Nerd Fun


nerd_3r: (1:31:14 PM) i want to see you do that again!!!

Cheer_360: (1:31:42 PM) fuck me

nerd_3r: (1:31:53 PM) i grab u and put u on ur hands and knees

nerd_3r: (1:32:01 PM) i wanna watch that hot little ass as i fuck u again!

nerd_3r: (1:32:10 PM) grabbing ur hips, i dont bother about being subtle

nerd_3r: (1:32:16 PM) instead i push myself all the way into u

nerd_3r: (1:32:42 PM) i start thrusting

nerd_3r: (1:32:43 PM) hard

nerd_3r: (1:32:46 PM) in and out of you

Cheer_360: (1:33:03 PM) im dripping wet

nerd_3r: (1:33:03 PM) i slap ur ass hard watching as my hands leave light red prints

nerd_3r: (1:33:16 PM) i can hear my cock sliding in and out of ur pussy

nerd_3r: (1:33:31 PM) reaching around i rub ur clit again with one hand and ur tits with my other

nerd_3r: (1:33:40 PM) every time u moan, i feel my cock grow harder

Cheer_360: (1:33:48 PM) i scream

Cheer_360: (1:33:51 PM) ready to cum again

nerd_3r: (1:34:03 PM) u want to cum again for this cock!!??

Cheer_360: (1:34:12 PM) i bury my head in a pillow

nerd_3r: (1:34:22 PM) i stop

nerd_3r: (1:34:33 PM) tell me u want to cum again or im not fucking this pussy anymore

Cheer_360: (1:34:33 PM) i breath heavily

Cheer_360: (1:34:44 PM) i want to cum again

nerd_3r: (1:34:51 PM) u gonna ask me nicely

Cheer_360: (1:35:19 PM) i lift my head out of the pillow

nerd_3r: (1:35:21 PM) i run my cock up and down ur slit

nerd_3r: (1:35:24 PM) teasing u

Cheer_360: (1:35:25 PM) please make me cum again

nerd_3r: (1:35:40 PM) with that i push all the way in again, at the same time i flip u over

nerd_3r: (1:35:53 PM) getting between ur hips i shove my cock in and out of ur pussy

nerd_3r: (1:36:09 PM) watching ur whole body and rubbing ur clit

nerd_3r: (1:36:17 PM) mmmm i wanna see u cum again

Cheer_360: (1:36:26 PM) im sweating

Cheer_360: (1:36:30 PM) my face contorting

Cheer_360: (1:36:34 PM) im ready to cum again

nerd_3r: (1:36:42 PM) cum for me!

nerd_3r: (1:36:53 PM) i rub ur clit hard, shoving my cock in and out of u

nerd_3r: (1:36:58 PM) mmmmmm fuck u feel sooo good!

Cheer_360: (1:36:58 PM) i clench my pussy

nerd_3r: (1:37:04 PM) mmmmmm fuck thats it baby

nerd_3r: (1:37:05 PM) mmmm

Cheer_360: (1:37:11 PM) i explode on your cock

nerd_3r: (1:37:12 PM) i pinch ur nipples

nerd_3r: (1:37:25 PM) i try to hold u steady with my hands on ur hips

nerd_3r: (1:37:34 PM) still moving in and out of ur tight pussy

Cheer_360: (1:37:50 PM) cum for me now

nerd_3r: (1:38:03 PM) i shove in and out of u faster

nerd_3r: (1:38:07 PM) as i feel myself getting close

nerd_3r: (1:38:13 PM) where do u want my cum u slut!?

nerd_3r: (1:38:22 PM) shoving in and out of u harder and harder

Cheer_360: (1:38:23 PM) idc

nerd_3r: (1:38:37 PM) ohhhh fuck

nerd_3r: (1:38:41 PM) suck this cock

nerd_3r: (1:38:45 PM) swallow all my cum!

Cheer_360: (1:39:08 PM) i quickly move and take your cock in my mouth

nerd_3r: (1:39:22 PM) as i feel ur mouth surround my cock i feel my orgasm

nerd_3r: (1:39:27 PM) OHHHH FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nerd_3r: (1:40:09 PM) i fire jet after jet into ur mouth

Cheer_360: (1:40:14 PM) your cum fills my mouth

Cheer_360: (1:40:28 PM) it oozes out and down my chin

nerd_3r: (1:40:35 PM) ohhh shit!

nerd_3r: (1:40:42 PM) i feel my whole body shaking

Cheer_360: (1:41:03 PM) your cum spattering my tits as it dripps off my chin

nerd_3r: (1:41:30 PM) i reach down, squeezing ur tits in my hands as i feel the last of my orgasm

Cheer_360: (1:41:44 PM) mmmmmmmm

Cheer_360: (1:41:48 PM) ok hun i need to go to bed

Cheer_360: (1:41:53 PM) sorry for the quick run off

nerd_3r: (1:41:57 PM) thats ok

nerd_3r: (1:42:05 PM) i had fun

Cheer_360: (1:42:06 PM) ill ttyl

nerd_3r: (1:42:09 PM) ok xx

Cheer_360: (1:42:12 PM) o baby

Cheer_360: (1:42:13 PM) night

nerd_3r: (1:42:20 PM) night

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