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Never Satisfied


Amy is an 18 year old senior in high school. She is captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, straight a student, dating the quarterback, and turns every head as she walks by. With perky D cup breasts and, what many guys referred to as a badonkadonk, both guys and girls get aroused watching her.

Amy always enjoyed walking around school and public places in skimpy clothes with little or nothing underneath. She would often get so turned on and drenched from people looking at her. She would imagine sucking the check out clerk's dick, or maybe the cute beach girls in a skimpy bikini's nipples were hard as she would often notice as she walked by. These thoughts would often turn her on so much she would either call her boyfriend minutes later or find a remote place to take care of herself.

She couldn't count the number of times she had masturbated at school in the gym showers. She would often get turned on watching her teammates do various stretching exercises and stunts. She would often have to stop herself from reaching her hand up underneath their short cheer outfits when holding a fellow teammate up. Often, she would go to the showers or her house after practice and immediately get herself off, usually with a showerhead or a couple vibrators her boyfriend had gotten her.

This is precisely how she got into her current predicament. Amy was sitting in her American government class. As she was listening to her teacher talk about the judicial system for the umpteenth time her mind started wandering to her teammates, thinking about the practice session they were going to have. As she was imaging her and her friends doing the splits, forming a pyramid and other cheer stunts she could feel her nipples growing hard and her pussy growing warm and moist.

Just then the bell rang for school to end and her to go to practice. As she was walking she could feel her nipples straining against her shirt and her jeans getting wet since she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Part of her hoped no one would notice but at the same time, the thought of someone noticing turned her on that much more.

She finally made it to the gym and joined her best friend, who she had met in elementary school, Ashley. Ashley was a 5'5 brunette with large E cup breasts that most guys, and often girls, openly stared at. Ashley had been the one to introduce her to masturbating, lesbian sex, and so much more. Then Amy walked behind her best friend, sneaking up on her, and gently smacked her ass.

"Damnit Amy! Why do you insist on doing that?" Ashley said.

"I do it because I know it turns you on." Amy said as she watched Ashley taking off her shirt.

"Yeah, that's the problem. I don't need to be turned on any more than I already am. I've already gotten myself off three times today and, as you can see, I'm still drenched." Ashley stated taking off her pants revealing that she only had a thong on. "I thought I heard someone next to me in the bathroom! I was using my bullet and wondered if it was you." Amy said as she took her clothes off. "I have no idea how you're able to wear thongs, the thought of anything riding up my ass...no thanks!" Stated Amy.

"What can I say? I needed relief and no one, or so I thought, was around. And I don't know how you go without wearing anything; if I did everyone would think I'm constantly peeing myself. You should know better than anyone how wet I get. Besides, don't knock it till you try it." Ashley said laughing and gave a wink.

"Hahahaha yeah I do. I always enjoy licking it up though. Man, I really need to get off. I was sitting in American Government thinking about our hot cheerleaders and it took everything I had not to fuck myself right there!" Amy said as she lay across a bench, gently rubbed her clit. "Mmmmm that's the spot."

"Ok, either you don't get off or we both do. I'm too damn horny right now."

"Ohhhhh...how long...mmm that's good...do you think we have...ahhhhh ahhh... before everyone shows up?" Amy moaned and panted rubbing her clit.

"We probably only have about 10 minutes. What do you say to mutual masturbating, like usual?"

"Mmmm...ok, can you grab....fuckkkkk my vibrator?"

"You use that thing way to much but sure, I'll grab mine too. Oh, what do you say I bring Alex over tonight, four of us can have some fun?" Ashley said as she grabbed Amy's rabbit vibrator and her own bullet vibrator. As Amy grabbed her rabbit she put it inside her on medium while Ashley had hers on her clit on max.

"Ohhhhh....ok, sounds good mmmmmm.... yessss...ohhhh ohh" The girls began screaming in unison as they began approaching sweet climax. Then they heard what sounded like talking, but were too close to be concerned.

"Ohhhh...I'm close baby...almost...AHHHHHHHHHH!" Amy screamed with sweet release as she came. Hearing Amy cum was enough to send Ashley into her own intense, and much needed orgasm. "MMMMMMmm...ohhhhhhh yess!"

