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Never Forget


The woods were dark and chill as the lizard man led Sidhe from the pyramid ruins into the shadows along the mountain's side. There, he stood her in front of him, looking down into her sorrowful crystal-eyed gaze.

The Drow wizardess had come to Red tonight to tell him of what new obligations had come into her life. In order for her House to remain strong, she had to produce an heir. Only days ago, Sidhe had murdered her only female heir in a fit of rage. She justified it to the priestesses by pointing out that the young woman was a half breed, bred from a Barbarian male from the north whom Sidhe had no real connection to. She knew nothing of his heritage or his honor, so her daughter had nothing positive to inherit from him, and thus nothing to contribute to the House's name.

Sidhe had come upon her daughter after discovering where the young woman had run off to. The idiot was in her father's tent, but it had been nothing to lure the simpleton out into the darkness. Sidhe had beckoned, the fool had followed. And Sidhe had wrapped her hands around her daughter's neck and squeezed her life from her, crushing her fragile windpipe beneath her hands.

The priestesses had known almost immediately, and sent for Sidhe as soon as she returned to their city. They had berated her endlessly, not only over breaking the Drow oath to never slaughter a female of their kind, but also over the fact Sidhe had just killed her only true heir. Sidhe's other heir was a male, a son who had become a most powerful wizard. But a male could not run a House, and the House would fall should Sidhe die in an 'accident'.

In the end, they had offered her a solution. She would produce a new heir for their needs and purposes, a female as per their god's request. They would choose who the father would be, and Sidhe would mate with him upon command.

The wizardess had been quick to point out how foolish a plan this was. What if the male were a noble? He could lay paternal claims to Sidhe's daughter, much as Ubique's second lover had done with her second girl-child.

The priestesses had smiled together in a conspiratorial manner. And they had said that the man's death would be most sacred to the gods.

Once Sidhe mated with him, they would sacrifice him. And he would be no more.

Sidhe had finally acquiesced, having no choice in the matter really. And now she was out in the woods above the Drow city that was tucked safely away under the mountains. Her lizard companion was with her, the one person she chose to have in her presence after all the traitorous actions of every person she had ever known.

She had come to tell him the dire news, that she, his fighting partner and new lover, would have to mate with another. She had not been sure of what to expect, but his cool acceptance was beyond her thoughts. He had not argued with her, he had not objected. He had simply pointed out that they came from two different cultures.

Then he had stood up and walked away.

Confused, Sidhe had run after him, turning him back to face her. She had told him that she would miss him should he leave her. And she had explained that she was doing the only thing she knew to do, and that was to stop him.

Red had placed a finger beneath her chin, his razor sharp claw forcing her face to tilt back. He had said that though he could not be there with her when she consummated her obligations to Church and to god, he would ensure that she would not forget.

It seemed a blanket of shadow wrapped around them where they stood now. Sidhe could feel the heat of the lizard man's body through his soft leather armor. He had nothing to fear in this wood, and thus he was not dressed in full battle regalia, like usual. Through the leather armor, Sidhe could feel the warmth of his body through his scaled skin. Red pressed close to her.

"You said once you belonged to me. Yet you still have your own mind. You make your own decisions. It is a choice of yours to allow me to be a part of your life, of your world."

His words hissed against her ear as he brought his head closer. His claw forced her to tilt her head to one side, exposing her neck to his flicking tongue. The forked red protuberance dragged quickly across her skin. He was tasting her sweat, and in it, her fear.

"When you do this thing, your body will belong to someone else, for a brief period. You may forget me, and what we have shared."

Sidhe lifted her hands to Red's sides as he forced her to bend her back. One of his hands went behind her, gripping her lower back as he lowered her to the sweet grass of the forest floor. His body came over her, reminding her of how strong and hard he was, a reptilian body made of muscle and smooth slick scale.

"I will make it so you do not forget me. Ever."

The words were so serious, so deep. Sidhe shuddered as Red pushed her hands to her sides. He rose slightly above her, looking down on her. His green eyes flickered in the darkness, catching every drop of the eerie light in the magickal wood and reflecting it back. Sidhe's breath caught in her throat as he took his claw from her chin and moved it to the front of her robes.

Gently, Red dragged the claw down Sidhe's heaving chest. He opened her robes, the material parting before his finger like butter as he exposed her to the cool night air.

For a moment, he ran his hands over her naked breasts, pinching lightly at the nipples, hard enough to make her gasp in shock and pleasure. Then he ran his hands down her body, pushing her smallclothes away from her sex and leaving her bare and naked, her robe in tatters next to her.

Red looked at her, studying her briefly. Then he stood and began to undress. Sidhe could do nothing but watch as he unbuckled his weapons belt and let it drop to one side. He removed his shin plates and his gauntlets, letting them drop in a pile next to Sidhe's ragged robe. Then he lifted off his leather armor, his tail swishing on the grass as he stood naked before the trembling Drow.

