Nerves Ch. 02


This is part 2 of my story. Thank You to all who have commented and sent emails, they are much appreciated. Hope you enjoy this next chapter.


I am bound and in a chastity device as I sit here wide eyed at the last statement Tiffany has made. I am caught between fear and excitement watching her ponder what she will do with me over the next four days. A simple call to an escort to explore my desires has me in a situation I never saw coming. I would probably be home by now if my nerves hadn't gotten the best of me earlier. The flight or fight instinct is a powerful thing. I chose flight as I would never raise a hand to a lady. It backfired and now I can neither flee or fight.

She looks down at me smiling and says, don't worry baby, if you behave I wont hurt you too bad. She sits on my right knee, strokes my crew cut hair, and whispers, Mmm I like the way your hair feels, its like tickling my hand. My body stiffens at the combination of her soft sultry voice and the fact that she is breathing the words into my ear which is one of my "hot" spots. If I were not caged, I would have an erection that could lift weights. She smiles bigger and says oh I have found a sweet spot eh? To which I can only nod yes.

She traces her hand down my chest as she now kisses my ear and bites at my neck, and my neck being kissed and bit is the thing that drives me the most wild. I shake and squirm in the pleasure it brings but feel the pain and discomfort of not being able to get hard. This causes her to giggle and proclaim, oh this is going to be a great weekend, you are going to be fun. She leans into me pushing her cleavage to my face, over my gag, up to my nose. I am now looking directly into the crevice of those amazing tits. I try in vain to open my mouth wide enough to get my tongue past the gag. I at that very moment realize, I have just surrendered myself to her will completely, and she notices.

Wow, she says, you held out for ten whole minutes before submitting to me. My big tough Marine is surrendering, you are all mine now aren't you? I stare into here eyes pleadingly, but can only nod yes, and I feel great about it too. She gets up from my lap and the only way I can describe it is that she sashays over to her entertainment unit and turns on the CD player. I find myself having to swallow hard and often as I watch her, she takes mouthwatering to a whole new level.

She stands there with her back to me, as the music starts she looks seductively over her shoulder back at me, her chin tucked into her shoulder, starring at me with those incredible blue eyes. If it where possible for a human to actually melt into a puddle I would have right then. I sit and stare unblinking as the music start to pick up, and she starts to move her body.

Her hips sway with the beat. I am transfixed, almost hypnotized by the pendulum like movements of her ass clad in those tight leather boy shorts. My eyes follow her every move. Her legs so tone and beautiful, her ass is one of dreams and fantasy. She turns to face me, locking her eyes to mine. I see the smile on her face as dances towards me, unhooking her corset, she teases. She drops it to the floor covering herself with one arm. She is dancing, swaying, and moving ever closer to me.

She finally arrives, directly in front of me. She puts one hand on my knee as she turns her back to me, dropping her other hand to my other knee, I get just a glimpse of her breast as she turns. I am now breathing heavy, salivating, and in pain as my dick tries to break free of its plastic confines. She is before me, swaying to the music as she lowers her ass onto my lap. I breathe in hard as the leather of her shorts makes contact with me. Hearing my breath she gazes over her shoulder grinning, she grinds on me, closing her eyes. To call this a lap dance would be an insult to her, as I am lost in this moment, lost to her, and the happiest I have been in a decade.

As the song ends, she sits on my leg, turning sideways to look at me. I for the first time see her breasts and they are perfect. I would guess a large B cup topped with nipples that would cut glass. She smiles and asks, Do you like my tits? I nod and offer a muffled oh yes through my gag. The next song has begun to play and she leans in, kisses my ear, then my neck. I am in her control. She asks me in a whisper, if I remove your gag will you behave? I nod an emphatic yes.

She drops to her knees between my legs. She again starts moving to the music. She leans into me, my caged cock between her tits. She slithers up my stomach, up my chest, finally enclosing my face in her cleavage as she reaches behind my head and undoes the clasp of my gag. She removes it slowly and I feel my jaw ache as the ball clears my teeth. I close my mouth and swallow hard a few times. I start to speak and she covers my mouth with her hand and says, You are not to speak unless I say it is okay, do you understand? I again nod yes. She smiles and says, Good boy, now relax.

She again starts to move with the music, back down between my legs. She rubs her breasts from one leg to another. She flips her head down, draping my enclosed cock with her hair, as she starts to lift her head she pauses. I feel her grab the plastic device that is restraining my dick which is painfully trying to get hard. For one fleeting moment I think she is about to release me. She lifts upward, and I suddenly feel her mouth on my balls, she takes them into her mouth and sucks hard. I let out what I can only describe as a yelp. Caught between pleasure in pain I moan, she brings a hand up to my mouth to quiet me, and I try to obey.

