tagMind ControlNeural Receptors Ch. 02

Neural Receptors Ch. 02


I was mulling over my predicament as I rolled into the parking lot. My brain is able to send thoughts to which people respond and all it took was chemical neurotransmitters and a crappy, defective desk lamp.

Of course a teenager would be plotting to fuck everything in sight, but I, I was seized with bouts of doubt and dread. My real, gut-twisting fear overshadowing all was what if I could control it; what if someone cut me off and I told him to drop dead? Would he? My cock may not have conscience, but I do.

Lost in thought, I eased up to the second floor of the R&D building and wound through the hallways to my small lab, which I shared with Elizabeth. I opened the door to my lab partner, Elizabeth, standing next to a half-eaten sandwich resting on top a stack of the files with mustard dripping down the side of the pile onto the table.

To call her a slob only begins the description and it was her slovenly ways that caused the accident last night in the first place. My anger began to build.

"There you are," she drummed, "Where the hell have you been and why the fuck did you screw up my samples last night?" Hands on her hips and attitude in the air, my sight went red as I stormed to the table and slammed my fist on it.

"YOU didn't finish yesterday's samples!" I accused and since I was on a roll continued, "YOU left them on the table for me to deal with, and YOU are bitchin' me out? Your samples, your responsibility!" I felt something wet under my fist and looked down to find that I had slammed my fist into a puddle of her mustard.

Smooth, just call me Dr. Smooth.

I held up my hand to her face: "You're lazy, you're sloppy, and it is amazing more samples haven't been lost." I paused and considered in a quiet voice, "Or have they?"

I didn't wait for an answer but turned my back to grab the paper towels behind me. She started to say something as I bent down to unplug the desk lamp from Hell and grab it by its neck. Pointing my lamp at her with a death grip on its plastic neck I said simply: "I will deal with you later" and I felt my brain give a push, in her direction.

Suddenly, her body went tense and her eyes widened as if in fear.

Good, I thought as I turned to leave, let her stew on that for awhile.

And what the hell was that push? More to ponder.

Trekking through the hallways to the other side of the building to my supervisor's office, I took a shortcut through secretarial pool.

As I passed the filing cabinets I noticed the big boss, that is to say my boss's boss, personal assistant massaging file folders. Trust me on this one; she was the typical platinum blond, big hair, oversized fake-boobed airhead squeezed into an outfit that is just a teensy bit too tight.

My professional assessment is that those tight outfits cut off the circulation to her brain; but, if she makes the big boss happy in the pants, I'm with the program. After all, she was my favorite piece of unobtainable eye candy in the building.

I idly wondered for the umpteenth time what she thought of me and something flew from my head. She looked up from her task directly at me and spoke simply.

"You look like an idiot carrying that lamp and trailing the cord behind you on the floor."

"Ah, yeah, uh, thanks," I mumbled.

Am I always such a dork? I wondered, and then hustled around the corner lest I hear an answer.

Taking my self-pity in stride, I pulled up to Dr. Bob's secretary and asked if the good doctor was in. She said she would check and picked up the phone to dial his extension while staring at my desk lamp. Dork.

I dabbled with the question of whether she was sleeping with Bob; they were both nice, kind of frumpy, huggable people. My brain was buzzing when she looked at me and gave me a dazzling smile. I flushed from my neck to the top of head thinking, I really didn’t want to know and I have just got to get this thing under control.

She gestured and with a brief knock on the door I went in to talk to Dr. Bob. He looked at the lamp and then he looked at me.

"It's defective, it gave me a nasty shock last night, and caused samples to be destroyed. I am not filling out another requisition form, I want a new lamp, dammit."

Bob called out with a chuckle through the open door.

"Anne, go check the supply closet for a new lamp for Jerry."

She walked off and Bob opened his mouth to say something and appeared to think better of it.

What were you going to ask me? popped into my thoughts.

“Jerry,” he said, “What do you think of your research project so far?”

I considered the safe answer, the political answer, and went for the suicidal one; it was that kind of day.

“At this point we are spinning our wheels and wasting money.”

