tagNonHumanNever a Ruby So Deep Ch. 02

Never a Ruby So Deep Ch. 02


The slightest smudge of brightening gray adorned the eastern horizon as Evelynn stood beside Gabriel, his well-muscled arm wrapped protectively about her waist. The chill wind whipped the black silk robe she wore, but she didn't feel the cold. Snowflakes tinged amber from the light pollution drifted down like fiery and silent ghosts. Somehow, though she'd seen this sight a hundred times before, it was never so sharp and awe-inspiring then as it was now.

"We've got to go to sleep soon, my love." Gabriel gathered a fistful of her hair, letting each black silken strand fall against her shoulders one at a time, his lips brushing her ear.

"It's so lovely." Evelynn whispered, settling closer to her lover as her lashes fluttered. "And seeing it beside you... It's almost a spiritual experience."

Whirling in his arms, she planted her warm lips against his throat. Both warmed by each other's blood, they intertwined as the chill breeze tousled their hair. Gabriel gathered Evelynn in his arms, lifting her feet from the snowy rooftop, her small footprints virgin marks in the smooth sheet of snow.

"Come," Gabriel's words were coarse with need. "We need our rest."

Cool air brushed Evelynn's cheeks as Gabriel strode across the roof, enshrouded in glittering snowflakes; sparkling jewels pure as the moon and luminous like stars. Evelynn's eyes closed, heart pounding in anticipation of his growing hunger and need as they descended back into the silent luxury of the building.

How they managed to return to Gabriel's loft was a mystery to Evelynn. There was only the vague blur of softly lit hallways and neutral color schemes before they stumbled into his place. A throaty groan escaped his lips as Evelynn wrapped about him like a luxurious garment, kissing his lips and wriggling from his grasp like a kitten. A soft laugh full of taunting escaped her lips as she ran, disrobing as she went, toward the darkened bedroom.

"My brat," Gabriel sighed with a veiled attempt to hide his amusement. "I shall leave you sore and begging for more."

Sure and steady footsteps crossed the expansive rooms as Evelynn sprawled on the luxurious satin sheets, her hair a cool veil against her face, as she lay prone and waiting. Each advancing footstep she heard increased her pulse until it was thudding like tribal drums in her ears, her drenched and throbbing sex contracting in time with her heartbeat despite her best efforts to calm herself.

Evelynn was caught in an electric web of lust. She couldn't tell where he was for sure, but his presence expanded to occupy every square inch of the loft and to hold her as if paralyzed upon the grand altar of his bed. A moan through closed lips accompanied her languid stretches, and in that instant, he was upon her like the seductive shadows.

"You'll drive me mad, mon coeur." Gabriel's arms slid under her chest from behind, large palms cupping her tits as he brought her to her knees, arching his pelvis to give his thick cock entry into her drenched, eager, and dripping depths. At the moment of his cock penetrating her throbbing channel, his teeth punctured the pale skin of her left shoulder and she cried out in anguish and ecstasy, his hips slamming harder still against her ass as she tried to grasp the sheets for purchase.

Again and again, the stiff length of him pummeled painfully deep inside her, one cool hand twining around her right hip, certain fingertips dipping into the slippery juices she secreted to rub rapid flitting circles around her clit.

Evelynn tensed in Gabriel's demanding embrace, the orgasm he was coaxing pooling outward from her core like liquid fire, her breath halting as his teeth sank deeper, his lips pulling from the wound as his own release came in a shattering crescendo.


The first concrete sensation Evelynn knew as sleep reluctantly freed her from its grasp was pain. The keening and intense burn of an unchecked fever; an ache concentrated in her abdomen. A whimper escaped her rosebud lips, and she tried to move but was overcome by a heaviness of limb that was frightening, though she felt as if she'd been asleep for days. The previous night came back to her in blurred images and a confusion of sensations, and she tried to recall precisely what happened to leave her in such a condition.

"Shhh." A cool breath brushed her ear seconds before warm wetness pooled against her lower lip. Eyes closed, she found the strength to part her lips, darting her tongue out to catch the first sweet drops of Gabriel's blood as it seeped into her mouth. "It hurts now, my love, but the bliss you'll know in a matter of moments will be boundless."

