tagRomanceNever Again, Again

Never Again, Again


Karen looked at the clock. Her tongue darted out and she tasted the cheery lip balm she'd put on just a few minutes ago. John would be home soon. She glanced nervously around. Nothing seemed out of place, then again she'd worked all week to keep up with the house chores. The young mother and wife wanted nothing to distract her and her husband from making this night a special one. They'd been married only ten years, yet it was all ready beginning to show signs of losing its spice. She didn't want that.

When she woke up this morning it was to witness John rushing around in circles, hurriedly readying himself for work. She got what she thought was a bit of lip to lip contact as he dashed out to the garage, but she could really remember. As soon as he was gone, she loaded their twins into the van and drove over to her mother's. A quick visit followed by a trip to the local meat market had completed Karen's Friday morning errands.

Back at home she quickly set the meat to marinade and then began working on a dessert that would take all day to chill. Eventually, she had to stop and relax. Her stomach was churning as she thought of all the "what ifs." What if he was late? What if he was too tired? Annoyed from having a rotten day? Or just wanted to do nothing but watch TV?

Karen gnawed gently on her lower lip. With a sense of determination fueling her, she decided then and there she was not going to fret over what she knew would be an exciting evening. She started her bath, tossing several cap fulls of gel into the water. She undressed as the frothy bubbles began to cover the hot liquid. Once she was settled into the cocoon of warmth, Karen leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

She thought of John and how she wanted the evening to go. Her hands traveled slowly across her skin. Her palms resting under her breasts. She rolled the hardened tips between her finger and thumb, pulling both pearls up and twisting them hard. Eventually, she allowed one hand to travel further south. Her fingers dipped into the heated core of her sex and she tightened the muscles. "Mmm," she moaned as she twirled her finger to the left, then the right. Karen sighed, pulled her digit from her pussy and shook herself out of her erotic exploration. She didn't want to start something and then finish it. She wanted John to bring her to her reward.

After her bath, Karen dried off and sprayed a light fragrance in her hair, knowing John would not appreciate the taste if it rested on her flesh. She slipped into a red, summer dress. The straps rested on her shoulders, she pushed them up and grinned as she recalled the day she wore for John. It had been several years ago, pre-baby. She'd been pulled into his arms and dragged behind the Legion Club where he'd fucked her senseless. The memory washed over her, forcing Karen to take a deep breath and ignore the desire building with in her.

She reached for her satin and lace panties, felt them between her fingers and while glancing in the mirror she decided to forego the panties. If all worked out the way Karen hoped it would, there would be no real need to wear the dress for long. Why bother with the panties?

Noticing the time, Karen quickly finished touching up her look. She brushed out her long red hair, the curls tickling the curve of her ass. The Grandfather Clock struck the half hour, singling that she only had thirty minutes before her husband arrived. She dabbed on the lip balm, enjoying the taste and the slight shade of pink it added to her natural hue. With a final look at her reflection, Karen sat quietly on the sofa and waited for the sign's of John's return.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John pulled into the garage, killed the engine and rubbed the tension in his neck. His day had been a day from hell, starting with the alarm not going off, followed by spilling coffee all over himself, and then leaving in such a rush, he couldn't remember if he'd kissed Karen or their kids goodbye. He needed a break. . .a week or even a weekend to just step back and take a moment to relax.

As he got out of the car he tried to push his day behind him. He walked in, breathed deep the aroma of dinner and felt his stomach growl at the promising scent. "Karen," he called, setting his briefcase on the floor, before making his way to the fridge. He heard her footsteps as he opened the door and reached in for a beer. Without turning back, he closed the door, opened the brown bottle and tilted it back. When the first long draw slipped down his throat, John turned to face his wife.

For a moment he stood there, surprised and shocked by her graceful posture, her shining curls, the delectable, sheer dress and the way her body seemed to be made for seduction. It was the same woman he'd married, but yet. . .she was different. She was still Karen. Mom. Lover. Friend. But the woman he had dated stood in front of him now. John felt as if he hadn't seen her in such a long time.

