tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNever Could Imagine Sex Like This

Never Could Imagine Sex Like This


Alexis Briggs sat with her father, a colonel in the Marines, at a café. They were talking about their upcoming fishing trip with NCIS agent Gibbs, when a good looking guy Alexis noticed was walking toward the them. She smiled at them as she covertly jotted down her phone number on a napkin.

"Colonel, how are you?" he asked Alexis's dad.

"Not too bad my boy. How about yourself?" her dad replied.

"Oh, still working for Gibbs."

"Daddy, are you going to introduce me to your friend?" Alexis asked.

"Oh, yes, Alexis this is Anthony DiNozzo," her father said.

"Oh please call me Tony," DiNozzo corrected as he shook Alexis's hand.

"Well, nice to meet you, Tony," Alexis smiled at him.

"Well, I gotta grab a cup of coffee before Gibbs knows I'm gone."

"I'll go with you. I could use another one myself." Tony helped Alexis up from her seat, her empty cup and napkin in hand.

Tony stood in line for a cup of coffee with the beautiful blue-eyed blond standing next to him. He smiled at her, checking out the C-cup breasts concealed in her tight low cut black tank top. Her ass perfectly filled out her short black pencil skirt. They were up at the counter when he finally pulled his attention away from her body.

"I'll have a chocolate ice coffee, extra, extra, and what did you want Tony?" Alexis started the order.

"Ummm...sounds good, I'll have the same," he replied.

Alexis handed him his cup with the napkin that had her phone number on it. Tony took a second to read it and then looked at her, smiling but puzzled.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Well, you check me out that hard that long, you better want to call me," Alexis grinned.


Alexis checked her hair in her hall mirror as her doorbell rang. She smoothed out her dress before opening the door to find Agent DiNozzo holding roses and a bottle of wine for her.

"I hope you don't have good intentions with either one of these," she greeted him.

"Only if you want me to," Tony replied as he stepped in.

They made small talk throughout dinner before finally sitting on her couch in her candlelit living room.

"So what are your intentions Tony?" Alexis asked as Tony poured wine into the two glasses she'd brought into the living room with her.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"If we were to continue seeing each other, despite what my father and Gibbs say, how far would this go between us?"

"I'll be honest, the last time I was in love, I screwed it up and I've thought about her everyday since. I won't ever do that again. You've made me forget about her until now. And how about you? How far do you want this to go?"

"I was in love in college. We were engaged. It seemed like the perfect match. Until I found out he had been sleeping with my best friend the whole time we were together. Marrying me, to him, meant that she would be around. I haven't trusted anybody that much since then. It's something you have to earn, you know?"

"So I guess that means no sex on the first date huh?"

"Well, we'll have to see just how much I like what's in your pants to see if I want to take them off all the time." Alexis smiled coyly.

They put down their glasses of wine and Alexis led him to the bedroom until Tony finally picked her up and carried her to the front of the bed. Tony looked into her eyes as he set her down. Not only was she beautiful but everything seemed to click into place. He didn't just want casual sex with her. He wanted to make a real romantic physical connection with her. He really wanted to be her man someday, if not tonight. He kissed her mouth long and deep, feeling his male parts tingle with anticipation.


Alexis was taken aback by how sensual Tony's kiss was. It was hot and passionate. She wanted to be naked almost immediately. She felt Tony's hands unzipping her dress in the back and then sliding the silk thing down to the floor around her ankles. Even with her eyes still closed, her lips still locked tightly to Tony's, she managed to find the buttons of his shirt and then his pants, tossing the clothes to the floor. His erection was hard against her stomach but they both managed to control themselves as Tony held her tightly in her arms and kissed her neck. Alexis moaned as she felt the electricity shoot through her body over and over with each kiss. She bit her lip as he finally looked at her, picked her up, and placed her on the bed. They continued to kiss as they faced each other on their sides, Tony groping her breasts, her waist, and then her butt. She was surprised when he finally grabbed the back of her leg and rolled over on top of her. He pushed his cock slowly into her as deep as he could go. He watched her face as her head rolled back.

"Oh, Tony," she moaned.

He thrusted slowly and shallowly until she was gripping his arms as hard as she could. He could feel her tight pussy locked around his wet dick. She felt so good he had to bite her breasts to keep from screaming as he started to go deeper and faster into her.

"Oh my god, Tony, make me cum," she whispered into his ear. "Oh please, make me cum."

He stopped biting her and held her arms above her head as he pumped his dick into her as fast as he could. He was on the brink of finishing when she started screaming loudly as she rolled her head back and bounced her hips off the mattress to meet everyone of his thrusts.

"Alexis, you're gonna make me cum if you keep doing that," he said in her ear.

Her only response was to lock her legs around the back of his thighs and bounce her hips harder into him.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" he yelled just before kissing her hard on the mouth, his fingers locked into the back of her hair. Not only did he feel his release but hers as he finished in her. He rolled over onto his back with her on top of him, his dick shuddering one last time inside her before they both passed out.


Alexis woke up to find Tony gone, but a note left on the side table next to her bed.

"Had to go to work, didn't want to wake you. I'll pick you up at 6 for dinner (and a lot more desert) at my place."

Alexis smiled. She definitely liked what was in his pants.

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