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I woke up way too early today. Dog was barking at some Jehovah's Witnesses at the door. I was too exhausted to get up and answer the door, so I laid there and tried to fall back to sleep. It didn't take me long to realize I wasn't going to be sleeping anymore.

'What the hell,' I say to myself, 'I have to check my mail anyone. Might as well check out a chat room'. I click until I find one in my area. Usually the chat room doesn't matter. Just hang out and meet someone, and avoid those BOTS.

It doesn't take me long to get a few messages. I have my pic on profile. I guess my 5'1" petite frame, my curly blonde hair, big tits (36d), and blue eyes are what guys are looking for.

I don't even have to click on anyone in the chat room, message after message pops up. I click on the profile pics as quickly as I can. Not that I care about whether or not they're cute. I just like to see who I'm chatting with.

Then, you message me. I quickly click on your profile. Damn, you're a soldier. Part of me feels a hurtful pang in my stomach. I'm going through a divorce and my soon to be ex is in the Army too. Of course, I'm also turned on as hell. Because, in your pic, you're wearing a uniform. Who doesn't think a man looks sexy in uniform?

We start chatting, and to my relief, you're in a way different career field. You're also older, yay a grown up! You tell me that you're on R and R from Iraq. That you're out here checking out the next base you're gonna be stationed at. You also mention that you've been cooped up in a hotel by yourself, and was wondering if I'd like to meet for lunch.

At first, I'm a bit apprehensive. I've met people from online. But, I'd normally been chatting to them longer than an hour before I did so. I also think the fact that you've asked me to meet you in your hotel is a bit.....shall we say, dubious.

I figure, it's been a while since I've taken a chance. What the hell. I mapquest where your hotel is, and agree to meet ya.

The hotel is quite a ways away from where I love. But it's cool. I like long drives. Going over to the "better" side of town, I get to see the big beautiful houses that are built into the mountains over there. Of course, I'm not used to going to that side of town, so I make a few wrong turns. But I eventually get there.

I hop in the elevator and take the 6th floor. Fortunately, your room is right near the elevator when I get up there. I hate being lost in hotel hallways. You open the door, and I'm taken aback by how handsome you are. Your profile pic didn't do justice to the intense beauty of your eyes, and to your great smile.

We don't stay in your room for very long. Just long enough for you to grab your smokes and your wallet, then we're off. The Mexican restaurant you've chosen for us to eat at is within walking distance of the hotel, so we head off.

I have a great time at our lunch. You seem to be having a great time, too. You can discuss things and use military terms and I can understand them. We also feed pieces of our tortilla chips to some little birds that keep flying out on the patio that we're eating on. And, our food is awesome.

We sit and talk long after we've finished our meal. But, I'm getting antsy. I feel bad, like I need to show you around a little bit. I ask you if you'd like to go see one of the nearby mountains. You say sure and we're on our way.

We drive around the city, looking for the perfect place. Unfortunately the mountains can't be accessed by the surface streets. So, we decide to drive around for a little bit. Then, you ask if I'd like to go back to your hotel. Just to hang out, that you won't take advantage or trying anything, unless I want you to.

When we get back to the hotel, you politely turn off espn. Thank God! Lol. Although we don't watch tv. We just sit and talk. As we converse, I realize how much I've missed adult conversation. My ex-husband was so much younger, that sometimes, I felt like I was talking to a spoiled child.

You seem so cool and caring. So intelligent and witty. I'm totally having a blast talking to you. Hearing about your family, where you're from, your experiences you had growing up.

I don't remember how it happend. Who kissed whom first. But before I knew it, we were making out. Not raunchy, trashy making out. Chick flick, soft and gentle making out. I feel your warm hands go to my thigh. God it feels so damn good.

Your tongue feels like velvet, guiding itself through my mouth, searching for my tongue. You have to be the best kisser in the world. Damn, I love this. I need this. Hell, I deserve this!

You pull me over to where I'm sitting on your lap. You wrap your arms around my waist. God I feel so safe, so warm. You then reach up and take my face in your hands. You say, 'God, you're so beautiful.' And, for the first time in a long while, I truly feel beautiful.

You ask me how far I'd like to go. I tell you as far as possible. I also mention that I don't normally do this. We both chuckle lightly and resume our kissing.

Before I know it, my shirt is off. So is yours. You pull me closer to you, and keep kissing me while you massage my back. Massaging your way down to unfasten my bra. Once it's removed, I press my breasts against your slightly hairy chest. Mmm, I love how my tits mash up against you.

I start kissing my way down your neck. Kissing, licking my way down to your chest. Damn, your skin tastes so good. So sweet. I begin to scoot my whole body down as I'm kissing you.....all the way down til I get to the waistband of your shorts. I ask if you'd like a little head.

You ask me to move away for a second, while you take your pants off. Oooh, and when you take your pants off...... I am confronted by the largest cock I've ever seen in my entire life. It's like porn star big. Damn, I know I'm gonna enjoy sucking that.

I take as much of it in my hand as possible and start jerking you off. I have to admit, I'm a little daunted by your size. I'm so tight, that I wonder if you're even going to be able to fit inside me. Thoughts of that bring a great wetness to my pussy.

I start to take the first few inches of your cock in my mouth. I swear that thing has to be at least 10 inches. I suck it as hard as I can. Looking into your eyes the entire time.

I like watching you as I suck your cock. Love to watch the different expressions that play across your face. Lust, desire, satisfaction. I love know that I'm helping to create these feelings for you. I also love the fact that your cock is so massive.

I know I definitely can't fit all of it in my mouth. I take as much in as I can. Then, I jerk off the rest of it. Hell, it practically takes two hands to jerk you off. You reach down and put your hand on the back of my head, trying to get me to take in more. To take in all of it. But, once I start gagging, you relent and let me take what I can handle.

