tagLoving WivesNerd's Reward Ch. 01

Nerd's Reward Ch. 01


Larry Higgs was excited on this particular Friday afternoon. He was leaving for the school's annual social integration trip. His bags were packed, the bus loaded, and all that remained was for the other students to load themselves up. Every year the school organized a weeklong road trip in order to promote the socialization between the fellow students. Of course, to most of them it was simply an excuse to skip classes and a unique opportunity to get wasted and laid.

However, not to Larry. He was the boy you picked on in High School; he was the skinny looking kid with freckles that was mocked up every day by the local bullies. He was the smartest kid in science class who wore wide rimmed spectacles that were always broken and always stuck back together with grubby looking plasters.

Therefore, the possibility of having social contact throughout the whole week was something he deeply craved. Not that he didn't have any friends, though. He would often have heated debates with his "socially impaired" buddies about films and literature, something that he truly appreciated. Yet, he needed something more; he empirically learned that wits and looks didn't mix, and he felt like an outcast most of the time.

Still, Larry did have a popular friend, Nathan Walker, the school's team quarterback. They had known each other since kindergarten, and that alone prevented Larry from being beat up by the local jocks and bullies every now and then. Although they were not as close as they used to be, Larry knew that Nate respected him and that he could count on him. He wouldn't think twice about helping Nate out whenever he needed, mostly about homework stuff.

This trip was special for Larry for some reasons. For one, he'd just turned eighteen, so he believed he could have a good time as an adult. The other reason had to do with the fact that maybe he could sever the nerd stigma, make some new friends and engage in group activities, as a way to improve his social life.

He watched as the remaining students boarded the bus and sought any empty seats left, most of them wouldn't bother sitting next to him, he kept wondering why. Coincidently, the last two to step on the bus were Nathan and his girlfriend, Jessica Gellar, who just happened to be captain of the cheerleader squad.

"Yo, Higgs, what's up?" Nathan shook Larry's hand as he headed down the bus' corridor.

"Hey, Nate. Not much, I guess." Larry replied in a low tone.

"That was close, man, almost missed the damn bus." Nathan told him, as he looked around, searching for a couple of seats.

"Seems like all the seats are taken, do you mind if Jess and I ride with you?" Nathan pointed to the two empty seats at the aisle.

"I am sure he doesn't, right, Higgs?" Jessica didn't wait for the confirmation and settled her stuff in place, sitting at the center seat soon after. The nerd turned in surprise and almost fainted at the sight of the stunning girl standing in front of him.

"Uh... Sure, no problem." There was no need for an answer at that point, but that didn't stop Larry.

"Thanks, pal." Nathan tried to cover up his girlfriend's harsh action. He tossed his backpack at the overhead compartment and sat by the window, next to his girlfriend.

As the driver finally managed to pull out of the driveway, Jessica noticed out of the corner of her eye that Larry was starring at her.

"Is something the matter?" She asked, after pointedly clearing her throat.

"Oh... Uh..." Larry babbled, slightly embarrassed that Jessica caught him starring at her.

About a month ago, Larry went to Nathan's place after school to deliver him an assay he asked for. He knocked, but since there was no reply, he decided to let himself in. Expecting to find his friend going about his training routines, he was surprised to find the house was dead quiet. He walked through the living room and kitchen but there was no one around.

After walking upstairs, Larry decided to check to see if Nate was in his room taking a nap or something. As he neared the bedroom door, he stopped cold in his tracks. The door was slightly open and he could hear someone moaning lightly.

Larry was pretty sure that he'd walked in on Nate's girlfriend pleasuring herself; he just didn't know what exactly he should do. Part of him wanted to turn around and go back downstairs. This was his friend's girl after all. Nevertheless, the inner pervert in him couldn't resist the chance to see a woman, any woman, masturbating.

Jessica was lying on her bed naked, except for an incredibly skimpy little negligee that was framing her nude form. Since she was home alone, waiting for her boyfriend to arrive, she decided to indulge herself a bit. Little did she know that, as she gently rubbed herself closer to orgasm, her boyfriend's curious, nerd buddy was getting an eyeful.

Larry edged closer to the door and peeked around the corner doing his best to be silent. His mouth opened slightly at the sight before him. Jessica was lying on her bed with her head turned away from the door completely exposed. One hand was squeezing one of her breasts and the other was between her legs.

