tagNonHumanNever a Ruby So Deep

Never a Ruby So Deep


Pale as milk, Evelynn swept into the throbbing shadows of the club. A phantom vision with blood red lips and silvery gray eyes, she immediately headed for the bar of her favorite lesser-known goth haunt. It was the obligatory hole in the wall from the outside, but elegantly decorated within. She recognized the music as Wideband Network, the song one of her current faves and enjoying frequent rotation on her MP3 player.

Immediately, Evelynn began to sway and thrust her way over to the bar, her thighs an alarming contrast above the tops of her boots, the delicate ebony satin of her tiny skirt blending seamlessly with the matching corset she wore. A fishnet jacket with satin cuffs and collar finished the look, and her hair was black as a summer night and twice as intoxicating, falling in soft waves to the small of her back and combed through with a musky perfume.

"Absolut and cranberry," she cooed to the spiky-haired girl who tended bar. The woman had large brown eyes, an angular but beautiful profile, and she wore all black herself, though her look was of a more androgynous style.

"ID, baby."

Evelynn flipped the card in the beauty's direction as if performing an elaborate card trick. The bar tender caught it, looked it over, and tossed it back with equal finesse. She was also quite showy with her pouring of the drink, and Evelynn paid for and received the frosty beverage in the martini glass with a provocative wink, which the bar maid returned.

Turning and strutting out to check out the crowd, she sipped her drink through the twin swizzle sticks in it as she maneuvered about on impossibly high heels. A few Emo kids clustered together at a small table, staring at their pale hands and looking as if someone had cannibalized everyone dear to them right before their very eyes.

Out on the dance floor, a curvaceous creature with brilliantly red hair drifted in a cloud of ebony lace and Black Widow perfume, her friends far less flamboyant than she, trying to catch the attention she soaked up like a couple of goldfish next to some breath taking tropical variety who could stun with a simple look.

She was bored already. A few drinks. Maybe more flirting with that saucy and beautifully butch bar tender, and she'd probably get the Hell out and take care of the need she felt all alone tonight. Again. A solution she'd been forced to do more often than she cared to admit in recent months.

There simply wasn't anyone here that grabbed her the way she wanted to be groped. This seemed to be a frequent problem for Evelynn, and she often wondered if it was just her or if all the really yummy boys out there were just not into the club scene and preferred nights alone with a good wine and an even better book. Not too surprising really considering she wasn't even precisely sure what she was looking for or why she felt compelled to keep coming back here when she knew the odds weren't in her favor. Of course, this hadn't always been the case.

She recalled the glory days of silky pale goddesses sprawled luxuriantly across her ebony sheets or brooding beautiful boys turning sex into an art form that left her in an orgasmic high for days. But as the goth wave went from a flow to an ebb, and only the truly dark devotees remained, the dating pool shrank considerably. Most distressing of all, she had not been having any satisfying success with the playmates she took home over the last couple months. Either they were two pump chumps, too gentle, or ladies who didn't have the foggiest notion what they wanted.

To slake her thirst for great sex, she had been amassing quite the collection of toys. And though several of them cost her quite the pretty penny, none of them had the delicious accompaniment of perfumed flesh, gasps, and breathy sighs of mutual bliss she craved. Especially when she was all alone in the wee hours of early morning, bathed in soft candle light and dreaming of an ideal lover as she writhed in the warm confines of her perfumed sheets, working herself into a panting climax with her favorite glass dildo or imported Japanese high end specialty device.

Evelynn's last disastrous attempt to salvage an evening by sharing the company of a promising lover had been with one of those sad-eyed Emo boys who lately seem to be everywhere she looked. Back at her apartment, they kissed and pawed each other like a couple animals in heat. When he'd shoved his hand up her dress to finger her roughly as their breath and heart rates increased, she truly felt the exciting sparks of promise smoldering against the tinder of trepidation erected in her mind.

