Never Have I Ever


"Are you okay?" Andrew said, concern coloring his voice and face. She held a finger to her lips as she panted for a moment, absorbing the newness.

The pain had flared intensely for a second or two, but it soon faded to almost nothing; she nodded, giving him a wavering smile. Her hands tightened on his waist and she pulled him forward, drawing him deeper into her.

He was stretching her, occupying her, invading completely her most personal space. She knew, logically, that he was leaving her in control, ready in a moment to abandon this experiment if she even hinted that it was too much for her. But there was this helpless feeling of giving him control of her body, granting him permission to use it however he saw fit, that was at once frightening and luscious.

Eventually, he was fully within her, and she let out the breath she'd been holding in an airy groan, echoed by Andrew.

He was filling her up; she could feel her skin stretched around him, hugging his member like they were made for each other, and it was the most perfect feeling in the world. Andrew lay down on top of her, wrapping her up in his arms and squeezing her against his chest.

"Oh my god," he said, and she nodded. He seemed content just to hold her, but her hips were already moving in tiny, shallow circles without her commanding it, her body agitating for some friction.

Every minute movement she made was purest pleasure, making her aware of parts of herself she had never imagined could feel this good. And then he moved. Just a small motion, pulling himself out of her an inch or two, but the feeling was ten times more intense than anything she'd experienced before. Still moving slowly, he pushed back into her completely, and a tsunami of heat and intensity crashed over her body. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

"God, Andrew, it's--" She didn't finish the sentence, as he had just thrust into her again, but she wasn't sure how she would have finished it anyway. English didn't have a single synonym for "good" that could possibly be strong enough to describe this.

He grabbed her tighter, crushing her to him, and picked up the pace, breathing hard against her neck. She was barely aware that she was moaning with each exhalation, releasing sound in a vain attempt to relieve some of the pressure that was building in her with each plunge.

Suddenly, impatiently, Andrew sat up, abruptly changing the angle of his thrusting and setting a new, blistering pace. Cassie's moans changed pitch as he pulled out of her almost completely, then drove his full length back into her, every inch rubbing against that small spot inside that sent a ripple of electricity along her spine and flooded her with warmth. Again and again he did it, and her cries were getting more desperate as her body began to buzz.

His thrusts were growing wilder, his pace unmanageable. Her blood was pounding in her veins to the beat of his hips pounding against hers. Her vision faded to black; she thought she might lose consciousness. The building heat and pressure was unbearable. She could never endure these waves and waves and waves of pleasure, and her heart and lungs seemed to be expanding so she couldn't even take in a breath, and her entire body was so tense her muscles were screaming, and just when she thought she'd pass out or burst into flame - she orgasmed, so hard her body was rolling as first her back tightened and arched, then her abs jerked her forward, repeatedly.

"Andrew!" she half-groaned, half-screamed. There were no intelligible thoughts in her head, just Andrew, and perfection, and pleasure beyond imagining. He was still inside her as she shuddered around him, and the look of almost-pain on his face became abruptly ecstasy, and then shock.

"Oh!" he shouted, jerking his hips away from her and up so that he came on her stomach and leg, his body tensing again and again, his mouth dropping open and eyes drifting shut. "Oh, dear god."

He knelt, shoulders sagging, breathing like a marathon runner after a race, for a long moment before glancing sheepishly up at her. She grabbed his hand in both of hers and pulled him down next to her, kissing him with quiet intensity. They lay just like that for several minutes, breathing in each other's faces, eyes closed, recovering.

At length, Andrew rolled onto his back next to her, putting all ten fingers in the air. "It's your turn," he said with a grin.

Cassie laughed and put her own fingers up. She studied Andrew's flushed face for a few seconds before speaking. "Never have I ever fallen totally in love with my best friend."

They eyed each other, both smiling secretive, tight-lipped smiles, as they each put down a finger.

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