I inhale hard and fast as she releases my balls from her mouth, the suction causing a loud pop. She begins kissing her way up my midsection and chest, she lingers at my neck making me shiver and shake. She giggles a bit before putting her lips to mine, she parts my lips and our tongues meet. I am experiencing one of the best kisses of my life, and I don't want it to end. She breaks our kiss, looks at me and asks, who do you belong to?

I for the first time since coming to was able to actually speak. I lowered my head and said, I belong to you, ma'am. She grabbed my chin, forcing my head up to meet her gaze. Very nice, she said, I like the way you call me ma'am, it's all military and stuff. It will be ma'am or Miss Tiffany from here on out is that understood? I nodded and said, yes ma'am, understood.

She stood up in front of me, looking down at me she said, You are a very good kisser, I think it is time to see what other skills that mouth of yours possesses. Grasping the waistband of her shorts, she again turned her back to me. As she lowered her shorts, moving to the music I was looking at that mouthwatering ass. She kicked off the shorts, leaving only her thong, stockings, and garter on. She slowly turned towards me, I sat trying to drink her in with my eyes as she faced me. My eyes ran up and down her body, my lust growing by the second, it was then that I got my fist look at the bulge in her G-string, and it looked huge on her small frame.

She came back to the chair, placed a knee on each arm, and leaned down to kiss me again. A brief kiss followed by her bringing her tits to my mouth, telling me to kiss and suck first one nipple then the other. In the position she was in she started thrusting and grinding her hips on my midsection, moaning, and whispering encouragements to me. I could feel her hardening with each thrust and rub.

She straightened her back, pulling her breasts from my mouth, she raised up on her knees bringing her crotch level with my face. I let my eyes drift from her chest down her taught midsection to the front of her thong. My went wide as I marveled at how the small patch of fabric had grown to the point of bursting trying to contain her hard-on.

She reached down, grabbing the thin stings of her thong, and slid them slowly down her thighs, and off one leg at a time. There before my face sprung her cock, it had to be pushing 9 inches and as big around as a large summer cucumber from the garden. My eyes went huge and my mouth opened wide with a gasp. She saw her opening and pounced, before I knew what hit me, my mouth was full. She grabbed my head and said, show me how much you want to please me.

I really had no clue what I was doing, but I tried to do the things I enjoy having done to me. Her cock was way to big for me to deep throat as this was my first time attempting a blowjob. She knew from our first conversation I was a complete novice, and she went a bit easy on me at first. I sucked hard and used my used my tongue to caress and pressure the head of her cock when she would pull back. I pulled hard against my restraints to no avail, trying to grab her ass and moderate her thrusts. I gagged several times as she plunged deeper into my mouth. She paused with her cock head at the opening of my throat, it was there I made the mistake. I tried the move an ex-girlfriend of mine used to do.

I pushed the back of my tongue up against her swollen cock head, then pulled my tongue muscle back an made several mock swallowing motions, keeping the upward pressure.

She went nuts, just as it used to do to me. She let out a howl, grabbing my head full force, almost screaming, yes that, oh shit, keep doing that!! I did as instructed. She started to shake and pulled out of my mouth. She looked down at me and asked, where and how did you learn that? I told her I was trying to replicate what an ex used to do to me. She just smiled and said, I want more. She slammed her dick past my lips again, so hard that with her weigh leaning over me, the chair tipped over backwards.

She slipped from my mouth as she caught herself, being tied to the chair I was helplessly along for the ride as it crashed down backwards. I had barely realized what had happened, and she was back on me, now sitting on my chest. She had an evil grin and only said, now back at it. My mouth was again full and with each thrust I pushed upwards with the back of my tongue, she was soon deeper in my throat than I could have imagined possible. My gagging no longer existent, for reasons unknown. She was above me, actually pile driving my mouth. It wasn't long before she started to shake, she said, oh fuck I am gonna pop, she thrust into my mouth and unleashed a huge load of cum, down my throat at first, then filling my mouth with spurt after spurt. I did all I could to take every drop, but some escaped.

She rolled off me, she was out of breath, looking at me she scooped of the bit of cum that had escaped my mouth. Feeding it to me she said, that was absolutely incredible, then she kissed me.

After composing herself, she grabbed me and the chair and put us upright. She wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tight she whispered, lets get you untied. I was soon free from my bindings, still in chastity. She took my hand leading towards the stairs, she grinned and said, now lets get rid of this pesky body hair so we can move on to the next phase. All I could do was say yes ma'am, what ever you desire Miss Tiffany.

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