Now that your cock is fully erect, I'm starting to feel a bit nervous. Really wondering whether or not it will fit. You seem to sense the fear I'm feeling and say, 'Don't worry, I'm going to get you so wet, that my cock is going to glide right in'. A smile crosses my face and you tell me to come here.

You tell me to take off my pants and lay down. Much to your pleasant surprise you see 2 things when you take off my pants. First, that I'm not wearing any underwear. Second, that my pussy is totally shaved. I notice that you have a huge smile on your face.

My legs instantly spread open for you the minute I lay down on the bed. You can see my juices dripping out. Warm, and clear. You lick your lips, and head 'downtown'.

You gently part my outer lips with your fingers. I shiver with anticipation of what's to come. Or should I say cum? My pussy hole starts to twitch as you begin kissing and licking my clit. Your tongue is so warm and soft. God, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.

You begin licking in a circular motion. First you just lick on my clit, the your use your tongue to trace around my pussy hole. Mmm, I can feel my juices starting to pour out.

You lick my entire pussy, from clit to hole, for quite a while. All the while, you lap up my juices. God I love the sound of a man lapping up my pussy juices. My body decides that it's time for my first orgasm.

My hips begin to grind up towards your face. Pushing my pussy into you as much as I can. My whole body is twitching and feels like its on fire.

You say, 'if that makes you cum, wonder what will happen when I do this...' "This" was you plunging your tongue into my pussy. It felt so good I nearly doubled over. You then took your thumb and index finger and begin rolling and pinching it lightly. It felt so good I felt like I was going insane.

You then decided to add your fingers to the mix. First just one finger, then two, then three. God you really know how to work a gal's pussy. I could feel my hot juice pouring out all over your fingers, and trickling down my legs.

I felt another orgasm coming up. I knew this one was gonna be a hell of a lot more intense. I began wildly thrashing around. Fucking your fingers as hard as I could. Revelling in the fact, that I was getting such a huge emotional and physical release. Damn, I was cumming so hard, that it felt like I was peeing on your fingers. Thankfully, I wasn't.

After this orgasm subsided you pull away from my pussy. I give you a puzzled look. And, you answer my expression by saying, 'I don't want to get you too worn out with the oral sex. Because we have a lot of fucking to do.'

I ask you if you think I'm wet enough to take you in. You smile and say, 'Hell yeah! You're more than ready.' Before I can think of anything else, you take the head of your cock and begin rubbing it over my pussy. Damn, how wet do you intend to get me before you fuck me?

Just then, you guide the head of your massive cock into me. Wow, it's so damn big. I'm beginning to wonder if I am, indeed, wet enough for you. If I can take you in.

You see the concern on my face, and whisper in my ear, 'Relax, I'll start off gentle'. Then you move your sweet lips down to my neck, and I feel all of my worries float away. My whole body practically goes limp.

You insert more and more of your cock, well til you get about halfway. God, it hurts so bad. I ask if maybe you should just ram it in. Kind of like ripping a band aid off really fast. Get the pain over with. You nod in agreement and put it all in. Damn, I was so wrong about the band aid theory. Apparently, it only applies to band aids.

It felt like my tight, little, hole was being torn apart. I could feel my inner walls stretching to accomodate your size. Could feel your cock straining to go deeper and deeper, until it hit my cervical wall. Damn I felt like was a virgin. I was actually getting stomach cramps.

You begin to thrust slowly and gently. Letting me adjust. It takes a while, but eventually, I get used to the massive cock that's inside of me. Damn, then you just feel good as hell. I feel so full with your cock inside of me, damn you definitely know how to use your massive fuck tool.

I start lifting my hips, and fucking into you. Oh, yeah I'm totally adjusted to the size. And loving every inch of it. You grab my face again and kiss me like crazy. You tell me you love how tight and wet I am.

At that point, I reach down and begin caressing and lightly smacking your ass. God, your ass. You have a hell of an awesome ass. It must be all that physical training you do in the Army. God Bless America!

We pick up the pace of our fucking. You begin slamming, wildly, into me. Damn, I can't help it. I have to cum. My pussy begins twitching and milking at your cock. My juices completely saturating it, and running out of me. Thankfully, the weight of your body is holding me down, or I'd look like I was having a seizure.

You pound away at me through my orgasm. Damn, I feel like I can't stop cumming. God, this feels so freakin' good! I reach down and grab your ass, helping you to pump in and out of me.

I let my hands wander up your back. I'm totally unconscious of the fact that I'm scratching your back. That is until you say, 'ouch'. I make it up to you by kissing and nuzzling your neck. Your ouch is quickly replaced by excited moans.

We continue slamming into each other with reckless abandon. It seems like we both need this stress reliever. You need the release from the anxiety and stress of the war. Hell, I just need it to get laid. Relieve myself from the day to day pressures.

You tell me that my pussy feels so good. So tight and warm, that you never want to take your cock out of me. That you could fuck me forever. Hell, I could get used to that.

You slam into me as hard as humanly possible, grinding deep into my cervix. I nearly double over from the pain of it. Then, you grip my hips and hold me really tight. Shit, you're cumming in me. I can feel your hot load filling me up, and oozing out of my sore pussy.

Afterwards, I lay there with you. Letting you hold me, my head on your chest. It's not long before you fall asleep. I figure I've been there long enough (8 hours). That I should go home. I leave you a note, and tell me you can get in touch with me if you feel like it.

I'm greatful that you continue to stay in touch with me, even weeks later when you're back in Iraq. I'm even more glad that we're still talking exactly a month after you left. Especially since that's when I found out you had gotten me pregnant. Thankfully, you're a real man who keeps in contact and are as excited about the baby as I am.

The End.

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