tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNerdy Obsession Turns to Possession Ch. 01

Nerdy Obsession Turns to Possession Ch. 01


Holly was one of those hot girls who was secretly a total nerd. She loved video games, japanese animation, books, board games, well you name it if it was nerdy she loved it! She wasn't one of those girls who exploited her hotness in the nerd culture world either. She just quietly enjoyed what she loved without making a big deal about it. She wasn't ashamed she just wasn't the kind of person to brag about her interests. She also had absolutely no clue how hot she was, especially to other nerds. Of course she was dating a nerd and he knew exactly how hot she was to other nerds so he loved inviting her to his work to secretly show her off. Which in the end would destroy his relationship but how could he foresee what was looming in his not so distant future.

Damien worked with Holly's boyfriend Chris at a tech company and he never forgot the first moment he laid eyes on Holly. It was a hot summer day when Holly walked into their office to drop off Chris' lunch. She was wearing a flowing light yellow sundress that gently hugged her delicious curves. The neckline dipped way too low for any modest woman and it looked like a nipple could pop out at any moment. Damien tried to keep his eyes off her but he could not help but to stare at this wonderful creature and on that afternoon he swore to himself that he would make her his. How he would make her his when she lived with her boyfriend of three years was beyond him but he was determined to make it happen!

Damien was in his 40's, slightly overweight, had crooked teeth and he had already lost all his hair. He definitely wasn't the kind of guy to make girls swoon in his presence. This is also how he justified being single and not yet married like the rest of his friends. Another odd thing about Damien was his obsession with japanese anime girls. He was so obsessed with these cartoon women with huge boobs that he hardly ever had any interest in real girls unless of course they were dressed up as one of those anime girls. Those girls never gave him the time of day though and he never had met one he lusted after like he did Holly. Oh how he wanted to turn Holly into one of those aims girls and fuck her in every hole several times a day.

For months he waited just in hopes of seeing her again but he never came across her. He would hear from the other horny guys who lusted after her that she had been there but he never ran into her. It was killing him! So he decided to take things into his own hands and do a little research. He found her online and watched her posts for a few weeks secretly when he found the key. She played an online game and it would be so easy to start talking to her without being a creep. So he rushed to his local game store and bought the game right away and started playing regularly in hopes of seeing her in game. Well that didn't happen either. So he told Chris that he loved the game and Chris said he should play with Holly sometime. When Damien got home the next night he had a game friend request and a FaceBook friend request from her. He was in and this was going to happen.

The first night he printed out almost all of her profile pictures and put them in a neat stack on his desk and he vowed that he would jack off to one a night and before the stack was depleted Holly would be the one jacking him off. Just the thought of his cock in her little hands and his cum covering her pretty little face and milky white tits was enough to make him blow his load right now. One picture down.

Over the next week he chatted with her every night claiming he was busy playing in another realm of the game when he was really idle and stroking his cock to that night's photo. On the weekend he started making purchases for Holly. He bought ropes, cuffs, vibrators, dildos, a whip, a crop, a blind fold, and a ball gag. He could not wait to see Holly all helpless and at the mercy of his cock. The thought gave him a raging hard-on in the sex shop. He blushed and looked around to see if anyone noticed but no one ever paid attention to him. He was going to rush home and jack off on one of her pictures but he had another thing to acquire and for that he would need to get his sister's help. There went his erection and he sighed in relief. He went to his sister's work at a pharmacy and he told her he was having a horrible time trying to sleep at night and he needed something strong to help. She hooked him up with some behind the counter drugs that could easily knock out a man his size and would surely knock out a beautiful young girl half his size.

On Monday Damien invited Chris to a party at his house in a few weeks and encouraged him to bring Holly. He also messaged Holly urging her to go and she seemed super excited about it and promised to go. Chris despised parties and eventually flaked but gave Holly the OK to go by herself since a lot of her girl friends from the company would be there. Plus he wasn't worried about some old guy stealing his 22 year old girlfriend.

