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Never Been With a Black Girl


I was in the bar, just relaxing after a long days of work. Actually it was more ike a day and a half. I had a huge presentation and my co-workers had not done their parts to help. But I got it done anyways. I love Amstel Light, it's a real good beer; that is why I have had about four of them.

Just then the bar door opened. I was pretty astonished, because all the regulars were already here. All of us perked up and looked. I'm glad I looked, because I was staring at a black goddess. Damn she was beautiful. A little taller than me at five foot ten. I would guess that she had about a 34-C bra size and hips that made me squirm.

Guess who she sits next to, not me a passed out old fat guy. She has a drink and starts to talk to the bartender. I try my best to listen in, but to no avail. I think she noticed, or at least saw me staring at her. She motioned me over. We then moved to a booth.

"Hi," I said.

"Hey cutie, got a name?"

"Yes I do, you can call me Mark."

"Well Mark, my name is Pam, but you can call me Goddess. As you may know, I've never been in this bar before. However, I think I may have found what I have been looking for."

We sat and drank, but I didn't get anymore Amstels, I got whiskey, which was one of my favorite drinks. We talked and got to know each other, we talked for what seemed like minutes, but in reality it was about two hours. I couldn't drive and didn't want to get behind the wheel anyway.

"Could I give you a ride home? Or should I bring you back to my place? Yes that is what we will do. You'll stay at my place sugar," she bluntly told me.

Well that was that. We got into her BMW X5! Well let me tell you that it is a lot better than my Ford. We laughed the whole ride back to her home, which is a little seculeded in the next town over. It had a long dirt driveway. Though it was alte I could tell her home was beautiful. We parked in the garage and she escorted me into the living room. Were I relaxed.

She sat down next to me and the placed her hand on my knee. We smiled and laughed some more and then started to kiss. She was dominating my tongue and I could tell that she was in the mood for some heavy petting. I kissed her back as best as I could, but she ended up pushing me on my back and taking control of me. Kissing my neck and pinning my arms to the ground. She was on top of me know telling me not to move or I would be sorry.

I didn't move, because I had always wanted to be with a black girl, because they are just so amazing and beautiful. So there was no way I was going to give this up. So I listened and obeyed. I think she could tell, because she gave me this wicked smile. She led me to the bedroom and tossed me on the bed. We continued kissing and she began to play with the buldge growing in my pants. I began to massage her breasts and she moaned back.

"Now you will do something for me or you will leave, do you understand? You better understand, because I don't want you to leave sweetie," she told me.

"I'll do as you say," I replied.

A wicked grin slowly emerged on her face. She cuffed me to her bed posts which I didn't mind. Actually, I kind of liked it. She kissed me a few more times and the she stripped me down. She looked at my dick and kind of chuckled.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, nothings wrong, I was just kind of laughing at your penis size. What is that about 6 inches long?"

"Yeah, I mean it is not huge, but it is not tiny."

"Well I have seen bigger...everyday,"

"Everyday? Do you see a lot of men? No I bet you look at porn alot," I told her.

"How about you take a look for yourself."

She started to undress and I was puzzeled. She was wearing a thong and she looked great. She moved up on the bed and sat on my face. I could smell ball sweat and I could feel and odd shaped object on my face. I started to mumble, but nothing came out.

"If you have figured out anything, that is genuine black cock, it is long and thick, that s why yours looked small to me hun."

She got up off my face and took her pink thong off. I must say that she did have a much larger cock than mine. It was probably nine inches long and a little thicker. She then crawled up to me.

"Are you still going to do as I say, or are you going to try to wimp out? Either way I'll have my fin with you."

I was turned on at the thought of her using her huge cock to please herself on me. She then noticed my cock and how much firmer it was than before.

"Oh, I see you like cock you little slut. Well then you best get to work!"

With that she took her huge mushroom head cock and placed it at the entrance of my mouth.

"SUCK IT!!!"

I licked the tip, trying to remember how I liked blow jobs done, then I stuck her cock head into my awaiting mouth. I started to take more and more of her cock. But I knew from the get go that I would not get the whole length of her shaft down my throat. I tried though, I did want to please her, besides I liked her bossing me around.

"Thats right you litte tramp suck that cock, yeah up and down. You like the cock don't you? Well you can have as much of it as you like tonight."

I sucked and sucked and sucked. I swirled my tongue around her meaty shaft, I ended up taking about seven of her nine inches into my throat. I could tell she was impressed.

"Good job you little cock sucker, but I want to do something else to you now."

She moved my legs up and then with some rope she tied my legs to the head board. She started to toy with my ass. Slapping it pinching it and then lubing it. I told her I would try to please her. She told me that she would please herself using my sweet piece of ass.

"Are you ready for some meat in you ass boy? Because if you are not, well then too friggen bad."

I didn't get a chance to respond. She slowly slid her huge piece of meat into my virgin man hole.

"Your pussy is so tight bitch, what is this your fist time? It must be, because I can tell that you like it. Besides once you get it the first time, sluts like you want it all the time."

She was slowly fucking me. It was tight, I could feel my anus streching to accomodate her length and girth. But she kept on fucking my ass. She knew she had me when I started to moan.

"Oh the bitch likes it in his little tight butt. Since we have discovered this, I am going to have to ask you to ask me if I will keep fucking you," she told me.

"Please Goddess, fuck me and my ass, I beg of you, it feels so damn good. I'll do anything you ask if you just keep fucking my asshole," I moaned back.

She started humping my ass quickly now, with short fast strokes. Then she slowed it down. She started taking very long strokes amos all the way out and then she would slam my ass back down to the hilt. I would scream everytime. She started to jerk me off while she was fucking me.

"I'm going to cum in your ass whore," she screamed.

And she did to, she shot her load up my tight little asshole. It was so hot and creamy. I couldn't get enough. She pulled out, untied my legs and uncuffed me..

"That was a good fuck," she told me.

She cuddeled up against me. I savoured the moment.

"Now clean my cock off! Or I'll spank your cute little tush," she told me.

I gave her a weird look, btu told myself that it would not be so bad. So I lowered my head to her cock. Licking d sucking away on it until it was clean

"Good boy, I think I will keep you. You listen well and you let me do whatever I want. But, now I want you to be my little bitch. We will do many many things and you shall be mine and I will use you however I want, but this was only the start of it,I have many more things planned for you," she demanded.

Damn I love black women.

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