He moved closer to her, setting the beer on the counter when he reached her side. "I haven't seen this in a long time," he said. One finger hooked around a red strap and he tugged it gently, pulling her toward him. He watched her teeth pull in her lower lip and he smiled. "That's so sexy." He closed the distance between them, flicked her lips with the tip of his tongue and felt her mouth tremble under his.

He sensed her weaknesses, remember suddenly what had driven his little wife wild with desire. He swept his tongue across her lips, moved one of his hands to her neck and tickled the hairs that rested against her creamy skin. She shuddered and he smiled against her lips. "You smell wonderful," he told her as his moved to her neck. He sucked gently on the flesh, chuckling softly when she whimpered.

"Will dinner keep?" he asked as he tugged on the soft lobe of her left ear.

"Mmm. . .yes." Her head fell back, offering him more of her skin to sample. "It's on low, really low."

John grinned. He wrapped his hands around her and hauled her more firmly against him. He ground his hips against hers, making sure she felt the impact her little dress had on him. One of his hands moved up to slide across her back. His nails grazed her flesh. His other palm slipped to her ass, where his fingers gathered the material of her dress into a clenched fist. "I think we should take this to the bedroom," he said, once more taking his time to explore her flesh with his tongue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karen shuddered. Goose bumps rose up on her heated flesh and she pulled at his shirt. His words broke into her lust-filled state and she shook her head. "No John. Fuck me here. Right here in the kitchen on this counter." She looked into his eyes, her fingers never pausing in the stripping of her husband's business attire. The buttons flew in all directions as she tore at the fabric.

"Holy shit Karen," he gasped, surprised by her forcefulness.

She grinned wide and blushed. "I loosened all the strings this morning," she admitted and then squealed when he pulled her close to him.

"Did you? What if they had popped off at work?" he asked, nipping at her shoulder as his hands moved to settle on her ass.

"Well. . .I guess we should be glad that didn't happen." She squealed again when she felt his hands grab her ass cheeks and lift her up into the air. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he carried her to the counter and settled her on the cool marble surface. Karen shivered as the cold mineral met her hot skin.

She sat up; her legs encircled his hips. The heels of her feet dug into his ass. Bending her head down, Karen latched onto one of her husband's nipples. She traced the dark circle with the tip of her tongue, flicked the hard bead and then nipped at it with her teeth. Karen felt his hands in her hair, fists taking a firm on her long curls. She whimpered as he pulled her from his nipple and stepped back.

John shrugged out of his shirt. He reached out and untied the little straps on her shoulders and watched the strings flutter down her pale skin. Karen pulls him back to her, their lips pressing together once more and her tongue sampling his lips once more. She groaned in frustration as he left her eager mouth and went to taste his way across her flesh. His hands tugged her dress down. It pooled around her waist, leaving her breasts exposed. The air slapped her skin and her nipples puckered up.

She felt his hand cup her right breasts as his kisses trailed across her neck, collar bone, and then traveled its way to the space between the freckled globes. "Beautiful," he whispered as he gazed at the twin pearls that beckoned him. Her gasp filled the air as his tongue lapped at her nipples, first the right, then the left. John relearned the texture, the taste, the scent of his wife, and Karen basked in the glow.

Her hands rested on his shoulders urging him onward. She bit and gnawed on her lip, tugging on the cherry flavored flesh and worrying it into a soft swollen mass. "John," she hissed, quivering as he tugged on her tits with his sharp teeth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John grinned, lifted his mouth from her breasts and went to work pulling at her dress while she shimmed her hips back and forth till the material was on the floor and her naked body was his for the taking. His eyes lit up when he saw there were no barriers that kept his hungry stare from her slick opening. "Forgot your panties?" he asked, winking as his fingers trailed up and down her thigh.