The feel of his potent sanguine essence suffusing her own was electrifying. Evelynn wanted to drain every last drop from her lover, but at long last, he took his wounded wrist away, shuddering at the sensations she'd pulled through him. "How are you feeling now, cherie?" All she could do was tremble, her thoughts shrouded in a drowsy fog.

Gabriel nodded knowingly, his features delicate in the soft glow of a distant lamp with a damask shade. He shifted and the mattress returned to its typical shape as he strode across the lavishly decorated bedroom. "It's only ten o'clock, my Evelynn. The night is still young and we need to get out and begin teaching you the do's and don'ts of our way of life. The pain will ease once my blood fuses with yours, and should disappear all together after you feed from another.

"While you were asleep, I did a bit of shopping for you. I hope you like the ensembles I put together with your figure and personality in mind. If the clothes I've selected aren't to your liking, we can always buy something different tomorrow. But for now..." The subtle shimmer of deep purple velvet flowed like liquid under the dim lighting as Evelynn forced herself up on an elbow, aware as the sheets shifted that she was still totally nude beneath the duvet. "I want to see the contrast of the velvet against your skin."

With shaking knees, Evelynn unsteadily gained her footing as she climbed out of bed, lowering her eyes to take in her bare breasts with a pair of bruised bites just shy of her right nipple, then her feet as she moved toward Gabriel, afraid that if she looked into his eyes, whatever bit of resolve she had left for a normal life would melt and vanish. "Yes," he purred, one large hand settling into the concave dip of her waist to draw her nearer. "This will be absolutely luscious on you, my pet."

With trembling fingers, Evelynn reached up to take the luxurious garment and hold it up before her wide gray eyes. It was simple in its elegance yet so rich and deep a purple as to be near the color of plum wine, a thin and gleaming silver chain winding around the narrow waist, the skirt form-fitting and high. The dress was held up with a simple strap around the neck, and she knew without a doubt it would be ravishing when she put it on.

Gabriel kept his icy blue gaze upon Evelynn's face, drinking in every subtle nuance of her growing pleasure as she pressed the dress to her bare flesh. The contrast was arresting. She smiled a little girl smile of pure delight as he advanced, the soft thump of his boots barely audible over the plush carpet. Without a word, he reached down to slip his arms around her waist and gather her to him, his mouth brushing the corner of her lips before grazing her jaw to the still sore and reddened puncture wounds he'd made.

Evelynn took a shuddering breath, her fingers falling slack as the dress pressed between them, the cool and soft fabric deliciously sensual. With the instinct of her submission, Evelynn's chin lifted, her head falling back with the silken weight of her hair as Gabriel's tongue slid, hot and firm, over her wounds, igniting both a ghost of pain and whisper of pleasure to sink their hooks into her loins.

"Please..." The word fell from her lips clothed in whisper and he knew self-control no longer. Evelynn tightened her arms around Gabriel's neck, her hungry sex pressed against the hardening bulge in his black jeans. With a throaty groan, he fought the urge to sink his teeth into the yielding flesh against his lips, Evelynn's plea stirring him to frenzied heights.

At that instant as she hung in Gabriel's arms, Evelynn knew there would be no going back. No more of her dull job that only passed with the help of daydreams. No more shoebox apartment she could barely afford. He had consumed her in every way imaginable, and what a delicious devouring it had been. She surrendered herself to this truth, knowing it would bring her heightened pleasure and awareness, and that she'd be well taken care of by a lover whose every smile warmed her soul and every touch caused her juicy cleft to ache.

The world was a dim blur as Evelynn peered up at Gabriel through her lashes. He was moving, and then the press of his mahogany wardrobe was against her bare back, the chill only buffeted by her hair as he let her fall to free his hands, which hurriedly dropped to his waist, pulling the buttons apart to free his thick and throbbing cock. Their height difference wouldn't allow him to take her standing, and so he bent, lost in the sweet smell of her skin as his hands captured the pale globes of her ass, holding her up as she dug her fingers into his shoulders and mounted him with a breathy moan.

"Yes, my love." A violent thrust shoved Evelynn back against the wardrobe and she winced, crying out as he slid deep enough into her to hurt, then even deeper than that in a rapid succession of thrusts that stole her breath.

