tagRomanceNever Again Ch. 04

Never Again Ch. 04


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As the hot water pounded her back, Gia released a long, deep breath. She stood in the shower trying to piece together her feelings about the evening. Aside from her shock at seeing Scott again, Gia didn't know what was going on with her. Her head spun with images of his face and the memory of his smile, and each time she thought of his touch, a shiver ran down her spine. He was so much the same, and being with him had made her feel that she was 18 years old again, naïve and flush with dreams of happily ever after.

Snapping back to reality, Gia frowned. She hadn't expected to be so taken with him again. That she fell so easily into his arms was bothering her. She hadn't let her heart rule her head since she lost her virginity, and it seemed that nothing had changed since. Gia wasn't stupid or prone to whimsical fantasy, so why did she feel so out of control the second she saw him? She couldn't stop internally scolding her rash behavior. She had never been one to fall at a man's feet, so why had she done just that with Scott?

Gia stood, long hair stuck to her back and dripping at her feet, looking in the mirror. Deep in thought, she tried to figure out how she would handle herself when she saw him the next day. There was a part of her that was angry that he had such a strong effect on her. She supposed that it wasn't all that unusual to had strong feelings for someone that she'd once been so crazy about, but she also assumed that she would have been more cautious. After all, he'd hurt her deeply all those years ago, and the memory of that pain was one she had never let go. It was that pain that had taught her to guard her heart closely. She had been careful to never let anyone make her feel that way again, but that also meant that no one had possessed her heart the way Scott had.

She knew that Scott was the one person that had taken up permanent residence in her mind. Year after year, she would happen to see or hear something that reminded her of Scott, and it would make her heart beat a little faster. She had always told herself that her feelings for Scott and her memories of him were clouded by the fact that he was her first love and first loves never really go away.

Gia wasn't one to dwell and regret, but with Scott, dwelling and regret seemed to be at the forefront. Ten years and she still thought about him, wondering how things might have been different if they'd both behaved differently. Looking back, Gia couldn't help but roll her eyes at how childish she'd been back then, how dramatically she'd slammed doors and yelled about always and never.

Truthfully, things had changed. She was stronger and more at ease with herself, and, she knew how to handle conflict or pain in a way that didn't include tantrums. Now, here he was, and she still felt giddy around him; her head and her heart were telling her two different things. The barrage of emotions was driving Gia crazy; feeling both excited and anxious was making her feel disoriented.

She groaned out loud and grabbed a comb, quickly running it through her hair. As she continued pondering the evening's events, she brushed her teeth and headed out into the bedroom of her suite. She grabbed a pair of silk shorts and a matching cami and pulled them on as she climbed to the massive bed. Though Gia was tired, she knew that sleep was a long way off. She wiggled beneath the covers, turned out the light and stared into the darkness, willing sleep to arrive.


Standing beneath the cool water, Scott gruffly moaned. He turned the temperature down, but it wasn't helping. His erection wasn't going to subside, and despite his best efforts, he couldn't will it away.

Gia's face was stuck, no, branded, in his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about her smell, her hair, her lips, her body, her touch. The thought of her was overwhelmingly intense, and when he'd kissed her, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he still loved her as much as he had ten years earlier. Maybe he even loved her more. He'd experienced life without her, life with other women and other relationships, and he'd never felt about anyone the way he felt about her. The electricity between them was as powerful as it had ever been, and he feared that he'd never recover if he lost her again.

Scott turned his back and allowed the water to run over his shoulders. He tipped his head back, soaking his hair and face. As he closed his eyes, he could see Gia's face perfectly. He let his hand trail down his front and reached for his stiff shaft. He wrapped his long fingers around his cock and began to slowly pump his fist up and down. He was oozing precum, which he spread with the tips of his fingers and used as lubricant.

He imagined that Gia was standing across from him, naked and dripping. He could feel her body approaching him and tried to imagine her fingers sliding down his chest. Her nipples, hardened in the cool water, would press into his chest as he flattened her against himself. He could nearly feel her breath on his face as he visualized running his tongue down her front and suckling at her tender nipple. He grasped the crown of his cock and squeezed, forcing more pre-ejaculate from the tip.

