tagRomanceNever Again Ch. 01

Never Again Ch. 01


10 years ago...

"No, no way, so not happening. There's no way you can win this. You may be faster, but I'm smarter and sneakier."

Scott had both of Gia's wrists encircled with his long fingers, but she twisted her arms outwards, forcing him to release her. She headed up the hill as fast as her bare feet would allow. For a moment, he didn't chase her but instead watched her run, absentmindedly admiring her long legs and ass.


Scott and Gia had known each other since the very first day of kindergarten, thirteen years earlier. They'd been friends, but once they reached high school, they started running with different crowds. They were still friendly but neither ever sought the other out unless they happened to be in the same class or after-school activity.

Gia was taller than most of the girls she hung out with. They grew up in a WASPy, affluent town where blond hair and blue eyes were standard, and petite was the only body type considered attractive. At 5 feet 9 inches, with dark curly hair, green eyes and olive skin, Gia didn't exactly look like her classmates. She had been on the chubby side growing up, but by her senior year, she began running to keep fit and was in pretty good shape. It took a while, but Gia was, for the most part, pretty happy with her looks, though her full chest and rounded hips meant she would always be curvy. She had struggled with self-esteem issues when she started high school but finally was in a place that she felt good about.

Scott was taller than, well, almost everyone. At 6 feet 6 inches, he towered over every girl he dated and every one of his friends. He had short, straight blond hair and ice blue eyes, and kept himself in good shape playing sports year round. Scott had sharp, angular facial features and slightly full lips. The fact was, Scott was gorgeous, almost shockingly good-looking, and he knew it. Confidence was not something he lacked. Girls fawned all over him and he loved it. Getting a girl to fall for him was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Both Scott and Gia had significant others back at home.

He was dating a pom pon girl a year behind them in school named Kelly. Kelly was short and petite with chin length blond hair and blue eyes. Actually, she and Scott could have passed for siblings were it not for the difference in size.

Kelly was an ice queen, and loved being known as a bitch. She liked that other girls were afraid of her, though it always bothered Kelly that Gia was neither interested in anything about her nor intimidated by her reputation.

Gia had been with James for almost six months. James was about three inches taller than Gia and had a great smile, brown eyes, blond hair and played football with Scott. He was sweet and attentive and Gia found that their time together was easily spent.

Scott and James had always gotten along, but recently, something about James had begun to rub Scott the wrong way. Scott couldn't put his finger on it, but after years of liking James, he suddenly found him intolerable.


Immediately after graduation, Scott and Gia headed to rural Georgia on a work trip building homes with other graduating seniors from all over the country. They both had begun volunteering a few years earlier because they thought it would look good on college applications. Gia had been surprised the first day Scott showed up at a homeless shelter to spend the day volunteering, but since she didn't really know anyone else there all that well, she spent the day working next to him. After a few months, they both realized that they actually enjoyed the volunteer work, and they had kept it up since.

They had finally finished their work after 10 long days, and after a celebratory barbeque, they happily sat around a large fire roasting marshmallows.

Out of nowhere, Scott flicked a piece of graham cracker across the campfire at Gia. She rolled her eyes and continued talking. Scott couldn't stand her ignoring his presence, so he decided to flick marshmallow her way, knowing it would stick to her.

"What, are you four years old? Does the baby need attention? After all it has been more than 60 seconds since you've been the center of things. Can't you see that I'm in the middle of talking to someone?" Gia's sarcasm was something Scott actually loved. She was funnier than any other girl he knew and she was always ready with a quick comeback.

"Can you come over here? I need to talk to you."

"Ugh, yeah, in a sec. Honestly, there are infants that are less needy." As Gia stood, she reached behind her back feeling around for something. In the dim firelight, Scott didn't notice that she had something in her hand as she sat next to him on the ground.

As he began to talk about nothing in particular, Scott couldn't help but glance down her shirt. She had the most gorgeous cleavage he'd ever seen; her breasts sat high on her chest and were slightly big for her body. He'd been fantasizing about them for years, as most of the guys their age had, and anytime he got the chance to peek down her shirt, he did. Their petite blond classmates didn't possess many curves, so Gia's body was always a popular topic in the locker room.