Evelynn was hit with the awe of the situation in which she'd surrendered a mere day ago. How had she gone from dancing alone while contemplating another night of pleasures not quite fulfilled to this? Bliss so keen it threatened to cleave her sanity like a knife and a lover so darkly beautiful as to make Adonis jealous? She wanted him with every last breath in her body, her cunt craving each thrust as it was given, even though she knew she'd be sore and swollen in the salty aftermath of his climax.

The smell of him, all cologne, clean skin, and something indefinable akin to pheromones was intoxicating. Evelynn buried her face against his shoulder, whimpering with each slippery thrust, her pussy tingling and throbbing in craving as she parted her lips, the pink dart of her tongue lapping against his shoulder, then his throat. Gabriel winced, sucking air between his teeth as Evelynn played her teeth up his neck, then increased the pressure of her bite. Her body filled with tingling warmth and her nipples were hard points of pressure against his chest.

With a stifled cry, she gushed her release all over his rock hard cock, hot juices running down his shaft as she broke his skin, her mouth filled with the sweet coppery taste of his blood as he filled the tight sheath of her sex with his seed, their breath ceasing then returning in tandem as he crushed her to him, her dress forgotten in a velvety pile at their feet.


"You are a bad girl." Gabriel breathed as Evelynn's fingertips lazily traced his cock through the fabric of his pants. They were in his black Mercedes, VNV Nation blasting from the speakers and hearts racing as they pierced the thickly falling snow like a sleek black arrow. "I don't think your dear little nethers can take another pounding so soon, my minx." Evelynn offered him a saucy smile from darkly painted lips, her fair skin glowing like porcelain in the dim light and brought out in beautiful contrast by her dark make up.

"I can take whatever you give me, Gabriel." Her statement was true enough. For though she felt pain, it was now forever intermingled with the pleasure of their breed. Nothing could touch her unless she desired it, and the only drive to which she was enslaved was her hunger. Always there, it was either mostly sated or ravenous depending on when she'd fed, and the mouthfuls of Gabriel's blood as they'd fucked would only keep it in check for a brief while to come. She knew this as surely as she knew her name, and almost felt her need increase with each second if she concentrated long enough.

Headlights splashed across the pair like spotlights, pinning them in stark gothic relief for brief flashes. Evelynn turned up "Beloved", Ronan Harris's delivery of the haunting lyrics amid the beat wistful and hypnotic as they crested a hill and approached the stretch of bars, clubs, and nightlife that comprised this part of town. She wanted to hunt. Wanted to taste someone other than her lover, her tongue sliding over her teeth as the flames of wanton hunger built behind her calm and cool façade.

Evelynn slowly traced the shape of the Japanese ceremonial knife in the thigh holster Gabriel had presented her with before they left, her mouth watering at the thought of exploring another's flesh. He had given her a quick yet thorough lesson on the small steel blade's use before they set out, demonstrating proper technique on the velvet skin of a peach, then guiding her delicate hand in the same way to make just a small gash without causing the recipient too much pain.

"Your sweet little fangs, while sharp, are still in transformation, pet. If you were to use them on someone who didn't enjoy pain, the tears and punctures would be near to excruciating. In a week's time, you will be as I am, but the process is slow and you need strength to endure it." He left the fruit in Evelynn's palm and she put it to her lips, savoring a bite as Gabriel watched. "And oh, when your cells bond with mine... What a dangerous seductress you'll be."

They pulled into the club's parking lot, which was almost filled to capacity at one of the more trendy clubs in town. It was huge and the ideal representation of a meat market if ever there was with its variously themed rooms, each doubtlessly crammed full of goers unwinding after a long day or seeking companionship for a few hours or an evening.

"Come, Evelynn." Gabriel killed the engine as chilled winter air filled the car. He slid out in one fluid movement, slammed his door, and then appeared at hers to open it in a disconcertingly quick series of motions. "Remember. Only take from those who consent, and only a little. You don't want to arouse security and have to answer some rather disconcerting questions. If you like, we can bring someone home, but I rather enjoy you in my bed quite enough without someone else to distract me."

Mysterious and svelte in the full length black wool jacket, Evelynn stepped from the car in dangerously high heels, inheriting an uncanny grace along with the other gifts given her by Gabriel. She adjusted her hat, peering up at her lover through her sultry and smoky gaze.

"I'll behave." She crooned, leaning in to brush her lips against his. "I promise."

