tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNever Fall Asleep at a Hotel Pool

Never Fall Asleep at a Hotel Pool


Dan was growing tired of travelling all the time. He swore he spent half of his time in hotels, he was rarely at home. His wife wanted him to switch jobs so he could be home more, and he was seriously considering it. The one thing he liked about his life was that every hotel his company booked him into had a hotel pool, it was the one thing he insisted on.

Swimming each day let him keep in shape and relaxed him after long cross-country flights. He had flown in this morning and decided that spending the afternoon at the rooftop pool would be perfect. He didn't have any meetings until tomorrow. He switched into his swim trunks, grabbed his phone and headed for the elevator.

The pool was nearly deserted, only an elderly couple in the city on holiday were lounging in one corner, keeping near the shade of an artfully planted tree. Dan grabbed a towel and stashed his phone in it before tossing it onto one of the lounge chairs.

Doing a shallow dive, he felt the cool water close in around him. At 6 feet tall and a thin but muscled build, swimming was easy for him. He cleanly sliced through the water as he swam lap after lap. After about 45 minutes, he hauled himself out of the pool and collapsed on his chair.

By now, the elderly couple had left and he had the pool to himself. He lay down and closed his eyes, the bright sun blocked out occasionally by swaying trees. Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.

Dan's dreams began to become erotic. He dreamt that his wife was slowly running her hand across his crotch. He could feel himself hardening underneath her touch. She began rubbing his dick through his swimsuit, massaging it until it ached. In his dream, she climbed on top of him and pushed him down, pinning his arms and legs down.

When he felt a rush of cool air touch his erection, the dream spell began to break. He opened his eyes to find that he was no longer alone. Looking down, he was startled to see a young brunette woman eye level with his crotch. She had opened his swim trunks and pulled out his hard cock, which stood proudly upright in front of her.

"Hey!! What are you doing?!" He tried to push her away from him, but found that his arms were pinned above his head. He tried to kick his legs, but found that they too were tied down. A quick glance at his wrist revealed white terry cloth towels had been tied around his wrists and the legs of the lounger, he was immobile and defenceless.

"Untie me right now!" He jerked his hand trying to free them, but she had tied them tight and all he accomplished was to cause his upright cock to sway in front of her mouth.

The brunette licked his cock lightly as it swayed in front of her. "It's no use, I'm not going to let you go." He looked at her closely for the first time. She was probably just over 20 and had long dark brown hair that reached below her generous breasts. A tiny triangle bikini top barely covered her nipples, and he could see the matching bottoms when she straightened to sit on top of him.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, hoping someone would hear his cry. He stopped yelling when he heard her chuckling.

"I locked the door to the roof when I came up here. No one is getting through there anytime soon. We're 20 stories up, no one can hear you." She wrapped a hand around his rigid member and slowly stroked it as she straddled his thighs. "Besides, do you really want some poor hotel pool-boy to find you like this? Tied down to a chair with a raging hard-on?"

Dan felt a sense of panic set in as he realized how hopeless he was, and his horror at finding his body responding to her. "Why are you doing this?"

"I was horny and came up for a swim. You were sleeping so I decided to have some fun with you." She increased the pressure of her hand on his dick, "you got hard really quickly when I started touching you. You can't deny you're horny too." She milked a drop of precum out of him as if to emphasize her point.

"I was dreaming of my wife! No rational person would think they were really being assaulted by a stranger on at a pool." He watched as her hands fell to her hips and pulled on the stings of her bikini bottoms. The fabric fell away to reveal a completely bare pussy with no tan lines in sight. She pulled the bottoms out from between their bodies and he felt her warm flesh intimately against his.

She pulled his trunks down his hips until his groin was bare against her. Settling herself down on top of him, his cock settled between her thighs, he felt her tender flesh from shaft to tip teasing him, he suddenly wanted to be inside of her. She moved her hips back and forth and he could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against her swollen clit each time and blood rushed into his member.

The brunette reached between them and gripped his cock, lining it up with her pussy, ready to impale herself on it.

"Please don't do this! I love my wife. I've never had sex with another woman since I've married her, I've never even thought about it."

"Your wife has nothing to do with this. This is just about your cock. I need a big hard cock inside of me and yours happens to be handy. Your wife doesn't need to know unless you tell her." He felt her moist folds begin to encircle his tip as it slipped easily inside her. Her pink pussy slowly engulfed him, adjusting to his presence inside her. He unconsciously groaned. He had never felt a pussy this tight around him. In fact it was the first new pussy he felt since he started dating his wife.

She pushed her hips down towards his until he was fully inside her, he could feel his balls touching her backside as she sat on him. She didn't waste time and started to move back and forth on him, dragging his cock in and out of her pussy. As he felt her wet pussy slide around him, his shaft grew in length and girth. He looked down and could see where her pussy lips spread around him, pink and swollen they slid down his shaft until they touched his base.

"Mmm. You're getting bigger inside me, I can feel it. Deny it all you want, you want me to fuck you." She started moving faster on him, lifting herself up until he was fully out of her before impaling herself on his hardness again. Over and over he felt her pussy open for him as he lay there helpless. He tried to move his hips, the only part that he had control over, but each movement just buried his cock deeper inside her warmth.

He could see sweat breaking out on her forehead and body, she was glistening in the sunlight. Riding him cowboy style, her breasts bounced freely in her useless bikini top. It wasn't long before the tiny bits of fabric moved and her nipples were free. A glint caught his eye and he was surprised to see that her nipples had tiny delicate gold hoops through them. Outside of porn he watched in hotel rooms, he had never seen pierced nipples before. He wanted to touch them, but when he unconsciously moved, his arm merely pulled against his bindings.