Holly showed up at Damien's party dressed to the nines. She wore a very short little red dress that looked amazing with her red lose curls draped over it. Her breasts were almost popping out as usual and Damien's mind was blown. Tonight was going to be the first night he would get to man handle those beauties that he planned to keep for the rest of his life. He came to his senses quickly and rushed to get Holly a drink with just a tiny bit of his crushed up sleeping pills in it.

"Hey Holly! So glad you could make it! Here is a drink to get the party started!" Damien said.

Holly smiled sweetly at him and said "Oh thanks Damien! You're so kind!"

Holly nursed her drink while socializing with her friends and Damien kept a close on her. It wasn't long until he noticed that she was looking a little out of sorts. He rushed up to her and asked if she was ok.

"Yeah I am fine… I just feel light headed… mind if I rest for a minute somewhere?" Holly innocently asked.

"Of course! Here I will take you to my guest room and you can lay down in there." Damien said as he grabbed a bottle of water for her.

"Oh that would be great! Thank you so much Damien! I'm sorry I am such a light weight!" Holly said looking overly apologetic.

Damien walked her into his room and laid her on his bed since she was too out of it to even know if it was a guest room or not.

"Here Holly drink this water it will help. Also where is your cell phone? I will text Chris and let him know you're not feeling well." Damien said.

"Thank you so much… you are so thoughtful." Holly said sleepily as she chugged down the water laced with even more sleeping pills. She handed the empty bottle to him and was out in minutes.

Damien smiled as he rifled through her purse to get her phone out. He read through her texts with Chris then texted him "Hey I drank too much so Katie is going to take me to her place so I can crash. Is it OK if we have a girls day tomorrow? I love you!" Chris promptly replied that it was all good and he would see her tomorrow night.

"Oh this is too fucking easy" Damien whispered to him self as he walked out of his room while turning off her phone and ditching it in his pocket.

Damien enjoyed the rest of his night partying with everyone even though the anticipation of taking Holly for the first time was tugging at his brain constantly. He knew his time would come within hours so what was a little while longer?

As he showed his last guest out which was Katie he had a huge grin on his face. Not only was he about to devour Holly's sweet little body but he was showing out the woman who had no clue she was helping a rapist. His twisted mind was in heaven! After Katie walked out he double checked the lock on the door then rushed up to his room where his sweet little girl was waiting for him to ravage her sexy little body.

When he got up to the room his jaw dropped. She was in the fetal position with her little dress up around her waist and her sexy pink lace covered butt full exposed to him.

"Holy fuck!" Damien exclaimed as he walked up to her passed out body.

He nudged her a few times to make sure she was still good and knocked out. When he was satisfied that she was he pushed her over onto her stomach and began to unzip her dress. He went about it very slowly enjoying every inch of her milky white skin that was slowly being exposed. When her dress was fully unzipped her slowly removed it leaving her in nothing but a matching lace bra and those sexy panties. His cock felt like it was going to burst out of his pants as he removed her panties and then her bra. Though after removing her bra he realized she had one of those enhancing bras on and her breasts were only a C cup instead of the DDs they looked like in that magical bra. He took out his smart phone and opened the file named "Holly" and typed in "Boob job - DD at least!"

He then lightly started rubbing his hands down her body trying to control his urge to mount her and fuck the shit out of her. He then added to the list.

"Trimer waist line"
"Salon Visit - Extensions? Wax entire body, paint nails"

She wasn't hairy in the least but she did shave and he never wanted a porky pine for a slave. He then pulled out a measuring tape and measured her neck and body.

"order collar, lingerie, and cosplay clothes. Neck - 12 1/2 inches Body - 36-29-38"

He grinned "That'll do" and put his phone on his night stand and began to undress himself. He tossed all his clothes to the side and began to explore her tender little body again with his large rough hands. First he shoved them into her mouth and forced it open and placed a ball gag into it and secured it around her head. Then he put the blind fold over her eyes securely. When he was satisfied that she wouldn't start screaming the moment she woke up and his identity would be safe until she swore herself to serve him for the rest of her life, he went back to exploring. He gently caressed her breasts then down her belly to her tiny pussy. He inserted one finger and blurted out "Holy fuck it's like she is a virgin!" but it didn't matter if she was or not because he would be the first man to own her and that filled him with pride. Then the thought of his huge cock forcing it's way into that tiny hole made him the most erect he had ever experienced. Then he thought about the damage he was going to do to her tiny ass hole.