She smiled, her skin blushing more brilliantly than before. He pressed his palm against her stomach, leaned in and kissed her hard, before pushing her gently back against the counter. He hooked a chair with his foot and dragged it to the counter, where his wife's aroused pussy lay open for him.

His hands move slowly down her rib cage and across her hips. He cups her ass, drags her to the edge of the counter and pushes her legs apart. "Delicious," he mumbled as he rained kisses up and down her inner muscles.

John heard her moan. Dipping a finger into her slick opening, John grinned when her muscles instinctively clamped down on his thick digit. He pushed in and out of her, twisting his long, thick digit one way, then the next. Her juices coated him and John cleansed the honey from his flesh, dipped back in for more and treated his wife to several more invading thrusts. He added a second finger and then a third, before he settled into enjoying the feast of her pussy lips and her hardened clit.

His tongue toyed with her nectar, pushing them up and then down again, forcing them to slide back into their slick home and then later they spilled out and he would eagerly lap them up. Faster he pumped into her. More steadily her slickness came. "Baby come for me," he begged. John's massaged her lips with his mouth, pulling and suckling on the aroused flesh, until she was bucking against his face.

He heard a primal growl and knew his wife was about to shower him with her climax. He opened his mouth wide, pulled his fingers free and thrust his tongue into her cavern. The wet muscle swirled around and around. His fingers pinched her clit and he grinned as he felt him tighten around him. Her fluids coated him. He greedily drank her juice. Sucking it deep and swallowing mouthful after mouthful of satiny cream.

John held himself to her, licking gently as Karen came down to Earth. He looked up and watched her fingers flutter across her stomach, then her breasts, rest for a second on her neck and then tug at her hair. He knew she was lost to her surroundings, still trying to comprehend the feelings that had ricochet throughout her system.

He pushed away from the counter, pushing the chair away too. His hands moved to his shoes, which he pulled off and tossed to the side, followed quickly by his shoes. By the time his fingers were on his belt buckle, his wife was there to help him. "Welcome back," he said, winking knowingly at her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karen stuck out her tongue, slipped off the counter, leaving a trail of slippery come on the counter top. She ignored it as she pushed her husband's hands away from his belt. "My turn."

Her fingers worked free the button, then dragged down the zipper. John had all ready done away with the releasing of the belt and she was eager to get him as naked as she was. Her hands curled around the band of his pants and his boxers. She looked up at him, dragging the material down as she settled on her knees.

Karen wrapped her fingers around her husband's shaft. She stroked him a few times, admiring the feel of him in her hands as her fingers toyed with the spongy head. "Ready?" she asked, grinning wickedly. She licked her lips, then ran her tongue across the head, toyed with the opening and the began to run the pink muscle up and down the thick shaft. Over and over she lapped at him, tracing first one protruding vein and then another. Back and forth she licked, nipped, and suckled her way across his dick. Eventually she was rewarded with her husband's fingers in her hair.

"You like?" she teased. Her kisses moved to caress each downy-covered testicle. She nuzzled the velvet flush, before blanketing them in her mouth and pushing them with her tongue. The hard spheres rubbed gently against her teeth. She sucked and squeezed the twin marbles, before releasing them to glide her way back to the head of his dick.

Her cherry-flavored lips enveloped her husband's tool. He moaned and she hummed. Her expert vibrations rolled over his shaft. Karen eased her way slowly down an inch at a time, pausing to suck, lick, and swallow. As John slid into her mouth, his cock head dipping toward the back of her throat, Karen's pussy grew heady with a fresh need to be filled.

She heard John mutter. Inwardly she grinned as she angled her head, adjusted her jaw and stuffed the final inch of his rod down her throat. "Fuck baby," he muttered. His fingers took a firm grip on her head and his hips pushed forward. Karen whimpered, the desire burning inside her as she felt John's body responding to her urging tongue.

