Never Have I Ever Ch. 05


Another strike on my ass cheeks ripped my mind from the discomfort of the plug in me. Noah started at the back of my legs then, a steady motion of tapping in rhythm to warn me where his next hit would be placed.

Tap, tap, tap. TWHACK!

Tap, tap, tap. TWHACK!

Tap, tap, tap. TWHACK!

The pain was intense. Each strike made me jerk forward a little more. The clamps on my nipples seemed to bite in deeper with every movement. My muscles clenched around the plug. I clung to the fabric of the comforter and squeezed my eyes closed behind the blindfold to help drive the initial sting away and make room for the aftershock of the muscles clenching and the elation of endorphins to cascade down my body.

And then it stopped once about a dozen more individual hits wracked through me. His hand grazed the soreness, gently massaging away the pain.

"You're holding up remarkably, my pet. Do you think you can take a little more for your Master?"

Several deep breaths later I realized that, yes, yes I could. "I think I can, Sir."

Silence encompassed the room. Then the rustling of cloth and the token whipping of leather through belt loops sang out. Another pregnant pause was followed by the thick, malleable belt spreading fire across my cheeks. I clenched around the plug.

I cried out that time and dug my elbows into the mattress. I gripped the comforter tighter. Tears dampened the silk of the tie around my eyes. Over and over in slow, precisely calculated strokes the belt came down. After each hit he would run his hand over the smoothness of my ass to help diminish the pain.

"Louder, slut," he insisted. "No one can hear you past these walls."

Several strikes licked against the outer lips of my pussy and clit. It made me shudder and squeak between my short bursts of yelling. I bunched the blankets up in my fists and held them close to my mouth to muffle the noise. They were quickly yanked away from my grasp.


I let loose and screamed out after one particularly savage hit. Finally, he relented. My whole body was shaking and I did not know how much longer my knees could hold me up.

The mattress shifted. He was beside me on the bed. The belt had been discarded as well because now both of his hands massaged the tender flesh with a gentle touch. He kissed the soreness there. It took my mind off of the aching, if only for those few moments.

"You look lovely in red," he chuckled.

I could not respond. The pain was almost too much. He added another series of gentle kisses to my tender cheeks.

"It's over now, sweetness," he told me between the kisses. "You did beautifully."

Relief washed over me. "Thank you, Sir."

"Turn around toward me and lay on your back. Rest for a minute."

Grateful to give my legs a break, I slid them out from beneath me and moved around toward him. He helped to guide me so that my head was on a pillow at the top of the bed. I caught my breath with some effort and released a long sigh. It had been painful, yes, but it also turned me on even more. I felt my wetness rubbing between my thighs. The plug gripped my muscles.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did my slut?"

I nodded fervently. "Oh, yes Sir."

I wanted desperately to look at him. Damn the blindfold!

He kissed my lips. When he pulled away I felt the heat of his breath against my neck as he said, "I promised you a reward, and so it will be. You get to choose, my darling toy; would you like me to continue to be rough with you or do you desire a softer touch?"

I could almost not believe it when I answered, "Please be rough with me, Sir."

Then again, as hard as I came the night before, maybe I could believe it.

"Are you saying that just to please me?"

I smiled a little. "I have a burning need to be used by you, Sir."

"You are almost too good to be true, dear one," he said. The joy in his voice was palpable.

His hand moved again and he forced my legs apart to rub against the slickness of my pussy. I moaned and lifted my hips a smidge to meet his fingers. A series of slaps on my clit made me gasp, and then squeal. That was it. I could not take it anymore. I reached out to him and found his shoulders.

My nails dug into his skin as I said, "Please, Sir, please fuck me! I need to feel you in me!"

The tie around my head was slipped away from its place. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw now that Noah managed to get undressed somewhere over the course of my blindness. Finally, in full light, I saw all of him. Taut muscles clung to his slender frame, lean but noticeably toned. He had no piercings, no tattoos and little body hair. Though, I was not complaining. He was all in all quite a pleasant sight to behold, that much could be said.

He tugged at the chain on the nipple clamps. "Only because you begged so nicely," he said. "Get on your hands and knees and face the foot of the bed again."

I rolled onto all fours and did as he asked of me. I expected him to take me from behind the same way he had the night prior, but instead he lay on his back, his head at the top of the bed with his legs between the backs of my thighs and my calves. I could feel the tip of his hardness pressing against me.

"Sit down slowly."

As I did, Noah slid inside me. Euphoria gripped me tight and held on for dear life as I raised myself up and down on him. To get a better angle, I curled my elbows into my chest and leaned my body forward so I could use my hips instead of my legs to move on him simply because my legs were so goddamned weak. My ass bounced. I was embarrassingly aware that it was on full display for his viewing pleasure. He rubbed his hands across the cheeks, driving me mad with his touch on the freshly beaten skin.

"Mmm, that feels amazing. You have the warmest cunt I have ever fucked, my toy."

"Thank you, Sir," I said between strokes.

"You may touch yourself, but do not let that pussy slide off of me."

