tagIllustratedNever Saw Blue Like That - 08

Never Saw Blue Like That - 08


Cal's breath caught in his throat as Neal's soft fingers brushed his skin and he couldn't help himself as he watched the young man's face. Neal focused on each button, springing it free, then let his fingers drift inside to push through Cal's soft chest hair, exploring his torso as if he'd never touched a man before. The innocence was intoxicating and Cal found himself audibly sighing with each touch, shivering as he waited for the next button.

Finally, his shirt was open and Neal pushed it off his shoulders, hoping that Cal hadn't noticed the tremble in his hands. He'd been with other men before but there was something about Cal, something that made it feel as if it was his first time all over again. He felt shy and uncertain, afraid to look into Cal's eyes and see disgust. His heart skipped a thousand beats when Cal lifted his head and leaned in for a kiss. Neal knew that it wasn't a normal kiss; this kiss was meant for him, to quell the nervousness that ran rampant through him. It was a kiss to let him know that no matter what he did, Cal wasn't going to judge him. Just that knowledge alone made Neal want to cry but the throbbing of his awakening cock commanded his attention.

Cal closed his eyes, throwing his head back as Neal's lips covered one of his nipples. The sensation was so strong that he gasped, his body jerking with the sexual currents that rippled through his body. It had been a long time since he'd let someone in and tears pricked his eyes as he realized what he had been missing all this time. It was even sweeter with Neal. He shivered as he felt Neal's mouth move up to his neck, nibble gently, then move down over his belly.

"Neal." A thrill rushed through him as he heard his name on Cal's lips and he slowly slid to his knees, working the belt buckle free. A few seconds later and he was unbuttoning his pants, then sliding them down and tossing them to the side, following with Cal's underwear. He was delighted to see the hard tube of meat that jutted from Cal's groin and he ran his fingers over it before wrapping his lips around the proud helmet.

Cal gasped at the warmth of Neal's mouth and an involuntary whimper parted his lips. Neal's tongue was so skillful that Cal felt the familiar tingles almost immediately and had to push him back, afraid that he'd cum too soon. He wiped the confused look from Neal's face by pulling him up and capturing his mouth in a passionate kiss. He groaned again as Neal's hand found his cock, deftly stroking it a few times while their tongues danced together.

"I want you to make love to me. Right here."

Neal turned around, leaning against the thick piling at the jetty's end and closed his eyes, waiting for his lover's touch. He didn't have to wait long. Cal's hands slid along his naked back and around to his chest, circling and pinching his already sensitive nipples while rubbing his clothed chest against his back. He ripped his shirt off and stepped out of his pants, pulling Neal's naked body against his and drawing a sweet moan from the young man.

"You feel so good, Neal."

A shiver ran through Neal's body as Cal caressed him and he leaned back against him, rubbing his ass back and forth against Cal's hard prick. "You do, too." He answered breathily, gasping when Cal's hands kneaded his ass cheeks, then spread them apart to let his cock ride in the sweaty cleft. "Oh, yeah, Cal. Please."

"Please what, sweet boy?" The words were thick in his throat as the head of his rod rubbed over, then past Neal's flexing pucker.

"I want you inside me." He gasped, turning his head to plunder Cal's mouth. He reached back and grasped Cal's cock, lining the fat purple head up. "Please. I need you inside me."

Cal gritted his teeth and leaned forward, pressing himself into the young man's body. Sweat provided lubrication but it had been a long time since Neal had been with anyone and Cal's entry was slow, much to both men's delight. Neal trembled in Cal's embrace, bearing down and welcoming his thick tool into his body and Cal fought to keep from cumming, being squeezed by Neal's hot, velvety canal. Several seconds later, he was at bottom and sighs of relief echoed from both men.

Neal moved first, leaning closer to the piling and letting Cal's cock slide out, then back into his hole. He moaned in pleasure, hoping that Cal was feeling the same. Cal's hands wrapped around his waist, pulling him back against him and impaled him on his thick rod again. A bright tingle crackled through him as the head scraped against his prostate and goosebumps formed on his skin, making his nipples harden.

"God, yes!"

And then they were moving together, Cal pumping steadily and Neal whimpering in a rapture he'd never felt before. Cal's thick cock pushed him over the edge and he shouted as he came again, his jets of cum squirting into the air and breaking the surface of the beautiful blue lake below them. His release triggered Cal's and the older man roared as he deposited his semen into Neal's body, jerking with each ejaculation. As the last gob left his body, he sank to the weathered boards with Neal, holding him close as they quivered with aftershocks.

"Are you all right?"

Neal nodded, his heart too full to speak. Tears welled in his eyes as the sun began to rise, its questing fingers painting the lovers as they lay together. To Neal, it all seemed perfect. It was what his father would have wanted. His only son and his oldest friend happy. Together.

Cal pulled his shirt over them and wrapped his arms around Neal, smiling as they watched the sun rise, imagining that the lake was a reflection of Garrett's blue eyes and knew that he would see blue like that again, every day when he looked into Neal's eyes.

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