Wanting to make sure he was rock hard and ready to go from hot to torrid with a hasty fuck after she came, Evelynn reached into his jeans to stroke his cock as her juices began to drip down his surprisingly talented fingers. He was slender enough that she didn't even need to unfasten the button and zip. He groaned and winced, cramming three fingers into her hard enough to bring out a rare moan. As her fingers closed around the swollen fistful of his cock-head, he started to pant. The fleshy column immediately began to throb in her eager little fingers, and before she could get closer to an orgasm, her hand was bathed in hot slippery ejaculate from her blushing and flustered partner.

He left not too long after that, bumming a lighter from her and offering her one of those wounded puppy looks Emo guys have down to a science before slinking off to his car and never returning to the club again.

Today, work at the dry-cleaning shop had seemed especially long and difficult. Her days were filled with pinning hems and replacing lost buttons, and more than once when her thoughts drifted, she'd absent-mindedly prick her fingers in the process of some intricate needlework. Finally, after feeling like a bit of a pin cushion by the closing of another work day, she switched to something more demanding to stay focused, mending tears and other tedious alterations. Her Asian boss was less than enthusiastic about reciprocal conversation, so often she found herself tucked away in her alcove of the shop with only her thoughts to lend some semblance of escape from the repetitive work. She arrived early, worked hard, and often stayed late to finish whatever project she started.

But jilling herself off was only satisfying for so long, and soon she would grow more distracted while she worked, sticking herself more frequently and cursing beneath her breath as she tried not to bleed on someone's garments, incurring a thorough bitching out by her boss if she wasn't careful.

When her desire got the better of her and even driving home proved difficult for the lewd thoughts that assailed her mind, she knew it was time to go out again for the hunt, which could be half the fun all by itself. If she was lucky, the lover she brought back tonight would at least be considerate enough to not mind if she rubbed her clit while they fucked. It was a sure means to gain a bit of momentary ecstasy from the act. The entire experience better if he or she got off on watching her, since that practically guaranteed a couple orgasms more than usual when sharing her bed with a new lover.

The night was frigid. Winter's breath blew constant and cold over the city, glazing the windows with an invisible icy tongue and spitting heaps of flakes that coated even the black gleaming expanse of busy streets, the whiteout interrupted only occasionally by a brave motorist.

After somehow making it through another long day of work, Evelynn arrived home as the rapidly darkening skies above lost any vestiges of gray, giving way to pure blackness swirled with falling flakes of ghostly white. Happy to be out of the bone-numbing cold, she took a bath in clove scented water, savoring the spicy scent and warmth as it relaxed her tense muscles and helped her prepare to face a chilly evening with a soft glow and sweetly scented flesh. She then slipped from the warmth and charm of her claw foot tub and applied a bit of sweet orange and vanilla oil behind her ears, upon her wrists, and gently over her throat and décolleté, the luscious scent making her own senses tingle with anticipation. She dressed and examined her outfit in the antique cheval looking-glass knowing she'd be cold but looked too damn good to find something more appropriate. Next, she lighted some honey and amber incense to perfume and bless her bedroom, then quickly and carefully made her way out to the car and drove to the club in the hopes that tonight might be the night she was able to redefine her view of great sex with someone else.

As of late, that definition had pretty much been at the mercy of the lube, batteries she had on hand, and new angles and positions she tried alone to liven things up. Naturally, she was efficient, but it had been three weeks since her last conquest and she grew restless.

Now here she was, dancing and checking out the crowd as the DJ mixed "More" by Sisters of Mercy into his play list. Undulating with all the lust and skill of a girl who spent a lot of time on top between the sheets, Evelynn tried to seek and capture the elusive possessor of It that would let her know the opportunity was close as she scanned the scant new faces in the crowd, but so far, it just wasn't happening.

She polished off her first drink, and then swaggered over to the bar for a refill. The barmaid made another, her fingertips lingering on Evelynn's wrist as she handed her the drink.

"I get the feeling you won't find what you're after at the bottom of this glass, sugar," the woman said wisely, her eyes meeting with Evelynn's for a moment before flicking over her shoulder at an approaching crowd of college girls. "Tell you what, pretty. If you haven't found someone to play with by the time I get off work, I'll take you back home and we'll see what happens. You're a cutie pie and I think we'd really have a good time."

"Ooh, you're such a flirt," Evelynn smirked, sipping her drink and making a point of capturing the bobbing cherry between garnet lips, drawing it into her mouth to bite down and savor the fruity burst.

