Never Assume


Maybe it was the full moon. Who knows? All I knew is that she was the most sensational creature to ever walk into my life. Those big blue eyes unnerved me the minute they met mine. Her friends seemed to entertain quite an interest in myself and the others on that patio at the club we were at . Arizona was the state I think we were in. She seemed to show more interest in the music playing than any of us.

I could feel his eyes on me as he politely signed their cocktail napkins and neon colored bar flyers announcing the weekly specials. What was the big deal anyway? The curly haired blond was okay but why was I locked into a silent conversation with a man that held absolutely no interest to me? I was nothing special. Just a simple girl from the midwest with big hopes and dreams finding herself barely scraping by at a job she could barely tolerate. What could he possibly see in me? He was okay I guess but he was nothing special. Just another guy that could break my heart as easily as the last but then again he might be good for an evening's worth of play. Now that's something I'd never done in my life either. Long term relationships all the way and at twenty five that's pretty pathetic I think. He was relaying intimate details to me with just a look.

I finally got her attention. Not that she's gonna take any notice of me. Who am I to her anyway? She'd have been over here with the small flock of girls if she'd been a fan right? Maybe that was the intrigue behind it all. She wasn't into the "Oh My God I can't believe he touched me" scene as were the others. It was rather refreshing not to have a girl falling all over herself to get to me. I'm just a guy like any other in the world that happened to fall into the arms of fame before I knew what I could do.

I'm not the party hearty guy. I just want a nice evening alone with a beautiful woman every now and then because she wants to be with me not because she wants to be with the name. Good! They're finally done. I've always hated these radio contests where they have us do this, that or the other and tonight was just the same. She'd probably gotten in with her friends(although she didn't look like she belonged with any specific group of girls here).

"Oh my God Nikki! He is so gorgeous!"my friend Jessica squealed as she approached.

"Which one?" I inquired.

"Which one do you think?"Sarah smacked her shoulder.

I'd grown tired of the evening's events. They dragged me her because they thought I didn't get out enough. It's true though. I seem to date my computer more than men lately. I've had a few late night cybersessions but nothing like the feel of that flesh on flesh and fucking til dawn feeling you get with the real thing."The one with the dark brown hair and blue eyes,"I guessed.

Jeez! She's with that squealer. What do I do now?

Chris approached me."What's wrong?"

"I wanna meet that girl over there but her friend was the squealer."

"You do have trouble. I think I can stand the squealer long enough to get you and her out of here."

"Thanks Chris."

"No problem."

"Ladies,"Chris approached the trio.

Who was this bozo? I thought to myself. I just wanted to get away from all these phonies.

Jessica and Sarah turned to find who's hand was on the small of each of their backs.

"I noticed you ladies don't have drinks yet. Why don't you join me and we'll remedy this little problem for you."

"Sure,"Sarah agreed.

"What about you?"He inquired.

Annoyed, I lifted the drink settled on the soft pink cement wall that also served as a bench. I lifted myself onto it.

"Sorry. Shall we?"He looked toward Jessica and the stunned expression on her face said it all. He could have asked her to jump off the edge of the Grand Canyon and she'd have said yes. She fell into step with the others as he escorted the two toward the nearest bar which was inside nearly on the other side of the club. I turned to the drone of the passing traffic as the music drifted into the background.

Perfect. Now! While she's not looking. I settled myself next to her on the wall. She was so entranced by the passing traffic I don't think she even noticed there was anybody else around. I turned to find what so fascinating about the traffic. Nothing really other than it was more exciting than what was going on in the club."I don't know about you but I could do without this music,"I offered in hopes of gaining her attention.

She turned at my voice. Her eyes. Now that I was close enough I could see they were more of a blue gray than an ordinary blue in the moon's glimmer."Not that it matters but it's okay."

"So why weren't you over there with your friends earlier?"

"I didn't know there was a law that I had to."

"Well this is a party for fans. I just assumed that since you were here."

"Let's just say I don't get into all that little groupie stuff like my friends."

"Not even for your favorites?"

"No. I'm never gonna meet them so why bother with the false hope that I will someday?"

"You never know about these things."

"Is there some point to this conversation?"

"I just thought maybe we could go somewhere a little quieter and talk."

"That wouldn't be your hotel room now would it?"she suggested.

"Well it is about the only place we'll get any peace and quiet."

"I forget. You're the big star."

"Forget I said anything,"I said, shrugging my shoulders."I thought you were different from the rest,"I said jumping down from the wall.

"Hang on just a second,"I joined him down below leaving my drink on the wall."I didn't say I didn't want to go. You've been pulling the hot shot act since you leapt up there beside me. It wasn't necessary."