Just as Damien's mind started to get the best of him he felt her stir. Then before he knew it she was trying to get up while screaming into her gag. He quickly jumped on top of her and pinned her down then leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Calm down sweetie… you are in excellent hands." and he licked her upside the face slowly. This seemed to set an even greater fire in her and she tried to push him off violently. He rolled his eyes and grabbed the cuffs on his night stand and flipped her over and cuffed her hands behind her back.

"You have to be difficult do you? That is not in your best interest sweet heart" he said as he yanked her off the bed and onto her knees. Then he laughed as he looked down at the helpless Holly squirming under his strong grasp. "Let me guess… Chris has never fucked you like a man should." Then he knelt down and whispered in her ear again, "He's never treated you like a woman should be treated has he? Woman are property to be used for our pleasure. Us men are obviously the dominant sex of our race and should be worshipped and cared for by you tender women. Chris never got that did he? Well I do. By the end of tomorrow you will understand your place and you be begging for me to take you as my full time slave woman. I can promise you that sweetheart."

She said something he couldn't quite make out from under the gag and he laughed again. "Oh what's wrong little Holly?? You can't talk? Well you don't need to talk you need to suck my dick and that's exactly what you're going to do when I remove this gag understand??"

She shook her head violently from side to side. She couldn't imagine giving this sadistic man any pleasure. He laughed again and slapped her across the face firmly. "I am not afraid to hurt you and I will find all sorts of ways to torture you if you don't bend to my will." He said as he grasped her hair firmly and yanked her head back. Then he took his free hand and began to pinch one of her nipples harder and harder. "When you're ready for me to stop just nod your head yes and I will give you my cock."

It didn't take long before she was whimpering behind her gag and nodding her head violently up in down as if begging for the pain to stop. He smiled and let go of her nipple and hair and began to unclasp her gag. "You better not scream or bite me. I will make you suffer if I so much as hear a peep of protest. All I want to hear from you are slurps and moans. Do you understand??" He asked.

She nodded as he finished removing her gag. When the gag was fully removed she gasped for air and moved her jaw around to try an ease the cramp from that giant ball that was in her mouth. He grinned looking down at her. "You're so helpless it's kind of cute you know?" he said while she sat there in silence. "What a good little girl you're being! Now get to licking my cock!" he proclaimed as he put his cock against her soft full lips.

She extended her tongue and gave it a little lick and then another. "Come on! Lick it like you mean it!" he said as he placed his hand on the back of her head and gently started to gather her hair.

She feared he would pull her hair again and maybe hurt her so she started giving it long licks like should a popsicle. His tick pre-cum started to ooze out of the tip and she got a tongue full as she licked him again and to her surprise it was sweet. Like no cum she had ever tasted. She licked the tip of it again in hopes of getting more of the sweet taste but this time he just thrusted his hips forward plunging his dick into her mouth. She gasped in surprise. Not only was she shocked that he just did that but it was huge! She felt like the corners of her mouth were going to rip open it was so large! Her guess was it was the size of one of those tubes of cookie dough you get already made.

"What the fuck are you doing? Pondering the meaning of life? Get to sucking me off like the cock hungry little whore you are!" He yelled out while grasping her hair again.

She winced and immediately started to suck him off the best she could. Even she knew she was bad at giving head. It was never something she had to do much. Guys were just usually happy she let them fuck her and Chris was a total push over in the sack. "What the fuck bitch? Is this your first time blowing a guy?? You're horrible!" he yelled while grabbing her hair firmly again.

She remained silent as she was told and braced herself for whatever he was about to do to hurt her. "Just keep your mouth open." He said as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her little mouth.