"You don't know the half of it, baby," the barmaid winked, walking further down the bar to help other customers.

Evelynn turned around to make her way back to the floor when she saw a shadow approaching from the perimeter of the club just inside the entrance. As soon as he moved into the scant light, her Sapphic adventure was completely forgotten. The word that first occurred to Evelynn when she laid eyes on the new arrival was stunning. If she dared follow the instructions her vagina was communicating through kegal Morse Code, she had no doubts she'd feel as if she'd been at the center of a fifty car pile up by morning, and beyond that, she was certain getting out of bed after time with him would likely prove physically impossible. But his eyes the color of impenetrable February ice had already caught hers, and he offered her a hint of an enigmatic smile through thin pale lips as he deliberately strode right past her and to the girl with the red hair and heaps of lace.

"Oh, I see," Evelynn purred, tossing her hair and watching as his black leather clad ass swayed roguishly away from her, he not offering her so much as a backward glance. "I don't need this shit, sweetheart. Either you will or you won't."

Setting off with yet another drink cradled between her long fingers, she received the barmaid's blown kiss with an equally sensuous one of her own, now feeling the subtle fire of all the vodka she had consumed on an empty belly as she contemplated her next move. If the wraith wanted the ego wanking of her following him around, he wasn't going to get it. She hunted like the great carnivorous piranha. She wouldn't fuck around with being coy and playing head games. She would take what she felt would be most rewarding, and if the newcomer thought he was running this show, he had no idea. If the effort proved to be too much and she lost interest in the next few minutes, she was leaving.

Placing her latest empty martini glass on the polished black marble of the bar, she weaved her way through the ebony shadows that clung to her like obsidian velvet. Ahead of her, splattered in strobe light, the Zaftig girl with the gloriously vivid hair and the tall and angular newcomer were entangled in a tense pas de deux. The girl's bland girlfriends stood nearby, smoking and attempting to out-glower one another as Evelynn slid right up to the couple, grabbing one of the man's elegant white hands and pulling it off the lady's creamy shoulder. His brows lifted in surprise at Evelynn's bold highjacking of his curvy redheaded dance partner as the gutsy brunette lead her away into the thickening crowd.

"Come here, sweetie," Evelynn urged in a tone that barely kissed Red's ear. "I have to feel that hair. It looks so soft..."

Delighted by the complement, the curvy beauty allowed herself to be captured by Evelyn's silky web. Close enough to smell the vanilla of the girl's MAC lipstick and the unnervingly refined cologne of Red's former dance partner, Evelynn felt the girl's ample breasts press to her chest as they embraced and nuzzled each other hungrily, Red's bracelets jangling as they pressed into the small of her back, the roundness of her curves stoking Evelyn's loins much the same way the brash bartender with her boyish charm had done a few moments ago.

"Killing Moon" began as the women slid off into a more densely shadowed area of the club where the lights were fewer and the couches and secretive niches more plentiful. Emboldened by alcohol and the lovely pair of bountiful breasts mere inches from her lips, Evelynn moved in close to the girl's perfectly powdered cheek to trace a trail of sultry kisses back toward her ear.

"Are you having fun here, baby? I'm thinking of getting out of here in a bit..." she let the hot velvet dart of her tongue graze Red's succulent left earlobe and the girl shivered like a wind blown leaf in her arms. "You can..." She leaned back a bit; allowing her breath to just barely caressed the girl's ear. "Come with me if you want." Evelynn couldn't help putting emphasis on the word, and her mouth began to water at the thought of tasting this sexy vixen's silken skin in a more private environment.

"I ummm... I haven't decided yet..."

A flurry of activity broke the tenseness between the women, and both turned to see one of Red's mates getting into a shoving match with an icy angel clad in stark white, fairy wings, and a generous sprinkling of glitter while the spindly and spare newcomer stood idly by, a faint twinkle of amusement dancing in his mysterious eyes.

"Oh shit! Jasmin!" Red squealed, dashing from Evelyn's arms to go help her friend. Evelynn shrugged, sharing the amusement of the lanky stranger as she watched the crowd thicken around the knot of lovely limbs and flying platinum hair. It promised to be a nasty fight which was all the better when it involved two pretty girls.