Down onto Sidhe's body he fell, biting at her neck and collarbone. Sidhe dared not cry out for fear that guards on patrol in the woods would hear and come to her 'aid'. She wanted no rescuing just now. She opened her thighs, feeling Red's swollen, bulging genital slit pressing against her own sex painfully.

But he was still sheathed, his cock up inside his belly and hidden from actual intercourse.

Red nipped and bit into Sidhe's ebon blue skin, his clawed fingers tangling roughly in her hair. Then he slid his body off of her, and began to slide around. He was changing positions, and soon his body was behind Sidhe's head on the grass, his mouth working painfully over her breasts.

The lizard man's razor-like teeth cut into her breasts as they had time and again. But he moved onward, downward, over her smooth belly and navel. He stopped to nip at her hips, each in turn, drawing small trails of blood there.

"Unsheathe me," he commanded, his voice a serpentine hiss.

Sidhe did as he said, reaching up with both hands to pry the stiff and stretched scaled skin away from the slit of Red's sex. Into it her fingers delved, until she was finally curled around his rod. Carefully, the Drow wizardess withdrew the swollen red member. It was only inches from her face.

Red lifted his head from her belly, looking up her body to her face. He thrust his hips slightly, and Sidhe knew what he wanted before he ever uttered a word.

"Taste me, Sidhe," he said.

She was already guiding his slick cock towards her mouth. Sidhe parted her lips as wide as she could, and was momentarily grateful that lizard men did not have bulbous heads on the tops of their phalli. Else her work would be harder than it was.

Red was incredibly hard. His cock was like a firebrand or a slick redwood spear. The tip was pointed, and Sidhe stuck out her tongue to guide the member into her mouth. He tasted like nothing she had tasted before, not salty like other men she had known. His cockflesh was bitter, pungent, but musky.

As her tongue touched against his cock head and shaft, Red convulsed, thrusting his hips again. His cock was soon quickly buried deep in Sidhe's warm, wet mouth, and she slurped around it greedily, wanting nothing more than to please him as he had pleased her a dozen times.

He put a clawed hand on each of her thighs, squeezing hard and pushing up so that his torso was more erect. He threw his head back, hissing as Sidhe's tongue lapped around and around his thickness. Then he began to thrust, furiously fucking the Drow woman's face and mouth as if she were the tightest, wettest cunt he had ever had.

Red's cock slid easily in and out of Sidhe's mouth. He groaned and gripped her thighs so hard that tears welled up in her eyes. But she did not dare stop him, nor did she cry out. A lizard man in the throes of passion was a primal beast, and Sidhe had found that out the hard way.

Red fucked Sidhe's face furiously, and she could feel his cock head slipping further and further down her throat each time. His claws dug into her thighs, and his hips almost bounced off of her face as he ground himself into her. His cock was beginning to swell, thickening even more within her mouth and between her cheeks. Sidhe curled her toes, fighting off her natural gag reflex.

She would drink of him, tonight. She owed him that, for all he endured. For all the battles he had won in her name. For all the times he had rescued her and brought her back from the brink of certain death.

For making sure she was never alone.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as his engorged member filled her mouth, her throat, and finally exploded in a shower of hot cum that slipped quickly down to her gullet. Sidhe swallowed as best she could, but still the liquid poured from the lizard man, oozing out between the seal of her lips around his shaft. Red thrust onwards, his head tossed back and his body completely tensed.

After several more deep thrusts, Sidhe realized he was not done. If anything, his cock was swelling to an even greater size. The Drow woman fought and pushed against his hips, trying to dig her nails into his scales to no avail. Red fucked onwards, and Sidhe could feel he was building to an even greater orgasm.

She wasn't sure her mouth and throat could take much more. The corners of her lips were cracking, and she thought they might be bleeding. But still his cock filled her mouth, the pointed spearhead tip pushing down past her tonsils.

Then, just when she could feel he was about to explode into orgasm once more, Red lifted his head high. He forced his cock deeper into her mouth than he had gone before, causing her whole body to tense as she struggled to get away. But there was nowhere to go. He had her pinned between his strong hips and the grass.

Suddenly Red dropped his head. It took Sidhe a long, unending moment to realize what hurt so badly. But soon the feel of his teeth sinking into either side of her sex became obvious, and white light flared in her brain as she froze in place. The feel of the throbbing lizard cock in her mouth was nothing compared to the cutting of dozens of tiny blades, sinking into her cunt's labia majora.

As his cock went limp, Red slowly lifted off of Sidhe's body. He gingerly released her sex from his teeth, careful not to lacerate her tender petaled flesh when he pulled away. Lying next to her, the lizard man waited for her to calm.

Sidhe thought she might have passed out. When she came to, Red was still there, watching her. And her whole sex ached, from anus to clitoris. She breathed slowly, her mouth aching from its sexual stretches.

"That will scar," he informed her.

She already knew it would.

"You will not forget me, when you most need to be reminded of me."

The lizard stroked Sidhe's cheek, and she couldn't help but to turn her body into his embrace. Forgetting him was something she never wanted to do.

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