Dr. Bob leaned back in his chair and asked me what did I suggest we do? I told him we should take the best sample, one that shows any infinitesimal increased brain activity and sell it over the counter as a natural, intelligence-enhancing vitamin. The one I had in mind was distilled from a common weed growing across the fields of some Asian country.

“Doesn’t the corporation own a vitamin subsidiary?” I asked with just a drop of guile.

“The company is the major shareholder in one,” he replied thoughtfully. Then Anne walked in with a new box with the picture of a nice desk lamp on it and I took my leave.

Like a proud parent holding his baby, I took my lamp back to my lab. As I closed the door Elisabeth came up to me and said, “We have to talk.”

There was a little tremble in her voice.

“How can I make this right? What can I do to keep you from telling Bob. Oh God, did you tell Bob?”

“Not yet,” I said, dead pan.

The silence thickened in the room. She put her hand across mine and spoke softly.

”You know I always kind of liked you, is there something I can do for you.”

What the hell, two gambles in one day. I took her hand and placed it on my crotch and nodded.

“How about a blowjob?,” she asked with a weak smile.

I shook my head and projected at her. Do you want me to fuck you silly? She rubbed my crotch once, twice, and then went for my belt buckle and my pants.

“O God,” she moaned, “let’s do this now, here.”

“Do what?” I said without emotion.

“Overwhelm me, baby, take my vagina and use your penis in me!”

And to think I assumed that I was the geek in the room.

It was no surprise that my cock lay limp between my legs after a come-on like that, so I took her by the shoulders and eased her face down to my prick. She took the hint and sucked my flaccid friend into her mouth and took the root in her hand and began to inflate my pride.

I reached down into her lab coat and began to unbutton her blouse. Elizabeth’s boobs were small, flabby things, but with large areole and nipples that were already starting to poke out.

I pushed the bra down and began to rub her nubbins. My cock came to life and stood rigid like the good soldier I knew he was. She backed off my cock and stood up.

Before I could reach down myself, she popped the button on her slacks and dropped her panties with them. The table was too high, so Elizabeth leaned against it and looking over shoulder, cooed, “Take me, now!”

I briefly considered licking her slit first, but I remembered how pissed I was at her and decided to just take advantage.

I came up behind her, rubbed my cock along her dripping slit, and then slid it up her cunt. Elizabeth's puss was hot, wet and loose and I began to pump without friction.

Her ass was a little big so rather than reach around to tweak her clit, I told her to rub herself.

As Elizabeth reached down, I took my thumb and squeezed between her butt cheeks and found her rosebud. I pushed on her asshole and she began to pick up the pace. I pushed harder and broke through her sphincter and she began to moan.

“This feels too damn good,” she gasped as her arm became a blur on her clit. I pushed further into her ass and her legs started to tremble.

“Oh God,” she began to chant. “Oh God, oh God, oh oh Gawd!” she cried as she came. Her muscles clamped down tight on my cock and felt myself let go. I spurted my juice long, hard and far up that steaming hole.

When my heels touched the ground again, my cock fell out of her pussy with a distinct drippy
sort of ‘plop.’

Reaching around for the paper towels, I wiped the juices off of my thoroughly used member and aimed for the trash can; Elizabeth was still leaning against the table and trying to catch her breath. I considered grabbing a wipe for her when my new inner sense made me shift my attention towards the door.

“Someone is coming,” I hissed while popping my buckle in place. “Quick, you had better pull up your pants.”

Bob stuck his head in the door. “Get that sample we were discussing and bring it to my office, Jerry. Elizabeth, finish up your notes and start packing up the other samples. It’s time to close down this show, kids!” Bob sniffed the air, shook his head, and closed the door.

Elizabeth looked mortified; she stood frozen like a statue. It’s a good thing lab coats are long because it kinda hid the stain coming out on the front of her slacks. Laughing to myself, I pulled the file with its sample and made my way out the door.

“Damn, I’m good!” I mused, hoping that Elizabeth picked up my thought. I was not a geek and never really was, but it took something extra ordinary to shake my complacency.

It was time to make up for lost time and make some money; I made a mental note to call my stockbroker. Hey, vitamins are good for you and soon, they would be good for me too.

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