As they were panting trying to put back their belongings they're teammates walked in laughing. "Why does it smell like sex in here?" one member asked. As Amy winked at Ashley they began getting dressed.

"Great practice everyone; I'll see y'all next week." Amy called to the rest of the cheerleaders.

"As much as I enjoy cheerleading it always gets me riled up. The short skirts, tight outfits, god just thinking about you and some of the other girls is getting me drenched." Ashley said as they were walking to the showers. "I'll probably have to take care of myself before I bring Alex over tonight."

"When are ya'll coming over?" Amy asked in confusion.

"Really, you don't remember? I guess I should know better than to ask you anything when you're masturbating. I already knew it for sex, I should've figured." Ashley said shaking her head. "I asked if you wanted me to bring Alex over and the four of us have some fun tonight."

"You should know I can't do multiple things at once, especially if I'm trying to get off."

"It's amazing, get you to multitask or even answer questions when doing something, not going to happen. Yet you can multifuck better than a porn star. You never cease to amaze me.

"Hey, who's the one always going 'Baby, I need your expert tongue and fingers' whenever I have a dick in me? Anyway, that sounds great, I'll call Tim soon and let him know you're coming over."

"I can't help it you get me off great but ok, I'm going to go home and maybe take care of some stuff before tonight. I'll see you in a little bit."

"Uh-huh by 'stuff' you mean yourself I bet. Ok, I' going to grab a quick shower. See ya."

As Amy walked into the school showers she set her books down and walked into a shower stall. She slowly began taking her tight T-shirt off, followed by her blue jeans. Despite the fact that she hadn't been touched in over an hour she could still feel her erect nipples straining against her blue silk Victoria Secrets bra and her vaginal lips still warm and moist, dripping down her body.

"Mmm that feels better." She said unclasping her bra and letting it fall to the ground. As she stepped in the shower and turned the water on she gently massaged her breasts while pinching her nipples.

When she felt the water was warm enough Amy grabbed one of the many loofahs the school carried, poured soap on it, and began lathering her body. She gradually began rubbing the loofahs down her neck, rubbing her breasts and nipples, towards her stomach. As she felt the warm water run down her body like a hand caressing her, she felt her nipples grow harder, though that seemed difficult, and more moist.

Amy then bent over to begin soaping her legs up. As she bent over she could her clit growing engorged, thinking about somebody coming in and watching her. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her hips, and gave a slight shriek.

"Calm down baby, it's just me." Her boyfriend Tim had said holding her hips in place. She had met her boyfriend, who was the quarterback, at the beginning of the school year and didn't take them long to start dating, as well as other things.

"Baby, I'm glad to see you. You and I both know you're not supposed to be here, but I don't care. I just got done with practice. As you well know it always makes me horny." She said reaching behind her to stroking Tim's large cock.

"I know it does, that's part of why I'm here. I hope you're looking forward to a subway." Tim said as he slowly pushed his dick inside Amy's damp pussy. They had made many jokes, calling him a "sub", because his dick was 12 inches long and 7 inches thick.

"I always am, you know that. Mmm go deep baby; I need it fast and hard."

"Your wish is my command." Tim said as he began pushing his dick in almost all the way, pushing hard and fast. With every thrust of his thick meaty cock, Amy could his balls slap against her ass.

"Mmmm that's it baby...fuck me hard!" Amy moaned as she reached back to rub her clit.

"Ohhh babe, I love how you feel." Tim said as he thrusted in and out of her tight, meaty pussy. Both Amy and Tim were surprised at how tight she stayed, despite their numerous orgasmic sessions.

As Tim began to push harder but slower, Amy could feel herself approaching a much needed orgasm. "Babyy, please don't stop...mmmm...I'm fixing...ohhh...to cummm. Oh, that's great Tim, fuck my pussy hard. Ohhhhhhh!" Amy screamed as she felt her body release in sweet climax.

Tim felt her tight box tighten with contractions as she hit orgasm. As the contractions squeezed his dick he had trouble not blowing his load right then. "Babe, I have to pull out so I don't cum in you." He said as he pulled his cock out.