He thought of the way her sweet pussy had tasted on his fingers and was suddenly salivating. Scott pictured himself dropping to his knees and bending beneath her. He'd look up and find her legs spread, standing over him. His hands would run up her legs and when he reached the tops of her thighs, he would pull her swollen lips apart, exposing her whole sex to his hungry eyes. He dreamed of pressing his face to her mound and inhaling, licking and nibbling.

Thinking of her taste and scent, he dreamed about the first time his tongue would touch her slit, and began to jack his hand up and down furiously. His cockhead was weeping profusely and he knew that he was close to cumming. He again pictured her face, and this time, he could see her tongue flicking across her lips as he pounded her against the wall.

He suddenly imagined taking her from behind, pulling a handful of her hair in order to force her to look at him, and in his mind, she looked over her shoulder and gave him a sultry stare as she licked her lips. Picturing Gia on all fours with her eyes staring directly into his was Scott's undoing. All of a sudden, Scott felt his sac tighten and he swelled as he exploded, his cum streaking across the glass shower wall.

"Fuck, Gia!" Her name died on his lips as he leaned against the shower wall, spent and exhausted.

When Scott finally made it into bed, he was physically worn, but his mind was fighting to stay awake. It had been an eventful day, one he had fantasized about for a decade, and he tossed from side to side as he relived the entire thing.


When her phone buzzed insistently in her ear at 6:30 the next morning, Gia was already awake, though she would have given anything to turn and find the sleep that had escaped her for the last seven hours. She flipped the blankets to the side of the bed and in one smooth movement, swung her legs over the side of the bed and bounced to a standing position. Gia was a firm believer in avoiding the "snooze" button, though she was not a natural morning person.

Gia decided to get dressed as quickly as possible in order to get to work early. She was looking forward to seeing Scott that afternoon, though she decided that it was important to take things slower. Gia and Scott had a lot of history between them, but given the amount of time that had passed, the fact of the matter was, they didn't really know each other.

Gia grabbed a camel colored pencil skirt and a navy silk top with a cowl neck. She added a blazer that matched her skirt and turned the cuffs above her elbows in order to keep cool in the Miami sun. Gia found a pair of navy pumps in her bag and slipped into them. Looking at her watch, she realized that she had forgotten to pack clothes for swimming and dinner. She bounded across the bedroom and threw drawers open, looking for a swimsuit and clothes. She threw everything into an extra bag and ran out the door at 7:45.

Gia spent the majority of her day bouncing between artist's booths and her laptop trying to get as much done in as little time as possible. She worked quickly and well, networking and corresponding with her gallery. As she worked, she realized that she had not left work early in over five years. She took very few days off and even worked on weekends. She was consistently the last person to leave the gallery and she never minded doing extra work. The prospect of taking off before the sun went down had Gia slightly nervous. She worked straight through lunch and by three, she was packing her things and heading out the door.


Scott was in a living hell. He was meeting with potential clients and they were easily the most obnoxious group of hedge-fund managers he'd ever met. The clock was ticking and he was desperate to get back to the beach house.

He'd barely slept and he was still struggling to get Gia out of his head. Every time he thought about her he had to shift in his seat in order to stop his burgeoning erection from showing through his pants. He was unconsciously comparing her to every woman that walked by; though he wasn't normally prone to objectifying random women in passing, the men he was dining with were unable to stop themselves from snapping their heads every time they saw a skirt. Each time one of the cavemen at his table made a lude comment, he silently smirked thinking about how much more beautiful, graceful, or sexy Gia was. He thought about her pert ass, the way it shifted, almost in a small circle, when she sauntered through a room. He wanted her more than he'd ever wanted anything or anyone.