"Okay. So where would you like to go?"

"We can go wherever it's quietest but this is a hands off deal."

"None?"he replied coyly in hopes I would fall for it.

Of course I did but he couldn't know. I rolled my eyes and took his outstretched hand."Just a little. So where are we off to?"I asked.

"Just follow me,"he stated as his security followed close behind.

I knew I was probably gonna regret this but I followed him anyway. Besides, what's the worst that could happen anyway? When it comes right down to it, he's just a guy with superstardom on his side.

We're the ones that make them out to be these big deals in our imaginations, what great lovers they would be and so on and so forth. So far, he was turning out to be like every other guy I'd met in my life. Like I said, I never thought I was anything that special though. Apparently he must have. I didn't even know his name and here I was running off with him here to do to God knows what and God knows where. Jess and Sarah would be flipping right about now if they knew what was going on.

Oh My God! Jess and Sarah! He completely distracted me from the fact that I had left my girlfriends at the club until we were probably half way down the road. Besides the reasoning growing inside those tight faded blue jeans of his was reason enough to forget everything I've ever thought reasonable and throw caution to the wind right here and now.

She was distracted. This much I could tell but I didn't know whether or not I should push it. I wanted to be with this one and one false move I could kiss any chance of physical contact tonight good bye.

"Something wrong?" I offered gripping her hand a little tighter.

"Just a passing thought. Nothing to be concerned about."

She flat out lied to me there. I could see it in her eyes. Those beautiful eyes surrounded by a cascade of blonde flowing curls draping over her shoulders. Shy, no. Dangerous, definitely yes. Her interest was casual at best it seemed but then again I'm a guy so what do I know? I'd be lucky if I got to mold those luscious melons underneath the soft pastel pink blouse. I refrained from even saying anything more in her current state. We were alone back here. I was okay in the club but that's when I thought she wouldn't give me the time of day. I don't think she even knew how truly beautiful she was. Was the rough exterior just an act to fend off any riff raff she didn't care for? Was she just as shy as I was?

The vehicle slowed and came to a complete stop. We were led through what could only possibly be a back entrance or service elevator for the hotel's staff. I still couldn't believe I was doing this."Tell me the truth,"I plopped down onto the enormous bed in the center of the room. I flipped each of my sneakers randomly across the room. He invited me up here. May as well make myself comfortable right?

"About?"He inquired. He played stupid but I knew different.

"Why are we really here? I know a hundred out of the way coffee shops that would have hidden us from any number of adoring eyes."

"Because I only wanted your eyes adoring me,"he returned, still keeping his distance well across the room.

"I don't bite,"I winked. Where'd I learn to do that? I could never do that before.

"Now that would take away my plans for the evening," I responded removing my shoes. I had suddenly become a little more brazen in my attempt at flirtation. I think we both knew why we were up here. I think neither of was willing to admit it just yet.

She wasn't giving up. Better than how she started."So you do have plans?"she rasied her brows.

Her hands planted casually against the mattress. She was practically inviting me to join. Maybe she did want me to make the first move. I joined her. Her eyes washed over me as I sat. If she hadn't wanted anything before, she sure as hell did now. Slowly she approached my neck just above the the collar of my shirt. She softly nibbled her way upward pushing a few stray strands out the way of her continuing attack. She latched onto my earlobe. "I don't mean to pry,"my voice rose as she settled herself upon my lap.

"Then don't,"I returned prying the buttons open on the shirt drawing out the boldness of his eyes.

"It just occured to me that you don't even know my name and you're about to shove your tongue down my throat,"he stated as my breath hotly settled closely to his.

"And you're point would be?"I inquired; both of us desperately tempting the fate of that inital contact.

"I just thought,"his lips softly brushed mine."you might like it,"once again retaining the attention of my lips."For future reference." Contact. The dance had begun. Languidly, our tongues intertwined. I was so wrong about not wanting this man. His hands were dedicated to pursuing every inch. My fingers twisted into his dark mane as his hand arrived well below my waistline grasping the firm curvature of flesh. Once I came to my senses, I tore away from his wonderful gestures."Future reference?" I breathlessly inquired of his earlier statement.

"I thought,"I said planting a gentle kiss on her collarbone as I peeled a couple of buttons down on her blouse. "You might," I continued,"Want to address me in an obscene manner with it,"my fingers sliced through the rest of her buttons. I pressed the blouse off her shoulders following it with a trail of kisses toward the thin strap of satin lingerie holding her voluptuous bosom in place."Later,"I offered as her bosom came bundling out of it's released restraint.

She simply smiled."You mean you don't want me to think of you as OH GOD!?"she toyed unlatching the metal button on my jeans.

