tagRomanceNever Forgetful

Never Forgetful


Cristal just got off work and was driving home in her car. Stress and Fatigue filled her thoughts. Working a 9 to 5 job was tough on her young system. She had no time for herself. Moving a gentile hand to her stereo and turning the dial, popping in her favorite CD. Smiling to herself. pulling to the side of the deserted road. Looking over the orange glow of the sunset passing over the trees and separating her thoughts. Getting out of the car and sitting on the hood. Taking off her shoes and throwing them over the edge of the road into the lake below. laying back on the hood and feeling the road shake because of her music.

She sits up as she feels a Car approach. Slyly opening her legs letting the Warm breeze lift her skirt. The Car slows down, pulls up behind her car, and parks. She smiles to herself as she hears a door close. The stranger walks beside her, and runs a finger down her arm. She turns her face to look at who it may be. Sexy eyes met hers. She gasps softly. He moves a palm to caress her cheek and runs his fingertips through her hair. Closing her eyes and moving her palm to his to caress it. He smiles at her. moves his fingertips to her lips as runs across there fullness. Her lips part lightly and a sigh escapes. Moving to the front of the car, as he moves his palms to her hips and pulls her down to meet him. Looking deeply into her eyes and brushing his lips across her cheek. the orange glow from the sun burning in his eyes. Completely enveloped in his lust she rubs her legs along his hips. he lovingly moves his palm through her hair to the back of her neck as he presses his lips to hers lightly. closing her eyes and parting her lips to invite his tongue to dance with hers. the warm breath of this stranger feeding her hunger, and deepening her desire.

Kissing her stranger with passion he moans lightly. Moving his one hand to caress her leg along his hip, moving his fingertips up slowly. Gasping into the kiss she arches lightly to his groin. Moving his palm from her neck to her shirt and unbuttoning it slowly. Rolling his strong fingertips around each button as he exposes her soft flesh. His fingertips like fire against his flesh. She moans sweetly. He breaks the kiss and moves his lips across the hollow of her throat. then licks a way to her ear lob. Moving his hand into her bra and cupping her breast as he sucks softly on the nape of her neck. Tasting her flesh. His other hand dipping between her thighs feeling the moistness along her panties. Moving his lips slowly to the tip of her ear lob and whispering " You are wet, my sweet", then kissing his way to her shoulder and slipping her bra strap off with his teeth. Moving his palm in her panties and slipping his index finger along her slit. She gasps and moans softly.

Licking with the flat of his tongue along her collar bone to her other shoulder and biting softly. lifting the other strap with his teeth as his hand moves from her breast and to her sleeve on her shirt. Slowly and deftly he takes off her shirt. moving his head back to look over her skin, Smiling. He moves his hand to her back and undoes her bra. Moving his palm down to the small of her back and pulling the straps off with his lips. He grabs the middle of the bra in his mouth and pulls it off her breasts, letting it fall from him. Moving his lips back to hers and kissing her passionately. Pressing his hand against her back and pulling her to him hard, letting her feel his hardness. his palm tight along her warm moist slit. Lifting his head from her lips and kissing down the middle of her chest. Moving his hand lower and putting his thumb at the edge of her opening. Licking around her nipple as he enters his thumb, moving it into her and leaving it there. Feeling her pussy tighten around it.

She lets out a moan. He caresses her back with his palm as he fingers her slowly. Moving his lips between her nipple, and sucking it into his mouth. Feeling her jump lightly with pleasure. moving away from her. Looking into her eyes and he moves both hands under her skirt and to her panties. Ripping them off without blinking. She gasps and smiles up at him. he kneels on the ground and slides his hands to her hips, pulling her pussy to his mouth. Not moving his lips at first. Just smelling the sweetness of her. Then licking in one long stroke from her anus to the top of her clit. Holding her hips down on the hood of the car as she bucks softly. Moving the tip of his tongue to caress the inner parts of her pussy lips. then flatting his tongue and licking the folds around her clit open. Hearing her moan louder. He takes a deep breath and begins to devour her. Tongue lapping at her clit, her pussy, everything. Moaning as he feels her anus retract, knowing she is close. he moves one hand to join him. Holding the other to stomach as he enters a finger into her hole. Licking continues over the soft pedals. fingering her a little faster, her pussy grabbing it. then feeling her hips raise and licking harder. She screams out. He smiles. He licks his way back to her hole and licks it deeply. Swallowing her sweet juices.

He stands, his finger still buried in the warmth. he undoes his pants, slipping them over his strong hips. His hard cock ready to indulge in her beauty. He removes his finger and lifts her legs to his shoulders. Kissing her ankles as he inches his cock into her. First the head. Bobbing slowly around. then another inch. She wiggles uncontrollably. Then he buries his cock into her sweet pussy. She screams out again. not moving. Feeling his cock deep inside her she looks up into his gaze. Lost in his passion. He begins to thrust into her. Softly at fist. Sliding his cock all the way in. Then all the way out. she hears him groan softly. He looks down at her and caresses her cheek with his palm as he thrusts deeper. Harder. Faster. closing her eyes and moaning passionately. He smiles and pumps his love into her. feeling the cum build in his balls. He tightens. Gliding his cock through her wetness. touching her walls. He bites her ankle softly as he groans loudly. Filling her sweet pussy with his cum. She screams out again. cumming with him as she feels his heat.

He shakes lightly, looking down at his lover. The glow over her cheeks and eyes more desirable then he could imagine. He lets her legs down and pulls her so she is sitting up. runs his thumb over her quivering lips and kisses her lightly. Then walks to his car, gets in and drives away. She smiles. Gets her shirt back on and gets in her car. giggling to herself. Pulls the car into drive and goes home.

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