tagMind ControlNeural Receptors Ch. 01

Neural Receptors Ch. 01


My dreary day was turning into a dreary night in the lab. I was hired as a researcher for a company attempting to develop a "smart" pill. The idea being that if one can introduce appropriate chemical receptors between neurons, one can boost the signals and hence the intelligence. Nice theory, but lousy practical grind for the lowly researcher who had to go step-by-step through thousands of combinations of molecules.

So, there I was after midnight toiling over my partner's samples that she "just didn't get to" under my cheap desk lamp from Hell that gave me a jolt every time I touched the base instead of the switch. Too tired, too bugged out, whatever it was, I did not keep my elbows in as I turned and I knocked a vial of powdered samples out of the container onto the desk in front of me. Turning back at the sound, I inhaled a snout-full of untested neural receptors. It burned, it really burned. "Aw shit," I cursed to the gods of chaos that ruled my life and brought my hand down right onto the base of my lamp, which gave me a jolt that flung me back into my chair and then apparently face down on my desk..

I awoke sometime later with a crushing headache. Muttering curses under my breath I reached for the container to read the label. It was sample H3C2L21, whatever that meant. I cleaned up the mess, resolved to gripe thoroughly to my boss and demand a new, stupid $10 lamp, left a note for my lazy partner about the destruction of her sample, and made my way out of the building. As I approached the front desk, I swore I could sense Tom's presence before I turned the corner and saw him at the security desk. We exchanged minor pleasantries and I left a note for my boss telling him I was sleeping in and I would be back by noon. My headache still pounding through every damn bone in my head, I hurried home and toppled into bed, clothes and all.

Mid morning found me in bed with a metallic taste on my tongue, a stuffed nose, and a feeling that my head just wasn't right. I still had plenty of time for a shower, a cup of coffee, and a bit of toast, which seemed to put me aright. I had been a little worried when I awoke, untested chemicals, electric jolts and all.

My head turned toward the front door of the apartment. I knew someone was there before I heard the bell ring. Puzzling over my sense of intuition, the buzzer went off and I opened the door to a pretty brunette with a terrific figure, shoulder-length hair and a very serious face. "Mr. Donahue?" she said. I nodded as I tried to surreptitiously gaze at her jutting breasts, "the rental agency sent me over, you are late paying your rent . . . again." I apologized and offered to write a check on the spot. She agreed and I invited her in while I went to the bedroom and retrieved my checkbook.

Coming back I saw her body from the hallway and thought to myself "Man, I would love to wrap my body around that!" The woman suddenly got a puzzled and then disdainful look on her face. Feeling embarrassed for no particular reason, I dismissed the thought and her face went back to neutral. "Can you relax, woman?" my thoughts continued, "I had a really rough night." She breathed deep, dropped her shoulders, and put a small smile on her pixie face.

"Whoa, she just did what I asked her to do." My heart started beating faster.

I sat down in the stuffed chair and my hands were trembling. "Can I write a check for two months and be done for awhile?" I asked her vying for time to think. "Sure, I'll give you a receipt." She sat down on the couch opposite me and pulled a pad out of her purse. Thinking quickly I decided to test this new situation and thought at her "Would you open your legs so that I can see your panties?" She was looking at her pad when a dirty little smile crept across her and her legs, like magic, opened to a view up her short skirt. White lace panties.

I tore the check out of the book and walked it over to her. She looked up at me and I decided to go for it. "Would you like me to rub your pussy?" I thought. She took my check and gave me grin. Gently she took my arm and pulled me down until we were face to face. She cocked an eyebrow and kissed me slow and full on the lips. I felt her tongue and opened my mouth to take it in as my captured hand brushed against the inside of her thigh. Her hand went to the back of my head to hold me in place while our tongues danced. My hand found her panties and began to stroke her lips through them. She moaned in my mouth and a raging erection was born in my pants.

My hand reached under her causing to her hips to lift up off of the couch. I reached the back of her panties and quickly pulled them down onto her thighs, and then to her knees where gravity took care of the rest. Spreading her legs again I sought out her pussy with my fingers. I touched smooth skin; there was no hair on her lips and my bulge grew harder. I slipped two fingers in and found a hot wet hole. I took my two fingers all the way up and brought my thumb around to rub the front of her slit. My thumbpad rubbed her clit back and forth as I began to piston my hand into her now throbbing pussy. She sucked my tongue harder and started undulating her hips in rhythm with my hand. Faster and faster we went. Her eyes went wide and started to roll back into her head. "Ohh," she moaned, then she just stopped and shook, and shook again as her orgasm coursed from her pussy through her body. She let go of me and settled back into the cushions.

The first thought in my head, completely selfish of course, was "Damn, will she suck my cock?" She looked up at me from the couch with a silly grin and said: "And what can I do for you?" She reach forward and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. My underwear followed and my cock bounced out raging hard. "Ooooh, it's so hard. Did I do that?" she asked with feigned innocence. Her tongue, that blessed tongue, came forward began to trace the head of cock and I moaned aloud. It had been awhile.

She licked the underside of my cock making me shiver; then she reached that pleasure spot behind the crown and I became a man with only one thought in his head. She played it cool and refused to rush my pleasure. She reached down and gently stroked my nutsack and began to lick and suck first one, and then the other. I felt my knees give a little. She came up for air, gave me a wink, and took the length of my boner in her mouth – all the way to my pubes – all the way to heaven. She took her hands and wrapped each around one of my butt cheeks. She started thrusting my hips back and forth, back and forth into her delicious sucking mouth of hers. Sucking loudly when my head touched the tip of her tongue, the saliva started to drip from a corner of her mouth. She started slow and then began to pick up the pace, urging my hips to go faster and faster, asking me with her eyes to fuck her face. I did; I fucked her mouth and the pressure in my balls started to build. Every muscle in my body began to flex in anticipation and my hips were flying. Not caring whether she wanted my cum down her throat or not, I let out a howl as my cock exploded stream after stream down her hot gullet. Her eyes bulged and white cum followed the saliva dripping out the side of her mouth.

I sucked down a large breath of air and she gently released my shrinking cock from her mouth.

"Wow," I said as I reached down to pick up her panties. "That was simply amazing." My tongue was tied and my head was whirling with afterglow of a blowjob beyond my imagination, and the possibilities of my apparently newfound powers of persuasion. I looked into this woman's eyes whose name I did not know wondering "is this a one time thing? Will I see you again?" "Thank you, I take it that you liked our little treat." she said giggling. She bunched the panties in my hand and told me hold on to them, she would be back later to collect them . . . maybe tonight?

I reached down with both hands and helped her up from the couch, whatever her name was. Mentally slapping myself I beamed at her, "what is your name?" She picked up her pad, tore off the receipt and handed it to me. The signature at the bottom said 'Jenn.' She stuffed my check in her purse.

"How about seven tonight, Jenn, and we'll have a little dinner?" I said with all the smoothness I could muster with my pants down around my ankles and a dripping dick making scummy drops on them. Jenn kissed me on the cheek sealing the date and said with mischief in her voice that she would see herself out.

Shaking off the afterglow, I pulled my pants off and went to get a clean pair. Making plans within plans, wanting to know just what I could do and not do, my knew-found powers were changing my life, quickly. Making my way to work I considered with a rueful grin that there was no way I was not going to get a new desk lamp today.

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