Not that anything would ever come of his lust for her. They were too different and she was a complete pain in the ass. Gia never let him get away with anything, and Scott had long been accustomed to charming his way around the fairer sex. Uncomplicated and easy defined every one of his relationships, and he didn't anticipate that changing anytime soon.

Scott's eyes were so focused on Gia's chest, he failed to notice as her hand reached up over his head, squishing a freshly-roasted marshmallow into his hair.

"What did you just do? I cannot believe that you did that, this is going to take forever to get out!" His yelling fell on deaf ears because Gia couldn't stop laughing.

In one swift movement, from his seated position, Scott lunged at her, but she skittered backwards on her butt and he was only able to get a hold of her ankle. She twisted her leg out of his grasp, hopped to her feet and took off running across the campgrounds all the while cackling at the mess she'd made. Scott bolted after her and followed the sound of her feet hitting the ground as she ran up the hill towards the bathrooms.

Gia slowed slightly to kick off her sandals and just as she was about to speed up again, Scott caught the back of her shirt and spun her around by the shoulder.

"No, no way, so not happening. There's no way you can win this. You may be faster, but I'm smarter and sneakier."

Scott had both of Gia's wrists encircled with his long fingers, but she twisted her arms outwards, forcing him to release her. She headed up the hill as fast as her bare feet would allow.

For a moment, he didn't chase her but instead watched her run, absentmindedly admiring her long legs and ass. Each time he admired her, Scott told himself that this was no different that admiring anyone else- a nice ass was just that and nothing more.

After a second or two, Scott snapped back into the task at hand and ran after her.

As soon Gia she reached the women's bathroom she pushed through the door and stopped to catch her breath. Just as it was about to close behind her, the door swung back open, hitting the wall behind it with a loud crack. She couldn't believe he was doing it, but Scott was actually following her into the bathroom.

"Oh my god, you can't be in here- are you crazy?"

"I'll leave when you come out with me."

"Scott, there are women showering in here, you need to get out."

Scott planted his feet firmly. "If you want me out, come over here. Coming in here is a chicken-shit move."

"Okay, fine, but you have to let me by. You can't just stand in the doorway waiting to grab me, that'd be a totally weak way for you to catch me."

"Fine, I'll go outside, but you'd better get out here quickly or I'll come back in. And this time, I'll carry you out!" he yelled as the door closed again.

Gia waited a few seconds and cautiously opened the door. She peered around the doorway and didn't see anyone, so the started jogging along the side of the building, waiting to hear Scott's feet behind her. When it was clear that he wasn't near her, she slowed, wondering if he'd left.

Gia was just about to call his name when she felt a cold blast of water hit her directly in the face. There Scott stood- a hose in his hand and a triumphant look on his face as he soaked her from head to toe. As the icy water dripped from her hair she couldn't help laughing. He was good, but there was no way she'd let him walk away until he was a soaked as she was.

She stepped towards him and lunged for the hose. Gia grabbed and pulled, but Scott was a lot stronger than she was. They began a tug of war with the hose while he continued to drench her, and just as it slipped from her fingers, Gia swept her foot behind Scott's ankle and he fell back, releasing the hose on his way down. She bent down to grab it, and though she did manage to spray Scott momentarily, he grabbed both her knees and pulled her down next to him.

Even on the ground she still struggled for the hose, so Scott grabbed both her wrists and pulled them over her head while he crawled over her to keep her from squirming out of his grasp.

By this point, they were both laughing hysterically at each other as he held himself over her. Scott looked down at her face and suddenly became quiet. She looked up at him and smiled, and in that moment, he realized what he'd long been too afraid to admit- he was totally crazy about her.

Scott's heard sped up and he couldn't believe how beautiful she was. It wasn't her face or hair or body, it was her. She was different, strong, smart and he'd never known anyone like her. He suddenly couldn't imagine anything better than kissing her.

Both of their faces became serious as he slid one of his hands over her palm and interlaced his fingers with her. He pushed the matted hair out of her eyes with his other hand, ran his fingers down her cheek, slowing to stroke his thumb over her bee-stung lips.