He had never seen, in his eighteen years, a live naked woman before. Seeing her like this quickly had his pants starting to expand. The realization that he was getting hard watching his friend's girl was a little weird at first but that feeling quickly faded as Jessica arched her back slightly and began moaning louder.

"Ummm... Oh God... Yes!" Jessica moaned as she neared her climax.

Larry began rubbing his cock through his pants. He was starting to notice just how hot she was. She was 19 and pretty tall for a woman, nearly six feet, but most of that was in her legs. Her face was the perfectly sculptured face of an angel, fine featured with a flawless complexion, a face that any Hollywood Starlet would die for.

Her body was every man's ideal fantasy. Slim, toned figure, ultra long legs, tight, nicely rounded buttocks, curving hips to a slender waist and massive 36d tits, which's impressive size seemed to defy gravity, they didn't sag at all. Her long, straight, blond hair was the final touch to the perfect set.

"Ohhhh!!!" Jessica groaned as her orgasm warmly washed over her.

The sight of his friend's girl climaxing before his eyes caused Larry to fill his underwear with cum. Jessica writhed on her bed tightly clenching the sheets in her fists with her hips raised off of the bed. After about thirty seconds, she collapsed into a heap breathing heavily. Larry knew she could turn her head any second now so reluctantly he eased back from the door and tip toed back downstairs, left the assay on the kitchen table and left.

"Nah, I was just day dreaming." He finally managed to answer, back in the present.


They had been driving for the better part of the day. Larry had slept most of the trip, when he opened his eyes he saw a sign saying "Welcome to Los Angeles." Larry had always wanted to visit LA so he could hardly contain himself.

"Oh man, this is gonna rock!" Larry exclaimed.

"That's what LA is all about, dude." Nathan said looking at the city through the window.

"Man, look at all the cool places to go." Larry said, as his eyes surveyed the surroundings.

"Yeah, but you always say that and end up spending all the week in your room watching TV, Riggs." Nathan laughed.

"This time it will be different, Nate. Instead of spending the week indoors, I will be checking a few different places, somewhere with enough stuff to keep us entertained." Larry said.

"If you say so." Larry replied.

"What's all the commotion for?" It was Jessica's turn to awake, now.

"We're in LA, Jess." Nathan gently kissed his girlfriend.

"At last, I was starting to get moody here." Jessica said.

"Alright, everybody! It's time to get us a room and see what LA has to offer." The bus driver said, pulling off the road at a very nice hotel.

The students boarded off the bus and gathered their stuff. They went inside and checked in for the week. The rooms were on the top floor and were right across the hall from each other. The school's principal figured that if they were going to be staying a week, they would appreciate their own room. Besides, it was better if they didn't get too "intimate". After about an hour, the students had everything unpacked and they were settling into their rooms.

"Oh sweet, I gotta check that out." Larry said as he looked down from his window at the hotel's pool.

Nathan was in his room checking sport's options on TV. He was an avid fan and loved the thrill of watching every game. Jessica was already there with him, in the bathroom, freshening up. She was looking forward to a night of partying. After a bit, Nathan heard a knock on his door. He opened it to see his nerd friend standing there in his trunks with a towel draped over his shoulder.

"What the fuck are you doing, Higgs?" Nathan laughed at his skinny, pale friend. "Did you stick a sock into your trunks?" He pointed down at what appeared like a massive bulge.

"What? No... I'm just gonna go check the pool out." Larry told him, a bit embarrassed. "What are you two gonna do?" Higgs asked.

"There is a game I just can't miss on TV, but Jess is going in a few." Nathan continued.

"Well, alright then, I'll meet her there." Larry told Nate as he headed to the elevator. Downstairs, Larry jumped into the pool and was determined to unwind and enjoy the trip. There were plenty of good-looking chicks to look at around the pool. He was hoping that this would help him talk to some of them.

Larry noticed a group of people having a blast. He'd started talking to a couple guys about the same age as he was, but they quickly dismissed him and proceeded to play some pool volleyball. That left him no other option but to watch. The game was going great and he wished he would be invited to play; still he was enjoying himself very much, as even watching a pool game was an entirely new experience to him.

While he was waiting for the other team to serve the ball, Larry was looking around the pool when he saw something that drew his undivided attention.

"Oh boy." Larry said as he saw Jessica walking toward the pool.

