tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNever Could Imagine Sex Like This Ch. 02

Never Could Imagine Sex Like This Ch. 02


Alexis Briggs had been seeing Tony DiNozzo for six months that mostly consisted of all night fuck sessions that only seemed to get more intense. She kept an overnight bag always packed in her closet in case he called her after a case was finally closed. Dating a guy who worked for NCIS didn't have its advantages. Her dad's best friend, Agent Gibbs, was Tony's boss, so she never stopped by to see Tony at work in case his boss were to tell her father. It wasn't the fact that Alexis wasn't madly in love with Tony that she didn't want her father to know; it was the fact that her father was friends with Tony already that she didn't want him to know.

As it were, Alexis hadn't seen Tony in the week preceding her fishing trip with her dad and Gibbs. As she exited the elevator, she discretely peeked at Tony at the end of the office at his desk. She had missed him terrible though she knew she couldn't let her behavior be seen by Gibbs. She smiled at the other agents before finally turning to Gibbs at his desk.

"Ready to go fishing?" Alexis asked him.

"Yeah sure. Where's your dad?" Gibbs said as he looked up.

"He's gonna meet us at the lake. He had a few things to do."

"Got room for one more?" Tony asked as he couldn't help but secretly check out his girlfriend while Gibbs wasn't looking.

"I suppose. If Gibbs doesn't mind."

Tony looked at Gibbs pleadingly.

"Come on DiNozzo," Gibbs replied with a sigh.

The trio left, Gibbs in the lead, Alexis behind him, Tony behind her. He pinched her butt when nobody was paying attention. Alexis just smiled to herself.


Alexis pulled onto the dirt driveway that led to her dad's lakeside cabin. His SUV was parked out front and he was standing on the porch drinking a cup of coffee. He smiled at his daughter and Gibbs, but was slightly taken aback to see Tony with them.

"Feel like fishing Tony?" he asked him.

"Well, Alexis said you might have room for one more," Tony answered.

"Sure, you can bunk with us guys. Lexis, you want to show him around the cabin? Me and Jethro are gonna see if we can't get a bite."

"Sure dad," Alexis said trying to hide her enthusiasm about having a few moments alone with Tony.

The pair hustled into the cabin with a few bags while Gibbs and her father headed down towards the lake. Alexis had Tony throw his bags in the guys room before showing him where she'd be sleeping. She checked the window to make sure her father and Gibbs were still down at the lake, but before she had time to turn back to Tony on her, he had already grabbed her hand and pulled her back against the closed door. He pulled her arms above her before kissing her deep and rough on the mouth.

"My dad and Gibbs are gonna be back any second," she said as Tony started kissing and nibbling on her neck.

"I don't care. I missed you too much," Tony whispered in her ear before continuing. Alexis struggled to free her hands from his so she could grab his face to kiss him. "I can't take it anymore."

Tony ripped open her tight red and black plaid shirt to reveal her black bra. Excitement ran through Alexis as he continued his kissing and nibbling from her neck to her chest. He unclasped the bra to reveal two perfectly hard pink nipples on her round breasts. He hungrily nibbled and flicked his tongue over them as he undid her tight ass jeans and pulled them down. His kissing continued down her stomach to the patch of black silk that covered his goal. He pulled the silk aside to see her beautiful pink pussy in front of his mouth already glossy with her wetness. He licked over her once before flicking at her clit. Alexis couldn't hold back the long moans that came out of her mouth. Tony had never felt like this before. As she started to get closer and closer to going over Tony started sucking at her lips and fucking her hole with his tongue. As she started to cum on his face she bit her lip so no one could her want to scream.

Tony took his shirt off so he could wipe the juices from his mouth, and when Alexis finally recovered, she whipped Tony's belt off his pants and undid them faster than she'd ever had before. His cock was hard and fully erect, held back only by the cotton boxers she'd gotten him a few weeks ago. Tony pulled them off faster than she could and watched in anticipation as she dropped to her knees. She licked and kissed the massive dick before shoving it into her mouth. She wasn't going to finish him, and he knew that. It was her way of letting him know how bad she wanted him inside her one way or the other. She sucked and jerked off the huge cock, listening to Tony moan with each up and down motion. Tony couldn't take it anymore. He pulled her up and shoved her against the locked door again before pressing his manhood against her wetness.

"What do you want baby?" he asked before kissing and nibbling her breasts again, teasing her pussy with his dick.

"Oh please fuck me," she replied closing her eyes.

"Oh baby, I forgot how tight your pussy is," he moaned before kissing her neck. Alexis moaned as gravity pushed her down more and more on Tony's thick rod. She wrapped her legs around him as he held her against the door. He pushed her up and down with his big dick. He could feel her tiny around him as she started to buck against him. She wanted to fuck him and he could tell. He let her down and sat comfortably in an arm chair and smiled at her. "Come here baby."

She jumped on top of his dick, thrilled at the chance to show him how much she had really missed him. She breathed sharply as she lowered herself onto him. He grabbed her breasts and shoved his face into them as she slowly went up and down. She grinded on his dick, like a high school girl getting what she really wanted from a boy. She could feel the head of his dick hitting her button. She rode him hard and fast until he finally started to shudder inside her. His cum shots inside her gave her an odd feeling that made her finish midway through him shooting inside her.

After the two recovered, they quickly cleaned up and dressed. They quietly unlocked the door just in case her dad and Gibbs were on the porch. As they exited the room though, Gibbs and her dad were walking into the cabin. Her dad stared at her blankly not sure what to say.

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