As his lunch companions ordered another round of drinks, Scott excused himself and headed to the restroom. Splashing water on his face, he pulled himself together and grabbed his phone. He sent Gia a quick text to tell her that he was running late and that she should meet him at the house. He gave her an access code to the garage that would allow her into the house and told her to make herself at home. His lunch meeting was running into the afternoon, and he was going to have to wrap things up before he really lost his patience.

He continued schmoozing and working and finally, an hour later than he would have liked, Scott peeled out of the restaurant parking lot and headed to the nearest grocery store at four o'clock. He wasn't much of a cook, but there were a few recipes he had mastered and cooking for Gia would allow them to spend some extra time together.


Gia pulled her rental car off of a state highway and onto the throughway that led to Hibiscus Island, which was just west of Gia's hotel. She was starting to understand Miami's streets and layout and was pretty decent at navigating from one area to the next. The houses on Hibiscus were more modest than some in the area, but given that they were on the ocean and on an island, she knew they were some of the priciest in Miami.

She swung onto Hibiscus Street and found the house at the end, directly in front of the water. The house was white stucco with hard lines and an elegant slate roof; it had a distinctly modern feel that immediately appealed to Gia's taste. She parked the car and walked directly to the garage door. She used the key code Scott had given her and walked into the empty space. She quickly passed through the garage and upon entering, found herself in a large, newly appointed kitchen.

The décor was much cleaner than most Miami houses she'd seen- the mansions there were prone to overstated opulence and gilt furnishing, which Gia disliked, and this home seemed to be the opposite. This house was simple and elegant with white and grey furnishing and marble floors throughout. It wasn't particularly huge by Miami standards, but everything from furniture to appliances were top of the line.

She stepped from the kitchen into a large, open living room with a ceiling that extended to the roof and spanned two floors. A glass, floating staircase led to the second floor and was flanked by a wall that held a large stainless steel bar. The furniture was easily recognizable- all modern and designed by well-known artists. Looking through each area, Gia couldn't help but chuckle at the décor- it was expensive and showy, but it lacked cohesion. She wondered if the house had permanent inhabitants or whether a rental company owned it. The space lacked the livability that would have made it a home.

She ran her fingers over one smooth, cool surface after another. She decided not to enter the second floor without Scott, so she found a powder room and quickly changed out of her work outfit. She folded her work attire and placed it in the bottom of her bag and then began digging through for her swimsuit. She grabbed her bikini top and bottom and turned to look at her reflection in the full-length mirror on the wall.

Standing completely naked, she began to assess herself. She looked first at her breasts, which she still felt were larger than necessary. She reached up and cupped one creamy globe in her hand, squeezing its weight. Her tits still sat high on her chest and were still "perky", though they were lighter than the rest of her skin- she never tanned topless and felt that tan lines were a sign of modesty that made her fondly think of the few days she spent in the sun.

She sighed and ran her palm down her stomach, which, after years of pilates and running, was lean and flat. She let her fingers trail over a long scar that followed the line of her hip, a souvenir from falling off of a ladder years earlier. Looking at the scar, she smiled. She actually loved that scar, it told a story and marked the passing of time. It was a part of her and despite her perfectionism, she loved the way it gently curved over her hipbone and marred her otherwise smooth skin.

When her eyes shifted down to her long legs, she frowned slightly. Her legs were gorgeous, save for the fact that they were dotted with ever-present scuffs and scars. Unlike the scar on her hip, these were quite faded and mostly unnoticeable, but she couldn't remember where they came from or how long they'd been a part of her. As an avid runner, she had fallen onto concrete more times than she could remember and her slightly-scarred knees and shins bore the consequences of her insistence on running, no matter what the weather.

She looked directly at her face and took a deep breath. She was ultimately happy with the way she looked, but there was still an eighteen-year-old girl inside of her that was dying to break through with insecurity.

Scott's presence was making her nervous and excited all at the same time. She couldn't help but wonder whether he really had any interest in her or if their reunion was simply one of convenience. Was Scott only interested because she was in Miami? Or had he thought of her over the past decade as much as she'd thought of him? In her mind, he was still the popular guy that dated cheerleaders and she was still the smart girl that had been relegated to friend status for most of the time they'd known each other.