"You..." "You are so..." he couldn't articulate everything that he was feeling, and it scared him. "You... ...have the most incredible mouth I've ever seen."

With that, he lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. They were both tentative at first; he brushed his mouth over hers so he could gently suck her upper lip, he then moved to place soft kisses along her jaw.

Gia's stomach flip-flopped and she fought to catch her breath as she began to feel a tingle between her legs. Her heart thumped so hard she could hear it in her ears.

She slid her hand up over his back and put her palm against his cheek so she could pull him to back to her mouth. His tongue brushed over the seam between her lips and she opened her mouth so he could slide inside. She began to kiss him back, hard, giving as good as he gave.

When she tugged on his bottom lip with her teeth, Scott couldn't stop himself from grinding his pelvis against her. He pushed her legs open so he could settle himself against her crotch.

As she felt the hard ridge in his pants press into her mound, she snapped back to reality and pushed both hands against his chest, forcing his mouth from hers.

"What's wrong?" he panted.

"We can't do this. Kelly and James are waiting for us back home and I'm not a cheater. I should never have kissed you, I don't know what I'm thinking. This isn't right."

Before she lost her nerve, Gia slid to the side, stood up, and began to walk away. She knew if she didn't get away from him quickly she wouldn't be able to stop something that should never have begun.

Scott stood and followed her. "Wait, don't go."

She began walking faster, so he grabbed her hand from behind and turned her around to face him.

"What do you want from me?" she sounded frustrated, confused.

"I want... ...you." He wanted to tell her that he'd wanted her for as long as he could remember, but he couldn't bring himself to say it.

"Why? You have a blond bimbo at home who I am sure is more than happy to satisfy you anytime you want."

"Yeah, but I'm not in love with her, " he blurted out without thinking.

That was the last thing the Gia had ever expected to hear; she almost didn't believe her ears.

"Excuse me?"

He didn't respond, but just stood there looking at the ground.

"Scott, what did you say?"

"C'mon Gia, you heard me."

"No, tell me. Tell me... ...please, I need to hear it."

"I love you, Gia. I'm crazy about you. Why do you think I keep doing all this volunteer stuff?"

Gia was speechless and before she knew what she was doing, she threw her arms around his neck and crushed her mouth to his.

His hands ran down her back and over her ass. He let his fingers skim over the backs of her thighs and then pulled her leg over his hip. In one quick motion, he lifted her. Gia wrapped her legs around his waist and he walked them towards the wall of building that housed the bathrooms.

When she felt her back press against the wall she loosened her grip around Scott's neck. Holding her up, Scott was eye-level with her chest. She had been wearing a white tank top and he realized that he could see her the outline of her nipples through her wet shirt.

He dove forward and sucked one nipple right through the fabric of her top. He nipped at her breast and Gia gasped. Scott set her down, freeing his hands so he could slide them up her shirt. He cupped her supple breasts and let out an audible groan. Her skin was incredibly soft, and even though she was wet, her tits felt warm against his palms.

He grabbed the hem of her tank top and peeled it off of her. Scott stepped back to look at her, to finally see the tits he'd been infatuated with for so long.

She wore a white mesh bra that allowed him to clearly see her nipples. His eyes roved down; her stomach was flat and tan, her shorts rested low on her hips and with each breath she took, Scott became more and more aroused as he realized that even his most satisfying fantasy didn't compare to the sight before him. Gia was at once innocent and seductive and his senses were overwhelmed as his eyes took her in.

He pressed his chest back against hers and again began kissing her. She tasted sweet and completely unique- he loved it. Scott ran his mouth down the length of her neck and to the top of her breasts.

Abruptly, he stepped back from her, tearing his mouth from her skin. Gia, looked at him quizzically, already she missed his body touching hers. He wrapped his hand around hers and pulled, this time so he could take her somewhere more secluded.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"To the field so no one interrupts us. I don't like the idea of someone else seeing you without your shirt on."

She laughed softly and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they walked past the bathrooms towards the large, open field at the edge of the campgrounds, kissing the entire way.