The club goers, reenergized by the unexpected outburst, seemed to gain a bit of vicarious energy from this exchange, and the DJ decided to urge them right along by throwing on some Nitzer Ebb. Evelynn gave herself over to the music, long lean limbs flailing, hair tumbling into her face as she determined that she'd break a sweat, break a heel, and then break down the door with that hot bartender after all.

Silhouetted in the milky phosphorescence of a nearby black light, her eyes closed, she didn't realize he was right behind her until his hands wound around her waist, pulling her firm rounded bottom back into the eager cradle of his pelvis. A throaty purr of surprised anticipation escaped her lips before she could help herself. The sound was met with a fierce press of his groin against her ass and she could easily feel the rock hard length of his arousal against her posterior cleft.

Blue is the color she attached to his cologne as it invaded her nostrils like a scent serpent. It was all aloof iris and sensual sandalwood, and the firm grasp he held her with was deceptively delicate. Steel coils disguised as fingers played up her rib cage, and his arms, though slight, were sure as stone as he held her close.

Tilting her pixie face up and back toward his, she almost felt the physical slap his gaze delivered. It was nothing short of piercing. His eyes pinioned her like a butterfly on a mount, and she tried to control the slight trimmer that attacked her limbs, making her feel suddenly shy and nervous as a schoolgirl in his strong presence.

"You know, at first glance I wondered if you were almost entirely too arrogant a plaything for me to tolerate," He stated in a soft tone with a trace of some indiscernible accent. She thought perhaps French, though it was minimal and his eloquence suggested a very worldly and learned background that probably included extensive travel. Whirling her around and grabbing a firm hold of her bottom, he smiled at her wide-eyed surprise. "If we're going to spend some time together tonight, the first thing you need to do is remember your manners and learn your place, my adorable little brat. That includes no more stealing any of my dance partners to try and provoke a response. Though your move was quite surprising, and for that I'll give you credit."

Evelynn's body tensed and she made an attempt at framing some smart-ass reply. But her partner's cool fingertips merely glided over her lips as his other hand tested the swell of her left breast. Tingles shot immediately to her stiffening nipple, and she narrowed her eyes in an attempt to downplay her arousal. "Yes. No words now. Listen. Close that pretty mouth for a moment and just listen. What does your body tell you?" Damn but he was hard, she thought as his rigid length pushed against her abdomen, imagining how such an apparently full and generous attribute would feel as he forced it deep inside her tight little cunny. At last. She'd found a promising partner, and a fucking gorgeous one to boot. "What does my body tell you?"

His eyes bore into hers as his face lowered. She saw his hair was gathered into a tail behind his neck and tucked down the back of his shirt. How she longed to touch it. Feel it's undoubtedly silken texture between her dainty fingertips.

Evelynn's heart nearly stopped when she got a good look at how arrestingly gorgeous he was up close. She was several inches shorter than he, which gave her a better angle for a lengthy gaze and created an automatic sense of submissiveness near such an imposing presence. Though she hated to use the word beautiful anywhere near a man when searching for an appropriate adjective, this word was the only one that would come to mind.

With great pale blue eyes fringed by luxuriantly long straight lashes and slightly arched brows, he had the simultaneous poise and bearing of a pureblood aristocrat though he dressed like a rebel from the wrong side of the tracks trying to put on airs. His facial structure was nothing short of Patrician. If he had been cast in marble, his handsomeness wouldn't be more perfect even if rendered by the most talented skill of a Renaissance artist. He was breath taking and full of contradictions. With a spare and slight body, he had almost a waif-like charm. Yet an immense and irresistible aura of strength and power radiated off him in waves.

"Dare I guess precisely what sorts of thoughts are hiding behind those pretty gray eyes, mon petit chou? I've got some pretty good ideas..." He purred, challenging her to break their intense gaze before tugging her over behind a hanging swathe of crimson velvet, leading her further behind the material and out of sight.

Here in the almost perfect dark as they stood behind a large Corinthian pillar, his hands went about her waist, drawing her close to him as his cool lips brushed her brow.

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