Over the years Gia had wondered whether Scott was ever really in love with her or whether he was interested because she had never pursued him. Whether Scott was interested in the chase or the person was always a question, and she wasn't sure if she wanted the answer.

He really did look amazing, though. Age had changed him into a man. He was no longer lanky or cute. He was incredibly sexy and there was an alpha-maleness about him that was more than a result of his size, and it inexplicably drew her to him.

Many nights, as Gia lay in the dark, she had fantasized about Scott. She remembered the dominance he'd shown in the bedroom and she had never been with anyone like that since. Gia was always in control of her work, her manners, her relationships, and her life. She was completely independent and though the was loathe to admit it, she liked having someone else take control in bed. She would imagine running into Scott and would fantasize that he would carry her to some nondescript bed and tear the clothes from her body.

Standing naked in his bathroom, she pictured him biting her neck, her collarbone, her nipples, and she suddenly became flushed. Gia closed her eyes and leaned against the counter. She reached up and grabbed both breasts with force, lifting them and dreaming of Scott palming her tits as he forced her legs apart.

Without really thinking about her actions, she let one hand slip down between her legs. She was already beginning to get wet and when she spread her lips to gain access to her clit, she moaned, causing an echo in the marble space. She lifted one leg and rested her heel on the counter, causing her pussy to open and become exposed to the cool ambient air. Gia slid her fingers around her now-wet mound and let her head tip back as she circled her clit.

In the dim overhead light, she could almost feel Scott taking her. Images of his powerful frame covering hers flashed in her mind. A haze of lust spread over her body and she became incredibly hot. As she tapped her fingers against her clit, she imagined Scott's fingers clasping the base of his shaft as he slapped her mound and distended clit with his hard cock; she could almost hear the sound of his dripping head hitting her slick flesh.

She remembered the way he had gently commanded her body and was aching to feel that calm control again. In all of her experience, she'd never responded to a man the way she did to Scott. She knew that there was dark desire swirling within her, and it was something that had never been fulfilled. The few partners she'd had after Scott had been mechanical, inexperienced, or much too fast, or worse, an unsatisfying combination of the three.

She could see Scott so clearly in her mind. His frame hunched over her as he held her legs open; his palms pressed to the back of her thighs, her knees bent near her shoulders as her forced her open and rutted into her.

"Oh, god, Scott, yes, please fuck me..." Her voice was barely a whisper as she approached orgasm. She squeezed her eyes shut and rolled a taut nipple between her fingers. Gia continued to rub herself furiously, all the while cupping her breast with her other hand.

She imagined Scott pushing her to her knees and telling her to suck him in his raspy timbre. As she pictured Scott's cock in front of her, she thought of the way he would swell within the hot confines of her mouth as he came. She gritted her teeth and stroked herself harder and harder, pushing herself to the edge. She was moaning aloud and panting in the small room. As she dreamed of him telling her to swallow his hot seed, she exploded, shuddering while her toes curled and her legs shook.

She eased her fingers off of her clit and began to gently rub through the aftershocks of her orgasm. She was unsteady on the counter, but she lifted her hand from her sopping cunt and brought two slick fingers to her mouth, flicking her tongue across them so that she could taste herself. She breathed in deeply and moved both hands to the counter to hold herself in place.

As Gia caught her breath, she stepped off of the counter. She looked into the mirror again and was more flushed than she could believe. She thought about the fact that she'd just gotten herself off in some strange house, in a bathroom, and she inwardly groaned. It wasn't like her to become unglued so easily and though she was a little ashamed, she was smiling as she pulled her swimsuit over her head.

She wore a halter-top bikini in sky blue with a fuschia, yellow and green paisley pattern over it. She hadn't worn the suit before and she looked over herself once more as she braided her long hair, letting it rest down the middle of his back. Satisfied with her hair, she threw the rest of her things into her bag and exited the bathroom.

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