Scott knew that the field was bordered by a well-lit path- he wanted to be able to look at Gia's beautiful face when he touched her.

When they reached the far side of the field, Scott leaned down and kissed her slowly. Their tongues danced together and they breathlessly tried to capture each one another's mouths. They kissed as though they'd never kissed anyone before, and, in a way, it was a first for both of them.

Never in her life and Gia been so aroused and anxious at the same time. There was a small voice in the back of her mind screaming at her to stop, warning her and telling her that she should know better, that he wasn't hers and she wasn't his. Before she could even formulate a thought, her arousal took over her rational self; truly Gia didn't know what she was doing, but for the life of her, she couldn't stop.

For Scott, this was the first time he'd been completely taken with anyone. She wasn't just a conquest or a hot piece of ass. Gia was smart and funny and she never ceased to keep Scott on his toes. He knew that she had no idea how stunning she was, and when he looked into her emerald eyes, he couldn't believe that he was actually kissing her. Something about her scared him; he'd never really felt deeply for any girl he'd dated, so with Gia, every sensation felt foreign.

Once more, Scott lifted her, this time so he could carefully lower her to the ground. He sat upright and settled her so that she sat in his lap facing him. She ran her hands under his shirt and pulled it over his head. Looking down at his defined abs and chest, she couldn't believe how badly she wanted him. Scott gently pushed her away from him so he could look at her chest.

"Take off your bra," his command was quiet but firm, and the force in his voice made Gia shudder in anticipation.

With control she didn't know she had, Gia slowly reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra. One strap slid down her shoulder and neither of them moved. She inhaled deeply and raised her shoulders so that the bra slid down her arms. She let the flimsy garment fall past her wrists and leaned back, revealing her bare chest to Scott for the first time.

Scott exhaled and suddenly realized that he had been holding his breath. To say that her breasts were prefect would not have done them justice. Scott couldn't stop himself from leaning down to get closer to her luscious mounds. Pressing her back to the ground, Scott laid himself over her, and Gia sighed as she felt his whole weight rest upon her.

He kissed the very top of each breast tenderly while he glided his hands up the sides of her ribcage, and with painful slowness wrapped his hands around her globes. Squeezing, Scott brushed his fingers over her tender nipples. That initial contact forced a moan from Gia's lips. Scott felt the hard buds beneath his fingers and pinched, making them harden even further.

Removing his mouth from hers, Scott extended his tongue and ran it down from the top of her tit, past her areola and to the underside of her breast. He then ran his tongue in a slow circle around her nipple, and then repeated the entire motion.

Finally, when neither of them could take any more anticipation, he sucked the rosy bud into his mouth. His tongue flicked back and forth over the peak, and he alternated between suckling and gently laving her sensitive nipple with the flat of his tongue. Gia was moaning in earnest and when Scott began to pull at her with his teeth, she dug her fingers into his hair and cried aloud.

Scott slid back up Gia's body to find her mouth and when they began kissing again, she shifted her leg and slid from beneath him. Scott couldn't hide his surprised when he found himself on his back with Gia straddling him. She gave him a wry smile and moved down his body, letting her nipples drag along his chest. She drew her tongue down his abs, savoring his salty taste. She moved her hand from Scott's side to the hard bulge beneath his pants and gave a light squeeze.

"Oh, baby... ....ungh, yeah, touch me", his voice was barely audible.

She was only just touching his hard shaft through his pants, but Scott knew that he wouldn't be able to take much more.

Without warning, he pulled Gia back to his face and flipped her onto her back. She wrapped her legs around him and he reached between their bodies to unzip her shorts. When his fingers reached their destination, he ran one long digit up and down her slit.

"So wet, baby. Are you hot for me?" He was teasing her and all she wanted to do was shove herself against him. "Answer me, Gia."

"Yes, I'm wet for you. I want you so badly."

Any embarrassment she felt at the words tumbling from her lips was nothing compared to his reaction- he shuddered at her and hooked his fingers under her waistband as if peeling the shorts from her body was a matter of life and death. Scott slid down to pull her shorts over her feet, and as Gia sat partially up on her elbows to watch him, her complete nakedness suddenly hit her.

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