Nervous Flyer


Lucy had always been a nervous flyer and so it was unfortunate that her job meant that she had to fly rather a lot. She had developed an airport routine to try and minimise her nerves. She would arrive at the airport far too early for check-in, have a coffee and wait for check-in to start whilst reading 'Pride and Prejudice' which she normally found trite and silly but always read at airports. She would check in as soon as it was called, get rid of her bags then go into the airport lounge to find a secluded bar in some far-flung corner of the airport, have a drink and read 'Pride and Prejudice' again, whilst frequently visiting an equally low-attended toilet where she could panic quietly to herself in a toilet stall without worrying about being disturbed. At the last moment she would go to the gate, get straight on to the 'plane and try to sleep for the entire flight.

One day in March she was going to Madrid from London for a conference on an early morning flight. The airport was very quiet when she arrived. Lucy was in two minds about that. On the one hand, it was good that nobody was there to see her panic, on the other hand sometimes it was nice to see other people and be reassured that she wasn't alone and to look at all the other people coolly going about their flightly business without worrying stupidly and try and convince herself that she was one of them. None of the coffee places were open so she settled herself into a corner facing the check-in desk and tried to lose herself in her book. Once check-in opened and she was in to the airport lounge she was relieved to find that the bar was open and were happy to serve her a lager top.

Lucy settled herself into a corner, got out her book and took a sip of her drink. She hadn't been there very long when she noticed another customer enter. A man, about her age, dark hair and striking dark eyes. He too ordered a drink but stayed perched at the bar, fidgeting from foot to foot. Lucy vaguely wondered whether he was a nervous flyer as well and was lost in that thought when he looked over at her, caught her watching him and smiled a disarming smile. Lucy blushed and returned to her book, furiously trying to read. A moment later the chair opposite her creaked back and the man sat down. She looked up and smiled nervously, about to tell him that she wasn't really in the mood for company. With her willowy figure and long, soft curls of honeyed blonde hair she was used to fending off unwanted male attention.

"You hate airports too, don't you?" He asked. Despite herself, Lucy nodded, "Me too." Lucy put her book down politely.

"Where are you flying to?" She asked. It was the question everyone asked in airports and she was almost embarrassed at having gone along with the cliché.

"Istanbul." He replied, "Boarding starts in an hour. You?"

"Madrid." She said, "I've got longer to wait. I have an airport routine, you see." Lucy immediately regretted saying that because the man's eyebrows rose.

"Routine?" He asked.

"Yes, I get here a lot earlier than I need to and read." She waved the book as evidence. The man nodded in understanding.

"You may not believe this," he said, "but I have a routine too."

"Oh yes?" Lucy replied. He leaned over the table a little and Lucy could almost feel his breath on her face.

"Yes, normally I would have brought my girlfriend to the airport with me but she broke up with me a couple of weeks ago." He confided.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Lucy replied, his eyes really were deep, dark and hypnotising, she thought.

"Really messed up my routine, that did." He added, "I wonder if you might be able to help, actually."

"If I can." Lucy replied, eager to help a fellow fearful flyer, "What would you like?" The man leaned even closer.

"What I'd really like is to take you to the men's room and eat your pussy. Would that be okay?" His face hadn't really changed, fixed into an expression of polite questioning. Lucy's brain supplied many horrified and indignant replies at this extremely forward approach so she was more surprised than anyone when she heard her own voice reply 'yes'. The man nodded.

"Good." He tilted his head in the direction of a corridor at the end of which Lucy knew were the quiet, unregarded toilets that she normally used, "Finish your drink. End cubicle." He looked her up and down once, smiled that disarming smile again and stood up. He didn't even look back as he walked towards the toilet. Lucy sipped nervously at her drink, ashamed that she could feel a tingling between her thighs. Of course, she wasn't going to do it. She wasn't the kind of girl who had random sexual encounters with strangers. Therefore, she was even more surprised when she glugged at her drink, picked up her handbag and strode towards the toilet.

Once outside she nearly had a change of heart again. What if someone else was in there, at the urinals? They'd see her. She quite obviously did not belong in the men's room. She stood outside the toilet for a while, mentally to-ing and fro-ing, trying to decide what she'd do if someone was in there... or perhaps she should just walk away... or just stride in boldly... With a slightly shaking hand she pushed into the toilets, not realising she was holding her breath until she let it out when she saw that the toilet was empty. She tiptoed over to the end cubicle, without quite knowing why she was being quiet, and pushed at the door. The man from the bar was sitting on the toilet and looked up as she entered. She was almost surprised to see him. He stood up.

"I didn't think you would really come." He said. Lucy nodded, stepped fully into the cubicle and locked the door behind her.