The fact that Jessica was wearing a white bikini didn't help matters at all. The triangle cups strained against her large firm breasts like patches on inner tubes; lower down, beneath her flat, oil-slicked tummy and between the womanly flare of her hips, a small triangle of fabric revealed a maddening wisp of her pussy at its top edge.

She didn't see nerd Larry in the pool, and went about putting her towel on a lounge chair. She lay down onto the chair and began rubbing sun tan lotion on her legs in order to work on her tan.

"Hey man, check it out!" One of the guys Larry had been talking to told the other team's player.

"Damn, maybe I should ask if she needs any help." The other guy said, smiling as he stared at the well built blond lathering herself up.

Larry debated telling them that the woman was his friend's girl. He thought that it might help him break the ice. He knew his Jessica was far from the cheating type but if she had a few drinks in her she was very flirty.

"Uh... I overheard that chick earlier saying how much she was looking forward to a Piña Colada." Larry said hoping the insider info would aid him in getting their attention.

"Really? Say no more man, watch how it's done." The guy smiled.

The two boys said their goodbye's to their volleyball peers and swam over to the other side of the pool from Jessica. Larry positioned himself behind a group of people to shield himself from his friend's girl.

The kid walked up to the bar, ordered two Piña Coladas, and then walked over to where Jessica was lying. He plopped down on the chair beside Jessica and sat the drinks down.

"Hey babe, you look like you could use a drink to cool you off a bit." He said smugly. Jessica didn't know the young man was talking to her at first, but she turned her head slightly and made eye contact. She peeked over the top of her sunglasses at this young boy who couldn't be much older than eighteen. He was very cute and it'd been awhile since Jessica's ego had been stroked.

"Thanks." She replied.

"My name is Paul, nice to meet you." He said.

"I'm Jessica, nice to meet you too." Jessica smiled.

"So are you here on vacation?" Paul asked.

"Sorta, I am enjoying a week off." She replied

"Wish I could see some week-only guests like you." Paul smiled.

Jessica smiled at his comment. He was obviously flirting with her and she liked it.

"Thanks, that's sweet of you to say." Jessica smiled.

"Hey I noticed you putting on some sun tan lotion earlier. Would you mind helping me out, I don't want to burn." Paul slyly asked.

"Umm... Ok." Jessica answered.

Paul slid his lounger over close to Jessica's and turned his back to her. Jessica didn't know exactly how she came to be rubbing lotion on a complete stranger but she was enjoying herself. She just hoped her boyfriend or his nerd friend didn't show up. Nothing was wrong about what she was doing but it would be somewhat awkward.

"Lucky bastard." Larry thought to himself as he watched his friend's girl rubbing the lotion on Paul's back.

Paul was enjoying himself as well. After Jessica had lathered his back, he turned around to face her. He was in good shape and he was waiting for Jessica to rub the lotion on his chest and stomach. For a moment, Jessica paused, not sure if she should continue. Jessica surveyed the young man's body for a second before putting more lotion on her hand and rubbing it onto his chest.

"Thanks a bunch, but don't forget my stomach." Paul grinned.

Jessica couldn't believe how confident the young man was. She looked into Paul' eyes for a few seconds, he smiled and Jessica so did her.

"Don't worry." Jessica said sliding her hand over Paul' firm stomach.

As Jessica rubbed her hands over Paul's six-pack, she realized that she was enjoying herself a little too much. Her heart was beating a little faster and she was getting a warm feeling between her legs. When her hand brushed the waistband of Paul' trunks she knew she'd better stop.

"That should do." Jessica said taking a drink and lying down onto her stomach.

Paul didn't quite know how to proceed from here. Should he offer to put some lotion on her back or should he get her another drink to soften her up more? Maybe the guy how hinted him could help.

"Thanks a lot. Hey, I'm gonna get us another drink. I'll be right back." Paul said standing up.

Larry was across the pool as he watched Paul get up and make his way over to where he was sitting.

"How's it going man?" Larry asked.

"Good I think, that drink idea you had got me in the door anyway." Paul replied.

"Glad I could help, but what are you doing talking to me and not the babe?" Larry smiled.

"What do you think I should do? Should I try to put some lotion on her or should I get another drink?" Paul asked.

Larry realized how wrong it was for him to be helping this guy hit on his friend's girl but he couldn't help himself. It was not as if he was making her do anything and it was harmless after all. If he couldn't be the one flirting with her then he was going to live vicariously through Paul.

