human’s, and you taste SO good to me.” she smiled again and licked my face with her sandpaper tongue. “Not to mention you’re seven foot tall, have slit pupils and needle teeth.” she explained. “But still, a demon hunter for the Catholics? That’s kinda like treason.”

I held my hands up in defense. “I haven’t seen anything that resembles a demon since the 50s, except for you.” I pointed to the rifle. “That’s only ever been fired once, and that was when my last girlfriend tried to kill me.”

She pouted for a second, but moved closer to me. “What makes you think I’m a demon?”

“Well, your not human, obviously. There’s no brimstone in your body though, but your heart does beat slower, and you’re delicious.” I said. “But it’s that or your a genetic experiment gone out of control.”

Kitty smiled and crawled up in my lap. “Actually, I’m the same as you.” she said. “Only I’m a third generation Nephilim, and a lot younger than you.” She looked me the eye and put one of her arms around my neck. “You’re not gonna turn me in are you?” she pouted

I shook my head. “I wasn’t going to turn you in anyway. I have a deal with the church, I only work with them as long I get to keep what I find. By the way, you said you were a third generation? how is that possible? I was told that we can’t reproduce, that’s why the biblical Nephilim didn’t over-run the Earth.”

Kitty rolled her eyes. “You know, for a 112 year old you don’t know much about yourself.” she kissed me on the cheek. “But I guess you didn’t have a teacher did you? My grandma taught me everything I know.” she swung her legs round and put one around my back, with the other bent upwards severely and resting on my shoulder. “Nephilim can have children, but only with someone they truly love.”

“True love is the key to breaking whatever curse this is?” I asked, and Kitty nodded. “That’s really sappy.” I said.

“No it’s not.” she argued. “Our ancestors were booted from heaven cause of a lack of love, and God won’t let a loveless race exist.”

I pulled her tighter against me, pressing her breasts into my chest and holding her by her ass, just below her tail. “So if I ever meet a woman I really love, I’ll havta start buying condoms?” I joked.

She wedged her hand down between us and grasped my hardening cock. “Not much point.” she said. “I mean, we’re an endangered species.” she leaned her lovely face to me. “We kinda need to repopulate.” she said and kissed me again, sticking her tongue between my teeth and drawing my own tongue out to wrestle with hers. She started stroking my cock gently and one of my hands found its way under her ass and my fingers started to probe along her slit.

Kitty started purring again as I pushed a finger inside her. Her lips were still pressed against mine; tongues rolling around each other. She started pumping my cock in her fist with the same rhythm as my fingers in her cunt. She leaned back and I went with her until she was laying down, and I was laying between her thighs. “Ow, ow!” she yelped as I pressed myself onto her. I jumped up scared I had hurt her. She giggled and arched her back long enough to pull her tail out from under her. “It hurts when you bend it too far back.” she explained and pulled my head back to her lips.

I moved my cock to her pussy, which I might’ve mentioned before as being as bald as her face. Her body astounded me. Soft fur grew in all the places it was pleasing to feel, and she was totally hairless anywhere it was even more pleasing to feel. Pushing into her, I once again felt her start to purr, the vibrations started somewhere deep inside her, and moved to every inch of her body, and into mine. She moaned and arched her back, pushing her hips up at me. I pounded her cunt, the stone floor of her cave not giving anything but hard resistance to her ass, so her body was taking the full force of my thrusts. Neither of us could keep that pace for long, and I started to cum in streams inside her as she screamed and erupted her own orgasm on me. One other gift of my father’s hellish DNA was a libido like a rabbit. I had just came for the third time that day, and would be ready for more in less than an hour.

Kitty and I settled down after that, moving to a fur rug that was much softer to the skin. “So how do you know so much about our race, when I know so little?” I asked. She then proceeded to tell me about her father, grandfather and great father, and I immediately understood. “My father was only on Earth long enough to get my mother pregnant, and she didn’t even know what I was until we went to a carnival one year and saw a fortune teller who actually had some powers.”

“Geeze, I feel sorry for you.” Kitty said as she stroked my arm. “Being all alone like that for so long.” She leaned over and kissed me sweetly, sliding her sandpaper tongue across my lips. “But we never havta be alone again, right?”

I let my eyes drag across her body as she spoke, then looked into those amber eyes as I answered. “Never again, Kitty. I promise you that.” She looked at my gun again and frowned. “They will call for me. If I don’t go back, they’ll come after me until they catch me again.” I told her flatly. “And they might be lenient enough to make me their agent again.”

Kitty looked at me and a slight smile crossed her face. “What we made them a deal?” I was confused, but Kitty made a good point. Wouldn’t two Nephilim demon hunters be better than one? not to mention she knew a lot more about the Nephilim and many demons that I ever did. WE made the call, and my so-called ‘superiors’ thought the idea was great. To celebrate, Kitty laid me back down on the rug and put her knees over my shoulders. I felt her rough pink tongue start to lick the base of my cock and work it’s way up. Then I noticed her pussy before me, perfect and pink, swollen lips glistened with nectar hat called to my mouth. I shoved my tongue deep into her just as her lips engulfed the head of my cock. Her head bobbed on my dick as she moaned and massaged my balls, and I twisted my tongue into her trying to keep in time with her. I moved my mouth to her clit, so engorged it was an angry red color and wrapped my tongue around it as I pushed three fingers into her tunnel.

She screamed around a mouth full of me as she bucked her ass at my fingers and lips. I moaned into her mound as she tickled the pisshole of my cock with her grainy tongue. I felt her purring again, and tried my best to keep from cumming before Kitty, but to no use. I gently bit on her clit as my balls pumped white seed into her mouth. She moved so just her lips were over the head of my cock and sucked furiously as her hand jerked and pumped along my shaft. She swallowed every drop just as her own body shuddering climax started and she once again put holes in my skin with her claws she gripped so hard. Only this time they were in my thighs.

Back at the cathedral in Chicago. I was introducing Kitty to the basement apartment where our new home would be, when she told me she was pregnant, and expecting a pair of Nephilim twins.

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