There was a moment of awkwardness until the man took her gently by the shoulders and turned around, pulling her with him so that they had switched positions and he now had his back to the cubicle door. He let his hands fall down from her shoulders, brush over her breasts then slide underneath her t-shirt. She noted his surprise as he realised she wasn't wearing a bra, her breasts had always been naturally firm and she rarely needed the support. He massaged her breasts, tenderly squeezing at her nipples. Lucy closed her eyes briefly, not quite believing that she was allowing a man she'd only just met to feel her boobs. He pulled at her t-shirt, yanking it over her head and dropping it to the floor along with her handbag which she hadn't realised she hadn't yet taken from her shoulder. With her breasts glistening in front of him, he seemed to change, become less gentle. He lowered his head and took one of her nipples between his teeth, biting and sucking at it, squeezing the other with his hand more firmly. Lucy let out a sigh and realised that she was becoming quite wet. Correctly interpreting the sigh, the man took a step back.

"Take off your skirt." He commanded in a quiet voice. With shaking hands she did so, "Now your stockings." Lifting her leg on to the toilet she pulled down each stocking, kicking off her shoes as she did so. The man was watching her coolly, his eyes travelling over her long, slender form. He looked like he was trying to be aloof but she could tell by the quickening of his breath, and the bulge in the front of his trousers, that he was as excited as she was, "And now your knickers." He instructed, when she'd dropped her second stocking to the ground. She pulled at her knickers eagerly, wanting her pussy to feel the air, wanting him to feel her pussy. As he nodded approvingly a part of her brain, the part that wasn't concentrating on her increasingly tingling clit, told her that she was completely naked in a toilet stall with a stranger. The thought, instead of frightening her, hotwired her body,

"Are you wet?" He asked. She nodded. "Why don't you check? Then tell me." She slid her hand down to her crotch, slipping it amongst her pubes and feeling the wetness between her lips, she couldn't help flicking at her clit a little making herself gasp again, "Tell me." He repeated.

"I'm wet." She whispered.

"Good." He moved towards her, grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up on to the cistern. He took one of her knees in each hand and roughly pulled them apart, "Good..." He muttered again then dropped his head between her thighs licking hungrily at the juices around her cunt. She ran her hands through his dark hair and closed her eyes again as his tongue ran expertly over her g-spot. Then suddenly she wanted to watch this man between her legs. She opened her eyes and looked down at him as he sucked at her lips and inserted his tongue into her vagina. She was horrified to discover she was already very close to cumming in his face, but he seemed to realise that. He removed his tongue and thrust three fingers inside her. She gasped out loud and groaned as his tongue played around her clit, sending hot waves washing up her body. As the orgasm started to build she heard the toilet door open and someone enter. She expected the man to stop but he went on licking at her. Whoever was outside went to the urinal and Lucy had to shove both hands into her mouth to stop herself from groaning with the pleasure of this stranger eating her out with another stranger just feet away and unaware. The stranger between her thighs sucked hard at her clit and the orgasm washed through her, just as the hand-dryer started outside the cubicle. Which was fortunate because she knew that she made a little cry and the porcelain must have chimed as she bucked with pleasure. The toilet door thudded again and they were alone.

The man lifted his head and appraised Lucy. Beads of sweat were running down her chest, she was breathing heavily and her hands were still stuffed into her mouth. He pulled her fingers away from her face and shook his head slightly.

"That was fast." He commented. Lucy nodded, unable to speak just yet, "Too fast for me. Get down." Lucy got down, suddenly ashamed that she hadn't pleased him, "Turn around." He told her. She heard a zip open as she turned and then felt a hand at her back pushing her over to a bended position. Her already swollen and hot pussy started to throb in anticipation again as she braced herself against the toilet for what she knew was going to happen. And she was right, grabbing a handful of her hair to steady himself, she felt his cock suddenly slam into her pussy. She couldn't help but cry out as her cunt was filled with him. She had half expected him to tease her, but by the size of his swollen penis he was almost on the point of orgasm himself. Already excited, it wasn't going to take much for her to cum again either. Losing his grip on her hair, he grabbed her by the hips so he could control his thrusts better. His cock slid in and out of her, the force and intensity increasing as she heard him start to groan and sigh. She was suddenly grateful that she was on the pill because there was no way that either of them would be able to stop. His balls slapping against her legs she felt her own orgasm start to rise as his thrusts became more urgent and she felt his cock swelling inside her. It was fortunate that nobody else had entered the toilet because neither of them would have been able to control their groans as they came together. After a moment or two he pulled out of her.

"Thank you." He said, still trying to catch his breath.

"Yes, thank you." She replied, turning to face him. He smiled that same disarming smile again.

"I think you can get dressed now."

As Lucy headed towards the gate to board her plane a little while later it suddenly occurred to her, somewhat belatedly, that not only did she not know the man's last name she hadn't even asked his first name. The thought should have made her feel ashamed, but instead the tingle in her crotch reminded her that she'd never been happier in an airport.

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