They approached the club's entrance, Gabriel distractedly tossing the man at the door enough cash to cover the door fee and then some as they breezed past, carrying with them a kiss of winter's cool air polarized by their magnetic sensuality. The man at the door, a well-built blond in a tee shirt and jeans, felt a pull in his crotch as his eyes traced the shape of the black-haired woman beneath her coat. When she slipped out of it and handed her hat to the hatcheck girl, his cock throbbed in his pants. Her legs were so fair and shapely; the generously revealed wedge of her back smooth and beautiful like porcelain, save for two small red marks just below the nape of her neck and a bit to the left, and then they were hidden under the dark sweep of her waist-length hair as she gave it a gentle toss after taking off her hat. The chain around her slender waist only enticed him to cast a longing glance at her classic hourglass figure, from the curve of her breast to the tapered perfection highlighted by the chain before flaring into shapely hips and a glorious ass.

Suddenly, her steps slowed and she turned to stand nearly in profile, glancing at him from over her bare shoulder, offering a smile that was coy yet provocative all at once, her garnet red lips curled in licentious invitation. Most arresting was her eyes. They seemed to hold his, and he could almost hear the flirty feminine giggle she suppressed, his left foot stepping forward as the noise around him fell away to leave just he and this stunning creature. Her smile widened, showing a slip of pearly teeth as she tossed her hair again, trailing darkly painted nails down the swanlike length of her throat as he took another unsteady step.

His cock throbbed and the whoosh of his pulse in his ears grew louder. Had she spoken? It was so hard to hear. Nearly impossible to focus on anything around him but her smoldering eyes and smile full of carnal promise.

All of a sudden, her escort paused, bending to whisper in her ear. The bouncer had forgotten he was even there, so wrapped up in the black-haired woman was he until the lady's suitor lifted his face, his azure eyes locked with the stunned blonde's, whose breath froze in his lungs. The look Gabriel gave was pure possessiveness laced with a frightening coldness that promised violence if challenged. There was no fury or unchecked emotion in that stare; only absolute certainty and chilling resolve. The young man hurriedly looked the other way, trying to catch his breath and check the identification cards of the giggling gaggle of girls who'd just breezed inside in a flurry of snowflakes and cheap perfume.

"See there, my innocent, the effect you now have on people? It is a trait to insure that your hunger is always satisfied, but it is not one to be taken lightly. You had that poor boy completely beguiled and weren't even trying. We must be responsible, my darling. A low profile is a must in situations like these." Gabriel's arm wrapped about her shoulder in a protective gesture as they disappeared into the densely packed dance floor of the dimmest and loudest room they could find, swallowed up by the mechanical beat and distorted vocals of the industrial music spun by the DJ.

Every movement against her skin, from the gentle tug of her dress strap around her neck to the soft caress of the material against her hips was arousing. There was a lingering ache in her muscles, the cause of which being the residual effect of Gabriel's bite and the sharing of their blood. But familiar warmth was glowing to life low in her belly as she surveyed the crowd, the first stages of a hunger she needed to satisfy.

As if fate gave it's blessing, her eye fell on a familiar face. The hairstyle was different and the make up less dramatic, but it was the red-haired girl from the club last night, accompanied by the same platinum blonde bitch who'd started a fight. Her mind was made up even before she broke from Gabriel with a sultry smile and determined step in the girls' direction.

Throbbing baselines and pulsing drums reverberated through her bones as Evelynn approached the pair, the crowded babble of patrons around her distracting, their faces passing in flashes of giddiness, tension, or drunken passivity as she moved in on the pair of pretty vixens.

"Oh! Hi!" Red chirped, recognizing Evelynn as she drew near, a warm sparkle in her eyes. "Fancy running into you here!" Her eyes roamed over Evelynn, taking in the shoes, dress, and generous amount of flesh on display. "Damn! You look fantastic!"

"So do you." Evelynn let her gaze drift over Jasmin, Red's partner in crime. She was pulling a scowl, arms folded over her more than ample tits. It was clear from her stance that she wasn't used to her friend getting more attention than she, likely the backbone of their relationship and an unspoken rule that was never to be broken. Evelynn felt anger bloom in her heart. The blonde was pretty in a common sense, but it was her friend's robust curves, bright smile, and honest warmth and joy that made her so compelling, not just her tempting measurements. It would be a dangerous game, but Evelynn felt wantonly wicked and decided it would be worth the risk to see how far their tense triad would go.

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