A smile spread over her lips. "You're getting more excited. Do you want to touch my breasts?" He shook his head, still denying to himself that this was happening and especially that his body, if not his mind, was enjoying it. She lifted her hands to her breasts and began to pull at the gold hoops. Seeing her pulling on her erect nipples turned him on until he could feel a steady stream of precum pumping out of his cock. Her pussy was wet around him and the sounds of their sex echoed through the silence of the rooftop.

She leaned down so her pierced nipples raked against his sweaty chest, each time she moved her pelvis they drew intricate designs on him, driving him crazy. His cock was getting more sensitive. In this position he could feel her hard swollen clit rubbing against his shaft as she sucked him inside her. He could feel his balls tighten in anticipation. His body was willing to submit to her, but his mind still wasn't.

"Stop. Please, just stop this now. I won't tell anyone, just let me go." He pleaded with his, his words without any conviction behind them.

She gave a husky laugh. "I can feel you getting ready to cum in me. Nothing is going to stop me now, I'm so close to getting what I want." She moved faster and his hips began to move in rhythm with hers.

He felt his balls contract and his semen rising up his cock. With a shout he felt the first jet of his cum shoot deep inside of her pussy. Through his orgasm, he could feel her pussy begin to contract around him and draw more jet of cum out of his cock. His whole body shook as he pumped her full of his sperm.

Coming back to reality, he could feel the cool breeze on his skin. The brunette was still sitting on top of him, his cock slowly growing limp inside her. His arms and legs were starting to ache from being tied up for so long, and he didn't want to admit it to himself, he had been pulling on them as his body unconsciously started to fuck her back.

He cautiously watched her as her hand fell to her abdomen. "Now didn't that feel good? I could feel you all the way in here. You've filled me up with a lot of cum. You must have stored that up for a while."

She slowly rose off of him, his cock flopping limply onto his belly, coated with his cum and her juice. When she stood, he could see her body glistening with sweat, but between her legs he could see pearly streaks of his cum slowly making their way down her legs. The evidence he had enjoyed himself was painfully clear, he looked away in self-disgust.

She rearranged her bikini top so it covered her nipples and retied her bottoms, their fabric immediately turning dark as it absorbed his cum. He felt incredibly vulnerable as he lay there with his trunks still pulled down. She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks. That was great."

"Untie me now." He pulled against the towels binding his wrists.

"Oh, not yet, honey. I need to get away first, but don't worry, I'll let you work yourself free later." She grabbed a bottle of sunscreen and began squirting it on his bare stomach. It took him a minute to figure out she was writing something. Finished, she gave his sticky cock one last pat before covering it with a towel, not bothering to pull his trunks back up. "I think you should stay out here and catch some sun. Get a bit of a tan."

She leaned down to whisper in his ear "I want to get pregnant, and I'm ovulating today. Right now your sperm are in me looking to impregnate me. Who knows, I might already be pregnant with your baby." He was shocked and looked into her eyes. "Congratulations, Daddy." She walked away and disappeared through the gate.

Completely alone, Dan tried to take in what had just happened. A strange woman had just forced him to have sex and left him tied up on a roof. He pulled at the towels again and this time heard a bit of a ripping sound. The lounge chair had a piece of metal sticking out that he could slowly cut through the towel with, but it would take a long time.

As the sun slowly set, Dan continued to work on cutting is right arm free. He had to stop occasionally because cramps that incapacitated him but after 3 hours he was almost through. The clouds had disappeared and the sun shone on him the whole time, he was hot and thirsty. He just wanted to get off of the roof. He was done with pools.

At last, the final threads of the towel ripped and his right arm was free. He quickly untied his left arm before untying his legs. He stood up for the first time in hours and his body ached. The towel the woman had covered his groin with fell away and his cock hung bare between his legs. He quickly pulled his trunks up before grabbing his phone and running for the elevator. As he left, he noticed a sign on the pool enclosure that said 'Closed For Maintenance." No wonder no one had come up there when he was tied up. She made she wouldn't get caught.

Once back in his room, he could only think of taking a shower. He felt dirty and wanted to wash his body of her memory. He stood in front of the bathroom mirror and for the first time was able to read what she wrote.

Surrounded by a fresh sunburn, his skin was brilliantly white where the sunscreen message had been written. In looping letters it was simple, yet damning. "Thanks for the fuck. - M" The message would take months to disappear. How would he hide it from his wife until it blended away? There was no way he could explain what happened. No one would believe him. He ran his hand over the message that marked him, wanting to erase it, but it stayed firm.

He stripped off his trunks and threw them in the corner in disgust. Looking down, he could see his cock crusted with his own dried semen and that woman's cum. He couldn't deny what had happened. Turning the water on as hot as he could stand it, he washed himself vigorously, his skin reddened as he rubbed his skin raw. Soaping his groin, he cleaned his cum off himself, but his mind strayed. Her pussy had felt incredible. It had been so snug around him, a perfect fit. He felt himself getting hard again.

He started stroking his cock, and he wasn't trying to clean it this time. That woman was somewhere out there right now with a pussy full of his cum. If he believed her, she was probably going to be pregnant with his baby too. Thinking of her tight body swelling with his baby, her pierced nipples on milk filled breasts brought him to orgasm and he shot his cum against the wall of the shower. Leaning back against the shower wall, he watched as the water slowly washed his cum off the surround. Today had been the craziest day of his life.

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