He remembered overhearing Jessica telling one of her friends that she'd gotten a massage at a spa one time that got her a little more excited than she thought it would. She had two spots on her body that, if rubbed, turned her on.

"Hey man, get her another drink, and then offer to help her put some lotion on her back." Larry said smiling. "Oh, and I'll bet anything that if you rub the small of her back and the back of her knees it'll drive her crazy."

"Sound like a plan man, but how do you know all this stuff?" Paul asked.

"I read it somewhere I think." Larry replied. Jessica was starting to relax in the warm sun. This vacation was just what she needed. Also, she wondered about the whereabouts of her boyfriend and maybe Paul could keep her entertained meanwhile.

"Here you go." Paul said as he plopped back down on his chair.

Jessica took a big drink and then laid her head back down. Paul sat there a few minutes before working up the nerve to ask her about the lotion.

"Hey, I should put some lotion on your back before you burn out here." Paul said sheepishly.

"That'd be great." She smiled.

Paul' face lit up. That was a lot easier than he thought it would be. He nervously put some lotion on his hand and began to rub it onto Jessica's back. She took a deep breath as his strong hands glided over her upper back and shoulders.

"Ummmmmm..." Jessica quietly moaned.

Paul looked over his shoulder to where Higgs was sitting. He mouthed the words "Thanks, man!" Higgs gave him the thumbs up. Paul slowly worked his hands downward until he reached the small of Jessica's back. Here he began to massage her, rather than apply lotion. He used his thumbs to apply gentle pressure as his fingers wrapped around Jessica's waist.

"Oh, yeah." Jessica thought too herself as Paul exploited one of her weaknesses.

Jessica was beginning to bite her bottom lip and realizing that she was getting very turned on. As relaxed as she was she wasn't about to stop Paul, though. After a few minutes on her lower back, Paul took a chance and turned his hand slightly and let his fingers slip under Jessica's bikini bottom just slightly. At first, he just sat still waiting to see if she would say anything. Jessica was very aware of what Paul was doing but as long as he didn't go any further, she was going to let him enjoy himself.

Paul began rubbing his hand back and forth wanting to see how much he could get away with. Emboldened by Jessica's lack of reaction Paul slid is hand down a bit further until his middle finger started to slide between the cheeks of Jessica's ass.

"I got that part covered." Jessica said, realizing that she had to stop him.

"Uh... Sorry." Paul mumbled.

Before the moment completely cooled off, Paul put more lotion onto his hands and began to rub it onto Jessica's calves. She was just relieved that his hands were away from her rear. She was enjoying herself but she wasn't going to cross that line. For the next few minutes, she just lay there in the warm sun as Paul applied lotion to her legs. Until, that is, he reached the back of her knees. Jessica again bit her lip as Paul expertly massaged one of her most sensitive spots.

"He knows all the tricks." Jessica thought to herself as her young admirer worked her legs. Just when she thought she had herself under control though Paul' hands began to move upward to her thighs. By this time Paul wasn't rubbing lotion onto her legs, he was kneading her thighs. The sensation took Jessica by surprise at first and she didn't know what to do. When his thumbs reached the bottom of her ass Jessica felt her pussy start to tingle. She knew she'd let him go too far and she had to put a stop to it.

"Thanks, Paul. I think I'm done for today." Jessica said sitting up on her lounger.

"Really?" Paul pouted.

"Yeah, I think so. I think I'm gonna head up to my room and take a shower." Jessica said getting up.

"Thanks for keeping me company, though."

"Hey, is there any chance that later we could... I don't know; maybe grab a bite to eat?" Paul asked desperately.

"Sorry, Paul. I am sure my boyfriend wouldn't approve that." Jessica simply answered. Paul shook her hand and Jessica walked off toward the hotel. Paul waked over to where Higgs had been sitting. He recounted everything that had happened to Larry. They talked for a while and Higgs wished Paul luck before they parted ways. His plan did work, after all. He was learning how to interact with people better.

Up in her hotel room Jessica was starring at herself in the bathroom mirror with a smile on her face. Jessica pulled off her top and slid her bottoms down as well. She looked herself over in the mirror and noticed that she was rather flush and her nipples were very hard. She rubbed her middle finger over her pussy lips and realized she was very wet.

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