Thank God!

"I understand, Sir," I said.

I reached between my spread legs and rubbed at my clit. The exhilaration of all the encompassing events made me extra sensitive. This was a position I was completely unaware of until now, but one that I was growing to love. His hips rose to meet me in deep thrusts; so deep that he hit my cervix with each one. I whimpered gave a short gasp of all around discomfort and rapture at once when he did. The combination of the plug and his hardness filled me near to bursting. His nails dug into my red, raw cheeks, forcefully slamming me down onto him.

Yes, I think I could safely say that this was my new favorite position. He reached into every inch of me this way, claiming the velvety walls inside as his hips smashed against me. Rough sex was indeed the best sex I ever had. I never wanted this feeling to end.

Somewhere between our mutual vocalizations of pleasure, Noah told me to sit back. I willed my weak knees to endure their ordeal a little longer as I placed one hand on the bed to steady myself and rode him. After several thrusts I would clench the walls of my pussy and grind against him a little bit.

He let out a combination of a chuckle and a moan. "God, you are incredible at that!"

Though he could not see it, I smiled with pride and continued my assault. Somehow I felt the need to impress him with what limited sexual skills I did possess. After all, he had done so well at impressing me thus far. The compliment served to give my legs the invigoration they required to hold up for several minutes more.

The familiar feeling of my growing climax snuck up on me. When I did hit the wall of it I almost did not have enough time to remember to ask for it. Thankfully, I found the resolve just in time.

I begged, "Please, Sir, I can't hold it back anymore. I need to come!"

"Come then, slut."

My fingers worked faster against my clit as I continued to fuck him, taking him deep every time I came down. He was right about the anticipation part of it, anyway. It was much more gratifying when it was denied a little. My head fell back and I released a heavy sigh, a precursor to yelling, "Fuck!" over and over through gasps while the orgasm wracked through me hard. My pace slowed a little as the high began to fade.

He slapped my ass with force again. "Don't you dare stop!"

My legs screamed at me and my muscles burned. At least I was getting a fantastic workout from this. Beads of sweat ran freely from me. The seconds felt like days.

All at once he growled and pushed me forward onto my hands and knees. He got up and repositioned himself his knees behind me. After taking the time to wrap my hair around his hand, he yanked my head back and dove into me. I felt the knots in my stomach tighten and, for the first time in my life, realized that I may come a second time so close to the first. Noah must have sensed it as I tightened the muscles of my pussy around his cock and my breath came in ragged gasps and groans.

He laughed, "Are you going to come again so soon, whore?"

"Oh God," I pleaded, "Yes, please!"

He pulled my hair taut and bent down to put his lips beside my ear. "Come for me, my pet."

My throat quaked out a moan with his satin words and I was rocketed into the second orgasm. He convulsed and exploded inside of me at the same moment, crying out to God and everybody with the force of it. I clenched the muscles in me and began pushing back and forth on him, drawing our joint climax out for all it was worth. Just then, he pulled the plug from my ass, making me shudder as the throes of the orgasm faded out.

Once finished, he released my hair. My head dropped forward, and then my body caved in on itself as I crashed to the bed.

"Holy shit," I said at an octave above a whisper. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever made me come twice, Sir."

Noah gave a breathy laugh through his own sighs of fulfillment. He sat beside me and stroked my hair. "I'm honored to be the first one to accomplish such a feat then. Here, turn over. I'll take the clamps off."

I rolled onto my back and let him loosen the clamps on my breasts. They stung as they released their hold on my nipples and I closed my eyes tight, sucking in a short breath at the sting. When he was done, he ran his hands around them and sucked them tenderly into his mouth to sooth and chase away the pain. His tongue invoked my body to respond with gooseflesh rippling its way from my head to my toes.

As he ran his hands from my breasts and over my stomach he asked, "All better?"

I smiled up at him and ran my hand through his short hair. "You have no idea, Sir."

"Good," he replied resolutely. He kissed me, then collected his tie, the plug and the clamps and returned them to their proper places. Then he came back and lay beside me. "Stay here tonight, will you? I'll even make you breakfast."

He cooked too? Sweet Jesus, was there anything this man was incapable of?

"Welp, considering I'm so exhausted I can't move I don't think I have much of a choice, Sir."

He smiled. His fingers were against my stomach again, tracing idle lines around my belly button and up to my ribs. I was about to fall asleep right there with my head at the wrong end of the mattress but, after turning off the bedroom light, he managed to coax me under the blankets. I clung to him immediately, cuddling up to him with my head on his chest.

"Thank you for indulging me tonight, my sweet," he said. "You placed your trust in me with no resistance whatsoever and that courage is commendable."

"Welcome to the new Piper, Sir," I said with a tired chuckle. "Willing to try anything twice."

Noah pulled me to him like he could not bring himself close enough to me despite how hard he tried. "You did so well. I'll let you sleep. We can talk in the morning."

Between his gentle fingers caressing my skin, the darkness and the sounds of his breathing and heartbeat, I fell fast asleep in minutes.

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