"Ladies choice but I still wanna know your name."

"Nikki,"she softly whispered as I drew her body against mine and eased back onto the bed.

"Nikki,"His voice velvet as he turned me toward the bed. Our lips met briefly as he traversed the length of my bareness with his free hand. My body rose slightly from the bed as his mouth attached to the forming nub atop my generous mound of flesh. The languid stroke of his tongue winding around the dusty rose formation induced a soft moan to escape me. His tongue trailed through the valley of my bosom nipping his way upward onto the opposing credential. He molded the yielding flesh on the opposing side as he tormented the rosy formation he had reached. Didn't we come here to do the wild thing and be quick about it? I hadn't planned on anything long term tonight. His slender build came over me as to meet the warm invitation of my heart shaped lips. I can't believe this is happening. But he withdrew as quickly as he'd arrived. He held my gaze and I almost stumbled over my inquiry,"About that name?"

"Yeah?"he returned; grinning knowingly.

"Now might be a good time."

"Josh,"I stated and dipped downward onto the satin scent of her feminine perfume. Rapture was the name of it she informed later that evening. I planted a trail of feather light kisses upon her taut fair skin.

She quivered a little when my lips presented themselves on her stomach. I thought this was going to be a wham bam thank you deal and I found myself surrendering completely to her whim. I wanted to pleasure her in every possible way. I traced along the edge of her white capri pants. Her pleasurable tones were the first signs she was relinquishing control of her overpowering inhibitions. She wasn't the headstrong woman I'd met back there in the bar. She had never let go before now. I drew her pants deliberately down her perfect form. Perfect to me at the time anyway.

I watched as he slid out of the remaining barriers barricading the precious cargo underneath. He returned to the center of my body delving into the very heart of me. His tongue sliced over the crevice of my opening before entertaining any further gestures. He sought out the very depths of my body. It was as though he was reaching in and releasing something that was already there. I'd never been a noisemaker before but god willing he brought something out of me."Oh God!"I moaned grasping at the toussled bedspread. I soon felt his fingers and gasped at the intrusion of his fingers in my heated center. He was very dedicated in his efforts as he relentlessly pursued submission to my most primitive desires."Oh fuck....that's....oh damn!"I vocalized letting go of the good little girl I'd been taught to be and liberated the woman I had surpressed for too long.

"Josh,"she whispered as I imposed my lips upon hers. I couldn't contain myself forever as was apparent to her.

She released me of my drawn out gesture,"I wannna....Oh!"she gasped as I intruded upon her essence.

"Later,"I instructed as we acclimated to the newfound sensation taking control of our bodies. Slowly, I drew out a passion that had been concealed within her from years of unfulfilled relationships. Why she chose me to let out all that pent up sensual hunger I'd never know. I only knew the feel of her legs wrapped around my body and consuming me would be something I would not know again for quite some time.

His rhythm slow and steadied was a mere attempt to gain my trust as he increased his consuming power over me. Who'd have thunk? He slowed himself and drew me up over himself. It's as if he knew what I needed without having to speak. I languidly leaned in toward him; my full rounded bosom pressed upon his masculine features."God you're beautiful,"he uttered.

I was speechless. I literally couldn't find my voice for what seemed forever. Nobody had ever said those words to me. I wanted to just stay there and get lost in his eyes. It would have been so easy. I needed to say something. What though? I opened my mouth to speak but what came out wasn't what I wanted as he thrust up under me. The rounded flesh of my buttocks jiggled as he continued to impress his vigor from underneath. As he slowed to regain his speed, I took control.

She wove herself around me like there was no tomorrow. I guided her hips as she moved up and down along me. She moved to a driving rhythm as I gripped her hands to steady herself. I released my grip on hers as I grasped the ripe flesh of her ass. She needed this. It was in her eyes. I could feel her body gripping mine but she wouldn't let herself go. I was desperately losing the battle with myself and I needed see her through. She need my reassurance and I fought tooth and nail to make sure it happened. She solidly clung to me and met me with those big, innocent blue eyes."That's it,"I instructed."Take it easy."

Her frightened grip eased up and she let go of all the frustration from everything she'd ever known of sex. I soon followed; my body's warmth flowing into her expended form. Her exhausted form collapsed onto my chest. We lay there wrapped up in one another for an eternity it seemed. My hands drifted carelessly upon her back as I whispered,"You were great."

He had done what no man before had been able to. He made me feel loved. Even if it only was for one night. He expected no graciousness on my part. He knew. He knew he broke through where no one else had before. I went there that night expecting nothing more than a quick roll in the hay and what I came out of with it was priceless. Just because you think know something, never assume.

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