One of her hands moved to cup his balls. She palmed them, lifting and massaging them with her fingers. They rolled from side to side between her soft digits, all the while she worked the muscles of her throat, constricting his cock in her hot, sweltering home. With a few gentle squeezes and well positioned moans, Karen was gifted with her husband's seed. He groaned and grunted as she drew herself up a few inches and then slid them back down. She swallowed his milk, drawing more gulps from his balls where they soon settled in her stomach.

"That was nice," she told him as she slowly rose, licking her lips and then kissing his. He agreed, his mumbled yes, swallowed up by her throaty growl. She felt his hands on her hips, once more she was lifted up and carried away. This time John moved to the bedroom. Karen's mouth traveled across his jaw to rest on his neck where she nuzzled and nipped at his flesh. "It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be," she whispered, tugging gently on his ear. She'd never sucked his cock before, the idea had always turned her stomach, but this week, she'd been determined to take steps to enhance her marriage. . .sucking cock was just one of those steps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John lay Karen on the bed and then crawled toward her. Her legs opened willingly and he watched her hands trail down her tantalizing figure. The long polished nails brushed against her nipples and then her sex. She toyed with the flesh, slipping her fingers between the slick folds and then bringing them up to cleanse them with her tongue. John felt a shudder of lust cover him. He settled between her thighs, lifting them both up and then resting them on his shoulders. One of his hands splayed across her stomach; the tips of her fingers rested just above her mound. "God Karen. I'd forgotten how lovely you are. How sexy."

She blushed and sat up just enough to grasp her husband's cock. "Fuck me John," she whispered, stroking his meat and feeling it harden beneath her touch.

"Gladly baby."

He took her hand, raised it to his lips and kissed her fingers. She slipped it free of his grasp and his hand took her place on his throbbing shaft. With a quick jerk downward, John positioned his cock against her opening and thrust forward. He pumped twice, giving her the initial rush of pleasure he knew she wanted. When her eyes fluttered closed and her chest released several soft sighs, John slowly began to draw in and out of her.

Her pussy swelled with juices. She concentrated on squeezing her husband's shaft. She felt the rippling veins, the spongy head, the hair of his balls as the pressed against her. "John. . .just like that, baby."

John smiled, but kept the torturous rhythm. He eased out. Pushed in. Over and over he drew himself from her depths, only to return again. Her fingers dragged down her hot flesh. She twisted her nipples. John watched her tease the ridged bumps. His cock jerked inside her. Soon she was gasping for more and he quickened his pace. Faster. Harder. More pounding and plundering of his wife's pussy drew John's balls up tight.

"Oh fuck Karen," he groaned out.

"Come baby," she hissed, her own climax growing by leaps and bounds.

Both worked hard to make their partner's come flow hot from their respective sexes. She gasped and grunted. Purred and whimpered. John echoed most of her sounds. His voice thicker and deeper than his erotic love's.

Soon both threw their heads back, the backs arching and their words were incoherent as come shot from his balls, through his dick and coated with the honey that escaped his wife's crevices. They both held stiff as they enjoyed the sensations that were ricocheting deep inside them. John was the first to release all his milk, falling softly over Karen as she finished flexing her pussy and shivering her release around him. He marveled at her expression as she came back to reality. "Karen, I love you. . .this was beautiful."

She smiled, wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to her. "I love you," she whispered before sharing another heated kiss with her spouse. He rolled over and pulled her with him.

"You know. . .if you want. . ." John paused and smirked.

"What?" she asked.

"You could just do away with underwear and I could come home, fuck you in our kitchen whenever I want. Just lift your skirt and take you." His grin increased as Karen lifted herself up and settled herself over his limp tool.

"Then panties are no longer part of my wardrobe," she told him as she moved her hips in a welcoming manner that in time would have her riding her husband's dick with abandon.

The End

Author Note: I hope you enjoyed "Never Again, Again". This was the first story I ever submitted to Lit and the original title was "Never Again". It posted in May 2005. I thought it would be fun to rewrite it and work out some of the issues I had at the beginning of my new hobby. I hope you'll leave a comment, vote and perhaps read more of my work. Thanks so much for taking the time. ~ Red.

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