She did her best to not choke on his huge cock but the thrusts got faster and faster and soon they were becoming violent. She was choking hard on his cock while her drool ran down her body like a stream or a river. Right before she felt like she was going to vomit she felt his cock fill with cum and before she knew it he was exploding in her mouth while holding her head firmly in place.

"That a girl… you drink that all up for me. If you so much as let a drop get on the floor you will be licking it up!" he said as he was still pumping her mouth full of his cum.

She had never experienced so much cum in her life and she was feverishly trying to swallow it all because the idea of licking this stranger's dirty floor grossed her out. It felt like gallons of cum were being poured in her mouth and it was overbearing. Before she knew it, it was just too much and it started to leak out of her mouth and down her neck. He then pulled out and she gulped down what was still in her mouth. "Did I get any on the floor?" she asked meekly.

He smiled and laughed at her, "No it's just all over your body." he said as he scooped some up and shoved it in her mouth. "I didn't give you permission to talk did I?" and before she could even answer he went on. "I will let this one slide but next time you talk when you have permission to talk!" he proclaimed at he took another finger full of his cum off her shoulder and shoved it in her mouth. "When you are allowed to address me you will refer to me as 'Sir' until I have fully taken you as my slave then you will refer to me as 'Master.' Do you understand?"

She nodded and said "Yes Sir…" before he shoved another finger coated in cum into her mouth. She sucked the sweet cum off of his finger like it was chocolate syrup. This went on until he has cleaned up her entire body then he put his cock back to her lips.

"Lick it clean pet." was all he said and she started licking his flaccid cock until it felt clean to her tongue. By the time she was done licking it he was already hard again and she feared what came next. His cock was giant and it would be so painful if he decided to fuck her.

"Get up." he said as he yanked her up by the arm and she lifted her body with him. He led her to bed and gently pushed down on her. "Sit." She did exactly what she was told as he scolded her, "Now do not move from this spot do you understand? I will be right back." She nodded and remained seated like she was told.

It seemed like a long time had gone by and she started to wonder if she should find out what was going on but then she remembered the whole torture thing and decided to stay put. What seemed like an eternity later she heard the door open and close and she felt him sit beside her.

"Are you going to behave if I uncuff those hands of yours?" he asked rather kindly she thought.

She nodded and quietly said "Yes Sir."

He then uncuffed her hands and she immediately brought them in front of her and rubbed her wrists with a tiny sigh of relief. She then quickly cut her sigh short realizing she may anger him and abruptly silenced herself. She then felt him place a cool cup like object in her hand.

"Here drink this water." He said as he made sure she was holding it.

She nodded and put the cup to her lips and slowly drank the water.

"I want to explain some things to you before I remove your blind fold even though I think you look pretty sexy in it. You may converse with me freely during this time of course but mind your manners." he said as he rested his large hand on her small thigh.

"Ok… hem erm Sir. Ok Sir!" she said.

He smiled, "You are really adorable little one. Anyway here is the deal. I have had a thing for you since I first laid eyes on you in that summery yellow dress. I had never wanted to possess a woman so much in my lifetime. I've really had little interest in most women in my life actually beyond the little crushes and mild attractions. I am not a normal man you see. I am a sick and twisted controlling man who needs a woman I can bend to my every will and form to look like the perfect woman." he said.

"Uhm but I don't look like a perfect woman and…" she said before her cut her off.

"You're pretty damn close. I want to give you some breast implants and longer hair and tone you up a bit. Those are minor improvements you see. Minor improvements I can easily afford. Also you are so young. You're really the perfect age for me to get a lot of years of use out of you before you mother my children. I don't mind being and older father as long as I get to use and abuse you freely before it becomes scheduled." He went on while she just sat there listening to him absolutely shocked at what was coming out of his mouth.

"Well that is a few years in the future. Let's talk about now. If I decide to take you as my slave I will expect you to at least fuck me daily. I mean it's not like you will ever get to say no to me so you will probably be fucking and sucking me several times a day. Oh by the way we really need to work on your head skills. You will get better with as much practice as I will give you. Are you still with me?" he asked.

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