tagRomanceNever Forgotten Graduation Party

Never Forgotten Graduation Party


It had been a long day at work, and, of course on the night I want to leave early, my manager keeps me late. I drove back home as fast as I could to get to the party. My roommate was having a bunch of people over to celebrate her recent graduation and I wanted to be able to change out of my work clothes before too many folks arrived. I walked in to find about twelve people already drinking and enjoying themselves. I said quick hellos and started towards the staircase when my eyes caught the eyes of someone. I did kind of a double-take, but instantly recognized the gorgeous smile. We had met the summer before when celebrating my roommate's birthday and had heard random things about him over the past year but we never really had a strong connection, until then. I said hi, but quickly turned to go upstairs. I knew I couldn't be too much of a turn on in khakis and a polo shirt. I flew the doors of my closet open and frantically searched for something to put on. I struggled with whether to go with a short skirt or a low cut shirt, eventually deciding on a short jean skirt with a bright green top, just enough to incite curiosity but not too much to seem slutty.

I returned to the party, grabbed a drink and mingled among the guests. We played the typical college drinking games, listened to loud music and had plenty of laughs. Hours passed by and the crowd began to thin out. It was about this time I locked eyes with the gorgeous smile once again. Both of us with a little drink in us allowed for an easier transition from standing across the room to sitting directly across from each other deep in conversation. While the words were not incredibly memorable the connection being made grew stronger and stronger. Before either one of us realized we were arm in arm sitting on the couch saying good-bye to the remaining guests. When the issue of sleeping arrangements arose, I was quick to suggest he stay with me.

We walked into my room, shut the door. There we stood at the foot of the bed, looking from one another to the bed and back to each other. I stared into his eyes as he slowly moved closer and closer. I reached to remove his shirt, slowly lifting it over his head. He embraced me and slowly removed my shirt revealing a small tank top. At this point we slowly lay down on the bed, both lying on our backs initially, but only for a second, until I turned to face him. I slowly pressed my body against him and looked up into his eyes before our first, amazingly passion-filled kiss. His arms quickly wrapped around my body, causing chills of excitement all over my body.

Our bodies became entwined as we continued to kiss, allowing our hands to explore one another. He ran his hands through my long dark hair from the top down and then up the back of my neck. My hands started on his face, slowly moving from his soft cheeks through his curly hair and down his back. I longed to know the details of his body, the touch of his skin, the shape of his arms, the strength of his back. We explored one another, yearning to discover the movements of one another, desiring to learn just how to move, to touch, to feel.

His hands moved from my neck to my back. He gently ran his hand along the exposed skin of my upper back and slid down to reach underneath and removed my tank top. I slowly lifted my arms, allowing him to brush his hands along my sides and arms as he lifted my shirt. He then pulled me down so that he lay on his back with my legs straddling him allowing him a view of my body and freedom to explore what he would. His hands moved up to my face, caressing my skin, gently gliding his fingers across my slightly parted lips. I opened my mouth a little more allowing his finger to slip inside. I rubbed my tongue around his finger, sucking on it for a moment before allowing him to continue moving down my body. His hands then flowed down my neck and to my breasts. I leaned slightly forward as he reached around my back and unhooked my bra. He then slowly slid the straps off my soldiers causing my bra to gently fall exposing my breasts. I leaned all the way over so that my breasts rubbed against his chest. Engaging in another passionate kiss, I found myself on my back as he had softly turned me over so he had full control. His soft, wet lips moved from my mouth across my check and to my ear where he softly kissed and nibbled on my ear causing me to let out a quiet moan at the instant sensual sensation. Wanting to find more passionate spots on my body, his lips moved down my neck and slowly down my chest. He paused for a moment to caress my breasts, seemingly taking in their size and feel before lowering back down to suck on my now hard nipples sneaking in a slight nibble now and then so as to keep the heightened level of excitement. With my head leaning slightly back I reached forward to run my hands through his hair in a way to tell him how much I was enjoying his touch.

He moved slowly and gently from one breast to the other before I pulled his head up to mine. I wanted to badly to embrace him, all of him. I pushed my tongue into his mouth as soon as it reached my mouth. We rolled over leaving me on top. I began a trail of kisses down his neck and chest allowing my tongue to apply slight wetness to his skin but not lingering in one spot too long. As I neared his waist my hands slid down his body. I quickly unbuttoned his shorts and slid them off. After slowly removing his boxers as well, he opened his legs enough to allow me to lie between them. I gently slid my hand from his waist down to his penis. Already slightly hard, I slowly and softly moved my hand up and down his shaft occasionally looking to him to enjoy his reaction. With my hand still at the base of his penis I took the tip into my mouth, gently gliding my tongue in a circular motion before taking the long shaft into my mouth. Moving slowly up and down, careful to use my tongue occasionally to wet the area, I used my hand to softly twist the bottom of his penis. I can feel his get harder in my mouth as I continue to move up and down, fast and slow, with little pressure and with much pressure. I can feel his leg muscles tighten as well; his hand reaches down to grab mine, squeezing it in excitement and enjoyment.

After a few minutes he pulls me back so my body is directly on top of him. He kisses me hard, using his hands to press my head into his. My body immediately begins to tingle; I start to feel warmness between my legs. He seems to sense this as well as he begins to lay me down, undo my skirt and pull it off. He then covers my chest and stomach in kisses before removing my panties exposing my bare pussy. He begins slowly stroking the top of my clitoris, growing in speed and pressure. As I begin to get wet he slides his fingers, one at first and then two, inside me. My body pulses as he first enters; I let out a soft cry. I slides his fingers in and out slowly at first, going deeper and deeper inside me with each stroke. My breathing becomes heavier, and I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I look up and catch his eyes. We both have a look of intensity and delight that turns us on even more. In and out, in and out. I begin to moan, softly at first but it grows louder and louder until I feel as though I have exploded inside. All I want is him.

I pull at his arms, motioning for him to get on top of me. I want him inside me, all of him. Our lips lock; out tongues begin exploring each other's mouth. The kiss is hard and passionate, filled with the deep longing we have to be with one another. My hands run through his hair and down his neck onto his bare back. I begin to part my legs and lift my hips, motioning that I want him to enter. He is careful at first, slowly pushing himself inside me. I let out a soft moan and lean my head back into the pillows. He begins to lay soft, wet kisses on my neck as his hips pulse against mine allowing his cock to find its way deeper and deeper inside of me. He feels so good, so right. I never want him to stop. Our breathing grows heavier as he reaches to grab my foot and place it above my head allowing for more control. He is so deep, deeper than ever before. Harder and harder, faster and faster, my body seems to quake beneath him. My hands continue to explore his back and arms, my nails digging slightly with every pulse. I can feel my muscles starting to tighten around his penis as he continues to push. I can no longer contain my emotions as I begin to scream out; my climax is growing near. He moans softly letting me know we are sharing this moment of ecstasy. I begin to move my hips in rhythm with his, wanting him to feel all of my as he slides in and out. His hard cock rubs against my clit, causing me to scream out even louder. Faster and faster, the intensity grows as we become one person moving together. With one hard strong pulse I can feel us both explode.

He releases my leg and gently lies on top of me, both our bodies sticky with sweat. I can feel our hearts beating together, fast and heavy, recovering from this amazing high. He slowly rolls over allowing his penis to leave my body. Both of us wet with sweat and sex, I curl up in the comfort of his arm and happily pass away.

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