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Never Been Touched


Lucy was tiny, she was 18, only just 5 feet tall, and could not weigh 85lb soaking wet, but she had a woman's hips and large breasts, with a waist so minuscule two hands could span it easily. She oozed sex appeal; her hair fell down her back to her waist chestnut brown.

He had met her a few times, he was a friend of her cousin, he was tall over 6 feet, with strong arms and wide shoulders a slim waist, jet black hair that curled around his ears, he was 19 or 20 a man.

It was summer, he asked her if she would go for a walk with him, she smiled and giggled flashing her crystal blue eyes at him, he took her hand and they walked, it was a nice walk to the park and back to her house, he kissed her softly on the lips and asked if he could see her again, she said yes, smiling. They had much in common, had been to the same schools, knew the same people, watched the same TV shows.

The summer was ebbing, and their walks got longer, they kissed with tongues, he crushed her to his body, she could feel his every muscle rippling under his t-shirt, he caressed her back, and looked longingly into her eyes. He would roam her body cupping her breasts and kissing the nape of her neck sending shivers of longing through her. He would be leaving soon; the long summer of soft kisses and long walks would come to an end soon, the sexual tension between them had grown and grown. It was there last walk together.

They walked along the canal path, the sun dappled through the trees, the light breeze cooled the air, it was still warm, he sat her down on the bank and they kissed, deeply, he asked her if he could brush her hair, he loved the smell of her hair, she gave him her brush and he sat behind her, he brushed her hair the slight pain where he caught knots, heightened the sensation of his closeness he brushed her hair back over her shoulder and leaned down to kiss her neck, his hand came around to cup her breast, she moaned softly he lifted her t-shit off and un-clipped her bra, then took it off, she did not protest, she wanted him, he pulled her back and looked at her large breasts pert nipples standing to attention, she could feel his cock hard against her back, she was so innocent yet so ready to be a woman.

He turned her around and sat her on his lap, he cupped one breast in both hands and kissed her nipple, sucking on it, her whole body responded, she had never felt like this no boy had ever kissed her breasts, he pulled back and did the same with her other breast she was breathless, he removed her sandals kissing her toes, she did not say no, she could not say no, he unzipped her jeans and slid her jeans and panties off, she was completely naked, he looked at her she was so skinny, but she had a round ass, he kissed up her legs, looking into her eyes, she did not stop him, she closed her eyes and her breath was coming in small gasps, she was so ripe. His tongue worked up her thighs and she parted her legs for him, her hair was around her like a mantel as she lay back on the grassy bank, his tongue found her clit and he flicked it, she had never felt anything like this in her life, no one but herself had ever touched her private parts, his fingers parted her pussy lips and her juices glistened, he dipped a finger in she was shaking a little, he asked if she wanted him to stop, she said "please don't stop."

He reached up and cupped her breast as his tongue began to work on her, his tongue was so long it explored where no one had ever been, eating her bringing her to heights never dreamed of in her imagination, he nibbled her clit as his fingers dipped into her wet pussy then his tongue was in her again and his thumb was circling her clit in firm round motions, her thighs tightened he knew she was close, she was moaning his name, she arched her back up to him, as his tongue darted in and out of her, his thumb rubbing her clit, her body exploded in passion. He continued to lick and suck on her until her convulsions' subsided. He crawled up her body covering her with his she could feel his hard cock under his jeans, he told her he wanted her but she should wait, one day she would be ready but not yet. He kissed her deeply, cradling her in his arms, then he dressed her and took her home. Lucy was still shaking, her inner emotions bubbling up confusing thoughts filled her mind.

He left soon after and she would never see him again, their lives taking different paths, she thought about him over the years, wondering what he had done with his life, hers taking her over seas, she wondered if he ever thought about the summer they spent together, how he could have made love with her and he would never know what she would have given to him willingly and with much passion, was taken from her with violence and anger in the back of a car just a few months later. But the memory of him would live with her for ever.

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