Amy got her knees and began sucking her boyfriend's cock deep taking in almost 8 inches. As she was sucking him she began rubbing his balls. "That's it, cum for me baby, cum in my mouth." She said before continuing to suck him. As she began this, Tim began bucking his hips.

He couldn't count the number of times they had been in this exact scenario. "I hope you're ready, I'm...ohhh...fixing to...mmm babe...cum." Tim said bucking his hips. Just then he felt his balls tighten and began shooting a massive load into her mouth. With each shot she'd swallow his sweet nectar but was, unfortunately, able to get all of it as some dribbled out her mouth and down her chin.

As a small amount of semen ran down her chin she grabbed it and rubbed it into her nipple. She then lifted her breast and sucked her erect nipple, also getting the last drop of cum in her mouth. She always let the last drop sit on her tongue for a few seconds, to savor the flavor, before swallowing it. "Yum, that's delicious." Amy said.

"Hey baby, I was thinking about watching a movie. You want to join me?" Amy called to Tim, who was lying in her bedroom.

"Sure honey, I'll be right there."

"Ok." She said sitting on the couch. Amy was wearing her favorite T-shirt, which had the Van Halen logo on it, with blue jeans. She could still feel her erect nipples straining against her shirt and warm damp lips against her jeans.

"Ok, what are we watching? It's your choice." Tim said sitting on the couch wearing tight fitting blue jeans. "I was thinking either comedy or porn. Which would you prefer? I see you're already hard." Amy said grabbing Tim's erect cock.

"And I see you're already wet." Tim said inserting two fingers in her damp pussy. "We're already horny, why not porn."

"Mmm sounds great." Amy stated as she got up to insert her favorite adult movie, which was filled with scenes of men and women masturbating. She had fallen asleep several times using her rabbit vibrator cumming at the same time as the stars.

As she hit play a scene of the adult actress Bree Olson started playing. Bree was sitting on a couch in matching pink silk bra and panties sucking on a flesh covered 8 inch dildo.

"This is my favorite scene." Amy said as she lowered her pants and began rubbing her engorged clit. As she rubbed her clit she started stroking Tim's thick meaty cock. "Oh, by the way Ashley and Alex are coming over soon. Hope you don't mind." Amy said as she began sucking Tim's dick while rubbing her clit. As she did this they both continued watching the movie as Bree Olson stripped naked and began slowly mounting the dildo.

As Amy was furiously rubbing her clit and bobbing her mouth up and down on Tim's meaty cock they heard a knock on the door. Tim had paused the movie and was holding Amy's head on his dick when he called out "Who is it?" wondering who was knocking.

"It's me and Alex dork. Open up, I'm dripping out here." Ashley called back.

"It's unlocked."

Ashley opened the door, Alex following behind, to the sight of the couple sitting on the couch. "Damn, ya'll don't waste any time do you!" Ashley laughed as she started removing her pink shorts and white t-shirt. As she stood there in her black bra and thong underwear, Amy pinched Ashley's nipples through her bra causing her nipples to harden and pussy to moisten.

While Ashley began taking her bra and panties off, Ashley continued sucking Tim's meaty cock while stroking Alex's long cock, measuring at 11 inches when hard, causing it to become erect. Ashley continued working on the two men Amy began sucking Amy's clit. As Amy sucked on Ashley's clit and began fingering her own gspot the girls began moaning in unison.

"Ohhh Ashley if you moan too much I'm going to cum right away." Tim said as he slowly bucked his hips.

Ashley pulled off his cock and said "Cum for me baby, shoot your load in my mouth." Ashley said stroking both their cocks before continuing to suck Tim off. As Amy felt herself shudder in the sweet release of climax she sped up her stroking and sucking speed.

Ashley then began sucking and stroking Alex's cock while Amy continued working on Tim's. The two men began bucking their hips as they felt themselves getting close to cumming.

As the girls continued stroking and sucking the men's hard erect cocks they began spurting their large loads into the girls eager young mouths. When they were certain the guys had finished cumming the girls took the dicks out of their mouths and made out with each other swapping the cum loads.

(The end for now)

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